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Dear Members,
Welcome to Auction 118 which, with over 700 lots, is our biggest yet, and surely has something for everyone. The sale includes material from eighteen Members, but is dominated by the Les Taylor Estate, accounting for half the lots. The variety is much wider this Auction than in the recent past, and I would particularly like to draw your attention to:

After the Auction closes, unsold items will be posted on the website and will be available from me at the reserve price for two weeks. Good luck with your bidding, and may I wish you a Merry Christmas and good health in 2015. Keith


envenvelopeppcpicture postcardELentire letter (with contents)
pcpostcardfpcfield-post cardpsepostal-stationery envelope
gdgood(v)gu(very) good usedfpsefield-post stationery envelope
vgvery good(v)fu(very) fine usedTPOtravelling post-office
colcolourb&wblack and whitevgcvery good condition
arrarrivalmmmounted mintlmmlightly-mounted mint
ptspointsppoints, perforatedummunmounted mint (postfrisch)
pmkpostmarkcdscircular date-stamp Catalogues used
canccancelleddrsdouble-ring cdsMüller-postmarks
vverycondconditionKlKlein - postmarks
circcirculars/lstraight-lineRaiRainer - Feldpost-marks, 1995
wmkwatermarkm/smanuscriptANKNetto, Austria
aveaverageo/poverprint(ed)Kühnel - Ablagen
stbsaid to beh/shandstampFerchFerchenbauer Handbook, 2008
rlwyrailwayFDCfirst-day coverStStohl - postmarks
stnstationadhadhesive(s)SchSchneiderbauer - postal stationery
catcataloguePOWprisoner of warVotVotocek - Czech postmarks
defindefinitiveh/phand-paperSGStanley Gibbons
POpost officem/pmachine paperKohlAustrian airmail
reg’dregisteredrpcreal-photo cardWurthSpecial Post Offices
reg’nregistrationpscpostal-stationery cardRoséRosé - Vorarlberg Postmarks


If you would like more information about any of the lots, please do not hesitate to contact me. Photocopies of lots not accessible on the internet can be supplied at 10p per sheet (plus postage).

Prices in the final column of the listing are reserves in GB pounds sterling. Lots will be purchased for you at the lowest-possible price, i.e. at the reserve or at one bidding-step above an underbidder. If equal bids are received for a lot, the first I receive will take precedence. There is no buyer’s premium.

You may bid by post or by e-mail (but not by telephone please). E-mail bids will be acknowledged; if you do not hear from me within three days, please contact me. The bidding-steps are at the top of the bidding-form. Bids not conforming to bidding-steps will be rounded up to the next step. Payment by UK buyers will normally be by sterling cheque. UK and overseas buyers may pay by VISA card or Pay-Pal, for both of which there is a service charge. Details of these charges can be seen in our journal AUSTRIA and will be sent with your invoice.

If you have material to sell, please note that we charge only 10% commission plus a lotting fee of 10 pence per lot (plus the return postage of unsold lots where applicable).

Webmaster's remarks: Images are not normally provided for mint items and cheap, bulk lots. Clicking a 'W' in the right-hand column will open the image in a separate window; however the W-links are automatically added en mass so you may find some are broken. The size of this image window is controlled by the settings on your computer, not by this web site. The pictures have been provided by a 'quick and easy' scanning process which does not give completely accurate colour reproduction, and also usually produces a heavy black shadow at the top of each image. Do not rely on the pictures to judge shades. In particular, the buff colour of monarchy-period postcards tends to come out much whiter than the actual colour, while all-white items are often deliberately darkened to distinguish them from the background; and sometimes the stamps appear to glow luridly! The images have not been retouched (ie, all the markings added over the years by dealers and vendors have been left); many have been rotated to be parallel to the top of your screen. Also, all the images have been scaled to be the same width; if you need to know precise dimensions ask the Auctioneer. To ensure you are looking at the latest version of this page, use your browser's "Refresh" feature.

