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Dear Members,

I’m pleased to present the catalogue for the Society’s 120th Auction. Seventeen of our Members have offered material this time, and half the lots have reserve-prices of £5 or less. I hope that there is something for everyone, but would particularly draw your attention to:

Collectors of the perennially-popular subjects of railway TPOs, WW1 feldpost and 1920s inflation will, as always, find much to examine.

Good luck with your bidding.



envenvelopeppcpicture postcardELentire letter (with contents)
pcpostcardfpcfield-post cardpsepostal-stationery envelope
gdgood(v)gu(very) good usedfpsefield-post stationery envelope
vgvery good(v)fu(very) fine usedTPOtravelling post-office
colcolourb&wblack and whitevgcvery good condition
arrarrivalmmmounted mintlmmlightly-mounted mint
ptspointsppoints, perforatedummunmounted mint (postfrisch)
pmkpostmarkcdscircular date-stamp Catalogues used
canccancelleddrsdouble-ring cdsMüller-postmarks
vverycondconditionKlKlein - postmarks
circcirculars/lstraight-lineRaiRainer - Feldpost-marks, 1995
wmkwatermarkm/smanuscriptANKNetto, Austria
aveaverageo/poverprint(ed)Kühnel - Ablagen
stbsaid to beh/shandstampFerchFerchenbauer Handbook, 2008
rlwyrailwayFDCfirst-day coverStStohl - postmarks
stnstationadhadhesive(s)SchSchneiderbauer - postal stationery
catcataloguePOWprisoner of warVotVotocek - Czech postmarks
defindefinitiveh/phand-paperSGStanley Gibbons
POpost officem/pmachine paperKohlAustrian airmail
reg’dregisteredrpcreal-photo cardWurthSpecial Post Offices
reg’nregistrationpscpostal-stationery cardRoséRosé - Vorarlberg Postmarks

Webmaster's remarks: Images are not normally provided for mint items and cheap, bulk lots. Clicking a 'W' in the right-hand column will open the image in a separate window; however the W-links are automatically added en mass so you may find some are broken. The size of this image window is controlled by the settings on your computer, not by this web site. The pictures have been provided by a 'quick and easy' scanning process which does not give completely accurate colour reproduction, and also usually produces a heavy black shadow at the top of each image. Do not rely on the pictures to judge shades. In particular, the buff colour of monarchy-period postcards tends to come out much whiter than the actual colour, while all-white items are often deliberately darkened to distinguish them from the background; and sometimes the stamps appear to glow luridly! The images have not been retouched (ie, all the markings added over the years by dealers and vendors have been left); many have been rotated to be parallel to the top of your screen. Also, all the images have been scaled to be the same width; if you need to know precise dimensions ask the Auctioneer. To ensure you are looking at the latest version of this page, use your browser's "Refresh" feature.

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Pre-stamp mail - special South Tirol collection (continued from Auction 119)  
11746Folded-cover and complete contents from Trento to Bolzano. From the Taxis Post period. Vgc.20W
21798Folded letter to Verona sent during Austria's 'postmarkless period' with manuscript Roveredo on the front. Good condition.12W
31808Folded letter from Lavis to Sacco sent during Austria's 'postmarkless period' with manuscript Lavis on the front. Marked 19 kr (rheinisch) for addressee to pay. Vgc.20W
41809Folded letter from the bishop of Trento's office to the deanery in Arco postmarked gothic 22 Nov and DA TRENTO (Mü. 1573m; 120p). Good condition.36W
51811Folded letter with 2.6 soldi fiscal imprint from Cles to Trento, postmarked vg CLES (Mü. 233a, small type; 30p). Marked 25 (centesemi) to pay. Vgc.16W
61812Folded official letter from Trento to Reggio on Regno d'Italia letter-heading. Pre-paid 8 (dicesimi), marked on back, and handstamped P.P. on the front. Good condition.12W
71813Folded cover (no contents) to Mantova with fine cachet Prefetto / DELL' ALTO / ADIGE / 59. Manuscript Porto cent 30. Good condition.10W
81813Folded letter (incomplete) to Lyons cancelled vg red, boxed ROVEREDO / DIP.TO ALTO ADIGE (Mü. 1270c; 120p) + red transit cancel MILANO / L.T.18W
9c.1814Folded personal letter from Trento 'per express' to Vicenza cancelled TRENTO (Mü. 1573c). Marked 25 (centesimi) to pay. Vgc.12W
101818/25Botzen/Bolzano. Two mailing receipts (different types) for money letters to Verona and Innsbruck plus a return-receipt for a registered letter to Vienna. Vgc. (3)24W
111822Folded letter from Bruneck to Innichen cancelled fineBRUNEGGEN (Mü. 179b) and marked 2 to pay. Good condition.8W
121827, 421827 cover to Bolzano cancelledBORGO (Mü. 154a) plus 1842 folded letter to Trento cancelled Borgo / 23 MAR.(Mü; 154b). Vgc. (2)10W
13c.1830Cover (no contents) from Mezzo Lombardo to Bolzano with vg district-court cachet, cancelled vg brown, fancy-framed MEZ. LOMBARDO (Mü. 878a; 120p). Vgc.18W
141831Folded letter to Rovereto cancelled fine R.4. BRIXEN / 18 DEC. 1831 (Mü. 172c; 30p), Napoleonic postmark still in use. Marked 6 to pay. Vgc.10W
151832Folded official letter from Bolzano to Innsbruck cancelled BOTZEN (Mü. 160c) + (on reverse) scarce Innsbruck control-mark CONTR. (Mü. 1870a; +100p) and gothic arrival datestamp. Marked 12 to pay. Vgc.18W
161838Folded law-court letter to Vezzano cancelled fine strike of boxedLAVIS (Mü. 752a ; 50p). Good condition.10W
171840Folded commercial letter from Lano to Trento cancelled vgMale / 5 MAI (Mü. 835c; 20p). Marked 4 to pay. Vgc.6W
181842Folded letter from Castel Ivano to Klausen posted at Strigno and cancelled vg greenSTRIGNO / 21 SEP (Mü. 1453a; 70p) and marked 6 to pay. Vgc.16W
191849Folded commercial letter to Trento cancelled vg redROVERETO / 27 FEB (Mü. 1270g; 20p) + red FRANCO + vg Trient arrival backstamp. Prepaid 3 kr. Vgc.8W
Pre-stamp mail - Fiume  
201765Folded letter dated Fiume, 22 March 1765 to Oedenburg (Hungary). Half-paid letter marked 4 kr on the front for addressee to pay. Datestamp 29 Ma(rz) on flap. Cover illustrated in Ore's 2010 Fiume monograph for YSG. Vgc.20W
211803Folded, printed circular from Fiume concerning a firm's liquidation sent to Naples during Austria's 'postmarkless period'. Marked Fiume in manuscript, and 12 kr paid to the border. Illustrated in Ore's 2010 Fiume monograph. Vgc.12W
221812Two official letters from the Napoleonic period mailed withinFiume post-free.5W
231822-38Three folded letters from Fiume (one from Castua) cancelled FIUME (Mü. 360d) in each of black, red and green inks. Good condition.18W
241822-48Group of seven Fiume pre-stamp folded letters with undated postmark in black, red, green, and dated postmark in black and red. Good condition. (7)28W
251843Folded letter from Volosca to Bellaj cancelled good, red FIUME / 27 MAR (Mü. 360g). Official mail exempt from charges. Vgc.12W
261845Folded letter from Bakar (Buccari) to Zagreb cancelled vg FIUME / 23 DEC (Mü. 360g) and FRANCO. Fully-pre-paid 6 kr. Agram cds on reverse. Good condition.8W
271848Mailing receipt for a money-letter to Trieste cancelled vg FIUME (Mü. 360d). Illustrated in Ore's 2010 Fiume monograph. Vgc.5W
Classic Fiume  
281854-57First-issue 3, 6, 9kr, all with good margins and all with vg FIUME cds postmarks. Nice group.10W
291858Second-issue 5kr type I on small piece cancelled fine FIUME / 13.11.1858 (Mü. 690b). The 1858 cancel only possible on second issue for 2 months. Vgc.10W
30 50kr reddish-brown adhesive with vg FIUME / 2.4 / Vorm. Cds. Tiny tear at top.12W
311858Folded invoice dated Fiume, 13 July 1858 to Cesena in Papal States franked first-issue 3kr+6kr (vg margins) cancelled 2 x FIUME / 14.7.1858 cds. Illustrated in Ore's 2010 Fiume monograph. Vgc.28W
321859Cover (no contents) to Graz with second-issue 15kr type 1 neatly cancelled FIUME cds. Vgc.12W
331859Folded letter to Görz with second-issue 5kr type 1 neatly cancelled FIUME cds. GÖRZ arrival cds. Illustrated in Ore's 2010 Fiume monograph. Good condition.12W
34c.1865Money-letter for 95.45 Gulden to Wien, hand-stamped LAUT ANGABE, and cancelled FIUME cds. Fine unbroken wax-seal of K.K. FIUME POSTAMT on reverse. Vgc.20W
351868Ship-mail. Folded letter from Fiume to Sabioncello (Orebich) marked Col vapore. 5kr adhesive cancelled vg FIUME cds, with good ZARA and OREBICH pmks on reverse. Illustrated in Ore's 2010 Fiume monograph. Vgc.12W
East Galicia (Western Ukraine) - Classic period  
361852Folded letter to Swierza, post Tarnow, 9kr hand-paper (full margins) cancelled LEMBERG ornamented cds . TARNOW arrival cds. Good condition.8W
371853Folded letter sent unfranked as official mail and postmarked fine strike of scarce MONASTERZYSKA + 20/4 (Mü. 1742a). BUCZACZ / 22 APR postmark on reverse. Vgc.4W
381853Registered letter to Tarnow stamped RECOM and franked joined pair 9kr hand-paper (big margins) cancelled LEMBERG cds . TARNOW arrival cds. Good condition.10W
391856Registered folded letter sent unfranked as official mail and postmarked fine strike of scarce RECOMANDIRT / TARNOPOL / 27 FEBB. On reverse, LEMBERG / 29.7 cds. Vgc.10W
401859Folded letter sent unfranked as foreign mail to Cologne and postmarked BRODY cds. Marked 4 to pay.COELN arrival cds. Vgc.3W
411859Folded letter sent unfranked as official mail and postmarked fine strike of HALICZ ornamented cds (Mü. 949b). STANISLAU transit andLEMBERG arrival cds on reverse. Vgc.5 
421860Folded letter bearing 2nd issue, type II 5kr, 10kr adhesives cancelled LEMBERG / 24.10 cds. Posted after the collection and hand-stamped NACH SCHLUSS / DER POST. Addressed to Hultschin via Ratibor. Prussian transit handstamps on reverse. Vgc.10W
431860Cover to Zella St Blasii (arrival cds) franked second issue type II 5kr+10kr and cancelled vg TARNOPOL cds. GOTHA transit cds. Vgc.6W
441860s10kr pse (ANK 19: €100) cancelled LEMBERG cds to Grzymalow; arrival cds on back. Good condition.8W
45c.1860Registered envelope (repaired tear at bottom) franked 15kr type II on front for postage, and 2 x 5kr type II on reverse for registration fee. Cancelled LEMBERG / 7.2 cds plus RECOM. Marked 2 to pay for local Vienna delivery-charge.6W
461862Part wrapper and part price-list (for Dutch flower-bulbs) tied by third-issue 2kr for printed-matter rate. Cancelled vg LEMBERG cds to Dubiecko. Unusual.10W
471863Cover to Wien franked third-issue 15kr cancelled LEMBERG cds. Good arrival pmk. Vgc.3W
48c.1865Cover bearing 5th issue 5, 10kr adhesives cancelled LEMBERG / 8.1 / 3.N cds. Addressed to Hultschin via Ratibor. Prussian transit hanstamps on reverse. Good condition.4W
491852-60Five letters to Lemberg sent unfranked as official mail, selected for their fine postmarks: HORODENKA, boxed STRYJ, GWODZIEC, SAMBOR / in Galizien, ZALESZCZYK. Various LEMBERG arrival postmarks. Good lot in vgc. (5)18W
Classic period - Tirol postmarks - mainly thimbles  
5018782kr psc to Mezzolombardo with vg BRIXEN thimble cds. Vgc.6W
5118832kr psc to Cles with vg BRUNECK cds. Vgc.6W
5218762kr psc to Mezzolombardo with fine HALL / TIROL thimble cds. Vgc.6W
5318772kr psc to Mezzolombardo with vg JENBACH cds. Vgc.8W
5418782kr psc to Mezzolombardo with fine KIRCHBICHL thimble cds. Vgc.22W
5518792kr psc to Mezzolombardo with vg KOSSEN / TIROL cds. Vgc.30W
5618762kr psc to '½ Lombardo' with vg JENBACH cds. Vgc.9W
5718752kr psc to '½ Lombardo' with fine LIENZ thimble cds. Vgc.14W
5818762kr psc with vg MALE cds. Vgc.6W
5918812kr psc to Mezzolombardo with vg NIEDERDORF cds. Vgc.16W
6018792kr psc to Salzburg with vg RATTENBERG thimble cds. Vgc.10W
