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A special room-auction will take place at the Society's 'Fest' weekend. The sale contains fine, rare and unusual material, along with bulky accumulations and books. Highlights of the Auction are provided from the estate of our late Member, Leslie Taylor of Edinburgh. Viewing will take place an hour before the start, and most lots will also be pictured on the APS website at . Members in Yorkshire and the North will be most welcome at the Auction even if they are not attending for the whole weekend. Postal bids must be received a week before the room-auction; see dates above.

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cat catalogue(d) ANK Austria Netto Spezialkatalog
cds circular date-stamp Ferch Ferchenbauer Handbook 2008
CHF Swiss Francs Kohl Flugpost von Österreich
CTO cancelled to order Müller - Postmarks 1850 - 63/64
perf perforated Tabacaru KuK Feldpost Mail Part 1
pmk postmark T&S Tchilnghirian & Stephens
(u)mm (un)mounted mint (v)fu very fine used
vg(c) very good (condition)    

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1 1854

1kr yellow first-issue correctly-used on printed circular within Prague. Handmade paper, four very good margins, and a very sharp, clear impression for a yellow stamp. About as good as you can get. Cancelled boxed PRAG postmark. Next-day Prague arrival postmark on reverse. ANK 550.

2 1852

3kr first-issue strip of three on folded letter from Wien paying the distance-rate to Mährisch Trubau. Very good margins except trimmed right-side of right stamp. Cancelled boxed WIEN / 20 MAER., with MÄHR. TRUBAU arrival cds on reverse. ANK cat 240. A most attractive franking.

3 Sept 1850

9kr first-issue (very good four-margin) cancelled SEBENICO / V.L.A. boxed postmark (+ a second strike) and sent by Lloyd steamer to Trieste (Sep 23 receiver). The postmarks are poor, but identifiable, and cat Müller 160pts. An early example of franked maritime mail, from the Covacevich correspondence. Vgc.

4 1851

9kr (4 large margins) with Unterlegte Mittelstücke variety (Ferchenbauer minimum 175) on folded letter to Neusohl. Cancelled very good strike of WIEN "starburst" postmark (Mü. 3214o; 80p). PRESZBURG transit and NEUSOHL arrival postmarks. A couple of small holes and a crease in the cover. A beautiful, classic franking.

5 c.1859

Trieste. Local letter (no contents) sent at the printed-matter rate and franked 1859 Type II 2kr yellow - a particularly clear impression of this bashful stamp. (ANK minimum 180 on cover). Cancelled TRIEST cds. Signed MATL. Vgc.

6 1859

Fine 1859 3kr Type II black (ANK minimum 500 on cover) on folded Company invoice sent within Wien at the local-rate. Cancelled red, oval time-zone pmk (Müller; 96pts). The invoice inside has suffered some damage, but the front of the cover is in very good condition and is a joy to behold!

7 c.1859

Penzing 17 Jan. I Exp. Rare, boxed, "pennant" postmark (Mü. 2099a; 600p, vg strike) cancelling fine 3kr black, second issue Type II (ANK 500 on cover) on local envelope to Wien. Cancelled on the back with fine strike of red Wien time-zone postmark Mü. 3214y. Has been roughly opened, but looks fine from the front. Last sold by Corinphila for 420 Swiss Francs (280). A classic cover at a generous start-price.

8 4.12.1858

5kr + 10kr 1858 Type I to make up the distance rate of 15kr. (Franking cat ANK 220). Folded letter cancelled WIEN cds to Rovereto.

9 1862

Receipt for a registered letter, printed for the Wien Handelsgerichte (commercial court). Return receipt-fee paid for with 10kr brown cancelled red, oval Wien Filial registered postmark (Mü.3215Ra) and correctly cancelled again with Baden cds for return journey. (Ferchenbauer 300). Also bears 15kr fiscal stamp for evidence fee. A fine example.

10 1863

1860 imprint 15kr postal-stationery envelope (ANK 12; 700) cancelled vg red, oval K.K. BRIEF-FILIAL-AMT RECOMANDIRT / WIEN / 1863. On the reverse same cancel on unsevered 10kr brown paying the registration fee. Will open for display. Vgc.

11 1867

Mixed-issue franking of Arms 15kr perf 9.5 + 1867 issue 10kr (franking cat ANK 350) on folded letter to London cancelled PRAG cds. Also stamped red, boxed P.D. and red LONDON receiver. A valuable cover in fine condition.

12 1865

Envelope to London (small tear at bottom) franked 1863/64 issue 10 + 15kr for the 25kr rate to England plus a further 10kr on the back for registration (ANK 275 for this franking). Cancelled red boxed WIEN RECOMMANDIRT plus MAINZ transit and PRUSSIA / REGISTERED cds and curved REGISTERED+Crown, both of London. The vendor's description gives details of the aristocratic addressee. Will write up well.

13 1867

Austrian-Italian Treaty Mail. Cover to Milan franked 1863/64 issue 10k + 2 x 3k for correct 16kr treaty-rate (ANK cat 300). Cancelled TRIEST oval pmk + P.D. Various transit pmks on back. Good display item.

