Closes for bidding midnight Fri. 11 May 2018 (U.K. time)

Dear Members,

Just over twenty years ago, I became 'temporary' Auctioneer. I produced three Auction Lists (Nos. 50 - 52 from 1997 before gratefully handing over to Colin Tobitt who produced and managed Nos. 53 et seq. Colin proved a steady and capable hand on the tiller and both the list and the auction itself notably improved on my hurried No.50 (not to mention its rather dire precedents). New IT innovation and skills assisted, of course. AUSTRIA 176 (Winter 2011) announced Keith Brandon as the new Auctioneer (from No.106) and everyone will acknowledge that he has most successfully built on what went before. Our congratulations and thanks are due to him.

Hopefully I will be able to continue the endeavours of my predecessors and continue to provide a useful platform for those wanting to dispose of surplus material, those still building their collection and an income for the Society.

Welcome, then, to Auction 132, my first (or perhaps fourth?) sale as your Honorary Auctioneer. We have over 500 lots this time, and I would like to draw your attention to some specialist sections of particular interest:

Good luck with your bidding (and / or selling!),


P.S. PLEASE REMEMBER! The starting-prices are NOT estimates; they are reserve-prices to give the vendors a safety-net, and are usually set very low.

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Webmaster's remarks: Scans are produced by a 'quick and easy' process. The images are not necessarily actual size, and the exact colour should not be relied upon. Items are scanned in their protectors and may therefore appear to have white streaks. Nevertheless, we hope that the images help you with your bidding. Any questions? ask the Auctioneer!