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Dear Members,

Welcome to Auction 119. I find it hard to believe that I am already entering the fourth year as your Auctioneer! This time we have material from eighteen Members, with once again a major contribution from the Les Taylor estate.

There is a good variety on offer this time, including some unusual categories. I would particularly like to highlight:

The APS Auction is very often dominated by the Imperial period, and I am delighted to be able to offer this time some excellent Second Republic material for the modern collector.

Many of the lots will be illustrated on the APS website at and should be viewable around the time you receive this catalogue. After the Auction closes, unsold lots will be posted on the website and will be available from me at the reserve price for two weeks.

I hope that you will all find something of interest among these seven-hundred lots, and wish you good luck with your bidding.



envenvelopeppcpicture postcardELentire letter (with contents)
pcpostcardfpcfield-post cardpsepostal-stationery envelope
gdgood(v)gu(very) good usedfpsefield-post stationery envelope
vgvery good(v)fu(very) fine usedTPOtravelling post-office
colcolourb&wblack and whitevgcvery good condition
arrarrivalmmmounted mintlmmlightly-mounted mint
ptspointsppoints, perforatedummunmounted mint (postfrisch)
pmkpostmarkcdscircular date-stamp Catalogues used
canccancelleddrsdouble-ring cdsMüller-postmarks
vverycondconditionKlKlein - postmarks
circcirculars/lstraight-lineRaiRainer - Feldpost-marks, 1995
wmkwatermarkm/smanuscriptANKNetto, Austria
aveaverageo/poverprint(ed)Kühnel - Ablagen
stbsaid to beh/shandstampFerchFerchenbauer Handbook, 2008
rlwyrailwayFDCfirst-day coverStStohl - postmarks
stnstationadhadhesive(s)SchSchneiderbauer - postal stationery
catcataloguePOWprisoner of warVotVotocek - Czech postmarks
defindefinitiveh/phand-paperSGStanley Gibbons
POpost officem/pmachine paperKohlAustrian airmail
reg’dregisteredrpcreal-photo cardWurthSpecial Post Offices
reg’nregistrationpscpostal-stationery cardRoséRosé - Vorarlberg Postmarks


If you would like more information about any of the lots, please do not hesitate to contact me. Photocopies of lots not accessible on the internet can be supplied at 10p per sheet (plus postage).

Prices in the final column of the listing are reserves in GB pounds sterling. Lots will be purchased for you at the lowest-possible price, i.e. at the reserve or at one bidding-step above an underbidder. If equal bids are received for a lot, the first I receive will take precedence. There is no buyer’s premium.

You may bid by post or by e-mail (but not by telephone please). E-mail bids will be acknowledged; if you do not hear from me within three days, please contact me. The bidding-steps are at the top of the bidding-form. Bids not conforming to bidding-steps will be rounded up to the next step. Payment by UK buyers will normally be by sterling cheque. UK and overseas buyers may pay by VISA card or Pay-Pal, for both of which there is a service charge. Details of these charges can be seen in our journal AUSTRIA and will be sent with your invoice.

If you have material to sell, please note that we charge only 10% commission plus a lotting fee of 10 pence per lot (plus the return postage of unsold lots where applicable).

Webmaster's remarks: Images are not normally provided for mint items and cheap, bulk lots. Clicking a 'W' in the right-hand column will open the image in a separate window; however the W-links are automatically added en mass so you may find some are broken. The size of this image window is controlled by the settings on your computer, not by this web site. The pictures have been provided by a 'quick and easy' scanning process which does not give completely accurate colour reproduction, and also usually produces a heavy black shadow at the top of each image. Do not rely on the pictures to judge shades. In particular, the buff colour of monarchy-period postcards tends to come out much whiter than the actual colour, while all-white items are often deliberately darkened to distinguish them from the background; and sometimes the stamps appear to glow luridly! The images have not been retouched (ie, all the markings added over the years by dealers and vendors have been left); many have been rotated to be parallel to the top of your screen. Also, all the images have been scaled to be the same width; if you need to know precise dimensions ask the Auctioneer. To ensure you are looking at the latest version of this page, use your browser's "Refresh" feature.

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  Pre-stamp mail - special South Tirol collection   
11744Envelope with complete contents dated Trento, 29 Nov 1744 to a Knight of the Teutonic order (Governor of the Alto Adige) in Bolzano. From the Taxis Post period. Vgc. 24W
21808Official mail from Trento to Cavalese with printed letter-heading 'In the Name of His Majesty'. Postmarked gothic d 11. Nov and v. Trient (Mü. 1573da, early usage; 120p). Good condition. 24W
31810Official cover Trento to Munich postmarked fine strikes of gothic d 5. März and v. Trient (Mü. 1573da; 120p). Vgc. 28W
41812Folded letter from Trento to Bolzano cancelled good boxed, red DA TRENTO (Mü. 1573b, early usage; 150p). Marked 4 (dicesimi) to pay.Good condition. 18W
51770Folded letter from Arco to Mantova postmarked very clear dry-print of DA TRENTO (Mü. 1573A; 340p). Marked 4 (kreuzer) and 10 (soldi) to pay. Vgc. 36W
61775Folded letter, Avio to Mantova, marked manuscript da Avio on front and 4 to pay. Vgc. 24W
71814Folded official letter from Avio to Trento, postmarked vg red Ala (Mü. 9d; 60p). Double-weight letter marked 6 kr (rheinisch) to pay. Vgc. 15W
81819Complete folded letter from Bolzano to Schellenberg bei Salzburg (Bavaria) cancelled vg VON BOTZEN (Mü. 160a; 30p) and marked 14 to pay. Vgc. 16W
91784Folded letter from Bolzano to Memmingen, redirected to Kaufbeuren, postmarked vg red Von Botzen (Mü. 160A; 200p). Marked 6 kr paid to the Border and 11 (rheinisch) kr for Bavarian postage. Vgc. 40W
101786Folded letter from Caldaro to Venice postmarked vg red VON BOTZEN (Mü. 160B; 125p). Marked 6 to pay. Vgc. 24W
111772Envelope with full contents dated Samoclevo (a commune of Caldes). Posted at Cles, and marked manuscript d' Cles. Marked 3 to pay. Scarce origin. Vgc. 28W
121801Folded letter from Brixen to Innichen sent during Austria's 'postmarkless period' with manuscript v Brixen on the front. Marked 6 kr for addressee to pay. Vgc. 20W
131813Folded letter from Brixen to Bolzano with good strike of the red Bavarian-occupation postmark R.4. BRIXEN / 28 MAI 1813 (Mü. 172c; 80p). Pre-paid 6 kr (rheinisch) marked on the back, and 2 dicesimi for addressee to pay marked on front. Fine example of red, Gothic arrival backstamp 29 May. Vgc. 16W
141814Folded letter from Brixen to Mühlbach with vg strike of the red Bavarian-occupation postmark R.4. BRIXEN / 4 FEB 1814 (Mü. 172c; 80p). Marked 4 kr to pay. Fine condition. 20W
151800Folded letter from Klausen to Innichen sent during Austria's 'postmarkless period' with manuscript v Klausen on the front. Marked 6 kr for addressee to pay. Vgc. 20W
161819Folded letter from Klausen to Bolzano cancelled fineCLAUSEN (Mü. 658e ; 85p) and marked 4 to pay. Archive-fresh condition. 24W
171826Folded law-court letter to Brixen cancelled fine strike of ovalKlausen (Mü. 658b ; 50p) and marked 4 to pay. Vgc. 12W
181788Folded letter to Verona, postmarked first-class strike v. Roveredo (Mü. 1270A; 200p). Marked 3 kr paid to the border and 5 for addressee to pay. Vgc. 28W
191817Church mail (partial contents) from Pomarolo to Trento cancelled light Roveredo + d.11 Sep (Mü. 1270ba, red; 100p). Marked 2 to pay. Vgc. 24W
201813Folded letter from Pergine to Trento on Regno d'Italia letter-heading. Postmarked good boxed DA PERGINE (Mü. 1106a, early usage; 180p). Marked 20 (centesimi) to pay. Vgc. 24W
211812Folded letter from Salorno to Trento cancelled vg SALORNO (Mü. 1292b; 60p). Marked 3 (dicesimi) to pay. 16W
221815Folded official letter from Valfredda to Trento, postmarked vg red ALA (Mü. 9a; 30p). Marked 3 kr (rheinisch) to pay. Vgc. 12W
231838Folded official letter from Ala to Cavalese postmarked good oval ALA / TIROLO ITALIANO (Mü. 9b; 30p). Vgc. 10W
241814Folded letter from Casto in Valle Sabbia to Roveredo, posted at Riva, cancelled vgD. RIVA (Mü. 1256a ; 105p) and marked 2 to pay. Vgc. 20W
251819Folded letter from Massona to Rovereto posted at Riva and cancelled vg Riva (Mü. 1256b; 15p) and marked 2 to pay. Vg red, gothic datestamp d.28 Sept on reverse. Vgc. 6W
  Pre-stamp mail - other provinces  
261849Bohemia. Cover (no contents) to Mainz with good blue MELNIK / 5 Juni postmark (Mü. 869b; 50p) and greenLINZ / 8 JUN transit postmark. 6W
271844Moravia. Folded letter with good example of the blue, curved Mär. OSTRAU / datepostmark (Mü. 828b) to Troppau (arrival postmark). 6W
281838Moravia / Vienna City Post. Folded letter sent registered to Wien cancelled vg boxed FREYBERG / IN MAEHREN (Mü. 373a). Fine red FRANCO / 31 OCT (Mu. 1933c) of the Vienna Stadtpost on reverse plus their manuscript markings on the front. Vgc. 10W
291848Galicia. Folded-letter to Lemberg with fine, curved KUTTY / 29 MAY (Mü. 730b; 100p). 15W
301845Tyrol. Folded letter to Castiglione della Stiviere (Lombardy) cancelled vg red TRIENT / 18 MAR + fine red FRANCO. Pre-paid 18kr. 4W
311843Carinthia. Folded-letter with fine strike of the cachet of the Klagenfurt appeal-court. Vg postmark Klagenfurt / 30 NOV (Mü. 656e)and arrival mark FRIESACH / 1 DEC. Marked 24 for addressee to pay. Vgc and includes rough translation of the contents. 6W
321846Coastal Province. Folded legal letter from Canale to Moggio (Venetia) postmarked vg Görz / 21 DEC (Mü. 434g). 3W
331836Hungary. Folded personal letter to Wien (arrival postmark) from Nyerges-Ujfalu bearing vg example of the oval NEUDORF / U (Mü. 1024a; 60p). Signed Ferchenbauer. 12W
341833Hungary/Romania. Folded letter from Nagy Varad to Zemun, via Gyula, Temesvar, Peterwardein, with fine example of red, fancy oval pmk GR. WARDEIN (Mü. 466a; 75p). Prepaid 12kr, marked on back. A particularly fine example of pre-stamp pre-paid mail. 15W
351851Styria. Printed certificate franked hand-paper 9kr (good margins) cancelled straight-line, dated Gratz to Brüx. Vgc. 8W
361852Bohemia. Folded letter franked 3kr Type 1c (4 big margins) canelledc vg straight-line SCHWARTZKOSTELETZ / 8 OCT (Mü. 2577a: 85p). On the reverse, good strike of K.K. POSTAMT / Böhmischbrod / 8 OCT (Mü. 265c). Two scarce Bohemian postmarks. Vgc. 28W
371852Postal receipt (Italian language) for a registered letter to Mariglia with script-type Spalato (Dalmatia) handstamp. Vgc. 6W
38Jan.54Vienna. Neat folded letter with 3kr hand-paper, 4 very good margins, cancelled WIEN cds. Wiener Neustadt receiver. 6W
39Feb. 54Bohemia. Folded letter franked marginal 3kr Type IIIa handmade, vg margins,cancelled LANDSKRON cds. Goldenstein receiver on back. Very neat, clean cover. 6W
401855Carniola. Ex-offo folded-letter sent unfranked cancelled very good OBERLAIBACH / 21 AUG with very goodLaibach / 22 AUG receiver. 3W
411855Bohemia. Folded letter franked 3kr Type 3a, machine-paper (4 big margins) cancelled vg BENESCHAU b. KAPL. (Mü. 186a) to Linz. On the back, good s/l KAPLITZ transit strike. Vgc. 5W
42c.1856Galicia. Undated cover to Lwow franked 6kr (tight margins) with fine NADWORNA cds (Mü. 1788d; 70p) 7W
431857Moravia. Cover to Ungarschitz franked 3kr (good margins) cancelled good Trebitsch straight-line dated postmark. Transit postmarks of Brünn, Znaim, Jamnitz and Piesling. Opened out for display. Good condition. 8W
441857Moravia. Folded letter to Raab franked fine 4-margin 9kr franked light OLLMÜTZ cds. The cover is in several pieces and needs repairing. The front is fine. 5W
451858Styria. Part cover franked first-issue 9kr (vg margins, one huge) cancelled perfect K.K. FILIALPOSTAMT / MARBURG (Mü. 1617a). 6W
461858Küstenland. Folded letter to Udine franked first-issue 3kr, four good margins, cancelled very good GÖRZ cds. 15W
471860Bohemia. Cover franked fine 1858 2kr with perfect OBERLEITENSDORF cds to Brünn with boxed arrival postmark. 5W
481860Bohemia. Folded letter franked 1859 5kr cancelled perfect SCHUTTENHOFEN cds with KLENTSCH arrival cds. Vgc. 6W
49c.1861Vienna local cover with well-centred 1860 3kr (ANK €120) cancelled perfect, oval WIEN time-zone pmk (Mü.3214ez; 60p). 24W
50c.1862Levant mail. Part-cover franked 1860/61 issue 10h + 15h cancelled good TYSMIENETZ cds (Galicia) with smudgy CZERNOWITZ transit and vg blue JASSY arrival pmk. Ferch cat €300). 28W
511862Lower Austria. Small folded letter franked 1860/61 5kr cancelled vg NEULENGBACH cds (Mü. 1884b) to St Pölten. Vgc 4W
521862Austrian-Italian Treaty Mail. Cover to Naples franked 1860/61 issue 15k + 2 x 3k for correct 21kr treaty-rate (ANK cat €350). Filing crease through one adhesive. Cancelled TRIEST cds + P.D. Various transit postmarks on back. Good display item. 32W