14 c.1867

Mixed-issue franking of 1863/64 issue 15kr x 3 + 1867 issue 5kr with major perforation-misplacement. Second weight-step franking to Switzerland. Cancelled vg ALSERGRUND IN WIEN cds. This cover comes from the large-gold-winning entry of Werner Schindler at WIPA 2008, and was sold by Corinphila in March 2010 for CHF 360 (c.240) + Buyers Premium etc. 2010 Ferchenbauer certificate.

15 1871

1867 25kr grey-lilac single-franking on folded letter to Lyons cancelled WIEN 27.2.71 cds. Sent via Italy during Franco-German War. French entry-stamp ITALIE AMB. M. CENIS A 2 MARS. Another ex- Schindler cover, sold by Corinphila in March 2010 for CHF 220 (c.150) + Buyers Premium, etc. Signed Ferchenbauer.

16 1869

Pair 1867 25h grey-lilac on cover to France cancelled HABSBURGGASSE / WIEN / 18 APR 69. Second weight-step franking (Ferchenbauer cat 800). Red P.D. + blue Strasbourg French entry-postmark + (on reverse) Paris-Auxerre TPO and Lyon arrival cds. Signed Ferchenbauer. Beautiful franking.




Revenue stamp to pre-pay postage. This was permitted in L & V until 1857. Undated folded letter to Mantova with 15c revenue cancelled very good SERMIDE fancy cds and MANTOVA arrival cds. (Ferchenbauer 400). Vgc.


First-issue 15c unsevered pair, rose-red, good margins, Unterlegte Mittelstücke variety, and plate-error at NE corner of right-hand stamp. Cancelled vg straight-line BRESCI(A) / 24 FEB. Ferchenbauer certificate with 350 valuation. Vgc.

19 1850s

Cover to Milan franked 15c salmon-pink type III machine-paper, full margins, cancelled perfect ABBIATEGRASSO / 18.3 cds. One of L & V's scarcest postmarks (Sassone 7pts; 755). Sold by Corinphila, 2 December 2010 for CHF 150 (100) + buyer's premium, etc. Perfect stamp and postmark, signed A Diena.

20 1851

Venice mute cancel. Folded letter to Pieve di Cadore franked 30c brown type I hand-paper, full margins, cancelled perfect V in three rings, one of L & V's rarest pmks (Sassone 8pts; 1260). Nearby VENEZIA / 6 GEN postmark. Sold by Corinphila, 2 December 2010 for CHF 300 (200) + buyer's premium, etc. Perfect stamp and postmark, signed A Diena.

21 1851

15c type I, four margins, ribbed paper (very clear; ANK 550) on folded letter to Monza, cancelled boxed MILANO. Vgc. Bargain at start-price.

22 1854

5 centes orange hand-made paper, fresh colour and full margins on printed circular in the form of a folded letter to Longarone (arrival postmark on reverse). Fine upright VENEZIA / 22.8 cds. Signed Dr. Ferchenbauer. Ex Jerger Collection, sold by Corinphila, 21 May 2005. Ferchenbauer cat minimum 500. As good as it gets.


L & V stamps used in Austria. 1858 3 soldi black (type 1) cancelled WIEN and 5 soldi red (type II) canc Villa(ch), both vgc. (Ferchenbauer cat. 380, 250).

24 1863

1858/59 issue 2 soldi + 3 soldi green, both Type II, on 1863 cover to Trieste cancelled fine UDINE / 2 AGO. Fresh colour and clear embossing. (Boxed Triest arrival postmark on reverse). Signed Dr. Ferchenbauer. Ex Jerger Collection, sold by Corinphila, 16 May 2004. Ferchenbauer cat minimum 925. A lovely franking.

25 1863

Austro-Italian Treaty. Cover with mixed-issue franking of 2 x 1859 3s green + 1860 10s brown for 16 soldi Treaty rate (Ferch 600). Fresh colours and clear embossing. Cancelled good upright VERONA cds + P.D. To Milan, redirected to Verona. Various backstamps. Signed Colla. Very pretty cover.

26 1863

Mixed-issue franking. Folded letter to Paris franked 1858 15 soldi + 1860 10 soldi for 10 to 20gm second-weight letter. (Ferchenbauer cat 1200). Cancelled very good upright VENEZIA cds + P.D. Red French entry cds of CULOZ on front. PARIS arrival cds on back. A clean, attractive and valuable cover.



27 1882

Post-office savings card. 5kr Franz Joseph, large-format, German/Romanian (ANK 8; 200), unused in fine condition. Hard to find variant.

28 1890

Post-office savings card. 5kr Franz Joseph imprint, small format; the set of all language-variants unused (ANK 25-32; 725). Difficult to find the set complete. Vgc. Low start. (8)

29 1870

Money-order (Postanweisung). 5kr German language, complete fine used UDBINA (Croatian-Slavonian Military-border district). Blue JASENOVAC cds on back. Rare usage. (ANK 1; 150 + 50% for coupon)

30 1872

Money-order (Postanweisung). 5kr Slovenian language, complete fine used STADT-LAIBACH with GELD-ANWSNG / TRIEST receiving cds on back. (ANK 7 II; 320 + 50% for coupon).

