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catcatalogue (d)ppcpicture postcard
cdscircular date-stamppscpostal-stationery card
drstwo-ring datestamp(u)mm(un)mounted mint
(v)fu(very) fine usedstbsaid to be
perfperforatedvgcvery good condition
ppnumber of pages  
Handbooks and catalogues used
ANKNetto Austria specialised catalogue
ANKNetto Austria Postal Stationery catalogue
T&STchilinghirian & Stephen - Austrian P.O.s Abroad
MüllerE Müller - Austrian postmark handbooks
VotočekMonograph of Austrian postmarks used in Czech lands
FerchenbauerAustria Handbook 1850-1918, 2008 edition

Webmaster's remarks: Images are not normally provided for mint items and cheap, bulk lots. Clicking a 'W' in the right-hand column will open the image in a separate window; however the W-links are automatically added en mass so you may find some are broken. The size of this image window is controlled by the settings on your computer, not by this web site. The pictures have been provided by a 'quick and easy' scanning process which does not give completely accurate colour reproduction, and also usually produces a heavy black shadow at the top of each image. Do not rely on the pictures to judge shades. In particular, the buff colour of monarchy-period postcards tends to come out much whiter than the actual colour, while all-white items are often deliberately darkened to distinguish them from the background; and sometimes the stamps appear to glow luridly! The images have not been retouched (ie, all the markings added over the years by dealers and vendors have been left); many have been rotated to be parallel to the top of your screen. Also, all the images have been scaled to be the same width; if you need to know precise dimensions ask the Auctioneer. To ensure you are looking at the latest version of this page, use your browser's "Refresh" feature.

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11690South Tirol. Folded cover and complete contents from Trento to the Count Lazara, Canon of the cathedral at Padova. Carried by the Taxis Post and marked in rötel 9 to pay. Excellent condition for its age.30W
21786South Tirol. Folded letter from Sacco to the Prince Liechtenstein's Governor in Rome, postmarked fine v. Roveredo (Mü. 1270A; 200p). Marked 6 kr paid to the border and 11 baiocchi for addressee to pay. Vgc.30W
31787South Tirol. Folded letter to Verona, postmarked very good v. Roveredo (Mü. 1270A; 200p). Second weight-step letter marked 6 kr paid to the border and 10 for addressee to pay. Vgc.24W
41838South Tirol. Folded letter from Riva to Mantova cancelled superb example of the distinctive crescent-shaped Riva / in / Tirolo (Mü. 1256d; 120p) and marked 6 to pay. A perfect example of one of Austria's classic postmarks. Vgc.30W
51823Receipt for 250 fl C.M. issued in Trieste, 1 September 1823 with fine impression of 30kr (La) fiscal imprint. (Trieste fell in the Laibach taxation district). Vgc and scarce.20W
61845Moravia. Folded letter-from the Postal Directorate in Brünn, dated 12 September 1845 with fine strike of the Directorate's official postmark Von der K.K. Ober / Postverwaltung / IN BRÜNN (Mü. V1; 300p). This postmark, in black, is three years before Votocek's earliest recording. Exempt from postal charges.24W
7 Pressburg dumb cancel (Mü. 2250d; 3000 points), well-centred on loose 1850 issue 6kr. (three very good margins, one cut close). One of the scarcest Austrian postmarks. Royal Philatelic Society of London certificate (2015). 350W

A perfect four-margin 9kr cancelled well-struck RAGUSA / 6 FEB. on folded letter sent by steamer to Trieste (February 15 receiver). A classic maritime cover from the Covacevich correspondence. Vgc.

91856Lombardy & Venetia postage stamp used in Austria. Cover (incomplete) to Valstagna franked 15 centes machine-paper, 4 big margins, cancelled very good BORGO / 2 SET. (Mü. 287b). This franking cat €2900 by Netto, €3500 by Ferchenbauer. Bassano arrival cds. A good looker and a rare usage.200W
101854Austrian military mail. Official letter dated Nachod, 3 October 1854 (Bohemia) to Infantry Regiment Nr.18 (Prince Constantine's own) in Bucarest. Fine postmarks of NACHOD / 3.10 (Mü. 1783c), HERMANNSTADT / 8.10 (Mü. 981a) and K.K. FELDPOSTAMT No.1 / 10.10 (Mü. 3436b; 600p), just four days after this office opened. Cover is incomplete but all the important bits are there. A military-post rarity with very fine strikes.80W
111862Austrian military mail. Folded military letter dated Soave, 27 Sept 1862 to Steinamanger in Hungary. Early example on front of letter of a hand-stamped regimental cachet K. K. Linien Jnfanterie Regiment / Erzherzog Leopold / Nr.53 - a very good strike in blue ink. Postmarked S. BONIFACCIO cds with boxed OEDENBURG transit cds.15W