531863Wien. Cover to Wien franked well-centred 1860/61 15kr cancelled good SZARVAS (Hungary) cds. Double-ring Wien time-zone cancel (Mü. 3214cz; 240 points as an arrival cancel). Very good strike of one of Vienna's scarcest cancels. Vgc. 32W
541863Wien. 15kr 1863 issue perf 14 on folded letter (cat ANK €80) cancelled WIEN cds + Tiene arrival postmark. Vgc. 12W
55c.1863Wien. 15kr 1863 issue perf 14 on envelope to Teschen canc WIEN cds (cat ANK €80). Vgc. 12W
561863Styria. 15kr 1863 issue perf 14 on cover cancelled indistinct RANN cds (cat ANK €80). On reverse, vg WIEN time-zone cds. Vgc. 8W
571863Bohemia. 15kr 1863 issue perf 14 on cover cancelled BÖHM. TRUBAU cds (cat ANK €80). Good condition. On reverse, vg boxed WIEN time-zone cancel (Mü. 3214bz). 16W
581864Registered folded letter franked 10 + 15kr Arms issue perf 9.5 for 25kr rate to Switzerland, plus a further 25kr (neatly severed on opening) on reverse for registration fee (Ferch €275). Cancelled red RECOMMANDIRT WIEN cds. Two Swiss TPOs and GENEVA receiver. Good foreign registered item. Vgc. 26W
591865Transit mail. Cover from Romania to France via Austria. Part BUKAREST cds of the Austrian consular post-office + Austrian entry-mark A + (on reverse) Vienna transit and Paris arrival cds. Marked 10 decimes (= 40kr) for addressee to pay. 6W
60c.1865Moravia. Arms issue perf 9.5 2kr + 3kr on cover (ANK €200) cancelled vg BRÜNN Bahnhof cds to Senftenberg. A little grubby, but a scarce franking. 20W
611870Lower Austria. 2kr 1867 coarse-print on interesting printed price-list from a chemical and colours manufacturer sent as printed matter to Pancsova. Canc good NUSSDORF cds. Vgc. 6W
621870Vorarlberg. Envelope to Paris franked 10kr + 15kr (Ferch €200) cancelled faint NENZING cds. Addressed to John Douglass, from an aristocratic Scottish family, who made a fortune in the Vorarlberg textile industry. Vgc. 36W
631874Upper Austria. 2kr psc to Linz with fine SARLEINSBACH cds 10W
641874Karinthia. 2kr psc to Wien with fine MALBORGHET cds 3W
651876Croatian Military Border District. Church cover (no contents) bearing ZENGG cds and Sct ROCH / SV ROK arrival cds. 3W
661882Küstenland.2kr brown psc to Capodistria cancelled vg CHERSO thimble cds. 14W
671870sTen used 2kr yellow 1867 imprint postal-stationery cards (five are German / Czech). Mainly good condition and strikes with LIENZ and ZAUCHTEL thimbles noted. (10) 10W
  Classic period - Hungarian offices  
681852Slovakia. Folded letter franked 6kr (vg margins, printing-flaw above 'Z') cancelled straight-line dated NEUSOHL. Pesth receiver on back. 6W
691859Hungary. Ex offo folded letter sent unfranked with very good cds postmarks of ALTOFEN (origin), OFEN (transit) and SEMLIN (arrival). 3W
701859Hungary. Type I 5kr on cover (ANK minimum €70) cancelled SIKLOS drs (Mü. 2619a) to Pecs, with Fünfkirchen arrival postmark. 9W
711859Slovakia. 'Treppenfrankatur' (stepped) franking of 5kr + 10kr 1858 Type II to make up the distance rate of 15kr. (Franking cat ANK €60). Cancelled NEUTRA cds. Light filing crease through stamps. 9W
721860Hungary. Folded letter franked 1859 15kr cancelled good WAITZEN cds. PESTH transit and PINKAFELD arrival postmarks on reverse. Vgc. 5W
731860Temes District - military mail. Folded letter and financial statement from the 43rd line-infantry regiment, franked 1859 15kr cancelled good VERSCETZ cds (Temes District). Klagenfurt arrival postmark on back. Vgc. 7W
741863Hungary. Folded letter franked 1860/61 5kr cancelled fine HIDAS-NEMETHI cds (Mü. 988a). Difficult postmark to find. Vgc. 6W
751863Hungary. 2 x 15kr 1863 issue perf 14 on envelope to Belgium (piece missing from bottom of envelope). Cancelled SARBOGARD cds, with backstamps inc ALBA, WIEN and OSTENDE. A scarce franking cat ANK €210. 22W
761864Mixed franking of 10h perf 14 + 5h perf 9.5 (ANK €150) on cover cancelled KECSKEMET (Hungary) cds with BENNISCH (Austrian Silesia) arrival cds. Vgc. 28W
771864Mixed franking of 10h perf 14 + 5h perf 9.5 (ANK €150) on cover cancelled BATTASZEK (Hungary) cds with PESTH arrival cds. Good condition. 20W
781867Military Border District. Cover to Neusatz franked 5kr Arms cancelled very good ALT-ORSOVA / 1867 cds (Mü. 63c; 105pts). Vgc. 10W
791969Transylvania. Envelope to England. Franked 5kr + 2 x 10kr cancelledGYERES cds. Boxed P.D. handstamp. KOLOSZVAR and NOTTINGHAM postmarks on reverse. The envelope is very tatty round the edges, but the franking is scarce (Ferch €230). 20W
80c.1860Hungary. 1860/61 5kr on cover to Wien cancelled boxed OEDENBURG (Mü. 1991f) with time-zone arrival postmark (Mü. 3214y). Vgc. 5W
81c.1864Hungary (Romania). Folded letter franked 15kr perf 9.5 cancelled fine FELSO-BANYA cds (Mü. 35pts) to Prachendorf, with array of back stamps from NAGY BANYA, NYIR EGYHAZA Bahnhof, KASCHAU and GÖLLNITZ. Vgc. 6W
82c.1867Hungary. 5kr pse (FJ imprint) with perfect Hungarian cancel MOOR 15.9 cds. Two 5kr stamps on back for registration fee, also fine cancels. Handstamped AJANLOTT To Eger with PEST transit postmark. Vgc. 12W
83mid 1850sPESTH (Budapest) Ten covers , mounted on album leaves , franked 1st to 6th issue adhesives, all cancelled PESTH. Variety of different postmarks, destinations, rates. Good condition. Needs a bit of research and remounting. Bargain. (10) 36W
  Lombardy & Venetia - Pre-stamp Postal History  
841831Folded letter to Venice cancelled vg CENEDA (Voll. 1). Vgc. 4W
851841Folded letter to Sanguinetto via Legnago cancelled light CRESPINO (Voll. 2). Fine dated LEGNAGO arrival postmark. Marked 6 to pay. Vgc. 3W
861830Folded letter from Milan to Gandino with fine boxed GANDINO (Voll. 1) on front of cover as arrival pmk. Marked 4 to pay. Vgc. 4W
871834Cover to Badia cancelled good MASSA (Voll. 1). Good condition. 3W
881839Cover to Dolo cancelled vg MESTRE (Voll. 4). Vgc. 4W
891832Cover cancelled good MONSELICE (Voll. 3). Vgc. 3W
  Lombardy & Venetia - Stamps  
9018734 soldi psc fine mint (ANK 1a; €30) 6W
9118755 soldi psc fine mint (ANK 2; €35) 7W
9218805+5 sld double psc, vg mint (ANK 4A; €50). 9W
9318673 sld green pse, vg mint (ANK 6: €20) 4W
941870/7210 sld blue pse fine mint (ANK min €50) 9W
951880s3 sld green pse Reprint, vg mint (ANK min €35) 5W
  Lombardy & Venetia - Postal History 1850-66  
9613.11.50First-issue 15c red hand paper (ANK minimum €50; 4 good margins) on folded letter dated Lorenzaga, 13 November 1850 cancelled good straight-line dated Motta. Vgc. 6W
971851First-issue 15c, 4 good margins, on folded letter to Venice cancelled very good PADOVA straight-line postmark. Vgc. 4W
98185115c, four full margins on cover to Udine cancelled very good straight-line PORDENONE. (ANK minimum €50). Handstamped '2' on face. Vgc. 8W
991853First-issue 15c, 3 good margins, 1 close on folded letter to Milan cancelled very good PAVIA boxed postmark. Vgc. 4W
1001853First-issue 15c red hand paper (ANK minimum €50; 4 good margins) on folded letter to Milan cancelled vg boxed dated PAVIA. Good condition. 4W
1011850sFirst-issue 15c red (4 good margins) on cover (no contents) cancelled good straight-line LODI cds to Robecco with arrival cds. Vgc. 3W
1021855First-issue 15c red (4 good margins) on folded letter cancelled fine CASARSA cds to Udine with arrival postmark. Vgc. 4W
1031858First-issue 15c red (4 good margins) on folded letter cancelled fine CASALMAGGIORE cds to Mantova with arrival cds. Boxed handstamp ARR DI NOTTE (= arrived at night). Vgc. 5W
1041858First-issue 15c red (4 good margins) on folded letter to Padova cancelled good VERONAornamented cdsto Padova. Vgc. 4W
1051858First-issue 15c red (4 good margins) on a transport-company's folded, printed invoice to Padova cancelled good straight-line dated VERONAornamented cds. Vgc. 4W
10618611859 issue 2 soldi Type II (not well centred) on folded, printed price-list to Chiavenna cancelled vg LEGNAGO cds. (ANK €350). MILANO, LARIO, CHIAVENNA cds on reverse. Vgc. 44W
10718631860 issue 10 soldi on folded letter to Ferrara in Italy (ANK €130) canc VENEZIA cds. Vgc. 24W
  AUSTRIAN EMPIRE - 1883 TO 1918  
  Stamps and postal stationery, 1883-1918  
1081910Emperor's Birthday issue, set of 17 neatly mounted mint on album pages. (ANK 161-177; €700) 90W
1091910Birthday Issue. Proofs of the 10K value in three phases and complete on card. Ferchenbauer (Vol II, page 273) catalogues these on Japan paper at €750. The status of these on card is not known. Interesting and vgc. 36W
11018832kr Arms imprint psc (Bohemian, German, Slovenian, Italian (ANK 42,43,44,47) + reply-paid double-card (Polish, ANK 53) all fine mint. Total catalogue €29). Good selection. (5) 4W
11118832kr Arms imprint psc (Bohemian, German, Slovenian, Italian, Polish, ANK 42,43,44, 45 ,47) all fine used with vg postmarks. Total catalogue €26). Good selection. (4) 4W
11218832kr Arms imprint psc uprated with 3h for 5kr UPU rate, Lemberg to Pisa. (Ferch €30). Vgc. 3W
11318873kr Arms imprint letter-card (ANK 1) from Wien to Paris, uprated with 2kr, 5kr, adhesives for 10kr foreign rate. Ferchenbauer €300 for this scarce franking. Vgc. 30W
1141880 / 90sA set of three unused official post-free stationery-cards, German, German-Ruthenian, German-Polish. One has a small nick at top; otherwise vgc. 10W
1151890s2kr Franz Joseph imprint psc (short 's') reply-paid double cards in Czech, Ruthenian and Rumanian versions, all fine-used from Lussin Piccolo to Pola or Rovigno and back + fine mint German version. ANK 100, 102,104,99. (4) 8W
1161895Postal-stationery UPU double reply-card complete (ANK 90), fine used from Wien to St Petersburg. Return-address is the magazine 'Oesterr. Monatschrift fur d. Orient'. Fine green PETERSBURG arrival cds, apparantly dated before it was posted (due to Gregorian/Julian calendars). 10W
11719065h psc (Polish / Ruthenian, ANK 156), Krakau to Speyer. Vgc. 3W
11818831883 imprint letter-cards. 3kr vg unused (German, Polish/Ruthenian, Italian/Illyrian, Rumanian and Czech), 3kr (Czech, German) vg used, 5kr vg unused (Slovenian) 5kr vgu (German, Italian). ANK 1, 2, 5, 1, 2, 17, 12,14; €210. Useful batch. (10) 20W
11919173 x privately-printed Carl-imprint commercial postal-stationery envelopes; 15h red imprint, 15h red imprint with 5h adhesive, and 20h imprint. Good condition. Bargain. 3W
1201900sPrivately-printed postal stationery. Five commercial envelopes with different printings. A good selection in good condition. (5) 20W
1211878Money-letter envelope, 1878 issue (H&P 7) unused vgc. 5W
1221893Money-letter envelope (front only), 1890 issue (H&P 8a, Type II) very good used from Meran to Weiler in Algau. Contents 255fl. 3W
1231897Money-letter envelope, 1890 issue (H&P 8a, type II) vfu Vienna to Germany, contents 55fl. 5W
1241907Unused money-letter env privately-printed for railway-stations to remit takings to the main cash-office of the State Railway in Wien. Unusual addition to a railway collection. 8W
1251906 - 1917Parcel Cards, all different. Various languages (including German, Polish, Ruthenian), weights, COD, insured, distances, Porto, destinations, rates up to 2K85. Origins include GOLLESCHAU, BRODY, PODWOLOCZYSKA, LEMBERG 16. Also a d.p.r. Money Order to Hungary. Good group. (23) 15W
1261884-893 x 10kr pneumaticpsc to and from different Wien offices with good postmarks. Vgc. (3) 12W
1271894Pneumatic 10kr blue psc canc WIEN 1/1 - CR / 7.III.94,arrival station2, ten minutes later! 8W
1281880Pneumatic post10kr + 10kr reply-paid psc (ANK 4). Both imprints cancelled SPECIMEN. Fine mint. 12W
  Postal History, 1883-1918  
1291884Consular mail. Letter to London from the Legation of the United States on their printed letterheading and envelope, expressing condolences on a death in the recipient's family. 4W
1301885Moravia. Cover to New York franked 2 x 5h cancelled fine bilingual UNG. HRADISCH cds. Good condition. 5W
1311892Military mail from Wien to Bavaria (under)franked 5kr and marked 20 (Bavarian kreuzers) to pay. Handstamp of Corps 'Alemannia' Wien, with embossed arms on the reverse. Vgc. 4W
1321898'Moonlight' card of Linz in vg condition. 2kr adhesive cancelled vg Linz Bahnhof cds. 4W
1331898Bohemia. Very good Schloss Worlik ppc sent locally with boxedSTRAKONITZ postmark and STRAKONITZ arrival/distribution cds. 22W
1341900Küstenland. 10h pse to Mannheim canc vg PORTO ROSE / BEI PIRANO-PRESSO PIRANO cds 3W
1351900Tyrol. Ppc of the Unterkunftshütte in the Kainer valley, with their cachet on the back. Sent to Munich with 5h cancelled barred KUFSTEIN 2. Vgc. 3W
1361905Naval manoevres. Ppc (Constantinople) to Görz with 5h cancelled good Kuk KRIEGSMARINE / TAURUS cds. Arrival cds. 22W
13718.8.101910 Birthday Issue FDC. Envelope to Leipzig franked 6h (x2), 20h and 35h with neat WEIPERT cancels on first day of issue. 35h value is cat €170 on cover. Attractive and vgc. 15W
1381910Ppc with fine photo of members of the Vienna Ladies Orchestra, posted from Belgium to Denmark! Vgc. 4W
1391910Tyrol. Col ppc (Dolomites) to Prague franked 5h canc good CANAZEI DI FASSA cds 8W