31 1873

Money-order (Postanweisung). 5kr Slovenian, complete fine-used (ANK 12; 130 + 50% for coupon), fine ALMISSA cds (Dalmatia) to SPALATO, cds.

32 1871

Postal C.O.D. card (Postnachnahmekarte). 10kr imprint on dark-pink card (Slovenian language) + pair 3kr adhesives, Klagenfurt to Villach. Vg used (central fold) (ANK 6; 350).

33 1900

Envelope bearing printer's "make-ready" of ten trial prints (with shade variations) of the 5h green imprint used on the 1900 new-currency postal-stationery cards. 2013 Royal Philatelic Society certificate. Possibly unique item for the postal-stationery collector who has everything.

34 1881 - 1902

Pneumatic post. Small but classy collection on album-leaves of early mint pneumatic postal-stationery from 1881 envelope (ANK 3b) to 1902. Includes envelopes, letter-cards and postcards, all in vgc. ANK cat 825. (12)

35 1900s

New-currency postal-stationery cards, vgu, being ANK 129, 130, 134, 136, 139A, 151, 152, 155, 156, 159F, 159A, 163F, 163A, 169, 173, 175, 177F, 187, 188, 189, 191, 194, 200F, 200A, 150F, 167, 204. Cat. 676. Good basis to complete. (27)

36 1879 - 1916

Bosnia & Herz. Postal-stationery collection in fine unused condition, being postcards (ANK 1, 3, 4. 7. 8a, 8b, 13, 15, 17, 20); reply-paid double-postcards (ANK 2, 5, 6, 9, 10, 14, 16); letter-cards (ANK 1, 2, 3a, 3b, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10); envelopes (ANK 1, 2, 3). Total ANK cat 840. Good basis to complete. (29)



37 1863/64

Small piece bearing 10 soldi + 2 x 15 soldi perf 9.5 cancelled 2 x vg JBRAILA cds (Mü. 27b). Franking (rate to France) cat Ferchenbauer 600 on piece. Showpiece item.

38 c.1870

Galatz. Small piece with 1867 issue 10 soldi + pair 15 soldi cancelled in manuscript von Galatz. This item last sold at Corinphila Auctions for CHF 350 (c.240) + buyer's premium, etc.

39 1871

Cover to Trieste franked 1867 issue 15 soldi dark-brown shade (Ferchenbauer 300 on cover). Cancelled SMIRNE thimble (Smith 3). Fine piece.

40 17.1.1873

Complete folded letter from Constantinople to Florence with 1867 25 soldi in brown-lilac-violet shade (Ferchenbauer 2000 for a single-franking on cover) tied by CONSTANTINOPEL cds (T&S fig 387). Brindisi transit on reverse. Addressee's name erased, but a very fine usage. Ex Jerger collection, sold by Corinphila, May 2004 with a starting price of CHF 500 (c. 340) + buyer's premium. Signed Colla, Ferchenbauer certificate. A Levant rarity.

41 1873

3 soldi and pair 10 soldi 1867 issue on fine cover to Livorno tied by fine strikes of CONSTANTINOPEL datestamps (T&S fig 386). Backstamped in Brindisi and on arrival. From the Capellaro collection, sold in December 2010 by Corinphila. Signed Ferchenbauer plus his certificate. Very attractive.

42 1875

Cover-front to London franked 1867 issue 5 + 15 soldi cancelled by very good strike of boxed LETTERE ARIVATE / PER MARE / VARNA with red LONDON / PAID receiver. Ex Jerger collection, sold May 2004 by Corinphila. Signed Colla, Ferchenbauer.

43 1897

British Levant 40pa on 2d grey-blue postal-stationery envelope, a fine used example accepted by the Austrian Post Office and cancelled by scarce usage of BEIRUT / OESTERREICHISCHE POST cds. Berlin arrival datestamp on reverse. Sold by Corinphila on 4 March 2010 for CHF 220 (c. 140) + premium. A fine and perhaps unique item.

44 1908

Austrian Levant - Printers Proofs. Imperforate, ungummed proofs of the 1908 Jubilee 10 para green on yellow paper and 20 para red on pinkish paper. ANK cat minimum 250 each. Fine condition. (2)

45 1911

Two delivery-notes from the Austro-Hungarian Consulate in Jerusalem. First, from December 1911, has text and Consulate-handstamp in German language only. The second, from October 1914, has the text and handstamp in the more politically-correct Austrian and Hungarian tongues. Interesting historical documents in very good condition.



46 1858/59

St Andrew's Cross labels, type II small cross in red, brown, blue, unused without gum (ANK cat 190 thus). Good condition. (3)

47 1858/59

St Andrew's Cross label, type II small cross in yellow, unused without gum with three plate spots at right (Ferchenbauer 1875). Very good condition. (3)

48 1898

Jubilee Exhibition, Vienna. Over-sized postcard (21 x 13cm) illustrating the Pilsener Brewery exhibit with serving wenches. Franked 3 x 2kr to Meschitz (near Prague), cancelled with the special Jubilee postmark. The postcard has two buckled corners, but is an unusual addition to a special-event collection.