1858 issue 5kr Type II in vfu block of five with TRIEST cds.


Folded, printed questionnaire from an insurance company agency, sent locally within Wien and franked very good 1859 Type II 2kr black (ANK min €500 on cover). Cancelled red WIEN oval. Displayworthy item. Vgc.

141859Fiume. Cover (no contents) to Vienna franked second-issue 5kr+10kr type 1 (Ferchenbauer €250) neatly cancelled FIUME cds. Cover illustrated in Tonnes Ore's 2010 Fiume monograph. Vgc.24W
1531.1.68Fiume. Folded letter to Trieste from Fiume under Austrian postal administration before the Hungarian-Croatian settlement of 1 April. 5kr adhesive (placed upside-down as a protest) neatly-cancelled FIUME / 31.1. / Nachm. Illustrated in Ore's 2010 Fiume monograph. Good condition.30W
161864Fiume. Mixed-issue franking of 1863 5kr perf 14 and 1864 10kr perf 9.5 (Ferchenbauer €275) on folded letter to Wien, neatly cancelled boxed FIUME (Mü. 690d) Vgc and attractive.30W
171871Fiume. Disallowed franking. Envelope from Fiume to Ragusa (Dubrovnik) franked Austrian 5kr adhesive cancelled FIUME / 10.7.71 Nm. Marked in manuscript Marca illegale and charged 10 kr postage due. (Austrian stamps were only valid on Hungarian mail until 31.6.71).36W
1814.3.60The 1854 Austro-Sardinian Postal Treaty was suspended after the 1859 War, and mail reverted to the franked-to-border method until 1862. Cover from Trieste to Milan franked 15kr to Austrian border and marked 2 (dicesimi) for the addressee to pay the Sardinian charges. Red, boxed Milan receiver on reverse. Vgc.15W
191863Austro-Italian Treaty. Folded cover to Bologna franked 10kr + pair 3kr perf 14 (franking cat Ferchenbauer €260) cancelled INNSBRUCK cds and large P.D. Transit and arrival backstamps. Royal Philatelic Society of London certificate (2014).28W

Folded letter to Ragusa franked 5kr + 10kr perf 9.5 cancelled fine TRIESTE / COL VAPORE at the ship's call in Zara. ZARA and RAGUSA straight-line postmarks on reverse. Attractive cover in vgc.

211865Private-issue return receipt printed for the Handelsgerichte (commercial court) in Vienna. Fee paid by 5kr fifth-issue adhesive on reverse cancelled red RECOMMANDIRT / WIEN cds. Good condition.50W
221856Revenue stamp to pre-pay postage. This was permitted in L & V until 1857. Folded letter to Lecco (arrival postmark) with 15c revenue cancelled very good SONDRIO straight-line postmark. Ferchenbauer €310 minimum). Vgc.40W

45c blue, four good margins on folded letter to Viterbo (Papal States) cancelled very good MILANO cds. (ANK €90). Vgc.

241861Blue cancel. Folded letter (torn at top on opening and repaired) to Medun via Spilimbergo. Franked 5s cancelled blue PORDENONE / 5 APR. Blue postmark cat ANK €600.40W
251863Austro-Italian Treaty. Envelope to Turin with mixed-issue franking of 2 x 1859 3s green + 1860 10s brown for 16s Treaty rate (cat Ferchenbauer €600). Fresh colours and clear embossing. Cancelled fine upright PADOVA cds + P.D. Various backstamps. Signed Colla. A true classic.75W
261882Block of four 1867 issue fine-print 10 soldi cancelled SPED. POST PRESSO LLOYD / SMIRNE cds (Müller 6859b). Fine and rare. (Ferchenbauer €2400). 40W
271883Block of four 1867 issue fine-print 10 soldi cancelled SMIRNE cds (Müller 6858a). Fine and rare. (Ferchenbauer €2400). 40W

Multiple-franking of eleven x 1867 fine-print 10 soldi cancelled SMIRNE cds (Müller 6858a) on piece. (Top-left stamp has perfs trimmed at top). Very rare multiple.