1401912Tyrol. Ppc of Ala to Bos. Brod franked 5h + two Südmark / Innsbruck propaganda-labels, both tied ALA-KUFSTEIN / 63 TPO pmk. Vgc. 5W
1411912Bohemia. Ecclesiastical card with church cachet to justify free postage cancelled vg ROTH KOSTELETZ cds. 4W
1421912Dalmatia. 5h Jubilee postal-stationery card to Graz with very good SLANO cds. 10W
1431912Ppc (Prague to Sheffield, England) bearing 3 Jubilee stamps = 10h + propaganda labels for a Czech National Fair and Esperanto, all tied. 3W
1441913Wien. Local cover franked 1,2,3,6h Jubilees for second-weight local rate. Vgc. 4W
1451915Registered cover (roughly-opened) from Innsbruck to the Red Cross POW Agency in Geneva franked 25h Jubilee adhesive for postage, and another one on the back for registration. Faint Feldkirch censor. 4W
14619155h Jubilee psc uprated with 5h 1914 War Charity issue cancelled OLOMOUC bilingual cds to Romania. Olmütz censor stamp. 5W
1471908Advertising card (one buckled corner) for a cafe in Trieste sponsoring a musical soirée. Posted to Persia! 5W
14817.5.16PROMONTORE b. POLA / PREMANTURA b. PULA / a cds on ppc (Brioni) sent as Marinefeldpost to Bohemia. Vgc. 12W
1491918Styria. Triple colour pc with panorama of Frohenleiten 'as seen from the train'. Franked 10h to England. 5W
1501918Happy Whitsun card from the Deutscher Schulverein in perfect condition. Used to Wien. 3W
15119.4.18Envelope sent airmail to Krakau franked 1918 Airmail set of three (grey paper) + 15h definitive cancelled WIEN 1 cds +FLUGPOST / WIEN cds. Vgc with neat cancels. 36W
  Levant - Stamps and Postal Stationery  
1521863/64Small piece bearing 10s + 15s 1863/64 perf 9.5 issue cancelled vg BUCAREST cds (Mü. 9b). Franking cat ANK minimum €160 on piece. 26W
1531863/64Small piece bearing pair 5s pink perf 9.5 cancelled fine BUCAREST cds (Mü. 9b). Franking cat Ferch €215. 30W
15418871883 imprint 20pa on 5kr psc 'AUTRIGHE' (ANK 7a; €35) cancelled good CONSTANTINOPEL / LLOYD cds (Smith 6a) to Germany. Vgc. 8W
15518901883 imprint 20pa on 5kr psc with border 'AUTRICHE' (ANK 9b; €25). Fine unused. 5W
15618911890 imprint 20pa on 5kr psc 'AUTRIGHE' (ANK 10a; €16). Fine unused. 4W
15718911890 imprint 20pa on 5kr psc 'AUTRICHE' (ANK 10b; €20). Cancelled vg SMIRNEcds (Smith 4) to Trieste. Vgc. 5W
15818931890 imprint 20pa on 5kr double psc 'AUTRICHE/AUTRIGHE' (ANK 11bF; €50). Cancelled fine CONSTANTINOPEL 1 / OST. POST cds (Smith 9) to Kassel, Germany (arrival cds). Vgc. 12W
15919041900 imprint 20pa on 10h psc 'AUTRIGHE' (ANK 14a; €20). CancelledSMYRNA 1 / OST. POST drs to Italy (Venice arrival pmk). Vgc. 18W
16019051904 imprint 20pa on 10h psc (ANK 18). Cancelled DARDENELLEN / OST. POST drs (Smith 6) to Stuttgart. Vgc. 20W
1611903French currency. 1903 imprint 10c on 10h psc (ANK 16; €60) cancelled perfectJAFFA / OST. POST drs (Smith 4) to Budapest. Vgc. 24W
1621908French currency. 1904 imprint 10c on 10h psc (ANK 20; €60) cancelled vgCAIFA / OST. POST / a drs (Smith 7) to Lamu, British East Africa. Vgc. Hands up all of you who have mail from Caifa to Lamu! 30W
1631908French currency. 1908 Jubilee imprint 10c psc (ANK 28) fine unused. 4W
16419081908 Jubilee imprint 20pa double psc (ANK 26) fine unused. 5W
1651910French currency. 1908 Jubilee imprint on 5c green pse (ANK 16; €150) cancelled goodJERUSALEM / OST. POST / b drs (Smith 6) to Germany. Vertical crease clear of imprint, but otherwise vgc and a difficult postal-stationery item to find properly used. 36W
1661913Dutch 12½c pse from Arnhem to Haifa, Palestine with, on reverse, arrival postmarkCAIFA / OST. POST drs (Smith 6). A little ragged round the edges. 6W
  Levant - Postal history  
1671836Disinfected folded letter from Constantinople with weak disinfection-station cachet on reverse. Straight-line TRIEST arrival postmark. Marked 14 to pay. 5W
1681855Alexandria. Pre-stamp cover to Trieste postmarked legible ALEXANDRIEN cds (Mü. 2001e). Marked 9/9 kr to pay. Manuscript Per Lloyd Austriaco Vapore Diretto. 10W
1691909?Chios. Env to London franked 1pi Jubilee canc vg SCIO / OST. POST drs (Smith 4) 20W
1701898Constantinople, attractive view onTurkish UPU pc to Germany franked 20pa on 5kr canc good CONSTANTINOPEL 1 / OST. POST cds (Smith 10). Vgc. 10W
1711898Jerusalem. Env to Munich franked 1ia on 10kr (ANK 23) canc vgJERUSALEM / OST POSTdrs. Munich backstamps. Vgc. 10W
1721913Mersina. Ppc (vg Mersina view) to Alexandria franked 20pa Jubilee cancelled main part of MERSINA / OST. POST / b drs (Smith 4b). Vgu 10W
1731910Mytilene. Envelope to Lausanne franked on reverse 1pi Jubilee cancelled good METELINO / OST. POST (Smith 5). Vgc. 15W
1741911Salonica. Personal correspondence in envelope to Germany franked (on reverse) pair 20c Jubilees cancelled good SALONICH 1 / OST. POST / b drs (Smith 7) 8W
1751909Samsun. New Year pc to Trieste franked 20pa Jubilee canc goodSAMSUN / OST. POST drs (Smith 3). Vgc. 10W
1761862Folded-letter with vgBUKAREST (Mü. 2008f) and red WIEN receiver. Marked 25 to pay. 6W
1771909French currency. Ppc (Turkish Quarter, Smyrna) to Wien franked 10c Jubilee (ANK 18) cancelled very good SMYRNA / OST. POST / b drs (Smith 8).Vgc. 10W
1781913French currency. Printed-matter envelope to Germany franked 5c Jubilee (ANK 17) cancelled fair SMYRNA II / OST. POST drs (Smith 7).Vgc. 5W
1791915Military Post mint adhesives (ANK 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17) in imperforate pairs with FELDPOST printed twice. Scarce. 30W
1801915General issues - unmounted mint 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 10 (both), 12, 15, 20 (olive), 30 and 72h (between ANK 22 and 40). (12) 5W
1811918/19Issues for Italy - unissued values, lightly-hinged - 2, 3, 4, 6, 22, 27, 32, 48, 95 centes overprints. (9) 20W
18213.5.17B&H 5h psc overprinted K.K.K. FELDPOST Feldpost adhesive uprated with 3h (Ferch min €100) for correct postcard rate. Cancelled vg EPA / DABROWA in POLEN b. Vgc to FPA 435 10W
1831918Late Feldpost mail of 28 September 1918. Ppc of Banja Luka in Bosnia (now Srpska Republic) franked strip of 3 x 5h cancelled weak BANJA LUKA + good unit-cachet Lebensmittelabgebestelle Filiale Banja Luka. Vgc. 15W
  WW1 - Numbered Field-post offices  
18422.9.14FPA 33 (fine) on fpc. Unit based in Balkans. 4W
18527.12.??FPA 36 (good) on fpc (small tear) to Galicia. (Polish front) 2W
18617.12.15FPA 36 (fair) on fpc to Galicia. Good infantry regt cachet. (Poland) 2W
1873.1.16FPA 36 (vg) on fpc to Galicia. Good infantry regt cachet. (Poland) 3W
1882.3.16FPA 131 (fine)on small envelope sent as feldpost. (Serbia) 4W
18923.9.15FPA 163, good, on fpc + vg unit cachet. (Poland) 3W
19029.11.17FPA 167,v clear, but missing top section, on fpc + good unit cachet. 3W
1917.11.16FPA 170, fine, on fpc. (Transylvania) 4W
19214.4.16FPA 174, vg on fpc + vg unit cachet. (Poland) 3W
19313.11.15FPA 186, vg on ppc (Warsaw) + vg unit cachet. (Galicia) 4W
1947.4.17EPA 192, partial, on ppc + vg Telegraph-unit cachet. (Isonzo) 3W
1956.3.15FPA 200, fine on fpc + vg unit cachet - Kuk FELDSPITAL Nr. 8/9. (Isonzo) 3W
1961915FPA 200(fine) ppc (Poland) to Bohemia + vg cachet Kommando der kuk Korpstelegrafen-Abteilung 17. 5W
19729.9.15FPA 203,fine, on ppc + vg unit-cachet 3W
19820.1.16FPA 207, vg, on fpc + good circular cachet 3 Kaiserjäger regiment. (Tirol) 3W
1998.12.15FPA 207, vg, on fpc + fine straight-line cachet 3 Kaiserjäger regiment. (Tirol) 4W
20012.3.15FPA 209, vg, on fpc to Budapest. (Galicia) 3W
20123.8.16FPA 212, good on fpc + vg infantry unit cachet. (Galicia) 3W
20222.5.15FPA 213, vg on fpc + vg infantry unit cachet. (Galicia) 3W
20319.9.15FPA 215, vg on portofrei fpc. (Tirol) 3W
20427.4.16FPA 216, good, on fpc to Wien (Tirol) 3W
2051.6.16FPA 217, good on fpc + vg 14cm MORSERBATTERIE unit cachet. (Tirol) 3W
20622.4.17FPA 220, small type, good, on Hungarian fpc (Isonzo) 3W
20714.9.17FPA 220a, large type, fine on fpc (Isonzo) 4W
2089.10.17FPA 221, good on ppc + vg Elektrokompagnie unit cachet. (Tirol) 3W
20930.11.15FPA 223, good on rpc. (Tirol) 3W
21015.10.16FPA 224, good on ppc + vg unit-cachet. (Tirol) 3W
21121.5.16FPA 225, vg on envelope + vg unit-cachet. (Poland) 4W
21212.3.16FPA 227, good on semi-illustrated fpc. (Poland) 3W
2137.1.17FPA 229, good on fpc + vg unit-cachet. 3W
2141.3.18FPA 230, good on fpc + fine infantry-unit-cachet. 3W
21522.10.16FPA 235, good on fpc to Wien. (Transylvania) 4W
2167.10.17FPA 235, partial, on fpc with vg telegraph-unit cachet. (Bukovina) 3W
21712.1.18FPA 240, vg on ppc + fine engineering-workshop unit-cachet. (Galicia) 3W
21821.3.17EPA 244a, partial, on fpc charmingly illustrated by the sender. (Tirol) 4W
21914.4.17EPA 244a, good on ppc to Prague with vg handstamp Kuk Etappenpost 244. (Tirol) 6W
2202.7.15FPA 253, vg, on fpc with two good Hungarian unit-cachets. (Poland) 3W
2212.12.15FPA 255, faint, on vg real-photo card of machine-gun nest to Wien. (Poland) 4W
22224.11.17FPA 255, vg, on fpc with fine red cachet Kuk 4. Armeekommando / Platzkommando. (Poland). Fine example. 5W
22320.7.16FPA 258, fine, on fpc with vg red cachet Kuk Armeestaffel Nr.14/1. (Poland.) 5W
22422.2.18FPA 267 (vg) on ppc sent as feldpost with vg cachet Kuk Kriegsgefangenen-Arbeiter-Kompagnie No.215/B (POW work party). (Albania) 8W
22519.5.15FPA 307 (fine) on ppc with fine batallion cachet. (Serbia) 7W
22618.11.16FPA 336 (fine, Rai; 70p) on fpc with vg unit-cachet. (Montenegro) 12W
22710.12.18HPA 400 / III (vg, Rai; 150p) on colour ppc (Cattaro view) with good unit cachet. (Albania) 13W
22813.12.16FPA 413a (Rai 200p; fine) on registered, official-service cover-front to Wien. (Transylvania) 8W
22910.11.17FPA 417 (Rai 200p; fair) on ppc. (Isonzo front) 3W
23024.8.18FPA 417b (Rai 300p; fine) on fpc. (Venezia) 20W
23126.5.17FPA 418b (Rai 150p; fine) on fpc. (Galicia) 8W
2329.10.17FPA 427a (Rai 150p; vg) on fpc. (Transylvania) 6W
23323.10.17FPA 433a (Rai 100p; fair) on envelope + very good cachet Kuk Kavallerie Sanitätskolonne Nr.11. (Bukovina) 4W
23415.2.17EPA 445 (Rai 150p; fair) on ppc + vg unit cachet. (Galicia) 4W
23521.5.18HPA 450 (Rai 150p; good) on fpc. (Galicia) 5W
2365.3.18FPA 451 (Rai 250p; fair) on ppc (Constantinople) + German / Arabic bilingual unit cachet. Vgc. 12W
2371918FPA 451 (Rai; 250p, good strike) on colour ppc (rowing-boats in Constantinople) to Wien with good, red cachet KukErsatskompagnie / f.d. 24cm Mörserbatterie No. 9 Feldkompagnie. (Austrian artillery in Turkey). Vgc. 15W
23816.6.18FPA 451 (fair, Rai; 250p) on ppc. (Turkey) 8W
23912.12.17FPA 452 b (faint, Rai; 200p) on ppc + cachet of Kuk Sanitäts-station. (Syria) 12W
240WW1FPA 460b (Rai 150p; gd) on Bulgarian pc with photograph of soldier on horseback. Unit based in Sofia. 8W
2418.4.18FPA 472 (Rai 500p) on fpc. Postmark is incomplete at top, but the number of this scarce office is very clear (Galicia) 12W
24214.3.18FPA 479a (Rai 100p; vg) on fpc. (Tirol) 6W
24322.4.18FPA 485a (Rai 150p; good) on ppc. (Tirol) 6W
2444.2.18FPA 487 (Rai 100p; fair) on ppc + fine red cachet Kuk Etappenstationskommando. (Venezia) 4W
24510.1.18FPA 491 b (vg, Rai; 150p) on envelope sent as feldpost (Tirol) 9W
24610.4.18HPA 500 / II (fine) on fpc. (Tirol) 7W
24729.6.15FPA 503 (Rai 100p; vg) on fpc + fine cachet Feldsanitätsabteilung des Kuk Feldspitals Nr 2/2. 8W
2483.8.16FPA 504 (Rai 100p; fine) on fpc. 7W
24914.9.18FPA 511b (Rai 200p; good) on registered envelope to Wien. (Tirol) 8W
25024.3.18FPA531 (Rai 150p; vg) on fpc. (Venezia) 6W
251WW1FPA 542b (Rai 150p; partial, date not legible) on ppc. (Tirol) 3W
25228.4.18FPA 549 (vg) on ppc. (Pola) 7W
25315.3.18FPA 553a (Rai 200p; good) on fpc. (Galicia) 5W
25431.5.18FPA 561a (Rai 100p; good) on fpc. (Venezia) 5W
2556.6.18FPA 561b (Rai 200p; vg) on fpc. (Venezia) 9W
25613.9.18FPA 579(Rai 300p; good) on ppc. (Tirol) 15W
2571916FPA 603, vg strike, on fpc to Graz with good cachet Kuk Dragoner Regiment, etc. Vgc. 3W
2581917FPA 608, vg strike, on fpc to Temesvar with fine cachet Kuk Res. Feldhaubitzregiment Nr.92 / Batterie 3. The card shows an attack on Italian troops in Wippachtal (damaged corners). 3W
2599.10.17FPA 619 (Rai 100p; vg) on fpc. (Albania) 5W
26016.11.17FPA 649 (vg) on fpc with vg sapper-unit cachet. (Ukraine) 5W
2611915Official KuK postage-free card addressed to General Simacek (69th Inf. Brigade) at FPA 37 with fine sender's cachetK.u.k. Kriegsliquidatur in Wien on both sides. 10W
  WW1 - Named base-offices  
2621917Serbia. Col ppc (ethnic Bosnians) to Moravia cancelled very good EPA / BELGRAD f cds with fine straight-line cachet Kuk Reservespital 'Brcko' in Belgrad. 10W
2631917Serbia. Fpc to Bohemia cancelled good EPA /OBRENOVAC b cds (Rai; 250p). 8W
2641918Italy. Fpc to Budapest cancelled faint-but-legible EPA / SAN DANIELE del FRIULI a cds (Rai; 500p). Scarce office. 20W
2651917Poland. Ppc sent as feldpost with vgEPA / CHELM cds and fine regimental cachet. 3W
26611.5.17Poland. Envelope cancelled very good EPA / CHELM c with fine blue cachet Kuk Infanterieregiment Erzhog Karl Stefan No. 8 / 1 / XXVIII. Marschkompagnie. Vgc. 4W