49 1908

Very good first-day strike HULDIGUNGSAUSSTELLUNG / UNSER KAISER / WIEN / 2.XII.08 / 1908 (Wurth 150pts) on 5h Jubilee Koloman Moser postal-stationery card. Also the exhibition-vignette HULDIGUNGS MARKE (violet) on the front. Good combination, hard to find.

50 1894

S.S Imperatrix. 20 para on 5kr UPU postcard to Germany written on board the Imperatrix and cancelled LLOYD AUSTRIACO / XV cds. Fine strike of scarce postmark, formerly assigned to s/s Clio. Also PORT SAID transit cds.

51 1895

S.S. Tritone. 1 piastre on 10kr letter-card (ANK 200) written on board the ship, cancelled good blue LLOYD AUSTRIACO / LXVI cds. CONSTANTINOPEL arrival cds on back. A scarce item in vgc.

52 1913

Posted "On board S.S. Kaiser Franz Joseph". Picture-postcard (Ponta Delgada, Azores) written on 28.6.13 approaching Horta (Azores) on board the Austro-American Line (Cosulich) steamer on the Trieste-New York route. Posted unfranked at Horta later that day to Michigan USA. Marked "T" but delivered to addressee with no postage-dues applied. An unusual maritime item in vgc.


DDSG. An assembly of 26 stamps and 2 covers. Mainly reprints (types I and II) with a few forgeries and a couple that look like genuine originals. The two covers look authentic. Not guaranteed, and the start-price reflects this. Useful lot for reference and further research. (28)





Montenegro. Very interesting Montenegrin picture postcard from 1912-13 Balkan War showing King Nikola holding the keys of Skadar castle. Cancelled EPA / STARI BAR (Rainer 300p, faint in parts) + fine cachet Kuk 19 Korpskommando / Ingenieur Abteilung 7, written in Romanian. For the Montenegrin specialist.

55 1918

Italy. Feldpost-card to Temesvar cancelled very good EPA / CODROIPO b (Rainer 600p), privately-printed with sender's details at KuK DISTRIKTSKOMMANDO ETAPPENPOST CODROIPO. One of the scarcest occupation offices of the KuK army.

56 16.10.18

Italy. Fpc to Graz bearing very good scarce cds EPA / SAN DANIELE del FRIULI a (Rai. 500p). Fine unit-cachet Kuk Sappeur-Ersatzgruppe Nr.6. Vgc. Late usage.

57 1917

Fine picture-postcard (Regional prison in Sofia) forwarded by the German Feldpost office 185 to Hungary, from Dr Kariko Imre, Kuk Military Attache in Sofia. Fine red, circular handstamp HUGHESSTATION DER K.U.K. ÖSTER-UNG / GESANDSCHAFT / SOFIA. The Hughes Telegraph was a morse-code modem with a piano-style keyboard. Rare.

58 1916

Ppc to Wien with very good Bukovina cachet KuK BAHNHOFKOMMANDO / POJANA STAMPI on the Bistritz - Dorna Volgy narrow-gauge railway-line, in use for less than 100 days due to frequent landslides and fallen trees blocking the route. Said to be the only example of this cachet known so far. Plus handstamp Von der Armee / im Felde. A rarity of Feldpost and Bukovina history.

59 1917

Picture postcard to Albania sent from Borgo Prund (Prundul Bargaului in Transylvania) with very good cachet Kuk Munitionsdepot des 7 AK, the ammunition depot to supply KuK troops in Bukowina on the Benzinelektrobahn Nr 1 line. Sender's address given as "Benzinelektrobahn Nr 1 / Borgoprund".

60 1914

Picture-postcard to Slavonia with fine cachet Kuk Luftschifferabteilung / Kuk Fliegerkompagnie No.3. Rare Zeppelin unit. Cancelled partial FPA 30 cds.

61 WW1

Colour picture-postcard (unused, fine condition) of observation balloon (Drachen type) being prepared for launching. Fine item of record for WW1 collection. (Also included, photocopy of observation-sheet with the silhouettes of the Entente aeroplane types to assist identification of enemy air-units by the observers).





Colour picture-postcard (Pola) cancelled good MFPA POLA plus perfect blue cachet of KuK Unterseebootstation / POLA



Colour picture-postcard cancelled MFPA POLA plus very good red cachet of KuK Schulflugstation / Cosada. Pilot school. Rare.

64 1917

Picture-postcard to Trieste with very good strike of mauve cachet Kuk Kommando / S.M. Dampfers "VII" (requisitioned Lloyd steamer AMPHITRITE). Scarce.

65 30.6.18

Picture postcard cancelled good EPA 267 with fine red handstamp S.M. Boot 90 from sender serving on board. Could not be a better strike. Vgc.

66 1916

Colour picture-postcard (Kapfenberg) to Fiume cancelled very good MFPA / POLA / e cds + very fine strike of the rare, circular Kuk KRIEGSMARINE / LLOYDDAMPFER VIII. Also fine sender's cachet Abs-A.Blau / S.M.Dfr.VIII / Kuk Marine Feldpostamt. A fine set of strikes.