6118832kr psc to Mezzolombardo with good SILZ thimble cds. Vgc.14W
6218832kr psc to Mezzolombardo with vg VULPMES cds. Vgc.10W
6318782kr psc to Mezzolombardo, good K.K. BAHNHOF POSTEXPEDITION / INNSBRUCK cds Vgc20W
  Classic period - other provinces  
641854A vg four-margin 9kr cancelled good RAGUSA / 29 GIU. and by Lloyd steamer to Trieste (Aug 4 receiver). A classic maritime cover from the Covacevich correspondence. Vgc.20W
651855Adriatic ship-mail. Folded lettter dated Dubrovnik, 26 November 1855 franked 9kr (4 vg margins) cancelled RAGUSA / 26 NOV to Trieste and marked col vapore. Part of the Covacevich correspondence. Very good condition.30W
661856Folded-letter from Trieste to Marseilles. Paid 8kr to border. TRIEST / Abends cds, Brianҫon French entry cds + VIA DEGLI STATI SARDI handstamp + MARSEILLE arrival cds. Vgc.10 
671873Trieste. Folded printed notice sent locally within Trieste at printed-matter rate. Franked 2kr cancelled ovalTRIEST pmk. Vgc.4 
681859Coastal Province. Folded letter franked 1859 10kr cancelled vg LUSSIN PO cds (Mü. 1570a) with TRIEST arrival cds. Vgc.6 
69c.18751875 2kr imprint on newspaper-wrapper (ANK 2; €35) to Stettin.4 
701853Hungary (Slovakia). Folded letter franked 9kr (hand-paper, good margins) cancelled vg SZOMOLNOK cds (Mü. 2852a). PESTH transit, HERMANNSTADT arrival pmks.Fine cover.8W
71c.1858Hungary (Slovakia). Type I 10kr on small envelope (ANK min €160) cancelled HORKA cds (Mü. 1937b; 60p). KASCHAU transit and MISKOLCZ arrival backstamps.vgc.20W
72c.1859Hungary (Slovakia). Folded letter franked 1859 15kr cancelled gd KASCHAU cds. PRESSBURG arrival postmark on back. Addressed to a Countess in the aristocratic Pálffy family. Vgc.5W
731860Hungary (Slovakia). Folded letter franked 1859 10kr cancelled vg s/l A. KUBIN with NEUSOHL, LOSSONCZ and VAMOSFALVA transit pmks on back Vgc. Fine Slovakian fore-runner.12W
741860Hungary (Slovakia). Cover bearing fiine wax seal of a printer in Kaschau to Also Verecze. Franked 1859 10kr cancelled very good KASCHAU cds. Vgc.5W
751862Hungary (Slovakia). Cover franked 1860/61 5kr cancelled fine ILLAVA cds (Mü. 1070b; 20p). Fine BICSE cds on reverse. Vgc6W
761866Hungary (Slovakia). Cover to Zolyombor franked 5kr perf 9.5 cancelled good NAGY-SZALATNA cds (Mü.1824a; 60p). On reverse ALTSOHL transit cds. Filing-crease through stamp.5W
77c.1867Hungary (Slovakia). 5kr 1867 FJ stamp on registered cover to Verebely cancelled ERSEKUJVAR.(Mü. 40p). Two more 5kr adhesives on back (severed on opening) to pay the registration fee. AJANLOTT handstamp. Good condition.6W
781861Bohemia. Folded letter to Germany franked vg pair 1860 5kr cancelled 2 x perfect EGER drs. A lovely franking.10W
791872Bohemia. 2kr 1867-issue coarse-print on printed notice from Prague to Chrudim sent as printed matter. Cancelled vg PRAG ALTSTADT cds. Vgc.5W
801873Bohemia. 2kr psc with vg KAROLINENTHAL thimble cds. Vgc.6W
811874Bohemia. 5kr pse + 10kr adhesive registered to Semil cancelled vg FRIEDLAND / BÖHMEN cds + hand-stamped Recommandirt.5W
82c.1876Bohemia. 2kr brown psc with fine ST. GEORGENTHAL cds. Vgc.6W
831879Bohemia. Envelope sent locally within Prague franked 2kr fine-print. Vgc.6W
841880Bohemia. 2kr brown psc to Dresden cancelled vg LOBOSITZ thimble cds. Vgc.3W
851882Bohemia. 2kr psc with vg MEISTERSDORF thimble cds. Vgc.12W
861883Bohemia. 2kr brown psc to Zittau cancelled vg TRHOW-KAMENITZ thimble cds. Vgc.4W
871865Moravia. 2kr perf 9.5 printed-matter rate on cover (ANK €65) cancelled BRÜNN / STADT cds to Neusohl (arival cds). Vgc.12W
881873Moravia. 2kr yellow psc to Geiersberg canc vg KUNOWITZ b. HRADISCH thimble cds. Vgc.5W
891862Silesia. Statement of account from a metal-working firm in Troppau franked 1860/61 issue 5 + 10kr cancelled vg straight-line TROPPAU / 11 MAI. Vgc.8W
901880Silesia. 5kr pse (FJ imprint) with fine, straight-line WURBENTHAL postmark with NIEDER-HILLERSDORF transit and OLBERSDORF arrival cds . Good Silesian item. Vgc.5W
911834Folded letter to Venice cancelled good MOTA (Voll. 2). Marked 4 to pay. Vgc.4W
921843Folded letter cancelled vg dated PIADENA (Voll. 3). Vgc.3W
931832Folded letter to Sienna canc fine, boxed SA. MA. / MADALENA (Voll. 1). Marked 14 to pay.5W
941849Folded letter to Poschiano via Milan and Tirano cancelled very good S. M. Maddalena / 30 SET. (Voll. 2). Very good blue TIRANO arrival postmark. Marked 14 to pay. Vgc.4W
951814Folded letter to Valvasone cancelled fine TREVISO (Voll. 5). Vgc.3W
961810Folded letter to Verona cancelled vg Venezia (Voll. 21). Good condition.3W
971815Folded letter to Vicenza canelled vg VERONA (Voll. 22). Marked 3 to pay. Vgc.4W
981821Folded letter to Padova cancelled good VICENZA (Voll. 20). Vgc.3W
99March 1850Cover from Venice to London with faint, blue, dated VENEZIA dispatch mark and French entry cds Basle. Rated 1s5d to pay in England. Vgc.8W
1001838Folded letter from Modena to Paris with red oval Autriche / P. Huningue French entry-mark. Marked 20 (grams) and 6 (décimes to pay). Vgc.8W
10112.6.54First-issue 15c red hand-paper (ANK minimum €50; 4 good margins) on folded letter cancelled fine CASALMAGGIORE cds to Canneto. Vgc.6W
1021850sFirst-issue 15c red (four good margins) on cover (no contents) cancelled fine LODI ornamented drs to Milan with arrival cds. Vgc.4W
1032.9.54First-issue 15c red (four good margins) on folded letter from Lorenzaga cancelled good straight-line dated Motta to San Daniello with arrival cds. Vgc.4W
1041853First-issue 15c red hand paper (ANK min €50; four good margins) on folded letter to Casumaro cancelled fine VERONA ornamented drs. Good condition.5W
1051858First-issue 15c red (4 good margins) on folded letter canc gd s/l ROVIGO to Padova. Vgc.3W
1061850sFirst-issue 15c red (four good margins) on cover (no contents) cancelled vg straight-line dated Tiene to Vicenza with arrival cds. Vgc.3W
1071853First-issue 15c red hand-paper (ANK minimum €50; four good margins) on folded letter cancelled vg CREMONA cds to Brescia with arrival cds. Vgc.5W
1081850sFirst-issue 15c red (four good margins) on folded letter cancelled fine ESTE cds to Padova with arrival postmark. Contents damaged, but looks good from outside.4W
1091857First-issue 15c red (four good margins) on a merchant's folded, printed letter-heading cancelled good, straight-line, dated Lecco.3W
1101850sFirst-issue 30c brown (four good margins) on folded letter cancelled good MANTOVA cds toTrento with arrival postmark. Vgc.5W
1111855First-issue 30c brown (4 gd margins) on small envelope cancelled vg boxed dated PAVIA.4W
1121856First-issue 30c brown (4 gd margins) on folded letter canc gd s/l TREVISO to Verona. Vgc.4W
11318734 soldi postal stationery card fine mint (ANK 1a; €30)5W
11418755 soldi postal stationery card vg mint (ANK 2; €35)5W
AUSTRIAN EMPIRE - 1883 TO 1918  
Postal stationery, 1883-1918  
1151890s2kr FJ imprint psc (short s), German, Czech, Italian, Rumanian and Polish versions, good used. ANK 73, 74, 75, 76, 80; €54. (5)5W
116 Selection of used late-nineteenth-century postal-stationery cards in vgc with selection of good postmarks, incl Raibl, Trieste and Neumarkt/Terzic. (8)5W
11718972kr+2kr FJ imprint psc (short s) reply-paid double card (Ruthenian), fine-used from Buczacz to Germany (ANK 102; €150)12W
11819002kr+2kr FJ imprint psc (short s) reply-paid double card (Italian, ANK 101; €40) with additional 1h adhesive (on both halves) to make up the 5h rate. Fu from Ala to Cavalese.6W
11919075h psc in German/Ital./Serbo-croat (ANK 194; €40) with ST PETER IN KRAIN drs pmk. Vgc6W
1201900sNew currency ps cards, vg mint, being ANK 142, 151, 155, 163, 169, 150, 167. Cat €144 (7)15 
1211890s1890 letter-cards (German, Ital., Czech) + 1898 Italian, all fu. ANK 19, 20, 21, 40; €84. (4)8W
1221900sDuÖA-V wrappers. Twelve examples from early 20th century. (12)10W
123c.1910Privately-produced, pre-addressed, gummed label with 10h Jubilee imprint for a commercial sample without value. Rarely seen. In mint condition.10W
1241882Post-office savings card. 5kr F.J. large-format, German language (ANK 1; €85)8W
1251882Post-office savings card. 5kr F.J. large-format, German/Slovenian (ANK 6; €120)12W
1261883Post-office savings card. 5kr F.J. small-format, German language (ANK 9; €70)7W
1271883Post-office savings card. 5kr Arms imprint, German language (ANK 17; €50)5W
1281883Post-office savings card. 5kr Arms imprint, German/Italian (ANK 19; €80)8W
1291889Post-office savings card. 5kr Arms imprint, German language (ANK 21; €60)6W
1301870Money-order (Postanweisung). 5kr, German language, fine unused (ANK 1; €60)6W
1311872Money-order (Postanweisung). 5kr,Slovenian language, without coupon, fine used LAIBACH to ADELSBERG cds. (ANK 7 II; €320)36W
1321875Overseas money-order. 10kr, Type II complete, German language, good used, but no cancellations (ANK 17b; €2500 + 50% for coupon)36W
1331875Money-order (Postanweisung). 5kr reprint, Polish, fine unused (ANK 21N; €100)9W
1341875Money-order (Postanweisung). 5kr reprint, Ruthenian, fine unused (ANK 22N; €100)9W
1351875Money-order (Postanweisung). 5kr reprint, Illyrian, fine unused (ANK 24N; €100)9W
1361916Postal collection-card (Postaufstragkarte). 10h 1916 imprint, German language, fine unused, grey-green card (ANK 16; €50)5W
1371930Postal collection-card (Postaufstragkarte). 15g imprint, vg used, without coupon (ANK 23; €75)5W
138 Postal collection-card (Postaufstragkarte). 1.70S Costumes imprint, fine mint (ANK 37c; €55)5W
1391883Steuerpostweisungen (Tax-payment money-order). 1883 imprint, the pink and green version, vg unused (folded). ANK €40.5W
1401890sSteuerpostweisungen (Tax-payment money-order); the 1890 imprint, the pink and green version, + the 1894 version, all vg unused (folded). ANK 2, 3, 8; €606W
1411890Steuerpostweisungen (Tax-payment money-order) - bilingual version for Prague, fine unused. ANK 5; €284W
1421897Tax in-payment postal receipt-slip (Steuer-einzahlungschein) - Croatian version, vg unused (folded) ANK 9; €30.4W
1431896Tax in-payment postal receipt-slip. (Steur-einzahlungschein). 2kr F.J. imprint on pink card, German language, fine unused (ANK 2; €20)3W
1441901Tax in-payment postal receipt-slip. (Steur-einzahlungschein). 5h imprint,Polish language, fine unused (ANK 22; €25)3W
1451901Tax in-payment postal receipt-slip. (Steur-einzahlungschein). 5h imprint, Slovenian language, fine unused (ANK 24; €35)4W
Postal history, 1883-1918  
14612.10.98'Gruss aus Pola' ppc, fine illustration of SMS Kronprinz Rudolf, fu, Pola to Prague. Vgc.10W
1471884Bohemia. 2kr (Arms) psc cancelled very good LIEBWERDA thimble cds. Vgc.4W
1481887Bohemia. 2kr brown psc with very good KREIBITZ cds. Vgc.4W
1491888Bohemia. 2kr (Arms) psc to Wels canc vg SEBENICO / COL VAPORE (Klein; 80p). Vgc.12W
1501880sBohemia. 2kr+2kr (Arms) double psc to Berlin cancelled vg HERRNSKRETSCHEN thimble cds. Vgc.4W
1511889Coastal Prov. 2kr psc, Palmanova to Farra canc vg ROMANS cds and FARRA arrival cds. Vgc10W
1521890Bohemia. 2kr (Arms) psc to the Hotel Pupp, Karlsbad canc vg FISCHERN thimble cds. Vgc.4W
1531891Bohemia. 2kr (Arms) psc to Wien canc vg KRONSTADT / IN BOHMEN thimble cds. Vgc.3W
1541898Printed money-order envelope contained 1000fl to Germany. Franked 30 + 3kr definitives cancelled very good LINZ STADT cds. Two fine wax seals of sender on reverse + PASSAU transit cds. Cat Ferch minimum €150. Vgc10W
1551890 / 1916Graz - postmarks. Stamps on small pieces with postmarks of Graz 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14 sub-offices. Vg selected strikes. A useful assembly. (55+)20W