299.6.73Canea. Complete folded letter dated Iraklion, 28 May 1873 (Julian calender) with 10 soldi adhesive cancelled CANEA / 9.6 cds (Gregorian) to Syra + P.P. handstamp. Marked manuscript 20 to pay, accounted for by Greek 20 lepta adhesive added for internal Greek postage. On reverse, Syra arrival cds of 30 May (Julian). Attractive cover with its two blue stamps.30W
301869Candia. Cover to Syra franked 1867 issue 10 soldi cancelled very good CANDIA cds (Smith 3). Also bears 2 x 10 lepta Greek stamps accounting for the 20 lepta internal Greek charge. Syra arrival cds on reverse. Attractive cover in good condition.50W
311860Galatz. Folded letter to Paris, dated Galatz, 26 April 1860 (Julian calendar) cancelled blue GALLATZ / 8.5. cds (Gregorian calendar). Adjacent matching blue French entry cds AUTRICHE / ERQUELLINES 2. Handstamped A on front. HERMANNSTADT transit and PARIS arrival postmarks on reverse. Disinfection slits. Marked 10 (décimes) to pay. A scarce and interesting cover.30W
321862Galatz. Pre-stamp complete folded letter pre-paid to Constantinople with wax-seal of the Ottoman Bank in Galatz (Moldavia). Postmarked very good GALLATZ cds (Mü. 2010e;24p) + FRANCO. Vgc.30W
331856Austrian Lloyd letter. Folded letter dated 13.11.1856 and bearing good, legible strike of the scarce oval AGENCIA DEL LLOYD AUSTRIACCO / Galatz (T&S type 1). To Syra with arrival cds. Marked 20 (lepta) to pay. Vgc50W
341871Cover from Smyrna to Massachusetts via Trieste and New York. Strip of three 10sld blue cancelled very good LETTERE ARRIVATE / COL VAPORE / DAL LEVANTE (applied at Trieste; Mü. 100pts). Partial origin postmark LLOY(D AGENZI)E / SMIRNE (on reverse) + red boxed Franco + oval TRIEST transit postmark + NEW YORK / PAID ALL receiver. Has been roughly-opened, but a fine example of maritime mail crossing the continents. 60W

Cover-front (damaged) to London bearing four-colour franking of 3s, 5s. 10s and 2 x 15s coarse-printing cancelled very good, boxed LETTERE ARRIVATE / PER MARE / VARNA. The date is 16.9.(?)7, probably 1877. The top of the letter, including the 10s adhesive, is torn. Ex Jerger collection, sold May 2004 by Corinphila as part of lot 1019. Signed Colla. Corinphila's illustration didn't show the damaged stamp, but mine does! A rare franking to display.


Folded letter to Lyons from Constantinople franked 5sld + joined pair 15sld cancelled very good boxed LETTERE ARIVATA / PER MARE / VARNA (Mü. 6883b; 120p). Fine Austrian entry-handstamp A / P.D. plus vg French AVRICOURT entry cds + LYON arrival cds. Attractive cover in vgc with fine franking and strikes.

371892Salonica. Yellow envelope to Salzburg attractively franked strip of five 8pa on 2 kr (ANK 20) cancelled vg SALONICH / SALONICCO cds (Smith 4). Salzburg backstamp. Vgc. Showpiece item.50W
381901Scutari. Interesting Ricordo di Scutari d'Albania pc franked 20pa on 10h (ANK 33) cancelled good SCUTARI IN ALBANIEN drs. To Venice. Vgc.16W
391907Durazzo. Attractive viewcard of Durazzo franked 20pa on 10h (ANK 44) cancelled good blue DURAZZO / OST.POSTa drs. To Trieste. Vgc.28W
401913Smyrna. Large envelope sent registered from Smyrna to Budapest at the business-papers rate. Franked 2pi Jubilee (ANK €140 on cover) cancelled illegible postmark. Smyrna 1 registration label. Good condition.40W

Folded printed letter to Vienna with franked joined pair of 2sld 1867 adhesives for printed-matter rate. (Franking cat Ferchenbauer €2200). Cancelled CONSTANTINOPEL cds with MARIAHILF / WIEN arrival cds. An untidy cover but a very scarce franking.