67 1915

Semi-illustrated feldpost-card featuring photo of SM Kreuzer "Kaiserin Elisabeth". To Hungary with KUK KRIEGSMARINE / SMS ORJEN cds. Launched 1913, destroyer of the TATRA class, in action off Italy when the card was written. Attractive and scarce card (Tabacaru; 100p)

68 1917

Colour picture-postcard (Maria Luschari) to Fiume cancelled very good MFPA / POLA / c cds + very fine strike of the rare, circular Kuk KRIEGSMARINE / SMS VIII. Also fine sender's cachet Abs-A.Blau / S.M.Dfr.VIII / Kuk Marine Feldpostamt. A fine set of strikes.

69 WW1

Kriegsmarine. A significant collection of WW1 Austrian Navy material written up as a display with brief details of the ships and their history. Included are postcards with dated postmarks of 19 different ships and cachets of 14 different ships, mainly very good strikes. (Also some suspect cancels on loose stamps - not included in the start-price). Would cost considerably more than this if sold separately. (34)

70 1918

Picture-postcard (Pola) to FPA 420 mailed from the Seeflugsstation at Puntisella, cancelled faint MFPA POLA / m + fine boxed cachet BRIEFZENSUR / der k.u.k. Seeflugstation Pola. Returned to sender.

71 1917

Feldpost-envelope to Hungary, mailed from Seeflugleitung Monumenti (where the residence of the Fliegerkorps command was located), cancelled light MFPA POLA/c cds + fine red, boxed cachet BRIEFZENSUR / des k.u.k Seeflugleitung Pola.

72 1916

Picture-postcard (battle in the Carpathians) to Nasaud in Transylvania, from BORSA (Maramures). Very good red Censor-office cachet Kuk MILITARZENSUR / CZERNOWITZ, said to be during the evacuation of the Bukowina censoring office to MARAMAROS SZIGET. NB: signature of sender, Major Viktor Russ, commander of the Rumanian ethnic cavalry unit. Written in German. A rare item.

73 1918

Feldpostcard from the Venice lagoon blockade. Sender's address given as "Marine Kapitan / Lagunen Flotille / Feldpost 383". Cancelled very good FPA 383 cds + very good cachet KuK AQUADUKT-KADER-KOMMANDO



74 1.12.21

Pd. 6. Inland letter-rate to Hungary. commercial cover correctly franked 10kr (perfin) on first-day of the period. The concessionary inland rate to Hungary only applied for one month of period 6. Vgc.

75 3.11.22

Pd.10. Registered, express airmail cover from Wien to Budapest bearing the five original values of the 1922 air set totalling 5400kr to pay the airmail and express fees, plus defins (on the reverse) totalling 2700kr to pay the reduced letter-rate to Hungary and the registration fee. Attractive correctly-franked cover.

76 19.1.23

Pd. 10. Registered letter at reduced rate to Czechoslovakia from Ferlach correctly franked 2700kr, including block of ten 200kr "Frauenkopf" cat 15 each on cover.

77 29.3.24

Pd. 12. Heavyweight registered commercial cover from Wien to Teschen correctly franked 9900kr for a fourth weight-step registered letter at the reduced rate to Czechoslovakia. Vgc.

78 23.5.23

Pd.10. Airmail letter flown from Graz to Prague via Wien franked 2700kr in definitives to meet the registered, reduced-rate charge to Czechoslovakia + the two new Air values issued 17.3.23 to overpay the 2400kr airmail rate. These two stamps cat 150 each on air cover. vgc.



79 1921

Hochwasser overprint issue (ANK 340-359). The set of 20 values split over four covers mailed from Hirschwang (Lower Austria) to Vienna. All are marked Express, Rohrpost. The top value is on its own cover, and is cat 200 thus. Vgc. (4)

80 1923

May 1923 Austrian Provincial Capitals issue. Set of nine imperforate die-proofs in issued colours in decorative folder. This is number 80 of 250 sets with original signatures of the artist Rudolf Junk and the engraver Ferdinand Schirnböck. The folder has split down the spine; otherwise in fine condition and a rare item.

81 1926

Registered envelope with postal agency handstamp *NIEDERAU, P. OBERAU b. WÖRGL* (Kühnel 8p). Correctly franked 5 + 5 x 8 = 45g, cancelled WÖRGL 1 with imperforate registration label. Innsbruck arrival postmark the same day. Registered mail from ablagen is scarce. Attractive and vgc.

82 31.3.30

First flight: Vienna-Graz-Zagreb-Belgrade, flown on the Graz-Belgrade leg. Picture-postcard (an aircraft interior) with special first-flight cancel, franked 1g definitive +2g, 30g air-stamps to make up 25g. Belgrade arrival cds. (Kohl 30.1e; 150p). Vgc

83 1.3.31

Imperial Airways First Flight, London-Africa. First-flight envelope franked 1 Sch, 3 x 50g, posted registered in Wien 27.2.31, to a bank in Mwanza, Tanganyika. Further pmk WIEN 1 FLUGPOST / 1.3.31. From there went by train to Athens to join the flight. Transit pmk ALEXANDRIA / 5.3.31, arrival pmk MWANZA / 10.3.31. (Kohl 400p). Vgc.

84 1931

Rotary Congress. Set of six unmounted mint (ANK 518-523; 750). Faultless.