1561900Registered commercial envelope from Wien Westbahnhof to Mannheim from an Austrian bank with an unusual paper-seal with perforated pattern. Correctly franked 35h. Very neat item.4W
1571906Moravia. Portofrei church postcard cancelled KREMSIER cds with superb circular cachet of the Kremsier deanery. Kojetein arrival postmark.4W
158c.1906ppc (St Margarethen) to Bohemia franked 5h + tied vignette of Empress Elisabeth.3W
1591908Registered inland letter from Wien franked 20h + 25h (ANK 136, 137). Vgc,15W
1601908Registered envelope to Germany from a Prague bank, with their fine wax seal and an array of Jubilee adhesives on the back making up the 35h rate. Vgc5W
1611910Postage due twice. Underfranked pc from France to Bohemia with 10h Due canc at Kral. Vinohrady. Then redirected, and second 10h Due canc at Böhm. Rothwasser. Unusual Vgc.10W
1621910Postal receipt with fee paid for by 4h Due affixed to back. Isuued in Pichl bei Wels. Vgc.4W
163c.1910Registered official letter from the mayor of Maria-Tafel to Pöggstall. Exempt from postage and therefore franked only 25h for the registration fee. Attractive.8W
1641911-17Three registered Rückschein letters (minor faults) with postage payable by recipient and recorded with Postage Due stamps. From Bohemia, Moravia and Galicia. (3)5W
1651912Sturdy brown registered envelope with the paper-seal of the Kuk POST u. TELEGRAPHENAMT, Wien 1 to Birmingham, England. Franked 40h for double-weight postage plus 25h registration fee. Vgc.8W
1661913Special postcard produced to commemorate the once-a-century date 11.12.13. Posted on that date with vg TEPLITZ-SCHÖNAU cds. Vgc.4W
1671914Bohemia. Fine collecting-agency cancel *PATEK (PERUC) / PATEK (PERUTZ)* (Kü.3624a) on ppc with 5h adhesive cancelled LAUN / LUNY cds. Vgc.5W
1681914Moravia. Registered, express long envelope (13 x 37mm), Ungarisch Brod to Brno franked 3 x 5h + 6 x 10h = 75h, the correct rate for a second-weight reg'd express inland letter. Vgc.10W
1691915Dalmatia. Colour ppc (Gulf of Cattaro) to Bohemia sent as feldpost with vg RISAN cds.6W
1701915Registered envelope from Wien to Switzerland cancelled 3+20+72h Jubilees. The 72h value is cat ANK €100 on cover. Vgc.10W
1711915Registered cover from Wien to Copenhagen franked 65h for postage and registration fee.5W
1721917Illutrated commercial envelope from a harmonica manufacturer in Graz. Used to Switzerland. Franked 25h.4W
1731918Small envelope to Nussdorf franked block of four 3+1h War Charity cancelled MARIENBAD. A single is cat €40 on cover. Vgc.10W
FIUME, 1871-1918  
17419.9.74Folded letter to Bordeaux franked 25kr pale violet litho canc ovalFIUME / 19.9.74 / P.M. plus P.D. handstamp. French entry cds, PARIS cds, PARIS-BORDEAUX TPO and BORDEAUX arrival cds. Illustrated in Ore's 2010 Fiume monograph. Good condition.40W
175C.1880-96Five different fine FIUME postmarks on Hungarian stamps; two pairs and three blocks of four. Very nice group.12W
1761890Hungarian international parcel-card from Fiume to Berlin with 3 x 30kr adhesives cancelled vg FIUME cds. Illustrated in Ore's 2010 Fiume monograph.10W
1771901Shipmail. Printed commercial cover to Budapest from Gravosa franked 4 x 5h Austrian stamps and handstamped boxed PAQUEBOT. Cancelled on arrival in Fiume with FIUME 1 bridge-drs postmarks. Illustrated in Ore's 2010 Fiume monograph. Attractive and vgc.20W
178 Disallowed mail. Ppc (Fiume harbour) to Wien invalidly franked with Austrian 5h adhesive. Cancelled in crayon with date. T handstamp and FIUME 1 pmk alongside. 10h Austrian postage-due applied on arrival, canc WIEN 50 cds. Illustrated in Ore's monograph. Vgc.15W
179WW1Four postcards from Fiume with WW1 censor-marks, unit cachets, etc. Good condition.10W
Levant - postal stationery  
18018891883 imprint 20pa on 5kr psc 'AUTRIGHE' (ANK 7A; €35) cancelled vg BEIRUTH cds (Smith 5) to Germany. Vgc.8W
18118951890 imprint 20pa on 5kr psc 'AUTRIGHE' (ANK 10a; €25). Cancelled vg CONSTANTINOPEL III / OST. POST cds (Smith 1) to Berlin (arrival pmk). Vgc.8W
18218971890 imprint 20pa on 5kr psc 'AUTRIGHE' (ANK 10a; €25). Cancelled vg SMYRNA / OST. POST drs (Smith 6) to Dresden (arrival pmk). Vgc.6W
18318911890 imprint 20pa on 5kr psc 'AUTRIGHE' (ANK 10a; €25). Cancelled good JERUSALEM / GERUSALEMME cds (Smith 4) to England. Scarce postmark. Vgc.20W
18419031900 imprint 20pa on 10h psc 'AUTRIGHE' (ANK 14a; €20). Cancelled vgSALONICH 1 / OST. POST drs (Smith 6b) to Leipzig (arrival postmark). Vgc.12W
18519091907 imprint 20pa on 10h psc (ANK 22; €40). Cancelled vg SALONICH 1 / OST. POST / b drs (Smith 7) to Rock Ferry, England. Vgc.10W
1861907French currency. 1904 imprint 10c on 10h psc (ANK 20; €60) cancelled vgSMYRNA / OST. POST drs (Smith 6) to Wien. Vgc.8W
1871909French currency. 1908 Jubilee imprint 10c psc (ANK 28; €24) cancelled perfect SALONICH 1 / OST. POST b drs (Smith 7). to Leipzig. Vgc.12W
18819081908 Jubilee imprint 20pa double psc (ANK 26) fine unused.5W
18919101908 Jub. imprint 20pa psc (ANK 28; €20) canc vg CAIFA / OST. POST / a drs (Smith 7). Vgc.8W
19019001899 imprint 10pa on 3kr green newspaper-wrapper (ANK 1; €170) cancelled goodSMYRNA / OST.POST / drs (Smith 6), but not addressed for mailing. Vgc.8W
19119001899 imprint 10pa on 3kr green newspaper-wrapper (ANK 1; €170) cancelled vgSMYRNA / OST.POST / 5.5.00 drs (Smith 6), but not addressed for mailing. Vgc.12W
Levant - postal history  
1921849Alexandria. Pre-stamp complete folded letter to Alexandria, good TRIEST / 25 APR 1849 cds. Faint ALEXANDRIEN / MAI arrival cds (Mü. 2001b) on front. Marked 18 kr to pay. Vgc.10W
19327.9.1863Bukarest. Unfranked complete folded letter to Vienna postmarked vg BUKAREST cds (Mü. 9a). Vg red WIEN arrival cds on reverse. Vgc.20W
1941894Candia. Envelope to Paris franked 1pi on reverse, cancelled vg CANDIA cds. Fine blue PARIS / ETRANGER cds.20W
1951883Chios. Folded letter (fragile) to Syra franked 1867 issue 10 soldi cancelled light-but-legibleSCIO-CESME cds (Mü. 6855a; 30p, Smith 2). Fine Syros arrival backstamp.15W
1961903Chios. Env to London franked 1pi on 25h (ANK 41) canc vg SCIO / OST. POST drs (Smith 4)15W
1971910Chios. Env to London franked 1pi Jubilee (ANK 57) canc gd SCIO / OST. POST drs (Smith 4)15W
198c.1912Constantinople. Printed commercial envelope to Budapest franked 1 piastre Jubilee adhesives cancelled weak CONSTANTINOPLE cds.3W
1991908Jaffa. Pc from the Imperial Ottoman Bank, Jaffa to Paris, re-directed to Colchester, England. Franked pair 10pa on 5h (ANK 43) canc lightJAFFA / OST. POST drs (Smith 5). Good cond.15W
2001882Jerusalem. Env to Wien franked 10sld on back, canc vgJERUSALEM / GERUSALEMME cds4W
2011914Mytilene. Envelope to Constantinople franked 1pi Jubilee cancelled good METELINO / OST. POST / b (Smith 5b). Vgc.15W
2021911Salonica. Ppc (Salonica) to Brussels franked 20pa Jubilee cancelled SALONICH 2 / OST. POST / a (Smith 3). Vgc.8W
2031860Salonica. Pre-stamp complete folded letter to Constantinople postmarked light, partial AGENZIA DEL LLOYD /Salonicco oval (Mü. 2052c; 900 pts). Poor strike of a very rare pmk30W
2041912Smyrna. Interesting printed commercial envelope to Budapest franked on reverse with 20 para and 2 x 1 piastre Jubilee adhesives cancelled SMYRNA cds.10W
2051904French currency. Ppc (Beirut view) to Jaffa franked 10c on 10h (ANK 2; €80 on cover) cancelled good BEIRUT / OST. POST drs (Smith 7). Vgc and a nice card all round.20W
2061907?French currency. Ppc (Jerusalem) to USA franked 10c on 10h (ANK 9; €210 on cover) cancelled fair JERUSALEM / OST. POST b drs (Smith 6).Vgc20W
2071907French currency. Ppc Jaffa view) to England franked 10c on 10h (ANK 9; €210 on cover) cancelled good JAFFA / OST. POST / a drs (Smith 5). Vgc and a nice card in all respects.30W
208 POs in Levant. Stockcards with Austrian POs in Levant issues bearing postmarks of Beirut (2), Janina (2), Salonica, Smyrna (2) and Rhodes (3), Jerusalem (17), Jaffa (11) etc. Cancels range from fragment to complete, but good value at reserve. (40)10W
2091832-1914Lloyd Agency cancels on Turkish Fiscals. Album page with three examples on pieces, loose stamps of Lloyd Agency cancels for Rethymo, Prevesa and Santa Quaranta on Turkish fiscals (used on documents, etc). These are rarely seen. (Also two loose Greek stamps with faint fragments of Lloyd handstamps - ignored in the reserve-price).80W
2101918Colour trials in grey of 10+10 & 40+10h values, lightly-mounted mint (ANK 144, 146). (2)5W
2111916Fine unmounted mint 1916 F.J. values 3, 5, 10, 12, 15, 20 25, 30, 40, 50, 80, 90h values (2 copies of each), 2k, 3k, 4k (3 of each, plus a single copy of 6h value (ANK 99 TO 115, cat. C. €325). Bargain. (34)12W
21218852kr psc to Zagreb cancelled fineKK MILIT POST XII / PRJEDOR cds6W
21318992kr psc to Wien cancelled vgKK MILIT POST VIII / TRAVNIK. cds4W
21418935kr letter-card (ANK 4) to Tuzla cancelled vgKK MILIT POST XVII / BRCKA cds8W
2151903Ppc from Mostar with 5h Austrian stamp franked perfect Kuk MILIT POST / MOSTAR cds. The Austrian stamp was disallowed, and 10h Postage Due applied on arrival at Pilsen. Vgc.12W
2161909Envelope from Mostar to Lord William Cecil in London, redirected to Foulden Hall, Norfolk. Franked 1h + 2 x 3h + 3 x 6h Landscapes for 25h rate. CancelledMILIT POST / MOSTAR cds. Transit postmark of BRANDON! (Suffolk).18W
2172.8.13B&H military TPO. Env (opened out for display) FROM Sarajevo to Fojnica franked 10h B&H adhesivecancelled good Kuk BAHNPOST 1 / SARAJEVO-BOS. BROD 2. Good condition.8W
21823.6.16Ppc (Budua) to Transylvania sent as Feldpost and canc MILIT. POST / BILECA cds. Vgc.4W
219191810h 'waterfall' imprint telegram receipt (German / Croat) with 1918 S.H.S. overprint in finest condition.24W
2201915B & H 5h psc overprinted Feldpost- and portofrei used as an fpc to Moravia. Cancelled fineKK MILIT POST / MOSTAR 1 cds10W
22122.1.16Envelope sent as feldpost to Wien cancelled vg MILIT POST / MOSTAR 1e plus vg straight-line and circular strikes of Kuk Radiostation Mostar. Vgc.18W
2222.5.18Censored 8h Feldpost psc uprated with 3h Feldpost definitive to Geneva cancelled fine EPA BELGRAD cds.Vgc.10W
WW1 - Numbered field-post offices  
22315.7.15FPA 66 (Rai; 70p, good) on small envelope with contents (rpc of a church, torn in half!) from the field-curate of the regiment + very fine blue cachetK.K. Landwehrinfanterieregiment Eger No.6 / Regimentstabsabteilung + similar circular cachet. (Galicia). Vgc.4W
2241914, 15FPA 67 (Rai. 70p). Two fpc to Wien with vg strikes of postmark. One has vg oval cachet KOMMANDO DER BATTERIE No.3 R 11, the other has circular REITENDE ARTILLERIE DIVISION 11. (Galicia) Vgc. (2)5W
2259.7.16Tree-bark card cancelled good FPA 107 (in action near Brody). A little worn, but no sign of woodworm.3W
2261915FPA 111. Two fpc with good strikes of postmark, with light, straight-line and circular infantery-regiment cachets. (Serbia) Vgc. (2)4W
22711.3.16FPA 163, vg on ppc (cavalry attack) + vg unit cachet. (based Poland)3W
2281.3.16FPA 174, good, on censored fpc + very good unit cachet. (Poland)3W
22929.9.15FPA 186, fine on ppc (Krakau) + very good unit cachet. (Galicial)3W
2301915FPA 206 (Rai; 150 p), perfect, on fpc to Croatia from the Army high command (sender from: 'KuK 7 Armee N.stelle) + fine KuK 7 ARMEEKOMMANDO + vgZensuriert / Kuk 7 Armee-Kommando.10W
23129.10.15FPA 207, vg, on fpc + good straight-line cachet 3 Kaiserjäger regiment. (Tirol)3W
2321.10.16FPA 212, vg on fpc + vg infantry unit cachet. (Galicia)3W
2331.12.15FPA 215, good, on ppc to Wien (Tirol)3W
23411.10.16FPA 223, good on fpc + vg railway-squadron cachet. (Tirol)3W
23518.4.16FPA 224, very good on ppc (Trento). (Tirol)3W