10pa on 5h postal-stationery wrapper uprated with 5 centimes Jubilee adhesive cancelled two light "raisin-cancels" of Smyrna. To Cairo. Scarce.

431863Courier/DDSG post. Cover from Craiova to Vienna carried by courier and DDSG steamer to Orsova where it passed into the Austrian postal system. Third-issue 5kr, 10kr, both fine condition, cancelled ALT ORSOVA cds with Wien arrival marks. Vgc.50W
441883Advice-of-delivery form for a registered letter to Paris with 1883 issue 10kr cancelled very good ROKTINITZ / 26 NOV. Unusually, this form is in the French-language only and contains no German text (Ferchenbauer €200). Vgc.24W
451886Lost-letter tracer (Nachfrageschreiben ) to Ričan concerning a missing registered letter franked 10kr cancelled fine JUNGWOCHITZ bilingual cds. Fine oval handstamp K.k. Postamt / Jungwožic. Ričan return postmark. A scarce Bohemian item in exceptionally good condition for these.36W
461891Registered express envelope from FIUME 2 to Abbazia franked 5, 10, 2 x 25fi Turul adhesives. Violet cachet on front of AMERICAN CONSULATE / FIUME, HUNGARY, with their fine wax-seal on reverse. Opens out for display. Attractive and vgc.28W
471911Rückmeldung (report on an undeliverable parcel) from Klosterle a.d. Eger to Brüx. Franked 25h Jubilee cancelled BRÜX. Good condition and hard to find.20W
481882K.B. BAHNPOST / Kufst.- Mchen II cds on 2kr brown psc from Kufstein to Wien. Very good strike from the Bavarian Railways Kufstein-Munich route (Klein 7671; 250p). Arrival cds ALSERGRUND / WIEN.10W
491917Fantasy franking of lower half of 15h brown and upper half of 25h blue Karl adhesives, neatly applied to look like one two-coloured stamp. Accepted for the 15h rate and postmarked bilingual BUDWEIS cds to Brünn. An ice-breaker for club-night! Vgc.10W
501890 - 1918East Galicia (Western Ukraine). Small collection of covers and cards from late-Monarchy period written-up (in Norwegian) on album leaves. Includes money-letters, viewcards, parcel-cards, court-delivery stamps on documents, WW1 material, etc. Many good postmarks. Much Lemberg material. Will not disappoint at this price. (31)90W
511872-1908Eastern Galicia. Small collection of all-different, fine-used postal-stationery cards written-up (in Norwegian) on album leaves to show the language-variants. Mainly fine postmarks, including Bobrka, Wiznitz, Skała, Jezierzany, Sołotwina, Horodenka, Debeniki, Grodek Jagiellonski, etc, etc. Good lot. (18)80W
521915Bosnia & Herz. 1915 Charity issue. 7 on 5h value in mm block of nine with year twice (no value) on central stamp (ANK 93F; €90; 1000 printed). 12 on 10h value in mm block of nine with 7h instead of 12h error on central stamp (ANK 94F; €130; 1200 printed). Missing from most collections. (2 blocks)36W

Ppc to Slovenia, cancelled good MFPA POLA / d cds + very fine double circle cachet K.u.K. KRIEGSMARINE / S.M. BOOT "78 F" (stb Kallis-Kohl cancel type 2, from type 1 but second S in SMS removed; in use only 2 months, May-June 1916),


Fpe to Hungary, mailed from Seeflugleitung Monumenti (where the residence of the Fliegerkorps command was located), cancelled light MFPA POLA/c cds + very good red, boxed cachet BRIEFZENSUR / des k.u.k Seeflugleitung Pola.