85 1931

Rotary Congress. Set of six very fine used (ANK 518-523; 480), each on a small piece with Rotary Congress special cancel of 23.6.31. Very fine. (6)

86 1933

WIPA block on granite paper (ANK 556; 4400 as unmounted mint) with the folder in which it was sold. Tiny marks on gum in upper margin where it was lightly affixed to the folder. (This is how it was sold, and it is regarded as unmounted thus). Current continental Auction start-price is 1000-1100 + buyers' premium. Fine condition and a flagship item for a serious Austrian collection.

87 1933

WIPA 50gr (+ 50gr) single on granite-paper (Faserpapier). Fine unmounted mint. (ANK 556; 700). Current Vienna price 280/290.

88 24.6.33

WIPA special flight, Wien to Budapest. Postcard with six "pilot" adhesives cancelled WIPA 1933 SEZESSION "starburst" plus WIPA Exhibition cancel. Two other, different WIPA cachets for the flight, and Budapest arrival cds. (Kohl 33.6a; 500pts). Vgc.

89 1933

Catholic Exhibition. Set of six very fine used on cover to Holland (ANK557-562; 400) + 20gr definitive, all cancelled with fine special postmark ALLGEMEINER DEUTSCHER KATHOLIKENTAG in WIEN. A rare and beautiful cover.

90 1936

Dollfuss 10 Sch fine unmounted mint (ANK 588; 1500). One of the highpoints of Austrian philately. Current Vienna retail price 600-700

91 1936

Dollfuss 10 Sch fine used (ANK 588; 1400). Current Vienna retail price c.600.

92 1934

Extraordinary ppc from the LILIPUT STADT attraction in Wien Prater Park. Picture of the post-office there including the uniformed midget postmaster. Seven Austrian definitives cancelled 4 x special postmark LILIPUTSTADT WIEN / Mai-September 1934, and fine cachet of Robertsen / Postmeister der Stadt Liliput. vgc



93 1946

The four Renner blocks fine unmounted mint (ANK 780-783A; 2500). Current Vienna retail price 1000+. Among Austria's scarcest items of philately.

94 1946

The rejected "Blitz" and "Mask" stamps, lightly-mounted mint. (ANK cat 1200). Banned by the Allies and missing from many collections.

95 1948-52

Costumes complete long set of 37 values, fine unmounted mint (ANK 420). Postfrisch. (37)

96 1950

Karinthian Plebiscite 30th Anniversary set of three, fine unmounted mint (ANK 964-966; 180)

97 1950/53

Air-mail (birds) set of 7, fine unmounted mint. (ank 967-973; 380).

98 1976

7S aerogramme (ANK 17) + 3S, 7S adhesives sent registered from Krems to Mombassa, Kenya by Ing Franz Schneiderbauer, distinguished author of the classic postal-stationery handbook. Arrival cancels on reverse.



99 c.1918

Bosnia & Herzegovina savings-card with 10h 'waterfall' imprint and spaces for nine stamps. The imprint has been overprinted for use in S.H.S. Yugoslavia. Fine mint condition and difficult to find.

100 1947-54

Trieste AMG-Zone A. Prestige album containing complete mint collection of these issues from SG 1 to 229. Missing only one low-value item (SG CL 46). Almost entirely unmounted, with a few lightly-mounted mint. Several additional shades plus a few first-day covers, postal stationery, etc. Stamps cat 1500 in a 1997 SG Catalogue (the best I have!). A bargain. (383 + 15 covers)


Hungary Big stockbook of all-different mint Hungary from 19th to 21st century. Much umm, some earlier are mounted. Many good miniature sheets and scarce issues. Still plenty of gaps to fill, but substantial catalogue value. A fine starter lot to develop. Weight: 1750g. (1500+)




Austrian Levant Postmarks Collection. Prestige Album containing postmarks from 25 Austrian P.O.s in the Levant. Extensive range of postmark-types from Constantinople and the offices on Crete, but many smaller offices also represented. Generally very good condition with many full postmarks. Written up to allow easy continuation. Stamps themselves are worth the starting price. A fine opportunity to start a collection of these interesting cancellations. Viewing recommended. Ex Les Taylor. (350+)

103 1915-18

Austro-Hungarian Military Post - Complete collection attractively mounted in Prestige album (missing only the 1919 unissued set for Montenegro). All the General issues MM (ANK 1-75, + the 1918 set issued only in Vienna + the 1917/18 set imperf), and all the issues FU (ANK 1-75). Issues for Italy complete (ANK 1-25 + postage-due set) MM and FU + the 1918 set only issued in Vienna MM. Issues for Rumania, both sets MM and FU (ANK 1-34). Issues for Serbia, both sets MM and FU (ANK 1-42), plus a second FU set CTO in Belgrade (not counted in cat value). Issues for Montenegro, both sets MM and FU, except lacking the FU 10h horizontal overprint. Total ANK cat over 4000. A top-quality collection.