2671918Poland. Charming colour ppc to Bohemia cancelled good EPA / CHELM c cds with very good straight-line, Landsturm-batallion cachet and ZENSURIERT handstamp 5W
2681915Poland. Ppc sent as feldpost with vgEPA / NOWO RADOMSK a cds (Rai; 150p). 5W
2691916Poland. Fpc with goodEPA / RADOM cds. 3W
  WW1 - Named base-offices - Montenegro  
27016.12.16Montenegro. 8h Feldpost psc to Sarajevo canc fine EPA / CETINJE b cds (Rai; 250p). Vgc. 10W
27112.11.17Montenegro. Fpc cancelled fine EPA CETINJE d (Rai; 250p) from the Hughes Station there with very good circular cachet of the Military Telegraph detachment. The Hughes Telegraph was a morse-code modem with a piano-style keyboard. Rare. 30W
2729.5.17Montenegro. Officially-prepared propaganda card for the Austrian Occupation of Montenegro, showing soldier and the flags of Austria and Montenegro combined. Vg boxed cachet Kuk Militär-Generalgouvernement in Montenegro / Statitischen Amt. Fine EPA / CETINJE d cds. Vgc. 10W
2734.2.17Montenegro. Ppc (Cattaro) cancelled vg EPA / NJEGUSI b cds (Rai; 200p) plus very vg cachet Kuk Kriegsgefangenen Arbeiter-Abteilung. (POW work-party). Vgc. 15W
27416.2.17Montenegro. Ppc (Belgrade) cancelled good EPA / PEJA cds (Rai; 400p) plus fine cachet Kuk MILITAR FASSUNGSSTELLE / PEJA. (supply depot). Vgc. 20W
27521.6.16Montenegro. Ppc to Croatia cancelled partial EPA / PODGORICA cds (Rai; 300p) plus very fine blue cachet Kuk Etappenstationskommando in PODGORICA. Vgc. 8W
2761916Montenegro. Colour ppc cancelled fine EPA / STARI BAR b (Rai 300p) + good cachet Kraftwagenkolonne No.68. 15W
27724.8.16Montenegro. Ppc (Belgrade) cancelled good EPA / STARI BAR b cds (Rai; 300p) plus cachet Kuk Pferdesammelkommand. (horse requisitioning). Good condition. 15W
2783.9.17Montenegro. Fpc with partial-strike of EPA / STARI BAR b cds (Rai; 300p) plus fine cachet Kuk Etappenstationskommando in Bar. Vgc. 8W
  WW1 - Medical units and military hospitals  
27916.2.15Rpc of field-medics and patients used from Plan (Bohemia) to Styria with perfect, circular cachet Allgem. Öffentl. Krankenhaus / PLAN. Vgc. 5W
280WW1Lower Austria. Ppc (Haag) cancelled HAAG, NIED Österr cds with absolutely perfect, violet, boxed REKONVALESZENTENHEIM / (Militärpflege) in MARKT HAAG N. Ö. A fine item. Vgc. 5W
28120.12.26 (sic)Lower Austria. Ppc canc TÜRNITZ N.Ö. Cds (date-error in year) with vg cachet Kuk Militär-Rekonvaleszentenheim / Türnitz a.d. Traising + Militärpflege handstamp. 3W
28212.9.16Specially-printed ppc of Grimmenstein Sanatorium (Lower Austria) with fine violet cachet Kuk GENESUNGSHEIM / in GRIMMENSTEIN+ fine, red Militärpflege. Vgc. 6W
2836.11.16Col ppc (Hotel Edlacherhof, one buckled corner) cancelled EDLACH cds with superb strike of cachet Kuk / Militär-Erholungsstätte / edlacherhof, Edlach / bei Reichenau, N.Ö. (convalescent home at the former hotel). 6W
2849.5.18Col ppc canc vg LOMNICE with vg cachet PFLEGERSTÄTTE / in LOMNITZ a.d. 3W
2851916Fpc cancelled faint EPA 330 (Isonzo) with fine cachet Kuk 5 Armee-Etappenkommando / Mannschafts-rekonvaleszentenstation / Feldpost 330 3W
28614.3.18Ppc to Salzburg cancelled faint SCHLADMING cds with vg red cachet Kommando der Kuk Isonzo-Armee (Q.-Abt.) / Mannschaftsrekonvaleszentenstation / Frasenwerungs-Abteilung+ boxedVon der Armee / im Felde.Vgc. 3W
28714.9.17Bosnia & Herz 8h psc from Mostar to the convalescent-unit at Gröbming, with vg strike of their cachet on receipt. 3W
28821.10.16Fpc to a military hospital in Innsbruck cancelled ATTNANG-PUCHHEIM cds with vg cachet Rekonvaleszenten-Abtlg. / des 4 Reg. d. T.-K.-J. / ATTNANG. (Tiroler Kaiser-Jaeger). 3W
289WW1Colour ppc (Bystrice) with fine red cachet Kuk REKONVALESZENTENABTEILUNG / des J.R.20 IN TARNOW Galizien(convalescent-unit for 20th light-infantry). Vgc. 3W
2906.8.16Ppc (Prague, Wenceslas Square with tram) with fine cachet Kuk Infanterie-Regiment Nr.5 / Rekonvaleszentenstation-Abteilung / PRAG, Letna. Vgc. 4W
2911915Fpc with vg cachet Rekonvaleszentenabteilung / des I.R.Nr.56 in Mähr. Weisskirchen.Vgc. 3W
292WW1Ppc specially-printed for Rekonvaleszentenabteilung des Kuk Inf. Reg. No.75 / Debrecen, apparantly showing their quarters. Fine example of their cachet on reverse. Vgc. 6W
2931917Ppc to Banat with fair hospital cachet GYULA JOZSEF SZANATORIUM + vg scarce dated hospital Hungarian cdsJOZSEFSZANATORIUM GYULA. 10W
29411.7.17Convalescent-home inspectorate. Ppc (Scheibbs) to Budapest cancelled SCHEIBBS cds + fine cachetInspektionsoffizier / der Rekonvalesz-heime / Scheibbs plus Militärpflege handstamp. Vgc. 4W
29529.9.17Moravia. Rpc cancelled MÄHR. SCHÖNBERG cds, with very good circular cachet ALLG. ÖFFENTE KRANKENHAUS / DER STADT M. SCHÖNBERG. Vgc. 3W
2964.12.14Styria. Portofrei postcard on official service from the hospital in Hartberg with vg strike of their oval handstamp ALLG. ÖFFENTLICH. KRANKENHAUS / HARTBERG, STERIERMARK. To Wolfau (Burgenland) with fine VASFARKASFALVA arrival cds. Vgc. 3W
2971916Military hospital. Message half of double-fpc to Prag from Salzburg, Hospital cachet Milit.Kanzlei im / St. Johann-Spital, Salzburg (gd) + vgMilitarpflege,canc. vg SALZBURG 3. 5W
29815.6.16Military Hospital (Bohemia). Colour ppc to Vorarlberg with fine cachet Kuk Reservespital No.5 / in Zizkov / Militärpflege. Circular Feldkirch censor-mark. Vgc. 5W
2993.5.16Military Hospital (Transylvania). Ppc (Kolozsvar view) canc KOLOZSVAR 1 cds with good cachet Kuk Reservespital in Kolozsvar Astig / Unit Kollegium (branch in a school). Scarce. 5W
30025.1.16Military hospital. Ppc (dog-eared) with fine photo of theKk Erzherzog Rainer-Militärspital, Wien XIII. Cachet of the hospital on the reverse. Cancelled WIEN 90 to Hungary + Militärpflege handstamp. 4W
3013.7.15Charity Hospital (Lower Austria). Ppc (Berndorf view) cancelled BERNDORF cds with fine cachet VEREINS REKONVALESZENTEN HAUS / zu BERNDORF / Militärpflege. Scarce. 5W
30219.4.15Military Hospital (Wien). Ppc cancelled WIEN 11 cds with good cachet Kuk Reservespital Nr.1 / Filiale im Palais Fürst Palffy, Wien 1, Josefsplatz. (this branch hospital was in the Vienna mansion of the aristocratic Palffy family). Scarce. Vgc. 5W
3039.6.15Military Hospital. Colour ppc cancelled Wr. NEUSTADT 2 cds with good cachet Notspital / Taubstummenanstalt (hospital for the deaf and dumb) plus MILITARPFLEGE. Vgc. 5W
30415.12.15WW1 Hospital. Ppc (creased) with fine photo of theHeilstätte Enzenbach,a sanitorium in the mountains , still there today as the Landeskrankenhaus Hörgas-Enzendorf. Cachet of the hospital on the reverse. Canc GRATWEIN to Olmütz + MILIITARPFLEGE handstamp. 4W
3055.4.16Military Hospital (Prague). Ppc (Charles Bridge) to Hungary cancelled PRAG 8 cds with vg cachet Kuk GARNISONSSPITAL II PRAG / FILIALE ALBRECHTS KASERNE (branch in a barracks). Sender has illustrated with a Slovak coat of arms. Vgc. 5W
3065.8.15WW1 Hospital. Ppc (St Aegyd views) to Wien with vg cachet St. Aegyd am Neuw. / Bezirk Lilienfeld Nied. Ö. / Rekonvaleszentenheim. Not a military hospital, but sender seemed to enjoy the free-frank privilege. Vgc. 3W
3075.12.16Military Barracks Hospital (Bohemia). Colour ppc (Franz Joseph Station, Prague) cancelled DEJWITZ cds with vg small, circular cachet Kuk BARACKENSPITAL DEJWITZ / MILITÄRPFLEGE. Uncommon and vgc. 6W
30830.3.15Military-barracks hospital. Envelope to Zurich franked 25h in Jubilee stamps and cancelled vg BIELITZ 1 cds. Two vg cachets: Militärbarackenspital Bielitz and Kuk Militärzensur / Bielitz. Vgc and attractive. 5W
  WW1 - Kriegsmarine  
3091916Ppc to Bohemia cancelled vg MFPA / POLA cds with vg circular cachet Kuk KRIEGSMARINE / S.M. SCHIFF ADRIA. 13W
3101915Fine colour ppc (warships 'Ready for action') cancelled vg MFPA / POLA cds with vg circular, red cachetZENSURIERT / SMS BELLONA. 15W
3111914Ppc to Trieste sent as feldpost with fine Kuk KRIEGSMARINE / SMS / ERZHERZOG FERDINAND MAX. cds. 15W
3121916Ppc (Trieste) to Banat cancelled vg MFPA POLA/d + poor KuK KRIEGSMARINE / SMS ERZHERZOG FERDINAND MAX. Ship of the Erzh. Karl class, pre-dreadnought battleship, launched 1903. On missions together with Erzh. Karl. Awarded to UK, scrapped 1921. 20W
3131917Envelope mailed by Dr R. Messer, chief doctor of the SMS 'Erzherzog Friedrich', cancelled fine MFPA POLA/c and vg boxed cachet ZENSURIERT / SMS 'Erzh. Friedrich' (small type). 18W
3141917Envelope mailed by Dr R. Messer, chief doctor of the SMS 'Erzherzog Friedrich', cancelled vg MFPA POLA/c and good boxed cachet ZENSURIERT / SMS 'Erzh. Friedrich' (large type). Roughly-opened at top. 18W
3151916Fwldpost envelope to Hungary cancelled MFPA POLA b + good KuK KRIEGSMARINE / SMS Erzh. Friedrichcds. Ship of the Erzh. Karl class, pre-dreadnought battleship, launched 1903. On missions together with Erzh. Karl. Awarded to France, scrapped 1920. 24W
3161918Ppc to Hungary cancelled good FPA 267 + vg boxed Zensuriert / SMS 'Erzh. Karl'. Pre-dreadnought battleship, launched 1903, involved in the bombardment of Ancona. Awarded to France, scrapped 1921. 20W
3171917Colour ppc to Bohemia sent as feldpost with fine straight-line cachet S M S Gäa. 15W
3181917Envelope, cancel ZELENIKA cds sent as feldpost to Hungary with vg staight line cachet S.M. SCHIFF 'KAISER MAX'. Vgc. 15W
3191916Envelope mailed by Dr R. Messer, doctor, cancelled vg MFPA POLA / b and vg red, circular cachet S.M. SCHIFF 'MARS'. (Ex ironclad ship SMS Tegetthoff build 1876, renamed MARS in 1912. In 1916 it was a guard ship in the gulf of Cattaro, before being used as a training ship from 1917 on. 24W
3201915Ppc (Roman amphitheatre, Pola) to Wien sent unfranked as 'Marinepost' with vg violet Kuk KRIEGSMARINE / SMS / METEOR cds + large, red ZENSURIERT. 15W
3211916Ppc sent as feldpost with vg mauve Kuk KRIEGSMARINE / S.M.S. METEOR cds 20W
3221916Ppc sent as feldpost with vg mauve, circular cachet Kuk KRIEGSMARINE / S.M. Boot '71'. 24W
3231918Ppc sent as feldpost with vg cachet ZENSURIERT / Kuk S-FLOTTILLE & fair MFPA / POLA cds. 36W
32430.7.18Envelope to Leipzig cancelled vg MARINE FPA / POLA c cds + vg cachet K.k. Gendarmeriedeta- / chmentkmdo in Pola (Military police HQ). Good condition. 4W
3251917?Small env sent as feldpost with vg cachet of Kk Küstenschutz Kompagnie, Albona. 12W
3261917Ppc sent as feldpost with fine mauve cachet Kuk LUFTFAHRTRUPPEN /FLIEGERETAPPENPARK 2. Sent from air-unit in Igalo, Dalmatia. 28W
  WW1 - Albanian Quarter  
3271918HPA 400/III cds, vg strike (based Albania, Rai; 150p) on envelope to Bohemia. 15W
3281917FPA 410 cds, vg strike (based Albania, Rai; 100p) on Albanian ppc to Bohemia with STAFFEL 383 unit-cachet. 15W
3291917Fpc to Graz cancelled good EPA / DURAZZO (DURZ) b cds (Rai; 200p) with vg straight-line, medical-unit cachet Kuk Div. San. Kol. Nr.41. 20W
3301917Col ppc (Fiume) to Bohemia cancelled vg EPA /ELBASSAN b cds (Rai; 300p). 25W
3311917Ppc sent as feldpost with good EPA / SCHKODRA b cds (Rai; 300p). Fine cachet of Kuk Gendarmeriekommando für Albanien. 18W
3321918Ppc sent as feldpost with fine EPA / SCUTARI (SCHKODRA) d cds (Rai; 150p). Good cachet of Kuk Feldspital No.216. 14W
3331918Colour ppc to Bohemia cancelled vg EPA / SCUTARI (SCHKODRA) d cds (Rai; 150p). 15W
3341917Fpc with fine EPA / TIRANA a cds (Rai; 300p). Good unit cachet. 18W
  WW1 - Prisoner-of-War mail  
3351916Italian ppc to Bohemia from a Czech cadet held at the POW camp in Sulmona, Italy. Hand-stamped CORRISPONDENZA PRIGIONERI GUERRA with red triangular WIEN censor. 12W
3361918Italian ppc to Bohemia from a Czech lieutenant held at the POW camp in Matera, Italy. Hand-stamped CORRISPONDENZA PRIGIONERI GUERRA with red triangular WIEN censor and Italian Red Cross cachets.. 10W
337WW13 postcards from Austrian POWs in Russian camps. Good condition. 21W
3381916Russian pc from Austrian POW in Krasnoyarsk camp (Siberia).Vgc. 9W
3391916Russian red-cross card from Austrian POW in Tashkent camp. Vgc. 8W
3401918Red cross card to Italy from Italian POW at Austrian camp at Milowitz bei Lissa. Vgc. 7W
  WW1 specialist army units  
34113.8.16Semi-illustrated fpc cancelled vg FPA 361b (East Galicia) with vg cachet KANONEN MUNITIONSKOLONNE 2 / 14 / FELDPOST 361. Vgc. 3W
34222.7.16Semi-illustrated fpc cancelled vgFPA 603 (Karinthia) with fine cachet Kuk Hochgebirgs Komp No.57.Alpine detachment. Vgc. 3W
34314.1.15Fpc from FPA 106 (based Serbia) with vg semi-manuscript cachet of 75cm China Gebirgs Kanonen Division Nr.1 / Batterie Nr.2. Using requisitioned artillery from an export-order to China. Vgc. 12W
34423.7.16Fpc to FPA 51 cancelled vg FPA 151 (Rai. 150p, Volhynia) with vg circular cachet Kuk Reserve Telegrafen Bauabteilung Nr.70. Vgc. 8W
34529.12.16Illustrated fpc produced for the 7th Army cancelled vg FPA334 (Rai; 70p, Montenegro) with vg red circular cachet Kuk 7. ARMEEKOMMANDO (Q. ABT.). 5W
34625.12.16Fpc cancelled vg FPA 420c (Isonzo) with vg cachet Kuk 35cm MORSERBATTERIE Nr.25. Vgc. 3W
34717.6.17Ppc cancelled WIEN 50 with fine cachet of volunteer regiment EINJ. FREIW. ABTEILUNG DES INF. REG. Nr.64 + 'T' postage-due handstamp. 3W
34817.4.17Fpc from FPA 383 (Küstenland) with fine cachet Landst- Radfahrer-Baon / II Kompagnie (bicycle batallion). Vgc. 4W