Fine ppc (Military college in Sofia) forwarded by the German Feldpost office 185 to Hungary, from Dr Kariko Imre, the Kuk Military Attache in Sofia. Fine violet, boxed handstamp Kuk HUGHESSTATION / SOFIA. The Hughes Telegraph was a morse-code modem with a piano-style keyboard. Rare.


Ppc of the Cunard steamer Pannonia docked in Fiume. Sent as Feldpost to Nagyszalonta. Fine cachet Kuk Marine- Land- und Wasserbauamt / in Pola. Vgc. Nice addition to a Fiume collection.


Double reply-paid fpc with reply-ha lf still attached (Tăbăcaru Nr A2-018 / M+R; rare). Used locally between army postal units in Graz. cancelled K.K. FELDPOSTSORTIERSTELLE / GRAZ / a (Rai. 200p) and returned to sender. Genuine usage of a rare item of stationery.

5810.10.18Special post-office in military hospital. Envelope to Pettau with very good postmark and registration-label of KRIEGSPITAL / STERNTHAL b. PETTAU b. Cachet of Reservespital Halicz. Late date. Good condition (small tear at top)60W
591.6.16Special post-office in POW camp. Envelope to Wien with postmark and registration-label of KRIEGSGEFANGENLAGER / SPRATZERN b. Cachet of Militär Seelsorge, Spratzern. Good condition (small tear at right).60W
601905LINZ a.d. D. VOLKFESTPLATZ. Very good strike of the boxed postmark of the postal agency at the Fest; the mail was further cancelled at LINZ 1. Attractive viewcard of Linz to Aidenbach (arrival postmark). One of the scarcest of special postmarks (Wurth: "L.P."). Ex Scholz collection. Vgc.60W
611908The Special red Jubilee postmark used in the postal directorates for one day only on 2.12.1908. An extraordinary study from the collection of Hans-Dieter Scholz. Comprises the special Koloman Moser postcards, used with the postmarks of Brünn (3), Cernowitz (1), Graz (4, including one on the Prague Exhibition card), Innsbruck (7), Klagenfurt (1), Laibach, bilingual (2), Lemberg, trilingual (2), Lemberg, bilingual (1), Linz (2), Salzburg (3), Trieste German/Italian (1), Troppau (2), Wien (17). Some extra frankings, registration etc. Fine material, beautifully written-up, with much support information on both sides of the sheets. Nine of the cards are illustrated in Scholz's book. Will make fine display and a terrific opportunity. (46)95W
621909Archduke Carl Exhibition, Wien 1909. Special 5h card and blue, octagonal postmark marking the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Aspang. Three variants of card (two different printers' imprints + one without imprint). Fully written-up; ex Scholz. Vgc. (3)10W
6318.10.92Music Theatre Exhibition - scarce incoming mail. Kingdom of Bavaria 5pf psc from Munich addressed to the Exhibition Commission in Vienna. Re-directed to the Rotunda and cancelled by the Exhibition post-office with very good strike of the rare BESTELLT version of the Exhibition postmark (Wurth 1500p). This was the first special post-office to have a second canceller for the redistribution of incoming mail.50W
6414.9.98Jubilee Exhibition. Official colour ppc (published Philipp & Kramer) featuring the official Exhibition poster design. Very good used. Also a publicity-label featuring the same image. Vgc. (2)18W
6521.1.19Issues for Trentino. Envelope mailed locally within Bolzano franked 12h unoverprinted Austrian stamp. Disallowed and Italian 20c stamp overprinted Venezia / Tridentina / 20 heller, further overprinted violet T20, applied as provisional postage-due and cancelled good BOZEN 3 drs. Minor damage to envelope. Scarce.30W
66 Czechoslovakia. Complete umm sheet of 50 registration-labels (401-450) for the Post & Telegraph Directorate in Brno. Spectacular addition to a Czech collection, and will fit on an album-page.36W
671919/38East Galicia (Western Ukraine). Small collection of covers and cards written-up (in Norwegian) on album leaves. Clean material with good postmarks, including inflation, registered, TPO, etc. (22)60W
681933Catholic Exhibition. Set of six unmounted mint (ANK557-562; €470). One of Austria's scarcest sets.30W
691933Catholic Exhibition. Set of six very fine used (ANK557-562; €470). One of Austria's scarcest sets.30W
7019.7.34Airmail to Chile. Envelope from Vienna to Santiago franked 5 Sch (cat €200 on cover), 20g and 3x 1 Sch = 8.20 Sch, the correct rate for a second weight-step air-letter. Posted Vienna 19 July, arrived Paris 20 July, then by Air France with Santiago arrival backstamp 31 July. Genuine commercial mail on a regular flight and scarce thus. Good condition.36W

24g letter-card without perforations, fine unused (ANK 71bU; cat €1000). Rarely seen.