23616.4.17FPA 240, vg, on fpc with fine unit-cachet. (Galicia)3W
23721.10.16FPA 265, fine on fpc to South Tirol (Romania)3W
23822.3.18FPA 266, vg on ppc to Nagy-Szeben (Romania)3W
23910.5.18FPA 267, good on ppc to Bohemia (Albania)3W
24017.2.17EPA 272, (Rai.70p,vg) on ppc to Budapest. (Galicia)5W
2417.5.17FPA 277, vg on fpc to Budapest. (Tirol)3W
24225.3.18FPA 281b, good on fpc to Bohemia. (Isonzo)3W
2431918Privately-printed fpc for Lieutenant von Terfy at FPA 283, to a relative Dr Gyula Terfy (see Google), a lawyer at the Ministry of Justice in Budapest.4W
24418.2.17FPA 286b, good on ppc to Budapest. (Galicia)3W
24515.10.17FPA 291b, (Rai: 70p, fine) on fpc to Bohemia. (Isonzo)5W
24618.5.18FPA 291, vg on ppc to Hungary. (Isonzo)3W
24710.10.17FPA 293b, good on ppc (Isonzo)3W
2485.12.16FPA 294b, vg on fpc to Gmunden (Tirol)3W
24922.10.16FPA 296b, fair, on very good rpc to Bohemia. (Galicia)3W
25020.10.17FPA 298, vg, on fpc. (Transylvania)3W
2519.9.18FPA 298b, fine, on ppc to Hungary. (Tirol)3W
25215.2.17FPA 299b, (Rai; 70p, vg) on rpc to Hungary. (Romania)4W
2537.6.16FPA 319, very good, on fpc (based Albania). Vgc.7W
25417.8.18EPA 345, very good on fpc (based Albania). Vgc.7W
2555.7.17FPA 373b (Rai; 70p, good) on ppc to Temesvar. (Isonzo)4W
25621.8.18FPA 377, good on ppc to Moravia. (Ukraine)3W
25726.2.17FPA 380 (Rai.150p, very good) on fpc. (Based Galicia).8W
2581917/18FPA 380b, vg, on fpc to Caransebes. (Ukraine)4W
2597.12.17FPA 381, fine, on fpc to Styria. (Isonzo)4W
2604.4.17FPA 383a, fine, on fpc to Hungary. (Küstenland)3W
26115.3.17FPA 385 , very good (Rai; 70p) on fpc to Wien with fine handstamp Kuk FELDPOSTAMT Nr.385. (Isonzo front)5W
2622.3.17FPA 386b, vg, on vg rpc to FPA 47. (Tirol)3W
26328,7,18FPA 391, perfect strike. (Isonzo)4W
2641.2.17FPA 391b, very good, on ppc to Prague. (Isonzo)3W
26526.7.18FPA 392b, very good, on ppc to Stockerau. (Tirol)3W
2661917?FPA 393b, good on printed fpc ('I am well' in all the languages) to Wien. (Sarajevo)4W
26711.9.17FPA 395b, very good on ppc to Wien. (Tirol)4W
2684.12.16FPA 397, very good, on ppc to Hungary. (Transylvania)4W
26910.11.17FPA 399, very good, on fpc to Krainburg. (Tirol)3W
27016.11.16FPA 403, very good, on fpc. (Tirol). Very good cachet Kuk Infanterieregiment / Friedrich Grossherzog von Baden Nr.50.5W
27118.7.17FPA 405b, good on fpc with vg infantry-regiment cachet.3W
27229.11.17FPA 405, vg on fpc with fine artillery-regiment cachet. (Isonzo)3W
27323.3.18FPA 407b, good on ppc to Bohemia. (Tirol)3W
27427.1.17FPA 408, vg, on envelope with fine cachet Kuk Inft. Div. San. Anstalt No.11. (health unit, based Ukraine)4W
27529.10.17FPA 409, good, on hand-illustrated fpc. Good cachet Kuk Dragonerregiment den Prinz von Savoyen. (based Ukraine)4W
2764.1.17FPA 412a, (Rai. 200p, fine) on fpc to Budapest. (based Ukraine)15W
27722.11.16FPA 420b, (Rai.70p, good) on ppc with fine circular cachet Kuk Feldjägerbattaillon Nr.2. (Isonzo front).5W
2786.5.18FPA 422b, good, on fpc to Hungary. (Romania)3W
27923.12.17FPA 423, good on ppc to Moravia. (based Ukraine)3W
2809.8.18FPA 423b, fine, on fpc to Bohemia. (Ukraine)3W
2813.12.17FPA 426b, fine, on fpc to Bohemia. (based Romania)3W
2821.8.17FPA 426b, vg, on fpc. Vg cachet of infantry reg't from Laibach to Bohemia. (based Romania)4W
2839.12.16FPA 430, (Rai. 70p, good) on fpc to Wien. (Transylvania)3W
28413.11.16FPA 431b, very good, on fpc to Wien with vg straight-line and circular cachets of Kuk BOSN. HERZ INFANTERIE-REGIMENT Nr.1. (Galicia). Vgc.3W
28523.2.17FPA 431b, good on envelope to Pilsen. (Galicia)3W
28628.6.18FPA 432a, perfect, on fpc to Prague. (based Tirol)4W
28712.12.17FPA 434b, vg, on ppc (Grado). Fine howitzer-battery cachet. (Italian front).3W
28810.8.18FPA 435a, fine, on ppc. (based Tirol)3W
2891917FPA 451 (Rai; 250 p), light, on ppc (Constantinople) to Hungary + army unit cachet of the Howitzer battery nr 36.20W
29029.4.18FPA 486b, very good, on ppc. (Tirol)3W
2911.6.18FPA 549, perfect, on ppc sent as feldpost.(Harbour-command at Pola). Vgc.6W
29225.5.18FPA 619 (Rai. 100p, good) on fpc. (based Albania). Vgc.7W
2931918FPA 390 (Rai; 200 p), very good, tieing red charity-label on ppc to Banat. Also Hungarian telephone-unit cachet. Attractive item.15W
WW1 - Named base-offices  
2941917Poland. Feldpost 8k psc to Wien cancelled goodEPA / LUBLIN cds3W
2951918Serbia. Ppc (bridge in Belgrade) to Bohemia sent as feldpost and canc good EPA BELGRAD.8W
2961918Serbia. Fpc to Bohemia cancelled perfect Kuk ETAPPENPOSTAMT BOGATIC cds (Rai; 450p), with vg cachetKuK BEZIRKSKOMMANDO / BOGATIC. Appears to be civilian mail from occupied Serbia sent as feldpost from this scarce office.30W
2971917Serbia. Fpc to Zara (Dalmatia) cancelled vg EPA LOZNICA in SERBIEN (Rai; 400p). Vgc.20W
2981917Serbia. Ppc (Belgrade) sent as feldpost and canc vg EPA MITROVICA am KOSOVO / b. (Rai; 250p) with vg cachet Gericht des kuk Kreisskommando / MITROVICA SERBIEN. Vgc.30W
2991916Serbia. Ppc (Belgrade) sent as feldpost and cancelled light EPA SABAC / b (Rai; 200p). Vgc10W
30023.3.18Albania. Ppc to Cattaro, cancelled vg KuK ETAPPENPOSTAMT / SCUTARI (SCHKODRA) / d, (Rainer; 250 p). Fine, red unit-cachet Kuk Kommandoder Autoreserve / des XI Korps. Vgc.30W
WW1 - Medical units and wartime hospitals  
3019.8.18FPA 282b, (Rai; 70p, good) on fpc with fine field-hospital cachet Kuk Feld-Spital Nr. 815. (FPA based in Ukraine)5W
302WW1Vienna. Colour ppc showing DDSG quay in Wien III, with fine red cachet Kk Allgem. Krankenhaus / IX Lazarettgasse 14 + fine, red Militärpflege. Vgc.4W
303Jan 14Work-centre for wounded soldiers. Colour ppc (Sternberg) to Wien franked 5h with vg cachet Militärpflege / Kuk Kranken- u Verwundenstatten / Arbeitheim. Vgc.4W
30418.2.16Military medical station. 5h Jubilee psc from Strassnitz with good mauve cachet Kuk verwundeten und Krankenstation Pardubitz (Bohemia) + Militärpflege handstamp Vgc3W
30520.12.16Fpc to Budapest cancelled vg EPA 199 (Rai 150p, based Dablin, Poland) with fine straight-line cachet Kuk Festungsspital Dablin. Vgc.5W
3061917Ppc (Innsbruck) sent as Feldpost cancelled HALL in TIROL cds, with vg hospital-train cachet Kk Staatsbahnkrankenzug Nr.52. Vgc.14W
30713.9.16FPA 262, vg on fpc to FPA 51.Fine cachet Kuk Mob. Pferdspital 1/18 (horsepital).5W
3083.12.15Knights of Malta surgical unit. Envelope cancelled fair FPA 98 (based Tyrol) with fine cachet CHIRURGENGRUPPE DER SOUV. MALTESER RITTERORDENS. Addressed to Gräfin Clam-Gallas at the family seat in Friedland, Bohemia, from a relative serving as a nursing-sister. Maltese-order mail is much sought-after.10W
30927.4.17Moravia. Patriotic ppc with Moravian Marienberg cds and very good cachet Kuk Kriegsinvalidenschule in Mähr. Ostrau. Vgc.3W
31010.8.15Vienna. Fpc cancelled WIEN 117 cds, with superb cachet Kuk REKONVALESZENTENHAUS / am Koblenz, Wien XIX. Vgc.4W
3119.1.15Lower Austria. Fpc to Hungary cancelled KORNEUBURG cds with fine straight-line cachet Kuk Rekonvaleszenten-Abteilung / Korneuburg. Good condition.4W
31225.2.17Lower Austria. Official Red Cross colour ppc nr.528 (soldiers praying at graves in the Dolomites) canc good WOLFRAMS-SCHWARZENAU 612 TPO cds with very fine red cachet Kuk Rekonvaleszentenhaus / REINGERS N.- Öst. + Militärpflege + portofrei handstamps.5W
31321.5.15Upper Austria. Small envelope (with contents) to Hall in Tirol cancelled ATTNANG-PUCHHEIM cds with vg cachet Rekonvaleszenten-Abtlg. / des 4 Reg. d. T.-K.-J. / ATTNANG. (Tiroler Kaiser-Jaeger).4W
31414.9.15Hungary (Slovakia). Fpc to Wien written in Kaschau, with vg straight-linel cachet Kuk REKONVALESZENTENSPITAL / Infanteriekaserne in Kassa. Vgc.4W
31514.3.16Bohemia. Rpc cancelled MELNIK 1 cds with very fine straight-line cachet Kuk Rekonvaleszentenheim / in Melnik a/E + Militärpflege handstamp. Good condition.4W
3161915Bohemia. Fpc to Lemberg with fine handstamp Filiale des allgemeinen Krankenhauses / in Schlan (Bohemia)+ fine, blue. Italic Militärpflege handstamp. Vgc.4W
3175.9.16Moravia. Ppc to Bohemia cancelled good IVANCICE cds plus good straight-line cachet Rekonvaleszentschule / in Eibenschitz. Militärpflege. Vgc.3W
WW1 - Medical-examination of recruits (ex Brian Presland collection)  
318WW1German colour ppc Gruss von der Musterung showing the medical examination of army recruits. Fine used. Display-enhancer.6W
319WW1Colour ppc with fine cachetKk Musterungskommission Nr.6. Vgc.4W
32014.2.17Col ppc canc BOBRKA cds with good, circ cachetKk Musterungskommission Nr.5. Vgc.4W
3216.7.18Fpc canc superb FPA 512b (Tyrol) with vg cachetKk Musterungskommission Nr.7 / des Kuk Mil. Kommandos (L.G.) in Innsbruck / Nürdie / Musterung in Armeebereiche. Vgc.5W
3227.12.15Fpc canc vg FPA 224 (Tyrol) with fine, red cachetKuk Musterungskommission Nr.20. Vgc4W
32323.11.14Ppc (Zamberk) canc SENFTENBERG cds with vg cachetKk Landwehrergänzungsbezirks / Kommando Hohenmauth / Musterungskommission Nr.11 / Senftenberg. Vgc.4W
3246.9.16Fpc canc vg FPA 509 (Rai.100p, Galicia) + vg cachetKuk Musterungskommission Nr.48. Vgc8W
WW1 - Red Cross hospitals (ex Brian Presland collection)  
32518.1.17Red Cross reserve hospital, Moravia. Official Red Cross ppc no. 225 (Russian trenches by artist Konrad Prinz) with vg cachet of the Sokal branch-hospital in Brünn. To Wien. Vgc.6W
32623.4.17Red Cross reserve hospital, Styria. Pc to Wien sent free as Militärpflege with both circular and straight-line cachets of Vereinsreservspital für Kleierverletze St. Leonhard-Graz. Specialising in injuries to the face and jaw. Scarce.8W
3277.4.15?Red Cross reserve hospital, Bohemia. Pc to Wien sent free as Militärpflege with very fine straight-line cachet of VEREINSRESERVESPITAL / TEPLITZ-SCHÖNAU / (NEUBAD). Plus a red-cross charity-label. Attractive and vgc.8W
32813.2.15Red Cross reserve hospital, Galicia. Fpc to Wien with vg German / Hungarian boxed cachet of the Reservespital in Tarnow.6W
32925.3.15Red Cross reserve hospital, Salzburg. Ppc to Wien sent free as militärpflege mail with vg red cachet of the Red Cross hospital at Andräschule, Salzburg. Vgc.8W
33017.6.16Red Cross reserve hospital, Tirol. Fpc to Hungary with good cachet of the Red Cross and Medical Teaching Hospital in Innsbruck. Vgc.6W
3317.3.17Red Cross reserve hospital, Bohemia. Ppc to Prague sent free as militärpflege mail with fine red cachet of the Hospital in Schlan. Vgc.8W
33222.6.15Red Cross reserve hospital, Vienna. Env sent locally with fine red cachet of the Nr.11 Austrian Red Cross Reserve Hospital + on the back, vg violet cachet of the Empress Elizabeth Red Cross Hospital, Training and Workers' home. A fine military-hospital cover in vgc.12W
33327.5.15Red Cross emergency hospital, Hungary. Ppc with civilian post-office cds of Ozd with superb cachet of the Red Cross Emergency Hospital in Janok near Ozd. Vgc.6W
3349.4.15Hungarian Red Cross reserve hospital. Colour ppc (von Hindenburg portrait) sent as Feldpost to Graz with fine cachet of the Red Cross Military Reserve Hospital in Cassa. Vgc.8W
33520.7.15Hungarian Red Cross hospital. Ppc (Zalaegerszeg street scene) to Wien with vg circular cachet of the Red Cross Military Hospital in Zalaegerszeg. Vgc.4W
33617.12.14Red Cross reserve hospital, Bohemia. Ppc (Prague) to 4th Company at FPA 66 cancelled PRAG 8 cds with superb red, Czech-language cachet of the Bohemian Red Cross Reserve Hospital in Prague 3. Vgc.6W
33710.8.17Red Cross reserve hospital, Bohemia. Ppc to Budejovice cancelled TABOR 1 cds with light red, Czech-language cachet of the Bohemian Red Cross Hospital in Tabor. Vgc.3W
33827.5.16Red Cross reserve hospital, Croatia. Fpc to Bohemia with fine strike of the Red Cross Reserve Hospital in Stubicke Toplice. Scarce and vgc.12W
