Wurth Books

Lots 901-912 are issues of Dr R. Wurth's österreichisches Jahrbuch für Postgeschichte und Philatelie. A full list of their contents is here - it's in German, as indeed are the books. The main article in each is listed below. The books are A5; W is the weight in grams and pp the number of pages. Click here for some specimen pages

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Webmaster's apology - some of the scans are curved and/or have black shadows. This is because my scanner won't scan round corners, and I don't want to break the spine of the book!

901Vol III (1980): Das Schilling-Gesetz und die Briefposttarife seit 1925. [A5 W=260 pp=152]8
902Vol VI (1983): Der Österreichisch-Ungarische Ausgleich 1867 und Deutsch- Westungarn. [A5 W=230 pp=174]8
903Vol IX (1986): Deutschösterreich. Die erste Periode der Republik 1918 bis 1922. [A5 W=210 pp=174]6
904Vol XII (1989): Ex officio. Ein System privilegierter Korrespondenz von den Frühformen bis zum Ende der Monarchie [A5 W=195 pp=144]6
905Vol XV (1992): PRAG - "Kleine und Ghetto-Post". Innerstädtisches Postwesen ca. 1740 bis 1851. [A5 W=195 pp=140]6
906Vol XVI (1993): Österreichs orientalische Post durch Balkan und Levante. Von Ursprüngen im XVII. Jh. bis 1915 [A5 W=205 pp=152]8
907Vol XVIII (1995): Deutsch Westungarn. Boten und Posten XIII. bis XX Jh.; Esterházy als Erbpostmeister. [A5 W=265 pp=156]8
908Vol XIX (1996): Venedig. Österreichs postalische Präsenz XVI. bis XIX. Jh. [A5 W=285 pp=144]7
909Vol XXI (1998): Vom 'Potten in die Veltlager' zur Feldpost. [A5 W=265 pp=144]8
910Vol XXIII (2000): Das kaiserlich-österreichische Postwesen 1849/50 bis 1867. [A5 W=245 pp=144]8
911Vol XXV (2002): Oedenburg (Sopron) - seine historische Position im Boten- und Postwesen. [A5 W=235 pp136]8
912Vol XXVI (2003): Abschied vom Gulden. Österreich-Ungarns postwesen gegen Ende des XIX. Jahrhunderts. [A5 W=255 pp=128]8