Registered envelope from Steyr franked 64g addressed to Chancellor Schuschnigg. Vgc.

7314.7.51Carinthian Plebiscite Anniversary. Registered cover from Salzburg to Netherlands bearing all 3 values (ANK 964-66) + 1 Sch flower adhesive. Top value is catalogued €170 on cover. Vgc.20W
741962Stamp booklet for vending machines. 5 Sch booklet with "ich" on ultramarine cover, containing 2 x 70g and 2 x 180g. (ANK 5a; cat €300). Vgc. 40W
751962Stamp booklet for vending machines. 5 Sch booklet with "ich" on brown cover, containing 4 x 50g and 2 x 150g. (ANK 5ab; cat €200). Vgc. 30W
761957-70Buildings Definitives. Collection of covers and cards mounted on album leaves with different frankings of the buildings set, mainly on overseas mail. Includes registered and express mail, postal-stationery cards, special cancels. Fine lot in vgc. Good basis for a display. (25)26W
771958-96Christkindl. Fifty all different covers and cards from the last century with special Christkindl cancels. Many also have Über Christkindl stickers. Several special Christmas covers and cards. ANK cat €1400+. A good lot in good condition (51)140W
7827.6.77Provisional registration-label. Cover to Hirtenberg from the local authority in Enzesfeld-Lindabrunn franked 11s. An absence of registration-labels on the train that day led to use of a piece of orange paper with a handwritten registration-number R30. Label and adhesives cancelled with TPO postmark WIEN-HAINFELD / 256. A registration rarity.100W
794.9.78Registration-label error. Envelope to Innsbruck correctly franked 11s, cancelled MARGARETHEN AM MOOS cds. Registration label incorrectly-printed with am Moos inverted. Vgc.40W

Souvenir-sheet (Gedenkblatt) for the 50th Anniversary of the Merkur Philatelic Society in Innsbruck.

812008APS History. Two covers sent from Innsbruck with the special stamp produced for the Society's 60th Anniversary. One has the 55c inland stamp, and the other has the 65c European-rate stamp. In fine condition, with the inserts. (2) 5W
82 Postage Due. Twenty Second-Republic covers and cards (mainly from abroad) sent underfranked and bearing Austrian postage due. A fine batch to research and write up. (20)36W

Black & white litho Gruss aus Landeck picture postcard (Tirol, publisher Ottmar Zieher) fine used to Copenhagen. Early example.


Superb litho colour picture-postcard from Hotel & Pension TOLERANZ, Jenbach, Tirol. Underfranked to Switzerland with 2 x 2kr cancelled vg F.P.A / KUFSTEIN-ALA No.63 TPO postmark. 5r Swiss postage-due cancelled at MÖRCHWIL. Vgc. A fine Tirol item.


Colour litho Gruss aus Wiener Rathauskeller picture-postcardpc (the café under the Vienna Town Hall, published Schwidernoch). Super card, fine used Wien to Perchtdsdorf.

861900Austrian Levant. Scarce ppc marking the Upper Austrian pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 1900, published by the Catholic Society in Linz, and depicting their patron Archduchess Maria-Valerie. 20pa on 10h adhesives cancelled very good JAFFA / ÖST. POST cds, to Peuerbach.18W
87 Franz Joseph. Small collection of ten different postcards featuring the Emperor (plus one lookalike!). Interesting selection that would display well. Vgc. (11)24W

Corinphila, 9 November 2003 - part 2 of the Donau collection of classic Austria and Lombardy-Venetia. Cancellations. Softback catalogue in full colour. Vgc. Weight 300g.