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11825 Vienna. Complete folded letter sent registered to Schwaigern via Ulm and Heilbronn. Very good strike of Austria's first combined town/registration postmark V. WIEN: RECOM + diagonal line to indicate payment to border. Vgc18W
21832 Bohemia. Ex offo cover canc fine oval WODNIAN (Mü. 100p). Marked 12 to pay.20W
31837 Moravia. Cover to Nikolsburg canc good, fancy oval BRÜNN / FRANCO. Pre-paid 6kr.10W
41839 Moravia. Cover to Trebitsch cancelled good oval FRAINERSDORF (Mü. 100p)20W
51830 Carinthia. Folded letter to Gmund cancelled very good strike VILLACH / ILLYRIE (Mü. 1631a). Late use of Napoleonic-era postmark.30W
61839 Dalmatia. Folded letter postmarked vg scarce TRAU' (Mü. 1562c; 140p). Fine dated ZARA arrival postmark on reverse. Marked 4 to pay. Vgc. 28W
71822 Croatian Military Border District. Official cover (no contents) bearing the scarce oval postmark PODVIN (Mü. 1152a; 140p).20W
81830 Banat Military Border District. Folded commercial letter to Steyr with very faint oval PANCSOVA postmark (Mü. 1089a; 35p)3W
91827 Banat Military Border District.Envelope from Peterwardein to Eisgrub (Moravia) postmarked good oval Peter- / vardein (Mü. 1112a; 30p). Marked 28 to pay.4W
101845 Banat Military Border District. Folded military letter from a border-regiment to Wien with very fine oval Peter= / vardein pmk (Mü.1112a; 30p).5W
111844 Banat Military Border District. Folded letter to the Military Command at Brood postmarked fine green SEMLIN / 24. JUN (Mü. 1374e; 40p). Dated BROOD arrival pmk on reverse.5W
121845 Banat Military Border District. Folded letter to the Military Command at Semlin postmarked vg oval CARLOVITZ + manuscript date (Mü. 210a; 40p, not listed with date).8W
13Jan 1850 Banat Military Border District. Folded letter to Zombor canc good, red, oval CARLOVITZ (Mü. 210a; 40p) 4W
   Classic period - Postal Stationery  
141869 The first postal-stationery card in the world fine mint (ANK 1; €50).6 
1518722kr yellow psc (Slovenian) fine mint (ANK 17; €50)5 
161876/822kr brown ps cards (Ruthenian, Romanian; ANK28, 31) + reply-paid double cards (Polish, Ruthenian, Slovenian, Romanian; ANK 35,36, 37, 39) all fine mint. Total cat. €228. Useful selection. (6)24 
171876/825kr red UPU psc imprint with star at right (ANK 40B; €30) fine mint.4 
181876/825kr red UPU psc imprint - outward half of double-card fu to Lombardy (ANK 41a; €130). 10 
1918643kr green pse, fine mint (ANK 22; €150). Bargain at this price.15 
20186425kr pse, fine mint (ANK 26; €150). Bargain at this price.15 
21c.18645kr Arms pse (ANK 28) cancelled vg MUNCHENGRAETZ cds. PRAG arrival cds. Vgc.5W
22c.18645kr Arms pse (ANK 28) cancelled good oval TRIEST cds. VENEZIA arrival cds. Vgc.5W
23c.186410kr Arms pse (ANK 19; €100) cancelled BORGO cds. VENEZIA arrival cds. Vgc.12W
24c.186415kr Arms pse (ANK 30) cancelled KARLSBAD to Germany. Vgc.6W
251880 Post-Nachnahme-Karte 10kr imprint (Bohemian version), uprated with 2 x 3kr, fu (without coupon) from Prague to Ročov, to collect 8fl 94kr. ANK 9; €180. Hard to find.18W
261873 Post-Anweisung card, 5kr imprint, vg unused (crease down middle), Ruthenian version. ANK 14; €90.5 
   Classic period - Postal history  
27Nov 1850 Vienna City Post. Folded official letter from Hietzing to Semlin with fine blue 'pennant' fancy handstamp of HIETZING City Post agency (Mü. 1948h; 250p in pre-stamp period) on reverse. Divided-box cancel of the main WIEN office on front.20W
289.6.50 Bohemia. Ex offo cover cancelled red, boxed, dated Nepomuk.The cancel is faint, but legible, and is unknown to Müller in red. Early example of an unfranked official cover after the introduction of postage stamps.20W
291851 Bohemia. Unfranked legal cover to Muhlhausen with very fine Benesov / Postamt cds. (Mü. 185b; 80p)12W