3494.2.17Fpc to FPA 51 cancelled vg FPA 76 (Küstenland / Karinthia) with vg cachet Kuk 10 ARMEEKOMMANDO / BRUCKENPARTIE 1 (bridge party) 3W
35030.2.16Howitzer battery. Fpc cancelled poor FPA 100 (Galicia) with both straight-line and circular fine cachets of Kuk Fest. Art. Rgt. Nr.2 / 15cm Hbtz. Btt. Nr.41.Vgc. 4W
35124.6.15Fpc to Wien from the Austrian 7th Army HQ, part of the German Süd Armee in Galicia. Cancelled goodHPA 116. Vg cachets of Landst. Sappeur Abt. No. 1/2 / Kaiserl. Deutsche Südarmee / Geniestab. Korps Bathmer andKommando der k.k. Landsturmsappeur-abteilung Nr. 1/2. Also vg handstamp Zensuriert / zur Beforderung / geeignet. Vgc. 10W
3521917FPA 401a, good strike, on fpc to Wien with vg cachet Kuk 2 Regt d.T. K. Jgr. / 20/V. Feldkomagnie. Vgc. 3W
3533.2.16Belgrade Bridgehead Unit. Fpc to Graz cancelled good FPA 151 cds with fine strike of cachet Kuk Brückenkopf Belgrad / Artillerieabschnitt II / Gruppe III. Vgc. 8W
35420.10.15Ppc from Czernowitz (Bukovina) to Braila, Romania with good red cachet Kuk Militärzensur / Czernowitz (Thielk 43.5). Romanian 10b postage-due stamp cancelled Braila cds on the picture-side. Good condition. 4W
3553.8.15Special colour ppc (slightly scuffed) produced for the K.K. Telegraphen Regiment in St Pölten with views of their barracks. Jubilee adhesive and publicity label tied by WIEN cds to Bohemia. Display-enhancer. 3W
  WW1 - Other  
356WW1Army life. Selection of real-photocards (mainly unused) showing soldiers (unit-groups and solo portraits). Very good condition for such material (15) 8W
35726.8.15Col ppc (wounded soldier: 'the sun sinks in the west') cancelledFPA 350 (East Galicia) with good cachetK.K. Schützenbataillon / Feldpost 350. Good condition. 3W
35814.12.14Hungarian fpc with superb cachet Kuk Kommando / des Einj. Freiwilligen-Detachment des 2 Korps / KIRALYHIDA (Burgenland). Cancelled vg WIEN 50 cds to Romania. Vgc. 4W
35919.10.18Official portofrei postcard reporting statistics for sick/wounded. Cancelled SEESTADTL cds to BRÜX with handstamp Kk Landsturm-Arbeiter Kompagnie Nr.157 in Seestadtl (both circular and straight-line) + Portofrei / Dienstsache. Vgc. 4W
36024.5.15Fpc to Würbenthal with fine cachet Kuk Bahnhofs-Kommando / Sczczakowa(Galicia). Fine arr. cachet D-.R-.ORDENSPITAL WÜRBENTHALwith Maltese Cross + MILITÄRPFLEGE. Vgc. 4W
36111.3.15Carpatho-Ukraine. Ppc (Munkacs) to Heidelberg with redfeldpost sticker and fine K.D.R. postamt / deutsche Sudarmee cds. Vgc. 5W
3621917?POW Camp special postmark. Ppc showing POWs rebuilding a bridge at Pettau, cancelled KRIEGSGEFANGENLAGER / STERNTHAL b. PETTAU b (faint but legible, Rai; 350p). Censor cachet ZENSURIERT / Spitalskmdo, Sternthal. 12W
36312.12.16Fpc to Karinthia with partial red cachet POSTSAMMELSTELLE (Postal collection-point). Written in Brünn. Scarce cachet. 4W
3641917Postcard of the Austro-American-line steamer Martha Washington used to Transylvania. Ship launched 1908, used during WW1 for transportation of US troops to Europe, after war sold to the Italian line Cosulich, scrapped 1934. vgc. 10W
3651916Ppc (Lemberg) to Budapest franked 5h Jubilee cancelled with the boxed numeralIX / 2('tarnstempel') and censored Kuk Militarzensur / Lemberg 2. 10W
3662.12.14Special fpc produced for S.M.S PLANET, Pola Marine-feldpostamt. Imprint of Franz-Joseph inscribed 2.XII 1848-1914. Fine unused. 4W
36721.11.16Very nice art pc of Belgrade produced by the Infantry Regiment Freiherr von Balfras Nr.84/IV Feldbataillon for widows and orphans. Posted from Wien to Wr. Neustadt. Vgc. The artist was Cadet Bilko, who went on to become the future Master-Sergeant Bilko, in charge of the motor-pool at Fort Baxter, Kansas in the 1950s! (Google him!) 6W
3681867Courier/DDSG post. Cover from Craiova to Paris carried by courier to Piquet and thence by DDSG steamer to Orsova where it passed into the Austrian postal system. CancelledALT ORSOVA cds with French entry and arrival marks. Addressee charged 32kr = 25kr Austrian post + 7kr to the DDSG.Vgc. 40W
3691893DDSG. Commercial mail from the DDSG office in Orsova to Waldenburg in Saxony. Franked 2f + 3f Hungarian 'envelope-design' adhesives cancelled vg ORSOVA cds. Arrival backstamp. Nice item in vgc. 12W
3701928Photo-ppc of DDSG ship SATURNUS written on board and mailed to Switzerland. 16f adhesive cancelled vg BUDAPEST 4 (stb used for Danube maritime mail). Vgc. 10W
  Railway TPOs - kreuzer issues  
3711887KK POSTAMBULANCE No.9 cds (Kl.6670e; 35pts, vg) on 2kr psc to Trieste 4W
3721875KK POSTAMBULANCE No.9 cds (Kl.6670e; 35pts, vg) on 2kr yellow psc from Franzdorf to Trieste 4W
3731897K.K. POST AMBULANCE No. 34 (fine strike) on commercial, printed 2kr psc from Königshof to Gottesberg. Vgc. 15W
3741889F.P.A. No.43 (vg strike) on 2kr psc from Rumburg to Harzdorf. Vgc. 15W
3751895POSTCONDUCTEUR IM ZUGE / REICHENBERG-PARDUBITZ / No. 312/212 (vg strike) on 2kr psc with NEU PAKA arrival cds. Vgc. 30W
37618881883 imprint 2kr psc (German/Italian) from Bozen to Cavalese cancelled vg F.P.A. No. 64. 10W
3771900POSTCONDUCTEUR IM ZUGE / TRAUTENAU-PRAG / No. 506/417 (vg strike) on 2kr psc with NEU PAKA arrival cds. Vgc. 30W
  Railway TPOs - Heller issues  
3781914WIEN-PRAG / 24 very fine cds on colour ppc illustrating steam train crossing a viaduct near Ivancic. Vgc. 5W
3791902F.P.A. INNSBRUCK-LINDAU No.62 (vg strike) on 5h psc from Landeck to Feldkirch Vgc. 15W
3801902FPA / BRAUNAU-CHOTZEN No.86 cds (Kl.6745a vg) on 5h psc to Chemnitz 4W
3811903TABOR-IGLAU / 123 cds (Kl.6779a, poor) on envelope franked 10h to Budapest 2W
3821908KERNHOF-ST.PÖLTEN + 223 (St. 253f; 40p, vg) canc 5h adhesive on ppc (Traisen) to Wien 6W
3831918KREMS-ZELLERNDORF + 232 (St. 304a; 30p, fine) on 15h letter-card with 5h adhesive to Eggenburg 6W
3841918MARIAZELL-ST.PÖLTEN + 240 (St. 376b, vg) on 8h psc to Graz 4W
3851905SELTZTHAL / ATTNANG-PUCHHEIM / 266 cds (Stohl; 20 pts, fine strike) on colour ppc (Offensee) to Wien. 4W
386c.1910GRÜNAU-WELS + 280 (St. 188c; 30p, gd) on 5h on ppc to Wien 3W
3871916MAYRHOFEN-JENBACH + 285 (St. 380f; 50p, vg) cancelling 5h adhesive on pc from Finkenberg to Wien 5W
3881908MALS-BOZEN + 286 (, vg) canc 5h adh on ppc (Meran) to Moravia 4W
3891906BISCHOFSHOFEN-SELTZTHAL / 318 cds (Stohl: 10 pts, vg strike) on ppc (Schloss Trautenfels) to Paris 3W
3901917HAINBURG-WIEN / 318 on 8f Hungarian psc from Bruck a/d Leitha to Bohemia. Vgc. 15W
3911901HERMAGOR-ARNOLDSTEIN / 323 (vg strike) on 5h psc from Weissbrach to Klagenfurt. Vgc. 20W
3921901ZELTWEG-UNTERDRAUBURG / 325 (vg) on ppc (Wolfsberg) to Teschen. Vgc. 7W
3931915WOLFSBERG-ONTERDRABERG + 326 (St. 761b; 40p, perfect) on 5h psc to Graz 8W
3941917TURNAU-TANNWALD + 335 (Vot.3469.2; 50p, gd) on 8h psc to Poland 8W
3951916ROHITSCH-GROBELNO + 338, vg) on 8h psc from Rohitsch to Graz 5W
3961900CERVIGNANO-MONFALCONE / 346andMONFALCONE-CERVIGNANO / 347 cds (Kl.6912b, 6913a, good) on colour ppc to Venice. First TPO mark struck was in wrong direction. 10W
3971915WALLERN-STRAKONITZ + 357 (Vot.3435.4; 40p, good) on 5h on ppc (Winterberg) to Böhm. Leipa 4W
3981913SELCAN-WOTTITZ / 353 cds, fair strike on colour ppc to Prague. 3W
3991904IGLAU-TABORU / 363 cds, good strike on envelope to Kral. Vinohrady 3W
4001900KRUMAU-BUDWEIS / 368 cds (Kl.6931b, fine strike) canc 5h on ppc (Adalbert Stifter) 6W
4011902TURNAU-TANNWALD / 391 cds (Kl.6952b, fine strike) on 5h psc 5W
402c.1910BÖHM LEIPA-REICHENBERG + 407 (Vot. 3485.4; 50p, vg) on 5h psc to Littau 4W
4031911SEIDERBERG-REICHENBERG + 408 (Vot. 3486.4; 50p, vg) on 5h psc to Hörnitz 5W
4041910BRÜNN-BISENZ-PISEK / 423 cds (Kl.6982b, fair) on colour ppc 3W
4051909HÖLAKTRENCSENTEPLICZ-UNG.HRADISCH + 424 (Vot. 3502.4; 60p, vg) on envelope with 10h to Smichov 6W
4061906BAUSCH-ZAUCHTL / 429 cds (Kl.6988b, vg) on 5h psc. 5W
4071907/08FRIEDEK MISTEK - M. OSTRAU / 440 vg TPO cds on ppc (fine townscape Mistek) to Vienna. Plus vg FRIEDEK MISTEK - M.OSTRAU / 439 on ppc (greetings from M. Ostrava) to a soldier of the 3rd Regiment, 15th Company stationed in Casablanca, Morocco. Fine Austrian Silesia items. Vgc. (2) 10W
4081908TURNOV-JICIN + 589 bilingual (Vot. 3576.2; 70p, gd) on envelope(trimmed at right) with 2 x 5h (one incomplete) 3W
4091911HELDENREICHSTEIN-GMUND / 606 vg TPO cancelling 5h Jubilee on col ppc. 8W
4101916GÄNSERNDORF-GAUNERSDORF + 614 (St. 135a; 60p, perfect) on 5h on pc to Strasshof 8W
4111912GROSS-GERUNGS-GMUND / 619 (vg) on ppc (Weitra) to Wien. Vgc. 7W
4121912TRAUTENAU-PRAG + 657 (Vot. 3596.2, gd) on 5h psc to Prag 8W
41312.7.15Fpc toPOW in Russia cancelled bilingual KUTNA HORA-ZRUC / 659 cds. Red triangular Wien censor handstamp. 14W
4141916ASCHACH a.d.D-WELS + 681 (St. 12b, vg) cancelling 5h psc from Ascach to Graz 4W
4151912KORNITZ-SKALITZ-BOSKOWITZ + 755 (Vot. 3336.1; 90p, vg) on 10h on env to Dvore Kralove. 8W
  Hungarian railway TPOs  
4161915FIUME-NAGYKANIZSA / 64C (v good) on envelope with contents to a military hospital at Marmaros-Sziget 15W
4171907BUDAPEST-GRAZ / 302A (fine strike) on Hungarian 10f letter-card from Fehring to Wien. Vgc 15W
41818901867 issue 1kr violet newspaper-stamp in fine used block of 16 (1 stamp has trimmed corner) cancelled fine K.K. POSTAMBULANCE No.15 TPO cds. For a bundle of newspapers cancelled on the Wien-Innsbruck train rather than at destination. 10W
419 Telegram receipt. 1876 issue 5kr imprint, cancelled vg K.K. PNEUMATISCHE STATION No.2 (Wien Fleischmarkt) to Temesvar. (ANK 5a; €30) 5W
420 Telegram receipt. 1884 issue 5kr imprint, vgu with scarce, violet, circular cachet K.K. TELEGRAPHENAMT / WIEN 1 ESSIGGASSE (ANK 15; €18) 6W
4211890sTelegram receipt with vg boxed WIEN 9 handstamp. Good condition for these. 12W
422 Telegram receipt. 1894 issue 5kr imprint fu cancelled boxed WIEN 19 (ANK 23; €16). 3W
423 Telegram receipt. 1894 issue 5kr imprint, cancelled vg oval K.K. TELEGRAPHENAMT / WIEN 70 + boxed WIEN 70 (Klein: 80 + 60 pts), fine used to Basle. (ANK 23; €16) 4W
4241909Archduke Karl Exhibition, Wien 1909. Special 5h card and blue, octagonal postmark marking the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Aspang. Two types (printer's name differs). Mailed locally. Vgc. (2) 5W
4251910Mozart souvenir-card franked 1h x 3, 2h, 5h Jubilees cancelled with the special postmark for the laying of the foundation-stone of the Mozart-House in Salzburg GRUNDSTEIN-LEGUNG DES MOZARTHAUSES special postmark (used one day only; Wurth 250p). Vgc. 16W
4261933WIPA. Happy Easter ppc to Czechoslovakia with 24g definitive cancelled WIPA 1933 slogan-cancel. 3W
4271913Bohemia. Ppc with fine boxed, collecting-agency REBEC (Kü. 7p, but unknown before 1916). 5h adhesive correctly cancelled BUSCHTEHRAD. 15W
4281914Bohemia. Ppc with fine boxed, collecting-agency cachet (faint, but clear) TURSKO (Kü. 6p). 5h adhesive correctly cancelled LIBSCHITZ 6W
4291910Collecting agency handstamp K.k. Briefablage Mariahilf / bei Zuckmantel on ppc (Mariahilf, buckled corner) franked 5h cancelled Zuckmantel cds to Hungary. 4W
43019.1.19Czechoslovakia. 8h Austrian psc uprated with triangular 2h Austrian Express-stamp for correct 10h internal postcard-rate. From Cenkov to Prague. Vgc. 5W
4311919Tyrol. Ppc (Cortina) to Venice franked Italian 5c cancelled good CORTINA Austrian cds postmark. 8W
4321920Tyrol. Col ppc to Venice franked Italian 5c + 10c canc good GRIES b. BOZEN Austrian cds pmk. 10W
43325.11.18Period 1. Inland postcard. 8h psc to Baden uprated with 2h express-stamp for correct 10h rate. Vgc 3W
43425.8.19Period 1. Foreign printed-matter. Interesting advertising card (in French) franked 5h overprinted adhesive for correct rate. From Klosterneuberg to Switzerland. Vgc. 4W
43525.2.20Period 2. Foreign postcard. Ppc to Switzerland correctly franked 40h. Vgc. 3W
4362.4.20Period 2. Foreign letter. Commercial env to Switz with 1k single-franking for correct rate. Vgc. 4W
43710.7.20Period 3. Inland postcard. 25h psc uprated with 25h adhesive for correct 50h rate. Vgc 3W
43820.5.20Period 3. Inland letter. Commercial env with 80h single-franking for correct rate. Vgc. 3W
4393.1.21Period 3. Registered foreign letter at second weight-step. Scruffy commercial envelope from Wien to London correctly-franked 520h. 4W
44011.4.21Period 4. Rückschein in the form of a letter-card sent locally from a court in Wien with postage (paid by addressee) shown by a single 1.50K Due for the discounted local rate. Vgc. 8W
4411.7.21Period 4. Foreign postcard to Italy. 50h psc uprated with adhesives to correct 3k rate Vgc. 3W
44219.4.21Period 4. Foreign letter. Mourning envelope to Switzerland correctly franked 5k. Good condition. 4W
44328.3.21Period 4. Underfranked postcard from Czechoslovakia to Wien charged 120h with 40, 80h Dues. Vgc. 6W
44424.8.21Period 5. Inland postcard. 1k psc uprated with 1k adhesive for correct 2k rate. Vgc 3W
44515.12.21Period 6. Inland postcard. 2k psc uprated with 3k adhesive for correct 5k rate. Vgc 3W
44622.2.22Period 6. Foreign postcard to England franked pair 7.5k adhesives for correct 15k rate. A commercial card from Vaduz (Liechtenstein.) which has been taken to Feldkirch (Austria) for posting. Vgc. 4W