Corinphila, 2003/04 - parts 1 and 2 of the Jerger collection of classic Austria, Austrian Levant and L&V. Each catalogue an inch thick hardback in full colour. A record of one of the finest ever Austrian collections. Vgc. Weight 2kg. (2)


Corinphila, 16 October 2008. Luxury hardback catalogue of Imperial Austria, L & V, Lloyd shipmail and awesome Austrian Levant. Vgc. Weight 650g.


Corinphila, 4-5 March 2010. Luxury hardback catalogue of the collections of Silvain Wyler (Imperial Austria, parts 1), W Schindler (Austro-Hungary 1867 mail to other countries), Emil Capallaro (D.D.S.G. part 1 ). With realisations. Vgc. Weight 1.1kg.


Taitl H - "Einführung in die Feldpost Österreichs……1459-1918", published in 2003 by Philatelie-Club Montfort. in German, but many illustrations. Softback, 72pp. As new. Weight 255g.


Rainer H - "Stempel -Handbuch der Kuk Feldpost in Ö-U, 1914-18", published by the author in 1995. Seminal catalogue listing all the WWI postmarks. In German with English introduction. Softback, 402pp. As new. Weight 585g.


Tranmer K - "APOs 1914-18". Revised edition published by the author in 1973. Appears to be a well-produced, hard-bound photocopy. In English, 115pp. Good used condition. Weight 670g.


Gatterer & Lukan - "Studien & Dokumente zur österreichisch-ungarischen Feldpost im Ersten Weltkrieg", published in 1989 by the Forschungsgemeinschaft ö. Feldpost. Hardback in German, 164pp with many documents. As-new condition. Weight 650g.


Riedel H - "Die Kuk Feldpost zu Beginn des 1 Weltkrieges", published in 2000 by the ARGE Militär & Philatelie (250 copies printed). Shows the disposition of the Austrian army-units at the start of the War. In German, but mainly easy-to-understand tables and maps. Important work. Softback, 117pp. As new. Weight 350g.


Riedel H - "Das Ende der Kuk Feldpost 1918/19", published in 2004 by the ARGE Militär & Philatelie. Softback, in German, 99pp, illustrated. As new. Weight 315g.


Gogg K - "Österreichische Kriegsmarine, 1848-1919", published by Bergland Buch in 1967. Hardback in German, 168pp with listings and 264 photos of the ships. Vgc. Weight 425g.


Fuchs F - "Die KuK Luftstreitkräfte 1914-1918 und deren Stempel", published by the ARGE F-Z in 1994. 172 page softback catalogue. In German but mainly easy-to-understand tables and illustrations. Definitive work. As new condition. Weight 500g.


Riedel H - "Die Karnische Front, 1915-17", second edition (143 copies printed) published in 1990 by the ARGE Militär & Philatelie. Softback, in German, 64pp, pictures, maps. As new. Weight 240g.


Riedel H - "Die Tiroler Front, 1915-17", published in 1995 by the ARGE Militär & Philatelie (205 copies printed). Softback, in German, 151pp, pictures, maps, lists. As new. Weight 440g.


Riedel H - "Die 10 Armee - 1918 in Tirol", published in 1990 by the ARGE Militär & Philatelie (153 copies printed). Softback, in German, 74pp, pictures, documents, etc. As new. Weight 255g.


Riedel H - "Die Besetzung oberitaliens 1918", published in 1993 by the ARGE M&P (187 copies printed). Softback, in German, 108pp. As new. Weight 340g.


Schilling O - "Kämpfe ums Trentino im Ersten Weltkrieg", published in 2006 by Philatelie-Club Montfort. Softback, in German, 114pp, maps, pictures. As new. Weight 355g.


Kemmer F - "Das Letzte Aufgebot des Kaisers von Österreich", published by the Philatelie-Club Montfort in 2006. Deals with WW1 in Vorarlberg. Softback in German, 141pp with documents and pictures. As new condition. Weight 420g.


Petriuk & Schulze - "Die Post im besetzen Polen 1914-18 plus Czernik - "Die Post in Lodz während des Ersten Weltkriegs", the two bound into one volume published in 2000. Softback in German, 245pp with pictures, maps, etc. Fine condition. Weight 670g.


Schenk G - "Przemysl 1914-15 Flieger u Ballonpost", published 2003 by Pollischansky. Softback, in German, 160pp, many pictures. Vgc. Weight 570g.