33916.8.17Red Cross reserve hospital, Moravia. Pre-printed pc from the reserve hospital at Mährisch Schönberg to another at Korneuberg, concerning a patient. Card has a blunt corner.3W
34019.3.15Red Cross Society hospital, Bohemia. Ppc from Kamenitz a/d Linde with scarce cachet of the Red Cross hospital there.5W
3418.7.16Red Cross Hospital, Sofia. Fpc to Moravia with perfect example of this scarce cachet. Vgc.8W
3423.6.16Red Cross Society hospital, Bohemia. Ppc from Marienbad with fine cachet of the Red Cross Society hospital there. Vgc.5W
3434.7.16Red Cross reserve hospital, Wien. Fpc sent within Vienna with vg red cachet Vereins-Reservespital / vom Roten Kreuz Nr.9 / Wien. II. Grosse-Mahrengasse 9. Scarce. Vgc.6W
34423.10.14Red Cross reserve hospital, Moravia. Ppc from Brno with vg violet oval cachet of the Red Cross Society reserve-hospital there. Vgc.5W
WW1 - Navy and air-force  
3451916Ppc sent as feldpost to Budapest cancelled very good red KuK KRIEGSMARINE / SMS BUDAPEST cds + vg redZENSURIERT. Ship of the Monarch class for coastal defence. Deployed in August 1914 Montenegro bombardment. Ceded to UK after War.20W
3461916Ppc (Trieste Miramar) cancelled fair MFPA POLA + identifiable KuK KRIEGSMARINE / SMS HABSBURG cds. Launched 1900. Took part in the mission of protecting the German ships Goeben and Breslau and the bombardment of Ancona.15W
3471915Ppc (Savina monastry, Montenegro) to Hungary , with vg circ cachet KuK KRIEGSMARINE / SMS KAISER FRANZ JOSEF I + faint, boxed PASSIERT in red. Cruiser launched 1889.24W
3481911Ppc from Teodo (Bay of Cattaro) to Melnik (Bohemia) with Kuk KRIEGSMARINE / KAISER KARL cds, faint in parts. Vgc.9W
3491917Ppc with boxed cachet ZENSUR / SMS MARS, commissioned 1878 as SMS Tegetthoff, renamed MARS in 1912. Training ship during WW1. Awarded to Italy, scrapped 1920.20W
3501917Envelope sent as feldpost to Wien, cancelled good MFPA POLA / d + vg red S.M.S. 'Streiter'. Destroyer of the Huszar class, commissioned 1906, sunk 1918 in a collision. At the date of the cancel, the ship's mission was reconaissance along the Italian coast.24W
3511916Rpc ofSMS Szigetvar used as fpc to Krain, cancelled vg MFPA POLA a cds + good, dated KUK KRIEGSMARINE / SMS SZIGETVAR. Small cruiser of the Zenta class, commissioned 1900. Awarded to UK, scrapped in Italy 1920.24W
3521917Ppc cancelled fair SPALATO 2 cds + good oval cachet KUK KRIEGSMARINE / S.M.B. 62. High seas torpodo-boat of the Kaiman class, initially named Drache, commissioned 1909.40W
3531917Fpc (addressed to another torpedo-boat, no message), cancelled vg SIBENIK / SEBENICO cds + fine, red, circular cachet KUK KRIEGSMARINE / s.m. Tb. 67 'F'. High seas torpedo-boat of the Kaiman class, initially named Phoenix, commissioned 1909. Vgc.40W
3541917Ppc to Wien cancelled good MFPA POLA a + vg red, oval cachet KUK KRIEGSMARINE / S.M. B. 81 based in Trieste. Commissioned 1914.34W
3551918Ppc (Pola) to Fiume with light-but-legible, red cachet S.M. TORPEDOBOOT '97'. Torpedo-boat of 250 ton class, 'F' group built at Porto Re, based in Fiume. The last of the F group.30W
35625.9.18Air unit. Fpc cancelled goodFPA 374 (Venetia) with vg cachet Kuk LUFTFAHRTRUPPE / FLIEGERKOMPAGNIE (69). Vgc.18W
3571.7.17Air unit. Fpc to Bjelovar (Croatia) with fine FPA 281b cds and fine cachet Kuk Luftfahrtruppen / Fliegerkompagnie Nr.40. Vgc.16W
3581916Austrian air unit in Dalmatia. Colour ppc (locals in national dress at Dubrovnik) sent as feldpost from Igalo to Bohemia. Fine cachet Kuk LUFTFAHRTRUPPEN / FLIEGERETAPPENPARK 2. Good lot in fine condition.30W
3591917Air control unit. Ppc (Pola) to Hungary cancelled poor MFPA POLA + vg red, boxed cachet BRIEFZENSUR / der k.u.k. Seeflugleitung Pola. 30W
3601.8.18Balloon company. Fpc to Wien cancelled very good FPA 530a (Rai; 100p, Venetia) with vg strike of Kuk Luftfahrtruppe / Ballonkompagnie Nr.21. Vgc.26W
WW1 - specialist army units  
3611915Ppc to Bohemia cancelled good TABORI 163 cds + fine strike of railway-unit KuK Lokomotivfeldbahn Nr 1 / 2 Bahnerhaltungs-Kompagnie.24W
36212.4.16Fpc from FPA 63 to FPA 24 with both straight-line and circular cachets of the Kuk Personal-Sammelstation in KOWEL (Poland).3W
36315.4.17Machine-gun unit. Fpc to Wien cancelled vgFPA 297a (Galicia) with vg cachet Kuk Infanterieregiment Nr.84 / Maschinegewehr. Plus the regiment's charity-label. Vgc.4W
36420.10.14Howitzer division. Fpc written from Feldpost 61 with fine cachet Gebirgshaubitz Division Nr.1 / Batterie no.3, at that time involved in the battle for Romanja. Vgc.3W
36517.9.16Fpc cancelled PRZEMYSL 1 cds with fine , red, circular cachet of Quartermaster unit.3W
36622.9.16Fpc cancelled vg FPA 223 (Tirol) with four different cachets of the sender's regiment, all perfect strikes, including train-mounted 90cm artillery. Vgc.5W
36711.4.16Fpc canc fine FPA 87 (Bukovina) with perfect circular cachet Kuk KAVALLERIE-SCHUTZEN-DIVISION No. II / 3. Vgc.3W
36822.2.18FPA 267, very good on ppc with perfect cachet Kuk Kriegsgefangenen-Arbeiter-Kompagnie Nr.215/B (POW work-party)5W
WW1 - other  
36916.2.17Special illustrated colour ppc produced for the 6 Gebirgs Brigade of the 42nd Infantery Regiment, cancelled vg FPA 396b (Rai, 100p).8W
37019.10.14Free war-charity ppc (soldier leaving home to answer call of duty) sent as feldpost cancelled civilian P.O. PREROV 1 cds.3W
37114.9.14Pictorial pc (mountain troops in action) sent as feldpost to FPA 59, canc SOPRON cds. Vgc.3W
3721917French POW card from an Austrian POW via Pontarlier to Wien. Good condition.7W
37317.3.17Ppc franked 10h + 2 tied charity-stamps, one with picture of Freiherr von Hotzendorf.3W
37414.3.17Feldpost sorting-office. Ppc cancelled vg Kk FELDPOSTSORTIERSTELLE / GRAZ (Rai; 200p)12W
37521.3.17Folded feldpost-letter to Hungary sent by a member of the Austro-Hungarian forces serving with the German army. Very good German Feldpost cds + fine cachet of No.77 Royal Prussian Railway Operating Company + perfect Austrian cachet Kuk Kraftwagenkolonne 163 (motor-vehicle column). Scarce. Vgc.20W
3765.3.16Letter to Baden b. Wien on notepaper with photo of the 'Golden Roof' in Innsbruck. Letter and env both with perfect cachet Kuk Militarzensur / Innsbruck. Cancelled HPA 630 with very good cachet Kuk Landesverteidigungskommando in Tirol / Postunterabteilung. Sender is a major in the Kaiser-Jaeger Regiment. Vgc with interesting content.10W
3771917Upper Austria. Ppc to Trento with photo and cachet of a gasthaus on Lichtenberge. Faint GRAMMASTETTEN postmark + vg red Kuk ZENSURSTELLE INNSBRUCK. Vgc.3W
3781914fpc from Wien to Jakobeny (Bukovina) with 5h Jubilee censored in transit in Dorna Watra with vg blue cachetMILITARISCH / GEPRUFT.)7W
3791910IWANIE PUSTE-HUSIATYN / 541 cds. Very good strike of scarce Galician TPO cancelled 5h on nice ppc (Borszczow) to Ceske Budejowice. Good item.15W
3801915ppc (showing fighting against the Russians) franked 5h cancelled TPO BENNISCH-TROPPAU / 437 cds. Circular handstampGott strafe England!.5W
3811914Colour ppc (Brod) sent as feldpost to Prague with vg boxed BROD station handstamp and vg BROD - NAGY KANISZA / 61 SZ TPO cds. Nice Slavonian item.20W
3821917Briefbunden (labels for a bundle of letters to the same place). From FPA 153/IV (Rai; 100p) to Bohemia; from FPA 443 (Rai; 70p, Galicia)to Lower Austria; and from FPA 625b (Rai; 150p) to FPA 408. Good lot in typical condition for these. (3)15W
38329.11.17Briefbund labelled for Karinthia / Carniola cancelled vgEPA 343 (Rai; 70p, Volynia). Vgc.3W
384 [withdrawn]  
Railway TPOs - kreuzer values  
3851885KK POSTAMBULANCE No.4 cds (Kl.6665b; 60pts, fair) on 2kr psc (Czech), Brünn to Wien.3W
3861886FPA No.5 cds (Kl.6666e; 35pts, fine strike) on 2kr psc (Czech) to Wien.4W
3871872POSTAMBULANCE / No.8 boxed (Kl.6669d; 60pts, vg) on 2kr psc to Graz5W
3881873POSTAMBULANCE / No.9 boxed (Kl.6670d; 80pts, gd) on 2kr psc from Poltschach to Graz6W
3891879KK POSTAMBULANCE No.9 cds (Kl.6670e; 35pts, gd) on 2kr brown psc from Cilli to Wien.3W
3901890KK POSTAMBULANCE No.9 cds (Kl.6670e; 30pts, vg) on 2kr 1883 issue psc to Trieste4W
3911890KK POSTAMBULANCE No.9 cds (Kl.6670e; 30pts, vg) on 2kr 1883 issue psc from Schlögmühl to Wien.5W
3921893K.K.B.P. / INNSBRUCK-WIEN No.14 cds (Kl.6675m fair) on 2kr psc from Golling to Leipnik3W
3931875KK POSTAMBULANCE No.15 cds (Kl.6676e; 45pts, good) on 2kr yellow psc (Italian) from Rovereto to Wien.3W
3941877KK POSTAMBULANCE No.17 cds (Kl.6678c; 60pts, fair) on 2kr psc (Italian) uprated + 3kr adhesive from Botzen to Bologna3W
3951898F.P.A. / EGER-PRAG No.37, very good, cancelling 2kr definitive on German litho Gruss von der Sachsenberg. Vgc.4W
3961893F.P.A. No.43 (vg) on 2kr psc from Jungberg to Prague.18W
3971896F.P.A. No.46 (vg) on 2kr psc to Nova Paka. Vgc.20W
Railway TPOs - heller values  
3981914KRAKAU-WIEN / 5 TPO vg cds on ppc to Wien. Vgc.3W
3991905FPA No.10 / TRIEST-WIEN (Kl.6671n, vg) canc 10h adhesive on ppc (Parenzo) to Scotland3W
4001912WIEN-BREGENZ + 15 (St.669d; 40p, gd) cancelling 5h psc to Württemburg4W
4011912WIEN-PRAG + 24 (St.722d; 60p, vg) cancelling 5h psc to Prag5W
4021911PRAG-WIEN + 25 (St.448n; 30p, gd) cancelling 5h psc to Prag4W
403 MARBURG-FRANZENSFESTE + 28 (St.369f; 40p, gd) cancelling 5h adhesive to Prag.4W
4041912VILLACH-ST.VALENTIN + 30 (St.632a; good) cancelling 5h adhesive on colour ppc (Railway line in Styrian mountains) from Admont to Prag.4W
4051909VILLACH-ST.VALENTIN + 30 (St.632a; vg) cancelling 5h adhesive on ppc to Bohemia4W
4061917KOWEL-TRZEBINIA 31 TPO cancel on ppc (Warsaw) to Bohemia. Scarce.20W
4071911KOMOTAU-BODENBACH 40 (vg) cancelling German propaganda ppc to Wien. Vgc.7W
4081910ALA-KUFSTEIN 64 cancelling ppc from Mattarello to Prague. Vgc.8W
4091911PROSSNITZ-BOHM.TRUBAU + 79 (Vot. 3211.3; 40p, gd) on 5h psc from Kanitz to Prag.3W
4101913BRAUNAU-CHOTZEN + 86 (Vot. 3218.5; good) 5h psc from Trnov to Wien.3W
4111917PILSEN-DUX + 87 (Vot. 3219.7; 30p, vg) on 8h psc from Rüdig to Mariaschein.4W
4121911DEUTSCHBROD-TESCHEN + 106 (Vot. 3255.5; 30p, vg) on 5h psc to Saxony.4W
4131916EGER-PRAG + 112 (Vot.3229.4; 30p, fine) on 10h adhesive on envelope to Unhost4W
4141909PRERAU-PRAG + 119 (Vot.3236.6; 30p, vg) on 5h psc to Prag3W
4151916FRIEDBERG-WIEN + 142 (St.132c; vg) on 5h adhesive on ppc to Wien3W
4161916ST.PÖLTEN-LEOBERSDORF-WIEN + 145 (St. 513d; vg) on 5h psc to Graz3W
4171909HANNSDORF-KÖNIGGRÄTZ + 166 (Vot. 3263.2; 30p, good) on 5h psc, Rüchenau to Prag3W
4181912TRIEST-WIEN + 172 (St.601ad; 40p, vg) cancelling 5x 1h on small piece.5W
4191916BUDWEIS-LINZ + 251 (Vot. 3427.4; 60p, good) on 5h on rpc to Kamegg.4W
4201915KLAUS-GARSTEN + 269 (St. 282ap, vg) on 5h on pc to Wien4W
4211916GMUNDEN-LAMBACH + 278 (St. 153d; 40p, good) on 5h on ppc (soldiers in trenches) to Hohenems.5W
4221901EISENSTEIN-PILSEN 416 (vg) cancelling attractive Czech colour ppc. Vgc.8W
4231909KOSTELETZ-OLMUTZ 458 (vg) cancelling 5h psc to Olmütz. Vgc.6W
4241911KOSTELETZ-OLMUTZ 458 (vg) cancelling 5h psc to Sibice. Vgc.6W
4251917ST. PAKA- ML. BOLESLAV 579 bilingual TPO (vg) cancelling ppc to Bohemia. Vgc.5W

Members may be familiar with the recently-published book on Austrian special postmarks by Hans-Dieter Scholz. Herr Scholz had an unrivalled collection of material from special post-offices which he sold last year. A small part of this, covering the period 1905-1909, has been consigned to the APS Auction. It is all beautifully written-up, with additional information on the back of the pages. Several of these cards and covers feature in his book.