Other books

For each, click the lot number to see some selected pages

913Terfi: Hungarian cancels (official German translation of Hungarian original). Part 1 - prestamp ie 895 to 1850. Published 1943. With large (515x730mm) postal route map, folded and in a pocket of the back cover. The book's cover is intact but has separated from the contents at the inside back; otherwise in excellent condition. [250x170mm W=850 pp=326]10
914Handbuch für Christkindl-Sammler. Cancellations, balloon posts, covers etc. A loose-leaf work in two A5 ring binders. Second (2012) completely rethought edition, with 1st (2014) & 2nd (2016) amendments inserted. [A5, each 78mm thick W=2350]20
915Aus Österreichs Postgeschichte - ein Kaleidoskop. Produced in 1990 to mark 500 years of European postal connectivity. 30 short but well-illustrated articles. [A4 W=590 pp=100]5
916Schneiderbauer's Ganzsachen österreich catalogue & hand book. First (1977) edition; As usual, the binding has disintegrated through heavy use. [221x155 W=390 pp=220]4
917Stohl's Catalogue of the ordinary cancellations used in today's Austria from 1900. Part A vol 1 and vol 2 [together, 225x175x65thick W=2480 pp=80+1220]30
918Hans Strohofer: Aquarelle, Zeichnungen & Briefmarken by Kalmar. Fine, well illustrated book in German on Strohofer 'Buildings', 'Birds', 'St Stephen's' etc. 1961. [228x241 W=350 pp=64]10
919Hesshaimer's Miniaturen aus der Monarchie. An account (in German) of his life and experiences, illustrated by his sketches, drawings, and paintings, mostly during WWI. [215x255 W=1100 pp=244]15
920Handbuch Kärnten-80. Cancellations from Kärnten on 1850-64 issues; cancels to 1867 (update); 1919-20 Yugoslavian occupation cancels and offices; 1920 plebiscite local issues; plating the 9Kr Type I; 1850 cancels 'not in Müller'; precancels (on newspaper wrappers etc); postal forms; Kingdom of Illyria and its cancels; introduction of state letter post by the court posts of the crown lands; fieldposts of the Tirol rifle brigades. [210x200 W=700 pp=244]9
921Handbuch Kärnten-84. Pre-stamp cancels; cancels to 1900 (updates); cancels 1850-64 (updates); cancels 1867-1918; Bahnpost 1867-1918; Postablage of Kärnten. [210x200 W=800 pp=324]9
922Handbuch Kärnten-92. Hardback. Postal history of Kärnten; the oldest cancel (V. Clagenfurth); Die Karnische Front 1915-17; civil censorship in K 1914-18; cancels 1867-1918 (update); Postablage (update); Cancels 1919-45; Gau Karnten in 1945; Bahnpost 1919-45. [210x200 W=2000 pp=754]9
923Postal routes map, the k.k.Erblandern dated MDCCLXXXVII ie 1787; it's 'dissected' and mounted on heavy linen. Each sheet is 10x7.5 inches, and there are 4 rows of 8.100
924Müller's Handbook of the prestamp postmarks of Austria - essential for anyone interested in this collecting area. English. [255x180 W=640 pp=200]. Also the second supplement, presented in a similarly-sized 48pp booklet.15
925Müller's Die Poststempel auf der Freimarkenausgabe 1867 von Osterreich und Ungarn by Edwin Muller. Hungary section only, in German. Lists all the known cancellations on the 1867 Austro-Hungarian issue, but of course in doing so it lists all the towns in the Hungarian part of the empire at this time. [235x170 W=270 pp=XVII-XXII then 247-370]. 8
926Müller's Die Postmarken von Österreich. Describes and discusses the stamps of Austria (1850-1918 issues, postage newspaper war-charity dues telegraph and newspaper-tax); Austria-in-Liechtenstein till 1918; and Levant (1863-1908). In German. [245x180 W=975 pp=428].8
927Müller and Fitch's Handbook Of Austria And Lombardy-Venetia Cancellations on the Postage Stamp Issues 1850, 1858-59, 1860-61, 1863 and 1863-64. The biggie! Brief historical scene-setting; history of postmarks; methods of cancelling; types of postmarks; and lastly the list of places, the cancel-types they used, and the issues on which they are found. Parallel German and English text. Red-bound hardback. [235x160 W=1110 pp=411]20
928Karasek's treatise on all aspects of Austria's stamps and their usage from 1925 to 1935; includes prices. Green-covered hardback. Includes selected postal decrees. [245x175 W=1030 pp=462]15
929Karasek's Eilmarke von Österreich 1916-1922. Discusses the 8 ‚express 'stamps that Austria produced, with selected postal decrees, numerous b/w illustrations of usage, and prices for them and also for the definitives of the period. Red-covered paperback. [240x165 W=165 pp=80]9
930Ferchenbauer: Österreich 1850-1918, the 1971 edition [210x150 W=400 pp=224]5
931Ferchenbauer: Österreich 1850-1918, the 1976 edition [210x155 W=925 pp=624]8
932Ferchenbauer: Österreich 1850-1918, the inch-thick fifth edition of 1990. [210x150 W=1050 pp=794]18
933Ferchenbauer: Österreich 1850-1918, the 1-volume edition of 2000. [245x175x70 W=2900 pp=1428]44
934Ferchenbauer: Österreich 1850-1918, the 2008 4-vol edition of his authoritative Handbook. [I: 250x175x40 W=1610 pp=704]; [II: 250x175x40 W=1486 pp=670]; [III: 250x175x40 W=1540 pp=646]; [IV: 250x175x45 W=1820 pp=800]. So total weight is 6.5Kg plus packaging and will cost £7 to send by courier inside the UK.200
935 WIPA1933 catalogue in German, French & English. [W=600g, 17x24 cm; pp:- many- 15mm thick] Scarce!4
936 Austrian Army of the Napoleonic Wars (1) Infantry. Fine 'as new' book on uniforms, equipment etc. of the Austrian forces. [d:1986 pp=52 W:180g]. Great illustrations, including special colour paintings. 3
937 James Lucas:- Fighting Troops of the Austro-Hungarian Army 1868-1914 Excellent study 'as new' on the Habsburg army. [d:1987 pp=224 W:1150g] 9
938 Sahlender, Heimo:-Die Feldpost der Militärseelsorge der Öster.-Ung. Armee in 1. Weltkrieg :The religious arrangements for the Austro-Hungarian Army, (ArGe M&P) [#369 d:2000 p=62 W:220g] 4
939 Heinzel, Hellwig:-Österreich nach 1945 Band 1 & 2, Post gebühren / Flugpostgebühren / Postgeschichte // Katalog der Bedarfsbelege. A two volume study of post WWII mail (except parcels) with tables of rates for various services. Then a catalogue of stamps used correctly on cover. Both volumes end with sections of 26 & 64 pages of illustrations in full colour. [d:2004 p=376 W:1260g X=A4]14
940 Kotal, Herbert:-Österreich - 2. Republik: Die Gebühren der Briefpost. Schwerpunkt Flugpost-Zuschläge. This is thought to be the easiest-to-use book on post WWII Austrian postage rates for letters, postcards, small packets etc. Page after page of listings of all rates (except parcel post), with emphasis on the tricky airmail rates. [d:2011 p=398 W:1610g X=A4]24
941 Burján, Szücs et al:-Pénzügyi bélyegek a Habsburg birodalomban és Magyarországon: Revenue Philately in the Habsburg Empire (Austria pre 1867) and in Hungary. Superbly produced in colour. [#437 d:2007 p=312 W:1020g X=A4 L:H]7

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