4473.2.22Period 6. Registered foreign letter to Netherlands withmass-franking of 20 x 80h on back plus, on front, 3 x 80h, 5k, 12.5k, 15k for total 50.90k, slightly overpaying vs correct 50k rate. Opens out for display. Vgc. 10W
44812.5.22Period 7. Registered foreign letter at second weight-step. Commercial envelope from Wien to Switzerland correctly-franked 112.5k. Good condition. 10W
44916.9.22Period 8. Inland-rate postcard to Germany. 50k psc for correct rate. Vgc 3W
45013.9.22[corrections in red] Period 9. Foreign printed-matter. Envelope to Scotland correctly franked 60k. Interesting handstampTHIS CIRCULAR IS POSTED FROM / AUSTRIA OWING TO HEAVY BRITISH / POSTAL RATES. Scarce rate. Rather creased. 15W
4519.3.23Period 10. Inland-rate postcard to Germany. Period 9 100k psc with additional 100k imprint to convert to correct period 10 rate. Vgc 5W
4528.3.23Period 10. Inland letter. Commercial envelope with 400k single-franking for correct rate. Good condition. 3W
45326.1.23Period 10. Local letter. Commercial window-envelope franked pair 160k adh for the correct 320k rate within Wien. Vgc. 5W
45410.2.23Period 10. Foreign letter to USA franked 3 x 500k for correct 1500k rate. Good condition. 3W
45517.3.23Period 10. Foreign postcard to Switzerland. 100k psc + a further 100k imprint + 200k, 500k adhesives for correct 900k rate. Vgc. 5W
45614.7.23Period 10. Foreign letterto Switzerland. Envelope franked on back 3 x 500k for correct 1500k rate. Vgc. 4W
4577.2.23Period 10. Registered letter at reduced rate to Czechoslovakia correctly franked 2700kr. Vgc. 5W
45811.9.23Period 11. Inland postcard. 200k psc uprated with pair 50k adhesives for correct 300k rate. Vgc. 3W
45920.8.23Period 11. Concessionary foreign postcard-rate to Italy. 200k postcard uprated with three adhesives to the correct 900k discounted rate. Vgc. 5W
4601920sBundle of 31 Inflation covers, cards and cover-fronts. Includes, foreign mail, concessionary-rate mail to Czechoslovakia, postal stationery, registered, etc. Condition mixed, but mainly very good. Good value at start-price. (31) 15W
4615.9.25Special flight: Air Display, Aspern. Envelope to Wien franked 1g printed-matter rate with special cancel used on first day of the event. Special cancel of Austrian Aero Club. (Kohl 25.2). Vgc. 12W
46225.7.28Super pro-German pc for the Wiener Rathauskeller with cancellation 10 DEUTSCHES SÄNGERBUNDESFEST / 1928 WIEN. Not mailed. Vgc. 5W
46319291925/27 Definitive issue 1.00 sch dark-green (ANK €30) on registered cover from Graz 8 to Switzerland. Vgc. 4W
4642.4.291925/30 Air Issue. Selection of values totalling 4.26 sch on registered airmail cover from Wien to Budapest. Vgc. 12W
46525.4.341925/30 Air Issue. 5g Air + 60g Landsape on registered envelope from Salzburg 2 to Ortrand in Germany. Vgc. 8W
46626.9.361925/30 Air Issue. Selection of values totalling 1.55 sch on airmail cover from Wien to Switzerland. Vgc. 10W
46727.7.3215g imprint postaufstragkarte (ANK 23; €100) from Wien seeking 37 sch for milk-bill from the police-station in Wien-Floridsdorf. Not paid, and the card returned with 3 x 5g postage-due applied. Punch-holes at left through one of the Dues. 22W
4681933Luftpostkarte / Mit segelflug / Kronfeld / Wien-Semmering.Special card for the glider flight - 12g imprint plus 10, 15, 25g 'pilot' Air stamps cancelled SEGEL-FLUGAUSSTELLUNG ROBERT KRONFELD / WIEN / 7.I.33 + special flight cachet 1 OSTERR. SEGEL-FLUGPOST / Janner 1933 / WIEN-SEMMERING+ and arrival cds of Semmering. Kronfeld photo on front. 24W
4691934Airmail to Jugoslavia. Card franked 8g + 30g 1925 Airs (ANK 471,81) cancelled WIEN 1 and WIEN 1 FLUGPOST of 2.5.34. Bilingual, blue triangular arrival pmk of LJUBLJANA 1 same day. Fine 4W
4701934Registered printed postcard of the North German Lloyd shipping company to their Vienna agency from Graz. Correctly franked 12 + 40gr Small Landscapes. Vertical crease. 5W
4712.9.35Salzburg-Vienna. Registered pc, with 15, 40g air-stamps with special illustrated cancel SALBURG FESTSPIELHAUS / BAUSPARKASSEN-WELTKONGRESS (Kohl; 35p) carried on a regular flight. WIEN FLUGPOST arrival cds. Vgc. 8W
4722.12.35Heerführer issue. Set of six on unaddressed cover with special cancel TAG DER BRIEFMARKE / 2 DEZEMBER 1935. Cat €210 as used stamps. Good condition. 20W
4731936F.I.S. II set of four fu on two pieces (ANK 623-626; €180) cancelled special boxed FIS-WELT KAMPFE / INNSBRUCK 23 Febr. 1936. 30W
4741937Mothers' Day ppc sent locally within Wien with Mothers' Day adhesive cancelled MUTTERTAG 1937 special postmark. Vgc. 8W
4751936/37Five commercial covers from a firm in Vienna to another in Edinburgh, England (sic!), showing the 1934 tariff for first and second weight-steps, including two sent airmail. Genuine commercial mail worthy of study. (5) 32W
4761937Airmail cover from Wien to Prague franked first five values of 1935 Air issue = 75gr. Vgc. 8W
4771937DDSG Centenary. The set of three stamps (ANK 639-641) mm & fu. (6) 8W
4789.6.37DDSG Centenary (First Day). The set of three stamps (ANK 639-641) on registered envelope to Sweden (arrival cds) mailed on board the steamer HABSBURG with special Centenary postmark. On the reverse, two Hesshaimer 'transport' labels with OSTARA overprint. Vgc. 12W
47916.6.37DDSG Centenary. 2 x 12gr Centenary adhesives (ANK 639) on cover to Kirchdorf a/d Krems mailed on board the steamer SCHÖNBRUNN with special Centenary pmk. 8W
48019371936 Inventors set of six on cover (ANK 632-37; €80) sent locally within Graz. 8W
4815.12.37Austrian Doctors set of nine on registered express FDC to Salzburg cancelled TAG DER BRIEFMARKE / WIEN / 5.XII.37. (ANK 649-657; €90 on cover). Vgc. 16W
48229.5.38German-Austria flight. Unaddressed ppc franked Austrian 3g definitive and 5g air-stamp with German roller cancel Deutschlandflug 1938 / 22-29 Mai, with swastika, etc (Kohl; 50p), cancelling 5g air-stamp. Circular cachet Deutschlandflug 1938 / 29 Mai / Endziel Wien (Kohl 40p). vgc. 8W
48321.4.38Anschluss. Envelope sent airmailWien to Berlin with Durch Flugzeug / - Reichsluftwaffe - label. Mixed franking of German and Austrian stamps cancelled special postmark for DES FUHRERS GEBURTSTAG / 20.4.1938. WIEN 1/FLUGPOST/21.4.38 drs. Vgc 5W
4841939Tyrol. Ppc of Lermoos franked 6pf Hindenburg cancelled vg BIBERWIER cds + ppc of Elmau franked the same and cancelled ELMAU tourism pmk. Both vgc. (2) 3W
4851941German TPO BRESLAU-DITTERSBACH-GOLLITZ cancelling 6pf Hitler on ppc 7W
48625.2.41Registration-label error. Envelope to Graz franked 30 + 2 x 6 Rpf Hindenburgs for correct 42 Rpf registered distance-rate, cancelled STADT SCHLAINING / OBERWART. The Third Reich registration label is incorrectly-printed Stadl Schlaining. (This part of Burgenland was in Styria during the Reich period). Vgc. 20W
4871941, 44Two registered covers from Wagrain (Salzburg province) to Linz. First has Hindenburg-franking of 12 + 30 Rpf; second has Hitler-franking of same values. The two German registration-labels have different typefaces. Vgc. 8W
48810.1.43Postcard produced for the German Collectors' Society for 1943 Tag der Briefmarke. German 6+24 pfg adhesive with Exhibition cancel. Not mailed. 4W
48920.3.43Money-letter with red, German Waidhofen (Ybbs) V-label - hard to find used in Austria. Franked 60 + 3 x 8 Rpf cancelled WAIDHOFEN a.d. YBBS cds. Five wax-seals on reverse of a firm that still exists. Good condition. 40W
4901944Special illustrated postcard (picture of Wachau) in Russian for prisoners to write home. Unusual - see the webscan. Fine unused. 10W
4919.2.45Commercial cover to Linz franked 42 Rpf Hitler cancelled WAIZENKIRCHEN cds. Provisional registration-label with Waizenkirchen rubber-stamp applied to generic German label. Vgc and attractive. 12W
49225.7.45Registered cover to Wien franked 8, 30 Rpf Russian-zone adhesives for local rate, cancelled WIEN 107 cds. Provisional registration-label with Wien 107 rubber-stamp applied to generic pale-yellow Austrian label. Good condition. 20W
49329.9.45Registered cover to Wien franked 42 Rpf Russian-zone adhesive cancelled WAIDHOFEN a.d. YBBS cds. Provisional registration-label with Waidhofen (Ybbs) rubber-stamp applied to generic pale-yellow Austrian label. Vgc. 20W
49422.11.45Registered cover to Wien franked three Russian-zone adhesives for 42pf rate canc elled OPPONITZ cds. Renewed usage of Austrian First Republic registration label. 15W
  Stamps, mint postal-stationery, miniature-sheets, etc  
4951948-52Costumes complete set of 37 values, fine unmounted mint (ANK €450). Bargain. (37) 44W
4961960s - 80sSouvenir-sheets (Gedankblätter) for various anniversaries, many unlisted in the main catalogues + sheetlet of nine 'stamps' and self-adhesive roundel for 500 years City of Baden. Unsold in previous Auctions, and re-offered at less than half price. (11) 15W
4971968Airmail Stamp Exhibition, Vienna. UMM set (ANK 1292-94) + non-postal souvenir sheet + Entry Ticket, attractively mounted on album-page. 10W
4981969Wien State Opera Centenary. COMPLETE SHEET with four complete blocks + surrounding blank labels and complete selvedge, umm. ANK 1324-31. Hard to find. 18W
4991969Wien State Opera Centenary. Souvenir sheet featuring reprint of three values of the 1922 Composers series plus entry ticket to the Centenary Exhibition. Useful additions to a music-theme collection. 8W
50019501.70 sch airmail-envelope (ANK 3; €40) fine mint. 5W
5011950Balloon-post illustrated envelope (Kinderdorf ANK 5; €30), fine mint. 3W
5021952The first aerogramme (ANK 1, fine used: €140) to London with fine first -day Christkindl postmark and sticker. A very nice item in vgc. 20W
50319523.80 sch aerogramme (ANK 1; €50) fine mint.Sch 5W
50419829.00 sch aerogrammes; (ANK 19) fine unused. 3W
5051950Costumes, 30g red and 30g violet postal-stationery cards, both up-rated with additional adhesives for airmail to London. (2) 5W
5061998Empress Elizabeth 100th Anniversary of Death. Set of 6 colour psc (views of Vienna) with 7.00 sch PRIORITY imprint featuring the Empress, and special commemorative cancel. Fine unused condition. (6) 10W
5071950Decorated telegram form, A4 size, fine unused. This is the form which (for a fee) could be specified for the delivery of the telegram from the receiving post-office. (Hence, no value imprint). Attractive addition to a telegraph collection. 10W
5081950Another Decorated telegram form, in a different design to the previous lot. 10W
  Second Republic - Postal history  
50925.6.46League of Nations 30g overprint (ANK 775) on pc to England withfirst-day postmark(cat €150). Vgc. 15W
5107.8.46Renner set (ANK 776-779) on unaddressed cover with first-day postmark. Vgc. 10W
5111946Austria Prize set (ANK 793-797) on envelope to New York with special cancel of the Austrian Workers' Stamp Collectors' Club. Top value cat €500 on cover. 20W
51219461946 Salzburg Festival special postmark on censored airmail cover to USA bearing 30, 50 60g + 5s adhesives. The high value is scarce on cover. 8W
51316.9.46Anti-Fascism set of 8 (ANK 784-91) on unaddressed cover with first-day postmark. Vgc. 5W
51426.9.46Congress with Soviet Union. Special card bearing the specially-overprinted stamp cancelled with special first-day postmark of the Congress. Attractive and vgc. 5W
51512.12.46St Stephen's Cathedral set (ANK 799 to 808) on unaddressed cover with first-day pmk. Vgc. 10W
51613.4.46Censored env to England correctly franked 8, 12, 30g to make up correct 50g rate. Vgc. 4W
51731.12.46Censored env to England correctly franked 50g. Last day of rate-period. Vgc. 8W
51830.12.47Censored env to England correctly franked 1.00 sch purple landscape (ANK 859). 4W
51930.10.47Censored env to England correctly franked foreign printed-matter rate of 20g. Vgc. 4W
5208.1.49Censored env to England correctly franked 1.00 sch Costume. 4W
5211948-50Small collection of eight early post-war covers and cards charged Austrianpostage-due for a variety of reasons. Written up on album-pages.Not so easy to find from this period. (8) 20W
5221946-49Selection of censored covers from Wien to Manchester, England with various frankings from 50g to 140g. Typical condition for mail that censor has opened and re-sealed. (29) 5W
5231947Registered mail to Wien attractively-franked 4 x 10g (2 pairs) + 1.00 sch definitives (orange & purple series issued that month), cancelled ZIERSDORF / 24.12.47 (Christmas Eve) Vgc 4W
5241947Registered, censored cover to USA franked POW set on front (ANK 838-843) plus the surcharged issue (ANK 844 to 845) on the reverse). 6W
52510.2.47Grillparzer fdc. Censored registered fdc bearing strip of four Grillparzer 18gr (ANK 809) + 90gr Landscape (ANK 766) from Vienna to England. Vgc. 8W
5263.4.47Censored envelope to England correctly franked 4g, 1.00 sch Landscape + pair 18g Grillparzer for correct 140g airmail-rate. 6W
5276.7.47Art Exhibition Fund. Set of 10 (ANK 827-36) on large unaddressed cover with special Exhibition postmark. 7W