301863 Vienna. Folded letter franked 1860 15kr with faint WILDENSCHWERT cds to Neubau Wien. WIEN time-zone arrival mark (Mü.3214z), JOSEFSTADT IN WIEN cds, redirected to NEUBAU (large cds). Nice Vienna item.3W
311864Folded letter to Wels from Wien franked 1863/64 issue 15kr with grossly-displaced perforations; part of next stamp visible at right.5W
321863 Salzburg District. 15kr pse (Ferch 18) from HALLEIN (Mü. 937c) via SALZBURG with vg WIEN time-zone arrival pmk (Mü. 3214y).5W
331852 Tirol. Folded letter with fine 3kr handmade-paper, 3 vg margins but stamp cut into at top-right franked very good straight-line, dated BORGO (Mü.287b) to Trento, with arrival backstamp). Nice clean cover.4W
341853 Tirol. Cover with fine 3kr Type 3a, handmade-paper, 4 very good margins franked fine RIVA cds to Desenzano.5W
351854 Tirol. Folded letter with fine 3kr Type 3a, handmade-paper, 4 very good margins franked perfect RIVA cds to Desenzano. A great-looker.8W
361864 Tirol. Folded letter to Bezau (Vorarlberg) with Innsbruck and Bregenz transits franked 1863 10kr perf 14 (ANK €70 on cover) cancelled very good HALL / IN TYROL cds. Neat item.10W
371865 Dalmatia. Receipt for a registered letter with fine SEBENICO cds.4W
381859 Hungary. Folded invoice from the Szt. Miklos sugar-factory to Raab bearing 1858 issue 5kr Type I canc vg SZENT MIKLOS cds (Mü. 1462a; 35p). Raab arrival cds. Classic cover.16W
391856 Hungary (Slovakia). Folded letter franked 6kr ( very good margins) cancelled WAITZEN drs. Pesth receiver on back. Vgc6W
401860 Hungary (Banat Mil. Border Dist). Reg'd cover to Alt Becse franked 1858 10kr canc SEMLIN cds + RECOM. Second 10kr value on reverse, severed on opening as usual, pays the reg'n fee. 6W
411862 Hungary (Banat Military Border District). Registered cover to Titel franked 1860 5kr + 2 x 10kr canc ALT ORSOVA cds + RECOM handstamp. Franking (pays both postage and registration on cover-front) is cat Ferch €440. Transit and arrival pmks. Crease through stamps24W
421862 Hungary (Transylvania). Cover to Wien (arrival pmk) bearing 1860 issue 15kr cancelled very good KRONSTADT cds. Attractive. 8W
431863 Hungary (Voivodina). Cover to Kis-Szallas bearing 1863 5kr perf 14 cancelled weak M. THERESIOPEL cds.3W
441850 Prague. 16 December 1850. Early printing of 6kr (4 fine margins) on folded letter to Kreutzhutte bei Klentsch canc s/l Prag / 16 DEC. Clean cover with centrally-positioned adh.6W
451853 Prague. Registered cover franked 3kr (hand-paper, vg margins) for local rate to Leitmeritz plus, on reverse, unsevered 6kr (hand-paper, huge margins) for registration fee (ANK €150). Cancelled boxed PRAG + LEITMERITZ receiver + RECOM. Opens out for display. Light filing-crease through 3kr stamp; otherwise vgc.16W
461858 Prague. Folded letter franked 2 x 3kr Type 111b, very good margins, for 6kr rate. Boxed PRAG cancel to Reichenberg. 8W
471862 Prague. Folded letter franked well-centred 1860/61 10kr cancelled perfect PRAG B.H. cds. KLENTSCH arrival cds. Very nice cover. In vgc.8W
481863 Prague local folded-letter with well-centred 1860 3kr (ANK €120) cancelled fine, rectangular PRAG postmark with similar delivery pmk on back.20W
491855 Moravia. Unfranked official cover (no contents) bearing fancy, barred AUSSEE / MAEHREN postmark with EISENB:OLLMÜTZ transit and PROSSNITZ arrival cds. 4W
501852 Trieste. Folded letter franked 3kr + 6kr handmade-paper (good margins) cancelled 2 x TRIESTE double-ring cds for the 9kr distance-rate. Oedenburg (Hungary) receiver. Attractive franking (ANK €150).16W
511857 Trieste shipmail. Folded letter to Pola franked 6kr (vg margins) franked TRIEST / Abends cds. Manuscript Vapore (by ship). Clean cover in vgc.12W
521864 Trieste. Folded letter to Padova franked 15kr perf 9.5 cancelled vg TRIEST cds. Vgc.4W
531867 Trieste. Folded letter to Fiume franked 5kr perf 9.5 cancelled good oval TRIEST pmk.Vgc4W