4261905INT. ARBEITERVERSICHERUNGS-KONGRESS / WIEN a (Wurth 300p each). Five different fine colour photographic cards showing troops on manoevres. All cancelled with the exhibition postmark and addressed to Lüttich in Belgium. A most attractive group from the Scholz collection, beautifully mounted-up. (5)40W
4271905V ALLG. ÖSTERR. KATHOLIKENTAG / IN WIEN (Wurth 300p) cancelling viewcard (Wien Hofburg) to Ritzlhof. The card has a small piece missing at top. Ex Scholtz collection and illustrated in his book.12W
4281906Hygiene Exhibition, Wien 1906. Five different postcards from the Exhibition; two show the Rotunda building, two are special cards for the Exhibition, three have special publicity vignettes. All cancelled with the generic WIEN / a / ROTUNDE special postmark (with the a counter code, Wurth; 200p each) used for exhibitions held in the Rotunda building in the Prater Park. An attractive group from the Scholz collection, beautifully written-up. (5)40W
4291906Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show on a photo-pc, published Vienna. Exhibition postmark WIEN / a / ROTUNDE (Wurth; 200p), unfranked and taxed 10h to pay. Interesting item from the Scholz collection.8W
4301906Hygiene Exhibition, Wien 1906. Five different postcards from the Exhibition; two show the Rotunda building, two are special cards for the Exhibition, one publicises a wine-bar in the Rotunda (this one illustrated in Scholz's book), one has an Exhibition publicity vignette. All cancelled with the genericWIEN / b / ROTUNDE special postmark (with the b counter-code, Wurth 200p each) used for exhibitions held in the Rotunda building in the Prater Park. An attractive group from the Scholz collection, beautifully written-up. (5)40W
4311906Allgemeine Hygienische Ausstellung, Rotunda, Prater Park,Wien 1906. Two different entrance tickets, one illustrated in Scholz's book. Vgc. (2)8W
4321906Allgemeine Hygienische Ausstellung, Rotunda, Prater Park,Wien 1906. Large publicity-label (62x136mm) promoting the Exhibition. Ex Scholz. Vgc.5W
4331907Das Kind Exhibition, Wien 1907. Charming picture postcard sent from the exhibition with the special postmark WIEN / a / ROTUNDE (with the a counter-code, Wurth; 200p). Exhibition cachet. Ex Scholz collection, and featured in his book.8W
4341907Das Kind Exhibition, Wien 1907.Two picture postcards sent from the exhibition with the special postmark WIEN / b / ROTUNDE (with the b counter-code, Wurth; 200p) used for exhibitions held in the Rotunda building in the Prater Park. Ex Scholz collection . (2)8W
4351907Das Kind Exhibition, Wien 1907. Postcard with printed invitation to attend a 'five o'clock tea' in the Das Kind Exhibition. Vgc.12W
4361907Das Kind Exhibition, Wien 1907.Three picture postcards produced for the exhibition (but not mailed from there). One pictures the Rotunda building in the Prater Park, one has an exhibition vignette, two have exhibition cachets. Ex Scholz. Vgc. (3)12W
4371907Austrian Catholic Conference, Wien, 1907. 1h and 2h adhesives on part-envelope canc VI ALLG. ÖSTERR. KATHOLIKENTAG / IN WIEN (only used for four days; Wurth 300p). Ex Scholz collection.20W
4381908Tribute Exhibition 'Our Emperor', Vienna 1908. Eight postcards, five featuring different illustrations of the Emperor and his family, all with vg strikes of the Exhibition postmark HULDIGUNGSAUSSTELLUNG / 'UNSER KAISER' / WIEN / 1908 (Wurth 15p each). An interesting group from the Scholz collection, beautifully written up. (8)24W
4391909Archduke Carl Exhibition, Wien 1909. Eight different postcards specially produced in association with the exhibition (3 mint, 5 fu). Ex Scholz, vgc. Difficult group to assemble.20W
4401908The Special red Jubilee postmark TRIEST / TRIESTE / 2 XII 1909 used in the Trieste post-office for one day only on 2.12.1908. Comprises the Koloman Moser postcards in four language variants; German, German/Slovenian, German/Illyrian/Italian and German/Italian, all fine used. From the Scholz collection. (4)20 
4411909Archduke Carl Exhibition, Wien 1909. Special 5h card and blue, octagonal postmark marking the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Aspang. Two types (printer's name differs). Mailed to England and Hungary. Vgc. (2)5W
4421909KONGRESS FÜR VERSICHERUNGSWISSENSCHAFT, Wien 1909. Special postmark (Wurth; 450p) on envelope franked 20h mailed within Vienna. Ex Scholz. Vgc.20W
Italian occupation of South Tirol / Trentino  
44327.12.15Italian propaganda card promoting the recapture of the Trieste and Trentino regions. Used from Cremona to Marseilles. Vgc.4W
4441916Italian post in South Tirol. Italian 10c psc to Rome canc fine POSTA MILITAIRE / 14 / 17.11.18. Censor handstamp and faint unit-cachet. Sender gives his location as Dai Paesi Redenti (from regained territory). Good condition.16W
44526.10.16Italian post in South Tirol. Ppc (Ala) to Padova franked pair Italian 5c cancelled fine ALA / POSTE ITALIANE / 26.10.16. Vgc.8W
44624.4.17Italian post in South Tirol. Censored envelope to Basle franked Italian 25c cancelled fine CORTINA D'AMPEZZO / POSTE ITALIANE / 24.4.17. Arrival postmark on back. Good condition.8W
44728.8.17Italian post in South Tirol. Ppc (some creasing) to Monteforte Irpino with Italian 10c cancelled fine CORTINA D'AMPEZZO / POSTE ITALIANE / 28.8.17. Arrival postmark on back. Good condition.6W
44811.12.18Hilfspost Meran 2h local issue, first printing, on small piece cancelled GLURNS drs8W
449Dec.'18Issues for Trentino. Pc to Paris bearing 2 x 10c, 5c and 20c Italian stamps o/p Venezia / Tridentina andheller currency cancelled Austrian TRENTO pmk with TRIENT excised. Vgc.12W
4502.12.18Issues for Trentino. Ppc (Trento) to Marina di Pisa bearing 10c Austrian stamp o/p Regno d'Italia / Trentino / 3 Nov 1918 cancelled weak TRENTO drs. Good condition.10W
4513.12.18Issues for Trentino. Envelope from Kardaun sent unfranked to Bolzano. 40h Austrian stamp overprinted TAXE / 40 applied as provisional postage-due and cancelled good BOZEN 2 drs. Minor damage to envelope.24W
4521919Issues for Trentino. Env to Switzerland bearing 2 x 10c, 5c Italian stamps o/p Venezia / Tridentina andheller currency, canc weak Austrian TRENTO pmk with TRIENT excised. Vgc.8W
45323.4.19Issues for Trentino. Envelope to Sesto Calente bearing 2 x 10c Italian stamps overprinted Venezia / Tridentina / 10 heller cancelled ARCO drs. Good condition.6W
454Aug'19Issues for Trentino. Censored envelope to Amsterdam bearing 5c, 20c Italian stamps o/p 5 / centesimi / di corona and Venezia / Tridentina / 20 heller canc MERAN drs. Good cond'n.12W
4553.1.19Poster from the Italian Army Secretary-General for Civilian Affairs concerning the authority of the Financial Directorate in Trento, folded into an official letter mailed post-free to Primiero. TRENTO 1 pmk with German excised. Unusual and good condition.10W
45618.11.19Scarce 15c Italian psc bearing imprinted advertising-panel, canc Austrian BRIXEN 1 drs. Vgc.5W
4571919/23South Tirol. Five postcards franked Italian stamps still using Austrian postmarks, from St Ulrich in Gröden, Prettau, Meran, Niederthal im Pusterthale and Campo Carlo Magno. Good condition (5)18W
Other areas  
4581919?Small env bearing SHS 15p Chainbreaker with red overprint, used in Bosnia from USORA (with German text removed in pmk). Also cancelledFRANCO. Interesting post-imperial item.10W
4591919Philatelic-club envelope with their cachet franked with five assorted Hungarian stamps including Baranya and Koztarszag overprints plus overprinted by the Serbian occupation army (boxed VI numeral). Used locally within Pecs.20W
46017.4.20Period 3. 25h psc (ANK 238b) uprated with 25h imperf adhesive for correct inland postcard rate. Sent locally within Wien to the theatre director in Josefstadt. Vgc.3W
4613.11.20Period 3. Inland postcard. 50h psc for correct rate. Vgc.3W
46231.1.21Period 3. Foreign letter to USA franked 2k Parliament for correct rate. Roller-cancel has missed the adhesive. Last day of period. Good condition.3W
46314.7.21Period 4. Inland postcard. 50h psc uprated with 50h adhesive for correct 1k rate. Vgc3W
46419.8.22Period 4. Registered 1919/20 letter-card with obsolete imprint covered by 25k adhesive. A further 2 x 20k on reverse for correct 65k inland registered rate to Innsbruck. Vgc.5W
4651.3.21Period 4. Foreign postcard to England. Pc with 1k, 2k adhesives for correct 3k rate Vgc.3W
4661919Period 5. 10h psc uprated with 40h imprint for period 3 postcard-rate, then further uprated with 1.5k imprint to satisfy the period 5 postcard-rate of 2k. Uncommon, fine used.6W
46711.1.22Period 6. 2kr psc to Belgium, uprated 10kr (1 kr + 1 1/2 kr + 7 1/2 kr) canclled WIEN 82.5W
46830.7.23Period.10. Inland postcard canc VILLACH 2 to Wien correctly franked 200h.Vgc.3W
4698.12.22Period 10. Psc with 2 x 50kr imprints + 100kr adhesive for correct 200kr to Germany at inland rate. From Wien 65 to Hanopver.8W
47028.5.23Period 10. Foreign postcard to England correctly franked 900k. Vgc.3W
47122.8.23Period 11. Foreign letter to England. Commercial envelope franked block of four x 500k for correct rate. One adhesive damaged.3W
47210.9.23Period 11. Foreign printed-matter to England. Envelope with single-franking 400k for correct rate. Good condition.8W
4735.6.24Period 12. Inland postcard with single-franking 500k for correct rate. Vgc.3W
47418.12.23Period 12. Foreign pc to Switzerland. Ppc franked strip of 3 x 600k for correct rate. Vgc.3W
47524.11.24Period 12. 1000kr lettercard from Gmunden to Holland uprated with 2 x 1000kr adhesive for correct 3000kr foreign letter-rate.8W
47624.1.25Period 13. Registered letter from Margarethen am Moos, franked on reverse with 100k + 7 x 500kfor correct 4500k rate. Addressed to prominent stamp-dealer Rudolf Friedl. Scarce registration-label type for this era (without Nr, on thin paper). Good condition.10W
4775.5.25Period 13. Inland postcard. Pc with single-franking 700k for correct rate. Vgc.3W
4782.4.25Period 13. Inland-rate letter to Germany. Env with single-franking 1500k, correct rate. Vgc3W
47920.5.25Period 14a. Court letter-card sent locally within Wien with postage (paid by addressee) met with 800 and 1500K Dues. Good condition.5W
480 'Nachsendungsanträge' 1932-1977. Special psc to ask post-office to forward mail e.g. after a house move. Collection of 25 cards spanning the whole period of usage from ANK 1, 2, 3 (unused) to 23a, b (fine used). Mixture of used and unused; the used usually have the sender's address redacted with blue crayon. All different, and in vgc. Rarely offered and difficult to accumulate. ANK cat €1965. (25) Bargain at reserve of £6 each!150W
4811925Postage due. Ppc (Boston, USA) to Wien with two stamps on picture side apparantly not noticed in New York, and stamped 10c to pay. Charged on arrival 1 + 15g Dues, cancelled WIEN 117. Unusual.5W
48230.1.3310g psc (reply-half) (ANK 274bA; €25) uprated 2g, Innsbruck to Wien.3W
4836.12.36Official Tag der Briefmarke pc with 5+2gr Winterhilfe adhesive cancelled special postmark. Not mailed.4W
4851937Airmail cover, Wien to Prague, franked 1935 Air issue 5, 50 and 2 x 10gr for 75gr rate. Vgc.8W
486192710g Beethoven psc (ANK 281) + 8g definitive for the 18kr concessionary-rate to Czechoslovakia. Fine used from Wien to Eger in perfect condition.8W
4871936Innsbruck Olympics. Illustrated pc with FUR DEN ÖSTERREICHISCHEN OLYMPIAFOND Shield design. 3gr adhesive canc special F.I.S. ski-ing pmk. Not mailed. Good condition.3W
4881936Olympics. Official pc with imprintFis - Weltkämpfe / Innsbruck 1936. 12h Ski-ing stamp cancelled FIS-WELT-KAMPFE / INNSBRUCK, 20 Febr. 1936. Vgc.10W
4891973Europa 'posthorn' 2.50 sch imprint on psc privately-produced to promote JUVABA '73 stamp-show in Salzburg. Fine mint.3W
4901964UPU VIENNA 1 sch imprint on privately-produced psc picturing and promoting the Austrian P. O. Savings Bank. Used in vgc.3W
4911985/86OVEBRIA. Three different combined postcard/entrance tickets for the OVEBRIA 1985 & 1986 stamp exhibitions. All fine used. (3)5W
49211.6.37DDSG Centenary. The set of three stamps (ANK 639-641) on reg'd airmail letter to Innsbruck (arrival cds) mailed on board the steamer JOHANN STRAUSS with special Centenary pmk.8W
49326.6.37DDSG Centenary. Illustrated pc produced for the anniversary sent registered to Linz with the set of three stamps (ANK 639-641) mailed on board the steamer FRANZ SCHUBERT with special Centenary pmk. Attractive and vgc.12W
49426.6.37DDSG Centenary. Illustrated pc produced for the anniversary sent to Linz franked 12 sch Centenary adhesive (ANK 639) mailed on board the steamer JOHANN STRAUSS with special Centenary postmark. Attractive and in good condition.8W
49526.6.37DDSG Centenary. Reg'd, Express env to Villach (arrival cds) bearing Centenary set of three (ANK 639-641) mailed on board the steamer BUDAPEST with special Centenary pmk. Vgc.10W