104 1817-42

The 1817 postal tariff. An interesting small display with eleven folded pre-stamp letters , attractively mounted on display-sheets. Examples from all seven distance-bands. Good rate-markings and postmarks, including usage in Lombardy & Venetia. Good condition throughout. (11)

105 Pre 1850

Pre-paid mail. An interesting collection of pre-stamp pre-paid mail with seventeen folded letters on display-sheets, showing examples of different FRANCO handstamps, combined TOWN / FRANCO postmarks and PAID-TO-BORDER handstamps. Postmarks include Franco / Wischau (Mü.1718e), boxed WIEN / FRANCO (Mü. 1697i), FRANCO 3 (Mü. 1813a). Also Lombardy & Venetia VENEZIA / FRANCO, AFFRTA FRONTIERA and FRANCA / FRONTIERA. Good condition throughout. Remounted, would make a fine display and basis for expansion. Would cost considerably more if offered individually. (17)


Lombardy & Venetia. Pre-stamp covers arranged alphabetically in plastic box. Good variety including a number of eighteenth-century. Good winter sorter. Weighs about 1350g. (c.200)

107 1852 - 2001

Christkindl. A serious collection of 128 covers and cards from 1952 to 2001 neatly mounted in a 'Prestige' album. There are only two gaps for this period for 'Advent' cancels and three gaps for 'Three Kings' cancels. 38 covers have the 'Über Christkindl' sticker. Two are registered. Virtually all are sent abroad, with foreign-rate frankings. ANK cat 3500+. Plus a further 28 blank Prestige album leaves to continue the collection. Plus a slim booklet, in English, 'The Christkindl Postmarks' by Greening and Brown. Weight: 2.2kg. An outstanding opportunity.


Nice collection of mainly fine-used Habsburg Revenue stamps in a full stockbook. From 1854 Austrian first issue to 1930s, including L&V. Duplication mostly limited to three copies per value (but much perforation, watermark & shade potential). Around 600, including difficult (with 12K & 15K values noted). Also 160 Hungary (1868-1923) and also about 80 revenue cut-outs. A fine 'starter' or a good lot to check for varieties. Good condition. (c.840)

109 1960s - 2001

Tetley tin with hundreds of used stamps on and off paper, some cards and covers. Good mixture of definitive and commemorative issues. Weighs c.1.35kg (including tin). (100s)

110 2002 to date

Plastic box with hundreds of used Euro-denominated stamps on paper. Appears to be good selection of commemoratives with fewer definitives Weighs c. 375gms (including box). (100s)



111 1967

W Klein - Volume 1 - Die postalischen Abstempelungen und Andere Entwertumgsarten auf den österreichischen Postwertzeichen-Ausgaben 1867, 1883 und 1890. Seminal listing of postmarks from where Müller left off until the end of the century. With points values. 488 pages. Good-quality photocopy in two spiral-bound parts. In German, but consists of easy-to-understand listings with an English introduction. Very good condition. Weight 1400g.

112 1973

W Klein - Volume 2 - Die weiteren Poststempel und Entwerungsarten in der österreichischen Reichshälfte. Listing for non-standard postmarks, incl railway TPOs and Maritime, registration, special POs, Pneumatic, Telegraph, etc, etc. With points values. Long out-of-print but has not been superceded by a newer work. 808 pages. Good quality, spiral-bound photocopy. In German, but essentially an easy-to-understand listing. Very good condition. Weight 875g.

113 2008

U Ferchenbauer - ÖSTERREICH 1850-1918, Handbuch und Spezialkatalog. Four hardback volumes in full colour, each about 700 pages. Vol I covers Austria and Lom & Ven, 1850-1864. Vol II = Austria 1867-1918. Vol III = postal stationery and special services, telegraph, registration and pneumatic services. Vol IV = Austrian Post Abroad. All in extraordinary detail and copiously illustrated with Euro valuations. In German. Weighs 6.5kg. The current new price for the set is 250. As-new condition. I know of no comparable work in any other country's philately.

114 2000

U Ferchenbauer - ÖSTERREICH 1850-1918, Handbuch und Spezialkatalog. Although superceded by the 2008 edition, this is still a magnificent work, 7cm thick, 1428 pages in full colour, hardback. Covering, and valuing in Euros, postage stamps, telegraph, registration and pneumatic services, Feldpost, Liechtenstein, Levant, Bos & Herz and much more. In German. As new condition. Weighs 2.5kg. A bargain for room-buyers.

115 1971

U Ferchenbauer - ÖSTERREICH 1850-1918, Handbuch und Spezialkatalog. Extraordinary to see what this slim b&w volume has developed into today! As new condition. In German. 224 page hardback. Of historical interest. Vgc. Weighs 400g.

116 2011

Netto - Österreich Spezialkatalog 2011/12 (ANK). The standard catalogue from Austria. Its catalogue numbers and prices are quoted by most of the leading auction houses (including this one!). The current 2013/14 edition sells new for 39. Softback , 510 pages in full colour. In German, but easy to use. If you're still using Gibbons or Scott, an opportunity to move on. As new. Weighs 650g.

117 1962-67

Tchilinghirian & Stephen - Austrian Post Offices Abroad. Parts 1 to 7 photocopied in one spiral-bound volume of 560 pages. Still the definitive English-language work. Very good condition. Also Tranmer - Austrian P.O.s Abroad - Part 8, 112 pages. Book published 1976 to complete the series. 112 pages, black & white, in English. Vgc. Bargain. Total weight 1.7kg.