541871 Trieste. Envelope to Milan franked 15kr cancelled vg oval TRIEST pmk. Good condition.4W
551745 Venetian Repub. Folded letter from Vicenza to Venice. Fancy oval pmk (see scan). Scarce.15W
561848Folded letter to Biadene cancelled good dated straight-line FELTRE6W
571846Folded letter to Bassano cancelled very good dated straight-line AGORDO8W
581850First issue 15c Type I, hand-paper, good margins, early use in November 1850 to Venice. Folded letter cancelled straight-line CAMPO SAMPIERO. Back-stamped red, oval POSTALETTERE + red, circular DISTRIBUZIONE 2 + VENEZIA arrival. Good condition.8W
591852I5c type II, marginal copy with other margins very good on folded letter to Monza cancelled boxed MILANO. The texture of the hand-made paper is very clear. Vgc.14W
60185515c, four full margins (one enormous) on cover to Udine cancelled fine LATISANA cds. Late use of hand-paper (ANK min €50). Filing-crease through stamp.5W
611857First-issue 15c, 30c, good margins on folded letter to Tolmezzo cancelled MILANO cds. (ANK €180). Vgc. 24W
621857First-issue 15c x 3, good margins (ANK €140) on folded letter to Modena cancelled fine, upright MILANO cds. Very good blue MODENA arrival pmk. Fine looker. Vgc.16W
631850s15c, four full margins on part-letter cancelled straight line Motta to Medun (Austrian Montenegro). Went overland via Spilimbergo (four-ring transit cds).5W
64185730c brown, machine-paper, four full margins on folded letter cancelled VENEZIA cds to Villafranca. Vgc. 5W
65185745c blue, 3 very good margins and one close on folded letter to Milan cancelled very good barred SACILE postmark. (ANK minimum €90). Vgc.14W
66c.1858 Second-issue 5 soldi x 6 type II on large piece cancelled vg S. VITO straight-line pmk. (ANK €170+). Vgc. Spectacular.24W
6718581858 issue 10 soldi Type 1 from Padova to Mantova (ANK €120). Good condition.12W
68c.18591858 issue 5 soldi Type I with small part (1mm) of St Andrews cross at base (ANK €50 + €120). Cancelled BERGAMO cds with MILANO arrival cds + boxed PORTALETTERE / 1 DISTRIBUZIONE. Good condition.20W
6918591858 issue 3 x 5 soldi Type 1 (ANK €500) cancelled 3 x MILANO cds to WIEN (oval time-zone cancel). Vgc.50W
7018591858 issue 10 soldi Type 1 from Venice to Mantova (ANK €120) with the unusual boxed ARRTA DI NOTTE, used only at Mantova. Vgc.18W
71c.18591859 issue 2 x 10 soldi Type II (ANK €300) on folded letter (no year date) from Venice to Trieste cancelled 2 x boxed DA VENEZIA / COL VAPORE. Good condition.36W
7218611860 issue 3 x 5 soldi for 15 sld rate to Vienna on cover (ANK €250) canc VENEZIA cds.Vgc.26W
731863Arms issue (perf 14) 5 soldi on folded letter (ANK €60) cancelled straight-line PORDENONE to Mestre (barred-circle arrival). A filing-crease passes through stamp.6W
74c.1865 Austro-Italian Treaty. Cover-front (ragged round edges) bearing Arms issue (perf 9.5) 2 x 3 sld + pair 5 sld for 16 sld rate from Venezia (still Austrian) to Lombardy (now Italian). Ferch cat €400. Canc vg CAVARZERE / 12.5 and red P.D. Cavarzere fell to the Italians 12 July 1866.40W
   AUSTRIAN EMPIRE 1881 TO 1918   
   Postal stationery  
751875 Overseas money-order. 10kr, Type I German language, good unused (some blunt corners). (ANK 17a; €90) 9W
761875 Overseas money-order. 10kr, Type II German language, good unused (splitting down centre). (ANK 17b; €70) 5W
771875 Overseas money-order. 10kr, Type II German language, vgu, without coupon from LINZ to Berlin, but adhesives removed. (ANK 17b; €2500) 24W
781878 Overseas money-order for France. 25kr very good unused. (ANK 25; €120) 15W
791871 Postal C.O.D. card (Postnachnahmekarte). 10kr imprint on dark-pink card, Czech language. Good unused (central crease) (ANK 2; €90)8W
801871 Postal C.O.D. card (Postnachnahmekarte). 10kr imprint on dark-pink card (German language) + pair 3kr adhesives, good used Klagenfurt to Vienna, and returned as invalid. Starting to split down central-fold, but scarce used (ANK 1; €150)15W