4969.6.37DDSG Centenary (First day).Privately-produced DDSG Anniversary env sent registered, airmail to Innsbruck bearing the of three Centenary stamps (ANK 639-641). Posted on board steamer FRANZ SCHUBERT with special Centenary pmk and WIEN 1 / FLUGPOST cds. Vgc.12W
49725.4.38Envelope, registered fromObernberg am Inn to Ried with mixed franking 3g Austrian = 1 Rpf plus 5 8, 12, 12 Rpf Hindenburgs for correct 38 Rpf (8pf local letter + 30pf registration fee). Austrian registration label. Vgc and attractive.20W
49810.8.43Registered cover to Wien with Hitler-franking of 12 Rpf (inland letter) + 30 Rpf (reg'n fee) canc WAIDHOFEN a.d. THAYA cds. Provisional registration-label with Waidhofen a.d. Thaya rubber-stamp applied to generic German label. Label a little grubby.7W
49929.7.40Registered cover from Waidhofen (a.d. Ybbs) with 12 + 30 Rpf Hindenburg-franking. Addressed to the Lüftgaukommando XVII in Wien. Vgc.7W
50027.7.43Registered cover-front with the cachets of the Reserve-Lazarettes VIIIa, Wien 107. Wien 107 cds and Third Reich registration-label. Vgc.10W
5011945Hitler stamps overprinted Österreich. Good selection of values and o/print types. Many also with 'blob' obliterations. Most are unmounted mint, a few mounted and used. (36)10W
Second Republic - Postal history  
50211.6.46Censored envelope to England franked 2 x 25g to make up correct 50g rate. Vgc.5W
50321.2.47Censored envelope to England franked 50g, 2 x 5g for correct 60g rate.Good condition.4W
50427.2.47Censored envelope to England correctly franked pair 80g, 1s landscapes for180g airmail-rate. Vgc.4W
5053.3.47Censored envelope to England correctly franked 60g. Vgc.4W
50621.5.47Censored envelope to England correctly franked pair 70g landscapes (ANK €40 on cover) for 140g airmail-rate. Vgc.6W
50731.7.47Censored envelope to England correctly franked pair 70g landscapes (ANK €40 on cover) for 140g airmail-rate. Vgc.6W
5088.8.47Censored envelope to England correctly franked pair 70g landscapes (ANK €40 on cover) for 140g airmail-rate. Vgc.6W
50912.8.47Censored env to England from the short-lived rate-period 7a, correctly franked 60g. Vgc.6W
51024.9.47Censored envelope to England correctly franked pair 90g landscapes (ANK €32 on cover) for 180g airmail-rate. Vgc.6W
51111.10.47Censored envelope to England correctly franked pair 90g landscapes (ANK €32 on cover) for 180g airmail-rate. Vgc.6W
51211.12.47Unfranked censored airmail envelope to England marked 'Taxe percue 180' (= 100g letter-rate + 80g airmail surcharge). Uncommon. Good condition.8W
5131947Unfranked envelope to Leipzig. HandstampedTaxe Percue S 1. Vgc.3W
5141948Postage Due. Official postcard sent unfranked locally within Vienna. Handstamped 20, and 20gr Due applied.5W
51527.2.48Censored envelope to England correctly franked 1 sch purple + (on reverse) 2 x 40g orange for 180g airmail-rate. Vgc.6W
51624.6.48Censored envelope to England correctly franked pair 90g orange landscapes (ANK €50 on cover) for 180g airmail-rate. Vgc.8W
51727.6.49Censored envelope to England correctly franked 1.40 sch Costume.4W
51813.3.50Censored envelope to England correctly franked 230g airmail-rate. Vgc.4W
51913.4.50Censored envelope to England franked 2s green (ANK 913; €20 on cover) + 30g Costumes for correct 230g airmail-rate. Vgc.5W
52011.7.50Censored envelope to England franked 2s green (ANK 913; €20 on cover) + 30g Costumes for correct 230g airmail-rate. Vgc.5W
52127.7.53KLEINREIFLING-LINZ / 212 TPO postmark used to cancel adhesives and generic registration-label on commercial cover from Grossraming to Linz. Vgc.18W
5226.5.55BAD ISCHL-SALZBURG / 282 TPO postmark used to cancel adhesives and generic registration-label on commercial cover from St. Lorenz am Mondsee . Good condition.18W
5231964Registered airmail cover to USA correctly franked 6.40 Sch. Arrival backstamp. Vgc.3W
5241965Second weight-step airmail to USA correctly franked 4.80 Sch. with ANK 1210, 1211. Vgc.4W
5251960s / 1970sTen airmail envelopes from Baden b. Wien to California franked variety of adhesives (all different). Useful study-material for airmail rates.9W
5261966Registered airmail envelope to the USA correctly franked 1240g for a 20g letter.6W
5271967Registered airmail cover to USA correctly franked 8.50 Sch. Arrival backstamp. Vgc.4W
52814.3.48Special illustrated pc with 20g Ziehrer imprint commemorating the thirdVienna Fair. Special cancel, not mailed, vgc.5W
5295.5.48Registered Express cover from Zell am See to Graz franked 50g orange and 2s grey-blue landscapes. Registration and Durch Eilboten labels. Good condition.5W
5301948Ppc to Germany (US occupation zone) franked 5, 60g orange definitives cancelled fine SALZBURGER FESTSPIELE 1948 / 3.8.1948 and censored at the USA censor office MILITARY CENSORSHIP / 1630 / CIVIL MAILS. Vgc.8W
53123.3.51Address-label of The Austria Philatelist with 30g imprint of J Strauss the elder, on remboursement envelope with 2 other adhesives. Addressed to Kapitan O. Braun. He was a Donaudampschifffahrtsgesellschaftskapitän, one of the longest words in the German language! Good condition.20W
53210.8.51Waidhofen an der Ybbs (N.Oe.). Registered cover to Wien bearing 30g, 1.60g Costumes for correct second weight-step rate. Good condition.3W
5331958Aerogramme stationery 2.80 Sch for the European countries (ANK 4; €80), addressed to Romania, cancelled LEOPOLSDSDORF im MARCHFELDE. A little tired round the edges.8W
53412.9.64KLAGENFURT-SALZBURG / 500 TPO postmark used to cancel adhesive and generic registration-label on printed-matter envelope to Wien. Good condition.18W
5351968International Airmail Exhibition. Souvenir-sheet for the I.F.A. Exhibition in Vienna, with reproductions of the 1918 airmail set (in new colours). Fine condition.8 
5361969Souvenir-sheet for 100th Anniversary of Vienna State Opera with reproduction of three of the 1922 Composers set (in new colours). Fine condition.3W
5372.5.703s Buildings imprint Finance Dept Postaufstragkarte (ANK 11c; €45) from Wien seeking unpaid taxes. Vgc.10W
53826.2.76KLEINREIFLING-LINZ / 440 TPO postmark used to cancel generic registration-label on post-free official envelope from the postal directorate in 4010 Linz to their neighbours at 4020 Linz . Good condition.18W
53919829S aerogrammes; (ANK 19) fine unused.3W
54025.3.82WIEN-PAYERBACH-REICHENAU / 264 TPO postmark used to cancel generic registration-label on large post-free official envelope between two post-offices. Good condition.18W
5414.1.83DROSENDORF-WIEN / 208 TPO postmark used to cancel generic registration-label on post-free official envelope between two post-offices. Vgc.18W
5421959Linz Philatelic Exhibition, October 1959. 'Essay block' published for the Phila Lencia Exhibition. Vgc4W
5431978PhilaGraz '78. Souvenir-sheet with reproduction of the four Mercury stamps in souvenir folder. Fine condition.5W
5441980BSV Favoriten. Souvenir-sheet for the 50th Anniversary of this famous Vienna stamp club with reproduction of the 1916 triangular stamps. Fine condition.5W
5452005Austrian Philatelic Society. Cover from Telfs to Edinburgh bearing the 55c personal stamp produced by the APS to commemorate the Vienna Pneumatic Post. Vgc.3W
5462008Austrian Philatelic Society. The 65c personal stamp produced for the Society's 60th anniversary on cover from Innsbruck to Edinburgh. With the original insert. Vgc.3W
5471.5.49Balloon Post. Kinderdorf cover (ANK 2) with 30gr Landscape and 10gr Costume imprints, canc two different special WELS pmks.SALZBURG 2 arrival cds. Flight delayed cachet.3W
5483.10.54Balloon Post. Illustrated cover imprints of 2 Landscape and 2 Costume values, sent from Graz to Wien (ANK 12) with special cachets. Fine condition.5W
5491960Balloon post. Special illustrated envelope carried on board the Albis for the 24th Balloon-post flight. Fancy green flight cachet. Landing cachet for Julbach/Simbach (Bavaria). Vgc.4W
55025.5.62Nestroy. Strip of three Nestroy issue (ANK 1150) on 27th flight balloon-post envelope (with insert) with FDC postmark INNSBRUCK 1 / 25.V.62; then carried on the27th Balloon-post flight with fancy blue Kufstein flight cachet. Salzburg cds of 27.5 and landing cachet for Wasserburg (Bavaria). Vgc.4W
Second Republic - Specialist registered mail  
55112.9.47Karinthia. Registeredcover from Egg bei Hermagor to Graz franked 60g and 2 x 40g landscapes for correct rate. New-style Austrian registration-label with thick frame. Vgc.6W
55217.1.49Illustrated commercial registeredcover sent locally within Wien with mixed franking of 2 x 50g orange Landscape and 40g Costume for correct registered-letter rate. New-style registration-label with thick frame with corner-gaps. Vgc and attractive.7W
55312.7.60Vorarlberg. Registered cover-front to Wien franked 4.70s, canc MELLAU cds. Provisional registration-label with Mellau rubber-stamp applied to generic registration-label. Vgc.12W
5547.8.65Spillern (N.Oe.). Registered cover to Wien franked four Buildings stamps totalling 4s. Provisional registration-label with rubber-stamped Spillern on a generic label. Vgc.5W
5554.2.73Official post-office routing-envelope, registered from Oberndorf bei Salzburg. Unusual. Vgc5W
55629.7.76Oberweis (Upper Austria). Official envelope to Linz with provisional registration-label with rubber-stamped 4664 post-code the only identifier on a generic label. Vgc.4W
5575.7.77Mass-franking of 10 x 70g plus 1 x 4s for correct 11s registered inland rate, on commercial envelope from Weyer (O.Oe.) to Wien. Good condition.4W
55825.3.80Oberalm (Salzburg province). Official registered cover from Oberalm post-office to postal directorate in Linz. Vgc.3W
55920.3.80Oberndorf bei Salzburg. Official registered cover from Oberndorf post-office to postal directorate in Linz. Vgc.3W
56026.1.82Offenhausen (Upper Austria). Official registered cover from Offenhausen post-office to postal directorate in Linz. Vgc.3W
56124.9.82Official registered cover, sent between post-offices and thus unfranked. Scarce example of a three-line office-name on registration label: 2346 Maria Enzers- / dorf am Gebirge / Südstadt. Vgc.8W
Specialist registered mail (introduction of post-codes)  
5625.9.66Mallnitz (Karinthia).Illustrated hotel-envelope to Klagenfurt franked 4s with post-code (introduced 1.1.66) now incorporated into cds, but not yet into reg'n-label. Gd condition8W
5636.10.67Mattsee (Salzburg province). Registered window-envelope franked 6s with post-code (introduced 1.1.66) now incorporated into cds, but not yet into registration-label.4W
5645.9.66Malta (Karinthia). Envelope to Klagenfurt franked 4s with post-code (introduced 1.1.66) now incorporated into cds, but not yet into registration-label. Vgc.4W
5658.6.67Mannersdorf, Lethagebirge (N. Oe.). Envelope to Wien franked 6s with post-code (introduced 1.1.66) now incorporated into cds, but not yet into registration-label. Vgc.4W
56624.12.66Marbach, Donau (N. Oe.). Commercial cover posted Christmas Eve franked 4s with post-code (introduced 1.1.66) now incorporated into cds, but not yet into registration-label. Vgc4W
5673.11.66Margarethen am Moos (N. Oe.). Envelope to Wien franked 4s with post-code (introduced 1.1.66) now incorporated into cds, but not yet into registration-label.4W
56830.3.67Maria Anzbach (N. Oe.). Envelope to Wien franked 3 x 2s with post-code (introduced 1.1.66) now incorporated into cds, but not yet into registration-label.5W
5694.10.66Waidhofen an der Ybbs (N. Oe.). Envelope to Wien franked 4s with post-code (introduced 1.1.66) now incorporated into cds, but not yet into registration-label. Vgc.3W
57023.12.67Burgenland. Envelope from Stadt Schlaining to Wien franked 6s with post-code (introduced 1.1.66) now incorporated into cds, but not yet into registration-label. Vgc.4W
57125.11.66Stainach (Styria). Envelope to Wien franked 4s with post-code incorporated into cds. Generic registration-label has post-code included via rubber-stamped 8950 Stainach. Vgc.8W
57211.11.67Obertrum (Salzburg province). Illustrated envelope to Wien franked 6s with post-code now incorporated into cds, but not yet into registration-label. Good condition4W
57325.9.69Obernberg, Inn (O. Oe.). Envelope to Wien franked 6s with post-code (introduced 1.1.66) now incorporated into cds, but not yet into registration-label. Vgc.3W
Second Republic - Railway TPOs - special collection (continued)  
  The following registered railway-covers date from the time immediately before and after the introduction of postcodes. On that occasion, the railway mail-cancellers were renewed (single circle, new numbering system). This collection represents the final usage of the old bridge-postmarks and the old route-numbers. A very difficult group to assemble, and generally in very good condition.  