118 1927

E Müller - Die Postmarken von Oesterreich. Hardback, 428 pages. Detailed handbook of the stamps from 1850 to 1918. Mainly text, so most suitable for German readers. Original 1927 printing in very good condition. Weighs 950g.

119 2002

J. Barefoot - Austria Revenues. 140 pages, black & white, softback. A useful and easy-to-follow listing in English. As new condition.

120 2008

Vaccari - Francobolli e Storia Postale, 13th edition. 448 pages, full colour, softback. Covers the Italian States and the Kingdom of Italy from 1850 to 1900. Tremendous detail and lavishly-illustrated. In Italian. As new. Weight: 800g.

121 1979

P. Vollmeier - Catalogo dei Bolli Postali del Territorio Lombardo-Veneto dalle Origini all'Introduzione del Francobollo. The standard listing of L & V pre-stamp postmarks. With points-values. 388 pages, b&w hardback. In Italian but mainly easy-to-understand listings and introduction in English. As new condition. Weight 1200g. Highly recommended.


Christies, 15 June 1994, 12 April 1995. The Gary Ryan collection parts 1 and 2. The finest collection ever of Hungary, especially Austria used in Hungary. Two luxury softback auction catalogues in full colour. Vgc. Weight 1350g.




Tertschek J - Das Sanitätswesen der ö.u. Land und Seestreitkräfte und der freiwilligen Sanitätspflege im Weltkrieg 1914-18. Published 2006. Softback with122pp. In German, but mainly illustrations and easy to follow. Field handstamps of medical/sanitary units. Vgc. Weight 420g.


Biwald B - Von Helden & Krüppeln -das österreichisch-ungarische Militärsanitätswesen im Ersten Weltkrieg . Volumes I & II, total 1000pp, softback Published 2002. Definitive account, for German-readers only. As new. vgc. Weight 900g.


Okky Offerhaus Ludwig Hesshaimer: Miniaturen aus der Monarchie: Ein k.u.k. Offizier erzahlt mit dem Zeichenstift. Published Wien 1992. Hardback, 243pp in German, copiously illustrated with the artist's sketches made during his WW1 service. Vgc. Weight 1055g. Recommended for fans of his stamp and postcard designs.


Mühlbach G M - Das Kaiserhaus zu Baden, Franz I und Karl I von Österreich. Published Baden, 2000. 141pp in German, hardback, as new. Historical. Weight 450g.


Rauchensteiner M - Österreich-Ungarn und der Erste Weltkrieg. Published Graz, 1998. 240pp, mainly photographic account, but text in German. Hardback with dust-jacket in as-new condition. Out-of-print and currently selling on-line at 100+. Weight 1200g.


Fosten & Marrion - Osprey 'Men at Arms' Series - The German Army 1914-18. Published London, 1982 edition. Softback, 40 pages. Useful text in English, heavily illustrated showing the uniforms of the different units. As new.


Imperial War Museum - Handbook of the Russian Army. Sixth edition, originally published 1914 by the Imperial War Museum. 326pp in English. Hardback in immaculate condition. Currently 31.95 new from the War Museum. Weight 615g.


Speeckaert A - Russian Postal Censorship 1914-18. 319pp in German and English + 54pp supplement (only in English), softback. Standard work with all cancels illustrated. New price currently 42.50. Vgc. Weight 600g.


Hamann B - Der Erste Weltkreig, 2nd edition published Munich, 2009. Softback, 360 pages with 424 pictures, but for German readers. As new. Current new price is 16.99 + p&p on the internet. Weight 530g.


Hamann B - Der Erste Weltkreig, 2nd edition published Munich, 2004. Hardback with dust-jacket in large-format, 192 pages with 424 pictures, but for German readers. As new. Weight 1kg.


ARGE Deutsche Feldpost 1914-18 - Die deutsche Feldpost im Ersten Weltkrieg, 1914-18, Handbuch und Katalog. Published Kiel, 2000. Hardback, 200pp. In German, but mainly listings and pictures. As new. Now out of print. Weight 700g.


General staff, American Expeditionary Forces - Histories of 251 Divisions of the German Army which participated in the War (1914-18). First published Washington, 1920. This edition publ. 1989 by London Stamp Exchange for 35. 748pp in English, hardback. Encyclopaedic. Small tear in dust-jacket; otherwise vgc. Weight 1125g.


ARGE Feld- und Zensurpost - complete run of their journal from 1984 to Sep 2010 in six yellow folders. In German. As new. Bulky lot. Room-bidders only.


Riedel H - Die Tiroler Front von 1915-17. Published Wien 1995. 151pp in German, useful maps. Vgc. Weight 450g.


Kay GK - Postal place-names in Poland. Published Edinburgh 1992. Alphabetical philatelic gazetteer of historical (not modern) Poland. Introduction in English, Polish and German. Softback, 390pp, vgc. Out of print; current Amazon used price 25. Weight 450g.


Köhler G - Die Kriegsgefangenen-, Internierten und Militärlager in Österreich-Ungarn und ihre Feldposteinrichtungen. Published Graz/Linz, 1991. 150pp in German, but mainly listings and illustrations. Vgc. Weight 430g.