Schmiedt E - Kuk Truppen in der Türkei", published in 2004 by Philatelie-Club Montfort. Softback, in German, 140pp with many pictures. As new. Weight 420g.


Köhler G - "Die Kriegsgefangenen, Internierten und Militärlager in Ö-U 1914-19….". Published by the ARGE F-Z in 1991. Heavily-illustrated softback in German, 150pp. Plus the First Supplement, publ 1994, 111pp. As new. Combined weight 725g. (2 books)


Sahlender H - "Die Feldpost der Militärseelsorge der Ö-U Armee im 1 Weltkrieg", published in 2000 by the ARGE Militär & Philatelie. Deals with pastoral work at the front. Softback, in German, 60pp, well-illustrated. As new. Weight 220g.


Tertschek J - "Katalog der Feldsanitätanstalten 1914-18", published by the author in 2002. Catalogue in German, but compries easy-to-understand tables. Shows the disposition of the military hospitals, etc. Indispensible study of this subject. Softback, 93pp. As new. Weight 325g.


Tertschek J - "Das Sanitätswesen der ö-u Land- und Seestreitkräfte", published by the author in 2006. Indispensible handbook of the markings of the WW1 medical units, military, Red Cross and Knights of Malta hospitals. Softback in German, 172pp. As new. Weight 420g.


Thielk H - "Zivilpost-Zensur in Österrreich-Ungarn, 1914-18", with five supplements, published 1989, etc. Softback 369 page catalogue, in German, but mainly an easy-to-understand listing. An essential work. As new. Combined weight 680g.


Wolter K K - "Die Postzensur", Volume 1, published by the author in 1965. Deals with censorship markings of the world. In German with English and French introduction. Mainly easy-to-understand tables and illustrations. Softback, 147pp. As new. Weight 785g.


Speeckaert A - "Russische Postcensuur 1914-18", published in 1986. In Dutch, but comprises listings and illustrations, so easily understood. Softback, 133pp with maps, listings, etc. Plus the 1997 Supplement, softback, 55pp, in English.As new. Weight (2 books) 805g.

116 Five Festschrifts and Year-books published by Austrian Feldpost Working Groups to commemorate various anniversaries. Specialist articles on WW1 Feldpost from all the big names, including Nagel, Thielk, Matthijssen, Rainer, Tertschek, Gatterer, Mattausch usw. A treasure trove of detailed information for the German reader. Total 600pp, weight 2000g. Vgc and a bargain at reserve (5 books)12W

"25 Jahre Österreichische ARGE Feld- und Zensurpost 1914-18" An important festschrift, published by the ARGE in 2008. Beautifully produced in colour, and containing specialist articles by all the big names of WW1 philately. A must-have for the WW1 Feldpost specialist. Softback, in German, 192pp. As new condition. Weight 900g.


Müller E - "Handbuch der Entwertungen von Österreich und Lombardei-Venetien" on the 1850 to 1863-64 issues. Published 1961 by H Geitner. Hardback in German and English, 250pp including full listing. The standard work on postmarks of the classic period. Vgc. Weight 1130g.


Müller E - "Die Postmarken von Österreich, 1850-1918", official reprint 1981 (first published 1927). Includes Liechtenstein & Levant. Hardback catalogue, in German, 427pp. A classic work in fine condition. Weight 1000g.


Müller E - "Die Poststempel auf der Freimarkenausgabe 1867" - Hungarian volume only. official reprint 1981 (first published 1930). Softback catalogue, in German, 130pp. Vgc. Weight 280g.


Schneiderbauer F - "Ganzsachen Österreich", 1988 supplement to the seminal work on postal stationery. Softback catalogue in German, 152pp. Nearly new. Weight 275g.


Marxer A - "Handbuch der Liechtenstein-Philatelie", published by Liechtensteinsammler in 1981. Detailed catalogue, all periods. Softback, in German, 294pp. Vgc. Weight 390g.


Blümel G - "Der Poststempel Liechtensteins", published by Liechtensteinsammler in 1964. Liechtenstein postmarks, including Austrian period. Legible photocopy in German, 43pp. Weight 130g.


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