57431.12.65SALZBURG-WIEN / 83 TPO postmark used to cancel adhesives and generic registration-label on commercial cover from Salzburg to Linz. (Last day before postcodes introduced). Good condition.28W
5757.12.65SALZBURG-INNSBRUCK / 270 (down-train) TPO postmark used to cancel adhesives and generic registration-label on cover from the Salzburg 2 post-office to Zell am See . Vgc.28W
57626.2.66INNSBRUCK-SALZBURG / 270 (up-train) TPO postmark used to cancel adhesive and generic registration-label on commercial cover from Saalfelden . Vgc.28W
57727.12.65SALZBURG-KLAGENFURT / 278 (down-train) TPO postmark used to cancel adhesive and generic registration-label on commercial cover from Salzburg to Bad Hofgastein . Vgc.28W
57811.12.65KLAGENFURT-SALZBURG / 278 (up-train) TPO postmark used to cancel adhesive and generic reg'n-label on cover from a newspaper in Hallein to a printer in Salzburg . Vgc.28W
57929.12.65SALZBURG-GRAZ / 450 (down-train) TPO postmark used to cancel adhesive and generic registration-label on commercial cover from Salzburg to Graz. Vgc.28W
5805.12.65GRAZ-SALZBURG / 450 (up-train) TPO postmark used to cancel adhesive and generic registration-label on commercial cover from a sports-clothing shop in Radstadt to a textile firm in Salzburg. Good condition.28W
5811908Four vignettes in different colours to publicise the Kaiser's Jubilee Fruit Show in Leibnitz, Styria. Fine unused. (4)4W
58219309th Austrian Stamp Exhibition, Wien 1930. Exhibition postcard with 5gr imprint, designed by Ludwig Hesshaimer. Three cards in different colourways. Very attractiva and in perfect unused condition. (3)20W
5831942Envelope to Germany, franked German Postal Congress 1942 overprints (complete set; ANK 823-5) cancelled WIEN / 24.10.1942 / EUROPAISCHER POSTKONGRESS. Vgc. 10W
5841947Ppc (Wien Rathaus) to France, franked 1x6 + 2 x 15g plus 18g Grillparzer with Exhibition cancel 12 JUNI - 5 JULI LONDON AUSSTELLUNG IM MESSEPALAST / WIEN/18.6.47 / BILD EINER WELTSTADT + censor cachet.10W
58524.9.50Salzburg Festival. Very nice postcard for the event franked 1 Sch cancelled SALZBURG FESTSPIELE / 1950 special postmark. To Denmark. Vgc.8W
5861.8.55Salzburg Festival. Ppc (Salzburg) to Scotland with 1 Sch adhesive cancelled vg special Salzburg Festival postmark. Vgc.3W
58712.8.57Salzburg Festival. Special folder produced for the event containing the 1948 Flowers set (ANK 877-886), each cancelled with the special Festival postmark4W
5881925Vienna Fair. Commercial envelope to Scotland franked 60g cancelled 1925 WIENER MESSE roller-cancel. Good condition.3W
58911.9.36Vienna Fair. Ppc (Vienna) franked 4 Air stamps cancelled special Fair postmark. Also bears Hesshaimer label overprinted WIENER MESSE. Vgc.3W
5907.9.36Vienna Fair. Ppc (Vienna) to St Pölten franked 4 Air stamps cancelled special Fair postmark. Also bears Hesshaimer label overprinted WIENER MESSE, Flugpost label, and postmarks of WIEN 1 FLUGPOST, SALZBURG and ST. POLTEN. Vgc.8W
59113.3.50Vienna Fair. Registered airmail envelope to USA franked nine Costume values, cancelled two different WIENER MESSE postmarks. Vgc4W
59213.9.54Vienna Fair. Fair pc with three adhesives canc special Fair pmk. Mailed to Switzerland. Vgc3W
59311.9.57Vienna Fair. Souvenir Fair postcard with promotional label and two adhesives cancelled special Fair postmark. Not mailed. Vgc.3W
WIPA exhibitions (continued from last Auction)  
5941935WIPA. Sheetlet of nine souvenir labels in different colours of the 'Townscapes' series produced for the Exhibition. Unmounted in vgc.5W
5951935WIPA. Black print of the sheetlet of nine souvenir labels of the 'Townscapes' series produced for the Exhibition.Vgc.8W
5961935WIPA. Eight strips of five labels from the 'Townscapes' series produced for the Exhibition. Each strip featuring a different town in a different colour. Unmounted in vgc. (8)5W
5971975WIPA. Black print of block of four of the issue commemorating the 125th anniversary of the postage stamp (ANK 1522).3W
5981981Registered cover from Wien to W. Germany bearing WIPA Hofburg block (ANK 1696) tied GRAZ STRASSGANG cds.4W
59920.2.81Registered cover from Wien to E. Germany bearing WIPA Hofburg block (ANK 1696) tied fancy WIPA Exhibition pmk. Registration-label of 1150 Wien / Sonderpostamt. Vgc.4W
6002000WIPA Exhibition entry-ticket, complete and vgc.4W
6012000WIPA Exhibition souvenir-sheet (ANK block 15; €38) in promotional-mount for Lindner accessories.6W
Second-Republic Postal Agencies  
60223.8.65Karinthia. Small envelope with 3s Olympic adhesive cancelled boxed, three-line MAITRATTEN / FELDKIRCHEN, KÄRNTEN agency-postmark. Feldkirchen registration label with thick, unbroken lines. Vgc.10W
60322.10.76Registered cover to Wien with 11s single-franking for the new inland registration rate. Boxed Posthilfsstellen WAGRAM-PLUSKAUF / POST PASCHING cancel incorporating cds with post-code. (Post-office in a department-store). Pasching registration-label. Vgc.4W
60419.2.73Karinthia. Registered cover to Klagenfurt with Buildings stamps canc boxed Posthilfsstellen WAIDISCH / POST / FERLACH cancel incorporating cds with post-code. Ferlach registration label. Vgc.3W
60531.1.50Registered cover franked 1s, 60g Costumes with Oppenberg / Post Rottenmann agency-handstamp (Kü. 1035d), with Rottenmann cds and registration-label. Good condition.15W
606WW1Gloria Viktoria postcards, published Munich. Four mint cards. See website scan. (4)15W
60710.4.19Italian feldpost. Illustrated fpc to Siena cancelled POSTA MILITAIRE 70 stb from the 26th Division based in occupied Bolzano.6W
6081920Czech feldpost. Ppc cancelled fine POLNI POSTA 14. Vgc.7W
6091919Czech feldpost. Ppc cancelled good CESKOSLOVENSKO POLNI POSTA 22. Vgc.7W
6101920Czech feldpost. Ppc (Kosice) cancelled vg CESKOSLOVENSKO POLNI POSTA 44. Vgc.8W
6111919Czech feldpost. Ppc cancelled vg CESKOSLOVENSKO POLNI POSTA 46. Vgc.7W
6121919Czech feldpost. Ppc cancelled vg CESKOSLOVENSKO POLNI POSTA 88. Vgc.7W
613All periodsAustrian Postage Due Collection - mounted-mint and fine-used stamps, neatly-displayed in Prestige album with high degree of completion. Spaces left for the few missing. Comprises 1894 set mm & fu; 1899 set, perf & imperf, mm & fu; 1908 set, all three papers complete fu, a few values missing from mm sets; 1911 high vals fu; 1916 set mm & fu; 1916/17 over-prints, set of six mm & fu; 1918 Deutsch-österreich set mm & fu; 1919 / 21 red set, perf & imperf, mm & fu, blue set , both papers, mm & fu; 1922 green & purple set mm & fu; 1925 set mm & fu; 1935 set mm & fu; 1945 set mm only; 1946 set mm & fu; 1947, 1949 and 1985 sets, all fu only. Total 183 mm stamps (ANK cat c. €1275 ) and 279 fu stamps (ANK cat. c. €2325). Total €3600 catalogue value at bargain reserve to clear for late Member's estate.250W
614 Five interesting postcards depicting scenes from the 1897 Prague uprising. Unused in fine condition (2 addressed, not mailed). Useful addition to a Czech collection of the period. (5)18W
6151897Ppc (Maria Worth) franked 2kr cancelled KLAGENFURT / BAHNHOF cds.3W
6161898Franz Joseph. Attractive colour 'Gruss aus' litho ppc (published Reger & Krug) with portrait of F.J. commemorating his 50th anniversary. Fine used to Barcelona with vg NEUBERG / 18.7.98 boxed railway-station cancel.4W
6171899Litho colour ppc depicting Franz Josef in 1848 and 1898 published for his Jubilee. Franked 5kr to the Azores with arrival pmk. Small tear, away from the picture. Otherwise a good card to a scarce destination.8W
6181899Col ppc depicting painting Alt Wien, Niedlergasse im IX Bez. by E Czech, 1899. Fine used.3W
6191901Interesting Czech-language art-nouveau ppc from Tabor to Blowitz. Light corner-crease.4W
6201903Bohemia. Col litho ppc of the St. Bernhard hospiz, mailed from Sezemice to Stezery. Vgc.3W
6211908Col ppc (published Zieher) depicting the Jubilee issue of adhesives. Fine used.9W
6221908Colour ppc (publ Wix) depicting the Jubilee issue of adhesives. Fine used.5W
6231908Two colour ppc in the same series (published Scolik) depicting the Jubilee issue of postage stamps + Vienna scenes. Fine used. (2)8W
6241913German/Austrian propaganda ppc 'Shoulder to shoulder for 100 years' with illustration painted by Karl Alexander Wilke (Google him!). Used from Auspitz to Saxony. Vgc.3W
6251914Red-cross ppc with photo of F.J. and his grandson Otto. Used from Wien to Amsterdam with censor handstamp. Vgc.6W
6261916Post-free fpc with portrait of Franz Joseph, posted from FPA 23 with vg cachet of an infantry division medical-unit. Vgc.5W
6271916Late photo-portrait (the last?) of Franz Josef on Red-cross card sent from Gravosa, Dalmatia, to Budapest with unit cachet.5W
6281916Photo ppc of the Commander of the Trebinje fortress, signed by him. Good MILIT POST / TRBINJE cds, and perfect military-hospital cachet Kuk Reservespital 'Lugos'. Vgc.16W
6291916?Ppc depicting naval bombardment of Venice. Used to Temesvar. Vgc.4W
63015.12.16Interesting patriotic colour ppc with shields of Austria's allies. Franked four adhesives to make up 15h rate to Amsterdam.4W
6311900-06Mozart. Four different postcards with portraits of Mozart, 1 Austrian and 3 British. Vgc. (4)5W
632 Karl & Zita. Five postcards in vgc featuring Emperor Karl and (in two cases) also Empress Zita. 1 mint and 4 used. A good batch. (5)18W
633 Vienna. 18 picture-postcards of different Wien views and buildings, apparently from before WW1. Most are unused, and quality is generally very good. (10)30W
634 Tobitt & Taylor - 'The Pneumatic Post in Vienna', published in 2005 by the APS in three spiral-bound volumes. The definitive work, now out of print. Unsigned by the authors (and scarce thus!). In as-new condition.18W

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