52823.3.47Vienna Fair. Set of eight (ANK 811-818) on two registered covers with first-day postmark. Sent locally within Innsbruck. On cover has a small piece missing. 6W
5291947Vienna Fair. Special illustrated psc for the 3rd Fair with 20gr Ziehrer imprint. Fine unused. 8W
53026.1.48Ziehrer/Amerling fdc. Censored fdc from Baden bei Wien to USA bearing 20gr Ziehrer (ANK 864) + 60gr Amerling (ANK 866) + strip of 5 x 3gr + 5gr1947 defins. Vgc. 8W
5311948Censored cover to Scotland bearing 2 x 20gr Ziehrer (ANK864) + 60gr Amerling (ANK 866) for 100gr rate. Attractive. 4W
5321948Stifter. Censored, registered, airmail cover from Baden bei Wien to USA franked 40gr Stifter (ANK 865) + 5 sch Costume (ANK 921) 6W
5333.9.49Bruckner. 40gr on FDC to England with Salzburg special cancel. 4W
5341.6.49J Strauss the Younger 1 sch (ANK 946) x 2 + two defins, clearly postmarked 1 6.49,two days before day of issue of the Strauss stamp. Vgc. 12W
53512.2.49Famous Austrians. Attractive censored, airmail cover from Wien to England franked pair 20gr Ziehrer (ANK 864) + 40gr Stifter (ANK 865) + 1 sch Renner (ANK 939) for 1.80 rate. Vgc. 8W
5361949Day of the Stamp. FDC to Germany bearing block of four 60g (ANK958; €20 each on cover) with special Stamp Day pmk. Vgc. 8W
53731.12.49MIllöcker. 1 sch (ANK 959) x 2 on registered FDC (cat €70) + 2 other adhesives for correct airmail rate to USA . Good condition. 8W
53830.5.1950Solbad (Hall in Tirol). Registered cover to Wien with 1s + 60g Costumes values cancelled SOLBAD HALL / (TIROL). Registration-label with thick frame. Town now known as Hall in Tirol. Vgc and attractive. 5W
53918.6.50Censored envelope to England correctly franked 230g airmail-rate. Vgc. 4W
54026.4.50Censored envelope to England franked 2sch green (ANK 913; €20 on cover) + 30g Costumes for correct 230g airmail-rate. Vgc. 5W
54121.2.50Hofer. Envelope to USA franked 3 x 60g Hofer (ANK961; €30 each on cover). Vgc. 8W
54224.1.50Daffinger. Envelope to USA with 3 x 60g Daffinger clearly cancelled 24.1.50, day before issue-date. 20W
54317.3.51Rebuilding set (ANK 977-980; high cat on cover) + Renner (ANK 976) on registered cover to USA. Vgc. 8W
5443.3.52Olympics. Single-franking of ANK 985 (cat €50 on cover) on censored envelope to Germany (Russian Zone). Vgc. 5W
5455.11.53Evangelical school. Registered envelope franked set of 5 (ANK 998-1002) cancelled first day of issue. Arrival backstamps. Vgc. 15W
5461954Health charity set (ANK 1008-1013) on registered FDC from Wien to East Germany. Cat €55. 5W
54721.1.54Von Schwind. ANK 1005 x 2 on envelope to USA cancelled onfirst day of issue. Vgc. 5W
5481954Two x 2.80sch aerogrammes, fine used to England (ANK 4; €80),one with additional 60g adhesive. (2), 6W
5491955Wien Parliament first-day maximum card with 70g '10 years Austrian Republic' adhesive. Special red ARPHILA fancy cancel. Vgc. 10W
55027.4.55Republic 10th Anniversary set (ANK 1021-25) on registered FDC (ANK €230) sent airmail from Linz to England. Vgc. 20W
5511957Scouting. Card franked 40g flowers (Mi 871) cancelled roller slogan MÖDLING + 2 different PFADFINDER OSTERREICHS vignettes tied green special cancel 100 Geburstag LORD BADEN POWELL / 1957. 8W
5521961Franz Liszt official fdc with Liszt adhesive + special cancel fine used to Belgrade 3W
5531961World Bank Congress official fdc with Congress adhesive + special cancel, fine used to Belgrade. 3W
5541961JFK. Illustrated ppc with photo of Kennedy shaking hands with Kruschev, the latter sporting a fine example of a Soviet suit. 5gr Costumes adhesive cancelled KENNEDY TREFFEN CHRUSCHTSCHOW / IN WIEN / WIEN 101 / 3.6.1961.Vgc. 5W
5551963Registered letter to USA bearing ANK 1159 + block of four ANK 1160 + 40g definitive. Vgc. 3W
55622.1.64Olympics Torch flight. Specially-printed letter-card for the Austrian Airlines flight carrying the torch for the Winter Olympics to Vienna. Three Greek stamps cancelled special torch postmark. Various cachets. Then refolded and mailed 29.1.64 to London with 1 sch Olympic Skier (ANK 1166) cancelled special postmark and supplemented with 20gr Olympic machine postmark. Fine condition. 5W
5575.1.65Registered envelope to Wien with strip of 6 x 50g cancelled with special postmark for the opening day of the post office at Dietmanns (Lower Austria). 30g Due applied in Wien for payment ofPoste Restante charge. Unusual and attractive. Vgc. 10W
5581966Registered airmail cover to USA correctly franked 6.40 sch. With 4 x Postcode issue (ANK 1231) + 40g definitive. Arrival backstamp. Vgc. 4W
5591968Fourth weight-step airmail cover to USA correctly franked 9.50 sch, with ANK 1293,94 + 1sch defiitive. Vgc. 5W
56031.5.68Airmail Exhibition. Special postcard produced for the Exhibition with imprint of the 2 sch value (ANK 1292) cancelled special IFA FDC postmark. 4W
56131.5.68Airmail Exhibition. Illustrated FDC franked the three values (ANK 1292-94) cancelled special IFA postmark. Vgc. 4W
5621969Albertina. Four FDCs, each with two of the adhesives and a portrait of one of the painters (ANK 1337-44). All with special cancel. Very attractive in mint condition. (4) 8W
56330.6.77Mass-franking of 15 x 70g plus a 50g for correct 11 sch registered inland rate, from Mautern (N.Oe.) to Wien. Vgc. 4W
5641977Arphila '77. Souvenir-sheet for 50 years of the ABSV (Austrian Workers' Stamp Society). Fine condition. 3W
5651995Commemorative envelope bearing miniature-sheet for 50th Anniv of Republic, + the special adhesive (ANK 2183), cancelled WIEN-PARLIAMENT cds. Not mailed. Attractive. 2W
5662002Env to Neuhofen a/d Krems frankedmixed-currency 2 sch x three different Xmas adhesives = €0.44 + €0.17 supplementary 'make-up'value for correct €0.51 for an inland letter. Postmarked vg Christkindl 1.1.2002. 5W
56712.9.2009Numismatic FDC commemorating Bertha von Suttner, featuring her portrait, the commemorative stamp (ANK 2855) with special cancel and €2 coin with her portrait. Fine condition. 9W
  Second Republic - Specialist Registered Mail  
5688.6.46Registered official cover to Wien with provisional registration-label made from generic label with MARGARETHEN am MOOS cds applied to it. Russian-zone post-offices were not permitted to use up the German Reich registration-labels. Vgc. 18W
56910.7.46Registered cover from Waidhofen (Thaya) to Wien franked 42g (still using German Reich tariff of 12gr for inland postage, 30gr for registration). The printed envelope has been re-nationalised with two Third Reich terms changed to Austrian Republican in manuscript. Good condition. 18W
57016.9.46Registered cover from Karinthia to Wien franked 42g Landscape. German Reich Spittal (Drau) 1 registration-label incorporating 12b post-code. (Usage of German labels was permitted in the western zones but not the Russian zone). Good condition. 10W
57127.3.47Registered cover from Wien to Graz-Eggenberg correctly-franked 50g Landscape for a second-weight registered letter. New Austrian registration-label with thick frame. Good condition. 4W
5725.11.47Registered cover sent locally within Wien correctly-franked 1.40 on 16g Landscape (ANK 845) for the new registered-letter rate. New Austrian registration-label with corner-gaps to thick frame. Vgc. 5W
5735.3.48Registration-label error. Unfranked official cover to Wien cancelled STETTELDORFcds. Registration label incorrectly-printed STATTELDORF. Vgc. 20W
57428.4.53Wald im Oberpingau (Salzburg province). Official registered cover from Wald post-office to Wien. Label is first post-War issue, on pale-yellow paper. Vgc. 5W
5751957Maria-Zell 800th Anniversary special blue cancel on registered FDC to Romania bearing block of four Maria-Zell adhesives from Buildings series + 45g Reconstruction stamp (ANK 871). Provisional registration-label with Mariazell added by violet handstamp. Vgc. 16W
57622.6.57Registration-label error. Pre-printed postcard used to report hailstorms (yes, really) franked 3sch cancelled SOMMEREIN am LEITHAGEBIRGE. Registration label incorrectly-printed Sommerein / (Leithaberg). Vgc. 12W
57720.10.65Registered cover to Wien franked 3 sch, cancelled MÄDER / VORARLBERG cds. Provisional registration-label with Mader rubber-stamp applied to generic registration-label. Vgc. 7W
578?Pre-printed customs-notification window-envelope from Wels post-office. Printed registration-label stating that the serial-number would be visible in the window. Mint condition. 5W
57914.8.72Styria.Registered cover to Wien franked 6 sch, canc OBDACH cds. Provisional registration-label with 8742 Obdach rubber-stamp applied to generic registration-label. The label is an interim type on vertically-ribbed paper. Vgc. 6W
58013.12.72Styria.Registered cover to Wien franked 6 sch, cancelled OBDACH cds. Provisional registration-label with 8742 Obdach rubber-stamp applied to generic registration-label. Vgc. 4W
58128.1.74Sochau (Styria). Registered cover to Wien with provisional registration-label with rubber-stamped Postamt / 8382 Sochau on a generic label. Good condition. 10W
5826.8.74Mandling (Styria). Three registered letters to Graz, with three different provisional treatments of generic registration-labels, applied by favour on the same day. Also the three mailing-receipts. A philatelic novelty; see the web-scan. Vgc. (3) 15W
5837.10.75Münzkirchen (Upper Austria). Official envelope to Linz with provisional registration-label with rubber-stamped 4792 post-code the only identifier on a generic label. Small tear at bottom. 8W
58413.5.77Oberweis (Upper Austria). Official envelope to Linz with provisional registration-label with rubber-stamped Postamt / 4664 Oberweis O.O. on a generic label. Vgc. 4W
58527.6.77Provisional registration-label. Cover to the Schwechat Beer warehouse in Schrems franked 11 sch. An absence of registration-labels on the train that day led to use of a hand-drawn registration-label. The adhesives and the 'label' have been cancelled by the TPO postmark WIEN-HAINFELD / 256. A registration rarity. 100W
5861950-86Marchtrenk (Upper Austria). Six covers to Wien and Linz showing the development of this office's registration labels. An interesting assembly in vgc. See the web-scan. (6) 24W
58713.5.81Registration-label error. Envelope to Wien franked pair 7 sch adhesives. Registration label 3144, Wald / Niederösterreich has unnecessary comma after post-code. Vgc. 12W
58817.2.86Registered envelope to the P.O. Savings Bank in Vienna, which was also responsible for the lottery at that time, containing weekly settlement from a tobacco shop in Neudorf. Franked 22 sch canc STAINZ cds with 8510 Stainz registration label. The letter was taken from Neudorf to Stainz by a rural letter-carrier (Landbriefträger), whose manuscript route-code L-3/5 is marked on the registation-label. Vgc. 10W
5892000Registered envelope from postal agencyFis to Wien. Franked with 20 sch adhesive + two 6 sch cut-outs from postal-stationery envelopes. Fine used. 4W
  Second Republic - Christkindl  
5901952Christkindl. Censored cover from WIEN 118 to USA franked 2.40 sch Kinderkorrespondenz adhesive (ANK 993) cancelled special CHRISTKINDL 27.12.1952 (ANK €200) + first type Über Christkindl sticker, perf 3 sides (ANK +€50). An early example in good condition. 40W
591 Christmas Balloon Post. Two covers from 1962 (to Germany) and 1985 (to Scotland) with Christkindl cancels. With balloon post stickers and cachets. One is pilot-signed. 7W
5921962Christkindl. Nachnahme (C.O.D.) cover to Mayerhofen with special Christkindl cancel. Collecting 55 sch for annual subscription to 'Austria Philatelist' magazine. Unusual usage. 5W
5936.1.79Christkindl. Registered Christmas cover from Salzburg to Wels with über Christkindl sticker and block of four 1978 Xmas stamp with special Christkindl 'Three Kings'cancel. Christkindl registration label (ANK type2). Cat €55 + 15. Good condition and attractive. 7W
59424.12.86Christkindl. Registered cover to Germany franked various Xmas adhesives with special 1986 Christkindl cancel. Christkindl registration label ANK type 3 (with 'C'). 5W
5951967-91Christkindl. 34 covers and cards with Christkindl cancellations, mostly on foreign mail. Most have 'über Christkindl' stickers. Registered and balloon post noted. Very good selection and condition. (34) 30W
5961958-75Christkindl. 16 small covers to Dundee in Scotland with Christkindl cancels between 1958 and 1975. These are plain white envelopes, simply franked. No flashy stuff!. (ANK €400+). Vgc. 36W
5971986 - 2009Christkindl. Every year the Austrian Post Office sends its subscribers a Christmas card featuring a Xmas stamp cancelled at Christkindl. Cards for 1986-95, 97, 2000, 04, 05, 07, 09 all in vgc. (16) 10W
  Second Republic - Railway TPOs - special collection  
  The following registered railway-covers date from the time immediately before and after the introduction of postcodes. On that occasion, the railway mail-cancellers were renewed (single circle, new numbering system). This collection represents the final usage of the old bridge-postmarks and the old route-numbers. A very difficult group to assemble, and generally in very good condition.   
59931.1.66WIEN-INNSBRUCK / 90 (down-train) TPO postmark used to cancel generic registration-label on cover from the Mayor of Wels to Innsbruck . Vgc. 28W
6006.12.65INNSBRUCK-WIEN / 90 (up-train) TPO postmark used to cancel adhesives and generic registration-label on commercial cover from Zell am See to Salzburg . Vgc. 28W
60127.12.65WIEN-INNSBRUCK / 91 (down-train) TPO postmark used to cancel adhesives and generic registration-label on commercial cover from Wien to Zell am See . Vgc. 28W
60229.12.65INNSBRUCK-WIEN / 91 (up-train) TPO postmark used to cancel adhesive and generic registration-label on cover to Salzburg . Good condition. 28W
60327.12.65SALZBURG-BRAUNAU / 257 TPO postmark used to cancel adhesives and generic registration-label on registered, express commercial cover from a sportswear shop in Salzburg to Braunau. Vgc. 28W
60420.12.65SAALFELDEN-INNSBRUCK / 334 TPO postmark used to cancel adhesives and generic registration-label on registered, express commercial cover from a travel-agency in Zell am See to Zell am See to Innsbruck . Vgc. 28W
60517.12.65BISCHOFSHOFEN-BRUCK/MUR / 460 TPO postmark used to cancel adhesive and generic registration-label on cover from a master-painter in Bischofshofen to Radstadt. Vgc. 28W
60629.11.65UNZMARKT-MAUTERNDORF / 476 (down-train) TPO postmark used to cancel adhesive and generic registration-label on printed-matter envelope from Tamsweg to Mauterndorf. Vgc. 28W
60729.11.65MAUTERNDORF-UNZMARKT / 476 (up-train) TPO postmark used to cancel adhesive and generic registration-label on printed-matter cover from Lungau to Tamsweg. This mail was between two post-offices. Although post-codes were not officially launched until 1.1.1966, the code was already being used in the addresses of both offices. Vgc. 36W
6081.2.66KLAGENFURT-SALZBURG / 500 (down-train) TPO postmark used to cancel adhesives and generic registration-label on cover from a ski-club in Bischofshofen to Salzburg. Vgc. 28W
60924.2.66SALZBURG-KLAGENFURT / 500 (up-train) TPO postmark used to cancel adhesive and generic registration-label on illustrated cover from an optician in Salzburg to Bad Gastein. Good condition. 28W
6105.12.65SALZBURG-KLAGENFURT / 500 (up-train) TPO postmark used to cancel adhesives and generic registration-label on cover from Salzburg University to Bischofshofen. Filing crease. This is a different postmark-type to the last lot. 28W
6116.12.65VILLACH-SALZBURG / 510 (down-train) TPO postmark used to cancel adhesives and generic registration-label on cover to Salzburg. Filing crease; otherwise vgc. 28W
61211.12.65SALZBURG-VILLACH / 510 (up-train) TPO postmark used to cancel adhesive and generic registration-label on cover from the Salzburg section of the Austrian Student's Union to Klagenfurt. Vgc. 28W
6135.10.65WOLFSBERG/KÄRNTEN-KRITTELFELD / 562 TPO postmark used to cancel adhesives and generic registration-label on large envelope from Wolfsberg to Wien. Vgc. 28W
  Second Republic - Airmail and Balloon-post  
61431.12.50Salzburg-Brussels special flight. Envelope with specialairmail adhesive label with imprints of 60g + 2 Sch Birds (ANK €80) cancelled specialSALZBURG / SILVESTER SONDER FLUGPOST cds. Belgian 20c postage-due adhesive on reverse. Vgc. 8W
6151951Private airmail psc promoting Milan-New York first flight, with 60g airmail imprint (birds). Fine unused. 3W
6166.3.53Special Flight. 1 Sch airmail envelope from Wien to Tromsø with flight cachet and label VIA MILANO….(ROALD AMUNDSEN FLIGHT). Franked three recent adhesives (incl Stamp Day ANK 988; €50 on cover). Arrival postmark, and return marks to Wien. Vgc. 10W
61720.5.61LUPOSTA WIEN adhesive (ANK 1127) on special env for the 'Flying Carpet route' flight from Vienna to Bombay. Special flight cancel + Bombay arrival postmark. Vgc. 5W
6181968Registered air mail envelope to Poland with special registration-label 1150 Wien / Sonder- postamt / 942 ab. Selection of commemorative stamps tied with special cancel BRIEFMARKEN AUSSTELLUNG UKRAINIAN-OSTERR. / WIEN - KIEV / 50 JAHRE FLUGPOST / 1918-1968 + special flight cachet 50 JAHRE INTERNATIONALE FLUGPOST IN OSTERREICH / WIEN-KRAKOW / 1150 WIEN / 3.4.1968 - flown to Krakow. Handstamp Retour - Non Reclame (Return to sender, not claimed). 4 x 10 gr DOPLATA ( to pay) Polish stamps, cancelled KRAKOW, but apparantly invalidated. Six transit and arrival pmks of Warsaw and Krakow on reverse. 10W
6191960Balloon post. Special card (Tag der österreichischen Fahne) carried on board the Albis for the 24th Balloon-post flight. Fancy green flight cachet. Landing cachet for Julbach/Simbach. Vgc. 4W
6201960Balloon post. Special card (Tag der österreichischen Fahne) carried on board the Knie for the 24th Balloon-post flight. Fancy green flight cachet. Landing cachet for Bruckmühl. Vgc. 4W
6211946Attractive registered cover bearing 12 values of 1945 definitive set with special cancel of the 1946 USA Exhibition in Vienna. 8W
6221946Special ppc for the Paris in Wien Exhibition of 1946. 30 g adhesive with exhibition cancel PARIS IN WIEN AUSSTELLUNG / 27 AUG 1946 / SALON D'AUTOMNE. Not mailed. Vgc. 10W
6231946Picture postcard to Paris franked on the front with five 1945 definitives, cancelled special PARIS IN WIEN AUSSTELLUNG / 20 AUG 1946 / SALON D'AUTOMNE postmark. 8W
6241946Salzburg Festival special envelope with four definitives, 5+10+15+20gr = 50 gr foreign mail to Germany (American Zone) special cancel SALZBURG / 30.8.46 / FESTIVAL 1946 / SALZBURGER FESTSPIELE (last day of the cancel). Vg US censorship handstamp on arrival. 10W
6251947Illustrated ppc bearing 3g adhesive cancelled ERSTE GROSSE OSTERREICHISCHE KUNSTAUSSTELLUNG WIEN - WIEN 20.06.1947. Not mailed. Vgc. 5W
6261947Special ppc for the Salzburg Music Festival, 8g adhesive with special cancel SALZBURGER FESTSPIELE 27.7.- 31.8.47 / SALZBURG 1 / 27.8.47.Not mailed, in vgc. 5W
6279.8.49St Gebhard, 1000 years celebration. Privately-produced ppc with St Gebhard 30g imprint cancelled special St Gebhard, Bregenz, 9.8.49 postmark. Very attractive and vgc. 4W
6281965First day cover - Gymnastics set + 20 gr castle, to E Germany, WIEN 101 SONDERPOSTAMT registration label. 3W
6291969Entrance ticket to the Jubilee Exhibition 100 Years of the Vienna Opera on the Ring. Fine condition. 2W
6301946 - 7623 postcards + 2 envelopes with different special cancels, 1946-1976, (mostly 1947-1953). Very good condition. 24W
  Second Republic - WIPA Exibitions  
6316.7.65WIPA 1964 Advance Publicity set of 8 values (ANK 1194-1201) sent registered, express and airmail to Stuttgart. Cancelled WIEN FLUGHAFEN cds of 6 July, with STUTTGART FLUGHAFEN arrival cds the next day. WIEN FLUGHAFEN registration label. Fine condition and very attractive. 8W
6321965WIPA non-postal souvenir sheet with new printing of the 1933 WIPA design in red. Vgc. 4W
6331965WIPA Exhibition entry-ticket, complete in vgc. 5W
6341965WIPA 3.40 Sch aerogram, fine unused 6W
63513.6.65WIPA 4.20 sch aerogram, fine unused + 3.00+0.80 sch WIPA adhesive canc special Exhibition pmk, sent registered to Germany with special Exhibition registration label. Vgc. 8W
6361979/81Two umm adhesives showing the first and second stages of printing of the 16+8 sch Hofburg issue, plus the block showing the finished design (ANK 1660, 1693, 1696). Neatly-displayed on album leaf. 8W
6371981United Nations Vienna. Colour maximum-card of the U.N. Centre in Wien bearing 4sch U.N. adhesive on front with U.N. cds. Special WIPA 1981 cachet, also on front. Vgc. 4W
6381981WIPA 1981 entry-ticket, complete and vgc. 4W
63920.2.81Official WIPA maximum card with the Hofburg block (ANK 1696) tied with first-day special cancel. Attractive and vgc. 5W
6402000WIPA Exhibition souvenir-sheet (ANK block 15; €38) in promotional-mount for Lindner accessories. 6W
6412000WIPA Exhibition entry-ticket, complete and vgc. 4W
6422000WIPA sheetlet (ANK block 16; €40), fine umm. 6W
643 United Nations Vienna. All the early issues to 1989 umm (ANK 1-46 incl the 1980 block) in protective mounts on album pages + the 1982 aerogramme + the first two postal-stationery cards (ANK 1, 2), all fine mint. Total cat c. €50. Good basis for expansion. (47) 14W
6441980United Nations Vienna. Printed-matter cover to Scotland with 30gr franking-machine UNO postmark. These are rarely-encountered. Vgc. 10W
6451981United Nations, Wien. Illustrated U.N. postcard bearing printed message from UNICEF Executive Director, with special WIPA 1981 cachet on front. Sch 1.00 U.N. adh with WIEN - VEREINTE NATIONEN cds. Vgc. 4W
6461980sUnited Nations Vienna. 3 covers from UNO Wien to Scotland + 3 commem FDCs with special pmks and cachets + a few loose stamps. Useful early material in vgc. 8W
6471899Germany. Attractive litho 'Gruss aus Friedrichshafen' pc; view of lake, etc. Used in vgc. 3W
6481919Ppc with 5c, 10c Italian stamps cancelled POSTA MILITARE 61 (Italian troops in Austrian Karinthia). Vgc. 25W
6491919Czech Field Post. Colour ppc to Bohemia canc vg CESKOSLOVENSKA POLNI POSTA 50 cds. 8W
6501919Czech Field Post. ppc cancelled fair C.S. POLNI POSTA/46 cds 7W
6511961Souvenir-block marking thirty years of rocket-mail with fancy, red cancel of Maribor (Marburg, Slovenia). 10W
  Colour litho 'Gruss Aus' POSTCARDS  
6521899Gruss aus Wien ppc (Maria-Theresa Monument, published Storch) vgu. 5W
653c.1900Gruss aus Maria-Tafel ppc (Lower Austria, published Schemm) fine used. 10W
654c.1900Gruss aus Pochlarn /a Donau ppc (Lower Austria, publ. Schwidernoch, Wien) fu (stamp missing). 10W
6551900Gruss aus Maria Lanzendorf ppc (Lower Austria, published locally) fine used. 10W
6561904Gruss aus Linz ppc. Vgu. 6W
6571899Gruss aus Bozen ppc (published locally). Fine used to The Netherlands. 8W
6581899Gruss aus Innsbruck ppc (published Hayd) vgu. 8W
6591901Gruss aus Maria Fieberbründl ppc (publisched Fischer, Innsbruck). Small village in Styria with Gleisdorf cds. Fu. 10W
6601899Czech-languagePozdrav z Prahy ppc (Prague) fine used. 8W
6611902Gruss aus Brünn ppc. Attractive and fine used. 8W
6621899Gruss aus Prerau ppc (Moravia, published Schwidernoch, Wien), including picture of the railway station. Vgu. 10W
  Franz Joseph and Jubilee postcards  
6637.5.98Jubilee Exhibition. Official colour ppc (published Philipp & Kramer) used on the opening day of the exhibition with the special Exhibition postmark (Wurth 200p) and exhibition Vignette. Vgc. 20W
66422.5.98Jubilee Exhibition. Official colour ppc in Wiener Werkstätte style (published Philipp & Kramer) featuring the official Exhibition poster design. Very good used. 8W
66523.9.98Jubilee Exhibition. Official ppc (published Philipp & Kramer) featuring photo of the Urania Theatre. 2kr adhesive cancelled with vg Exhibition postmark (Wurth 200p). Very good used. 10W
66614.2.98Colour ppc to mark Franz Josef's fifty-year reign. Inscribed Gruss aus Olomouc with bilingual OLOMOUC STADT postmark. Vgc. 6W
66725.11.98Ppc published Graz depicting Empress Elizabeth blessing Franz Josef and invoking prayer for him. Published after her assassination. Used Graz to London. Vgc. 12W
66818.7.98Mourning ppc issued to mark the death of Empress Elizabeth. Very good used. 12W
6691908Colour ppc (publ. Bruder Kohn, Wien 1) depicting the Jubilee issue of stamps. Fine used. 9W
6701908Colour ppc (publ Zieher) depicting the Jubilee issue of adhesives. Fine used. 9W
6711910Colour ppc (published Bruder Kohn, Vienna) depicting the 1910 Birthday Issue of postage stamps. Fine unused. 9W
6721910Ppc marking Franz Josef's visit to Sarajevo and Mostar. 5h Bos & Herz adhesive cancelled red MILIT POST / SARAJEVO cds. 20W
6731914Colour ppc published by the Red Cross showing images of F.J. in various war-years (1848, 1859, 1866 and 1914). Unused in vgc. 16W
6741916Unused postcard with black & white photo of funeral procession for Franz Joseph, featuring Charles, Zita and Crown-Prince Otto. Display-enhancer in vgc. 6W
  Other postcards  
6751901Black & white photo-ppc (published by the Kohn Brothers in Wien) showing troops on manoeuvres. Posted to London with message in English asking about the outcome of the war in South Africa. Interesting addition to a military collection. 5W
6761915Ppc Gruss aus der Kuk Pionnierkadettenschule, Hainburg with group photo of the cadets and instructors. Sent from Hainburg to Transylvania. Good display-enhancer. 5W
677 Vienna. Pre WW1 quadruple ppc showing panorama from Karlskirche. Fine unused. 10W
678 Vienna. Pre WW1 triple ppc showing panorama of the Votivkirche area. Fine unused. 10W
679c.1906Kaiser Wilhelm. German postcard with interesting black & white postcard of the Kaiser and his family + some research notes attempting to identify the minor royals. Used in vgc. Display enhancer. 5W
680pre WW1Austrian Members of Parliament. Portrait-postcards of eight different M.P.s. Most have Google entries, and will make an interesting display. Good condition. (9) 20W
681pre WW1Political / satirical postcards from the late-Monarchy. Great fun for someone who understands the language and politics of the time. Vgc. (9) 18W
6821904Three different b&w art-cards from a series featuring young ladies, all addressed to Buenos Aires. Will make an interesting display-page. Vgc. (3) 6W
6831909Six postal-stationery picture-cards privately-produced for the German-Austrian Philatelic Exhibition in Karlsbad. Six different value-imprints; 3h, 5h, 10h, 25h, 25h + 10h and 25k + 20h. All have same picture of spa-staff. Difficult group to assemble. Fine mint condition. (6) 30W
6841900-18Tirol. Five colour ppcs from Austrian Tirol. Good selection in vgc. (5) 6W
685 Tirol rebellion. Four unused picture-postcards connected with the resistance to Napoleon's forces including a fine painting of Hofer's capture. Vgc. (4) 8W
686 Three (unused) postcards with paintings of battle-scenes: Radetzky wounded at Novara 1849, Benatek leading forces at Solferino 1859, fighting at Jajce, 1878. Nice group in vgc. (3) 8W
687 Colour postcard (imperceptible corner-crease, unused) with fine painting by Harry Heusser, Trieste 1906 (see Google) of part of the Austrian fleet. 3W
688 Colour pc (one buckled corner) with fine painting by Alexander Kircher (renowned marine artist - see Google) of the Austrian-Lloyd paddle-steamer Archiduchessa Carlotta. 3W
6891912Sepia-photo pc (unused) with portrait of Archduke Leopold Salvator and his family. Vgc. 3W
6901900-25Ten early twentieth-century Austrian art postcards featuring female beauties. Named artists include Nathaniel Sichel and Erich Schütz (see Google). Postally-used but all in vgc. See website for samples. Something different for club night! (10) 16W
6911998?Modern col ppc 'Sissi 1898-1998'. Fine unused. 3W
  Books - Tchilinghirian & Stephen - Austrian Post Offices Abroad - all vgc  
6921962Part 1 - Austrian Lloyd - Adriatic lines, Mediterranean lines. 15W
6931962Part 2 - Austrian Lloyd - Black Sea lines, All lines (1888-1914). 15W
6941963Part 3 - DDSG and other Austrian Navigation Companies 15W
6951964Part 4 - Constantinople, Ionian Islands, Albania and Epirus 15W
6961966Part 6 - Bosnia, Serbia, Danubian Principalities. 15W
6971967Part 7 - Russia, Dobrudja, Bulgaria, Roumelia, Thrace, Anatolian Black-Sea ports. 15W
6981901B&w photo on decorative cardboard-mount of steamship ELÖRE, 165 x 135mm, including 27mm border. Good display frontispiece. Good condition. 4W
6991903Sepia photo on decorative cardboard-mount of steamship CARPATHIAin Fiume harbour, 220 x 165mm, including 40mm border. Good display frontispiece. Vgc. 6W
7001917SCHÖNBACH-TIRSCHNITZ + 1715 (Vot.3394.2; 100p, vg) on 8h psc from Schönbach to Graz 10W
7011911CASTELOVICE-SOLNICE + 3056 bilingual cds (Vot.3303.2; 90p, gd) on 5h psc from Reichenau to Prag. 6W
7021914LOCHOWITZ-HINTER------(vg) on ppc (Liten) to Brandeis. Vgc. 5W
7031912GRADO-MONFALCONE + ??? On 5h on ppc to Linz 3W

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