811872 Postal C.O.D. card (Postnachnahmekarte). 10kr imprint on pale-pink card (German language) + two 3kr adhesives, from Vienna to Teplitz. Vgu (central fold) (ANK 8; €130)13W
821908 Telegram form. 10h, German language, Jubilee imprint, fine unused (ANK 16; €85)9 
831882-92 Tax in-payment postal money-order. (Steuerpostanweisung). Selection 2kr imprints, all very good unused. (ANK 1F, 2, 4, 5, 8a, 8b; total cat €146). Good value. (5)18 
841883 Tax in-payment postal money-order. (Steuerpostanweisung). 2kr Arms imprint on green card, very good unused. (ANK 2; €20)3 
   Money letters  
851876Money-letter envelope, 1876 issue (H&P 3) unused vgc.6 
861878Money-letter envelope, 1878 issue (H&P 7) unused vgc. 6 
871895Money-letter envelope, 1890 issue (H&P 8a, type II) torn at bottom on opening, from Bregenz to Weiler in Algau. Contents 185fl. 2 fine wax seals of sender's company.3W
881900Money-letter envelope, 1900 issue (H&P 12a) unused vgc.6 
891901Money-letter envelope, 1900 mixed-currency issue (H&P 12a) vfu from Fischau to Czernowitz, contents 600K. Franked 60h. 8W
901932Money-letter envelope, 1930 issue (H&P 30) very fine used from Wien to Denmark via Hamburg, contents 55S. Red valeur déclarée sticker. 4W
   Pneumatic mail  
911875 Pneumatic mail. 20kr imprint on pneumatic envelope (ANK 2b; €1200) unused, slightly foxed and with fold-lines. Scarce.60W
921900 Pneumatic-post pse (ANK 14) with 30h imprint overprinted ULTRAMAR (=Specimen). Fine unused. Scarce.22W
931900 Pneumatic-post postcard (ANK 18) with 20h imprint overprinted ULTRAMAR (= Specimen). Fine unused. Scarce.22W
941900 Pneumatic-post letter-card (ANK 7) with 30h imprint overprinted ULTRAMAR (= Specimen). Fine unused. Scarce.22W
951880 - 1918 Pneumatic mail. A better-than usual selection of pneumatic letters, cards and letter-cards, mint and used, all different with several better items. ANK cat €1475. Generally very good condition. Good value at start-price of less than £5 per item. (35)140W
961906 Local Vienna mail with additional franking for express delivery via the pneumatic system: a letter franked 30h and a card franked 25h. Vgc. (2)8W
97  Pneumatic post. A fistful of postal stationery, mainly postcards, mainly used and mainly kreuzer period. Wide range of stations. Bargain at this price. (46)40W
981907-18 Wien / Prag pneumatic post. The series of postal stationery with imprint but no text so that it could be used on either system: 45h env (ANK 18), 25h pc & double pc (ANK 26,27), 25h pc & double pc (ANK 29, 30), 38h, 70h pc (ANK 31, 32), 35h green & 35h blue letter-cards (ANK 11,12). All in as-issued mint condition. Total cat: €352. Difficult group to assemble. (9)36W
99  Prague Pneumatic mail. bilingual postcards and double-cards (ANK 16, 17, 20, 21, 24) and letter-card (ANK 9), mint. Total cat €350. Vgc. (6)44W
  Postal history, 1881-1918  
1001881Franz Joseph stationery card 2kr brown reply-half of German/Czech double reply card (Ferch. 19B) with BOHM BROD bilingual cancel to Kolin. 10W
1011883Franz Joseph stationery card 2 kr brown, outward half of German/Czech double reply card (Ferch 19A) with LIBCAN thimble to Kolin.10W
10218991897 2kr psc (German / Polish / Ruthenian; ANK 105) registered from Lemberg 7 to Lussin Piccolo and uprated with 10kr adhesive. (Ferch €50). Vgc.6W
1031899 Double-viewcard opens up (on the long side) to show marvellous photo of the Charles Bridge in Prague. Franked 3kr (printed matter) to Manchester, England.5W
10413.1.002kr German/Czech psc uprated with bisected 1k for 2.5kr = the new 5h rate. Sent locally, with PRAG cds and red PRAG "arrival" cds, Scarce genuine usage of bisect.80W
1051900 Postage Due. ppc sent unfranked canc FIUME 1 cds to Pola. Redirected to Neuhaus and charged 10h (6h perf + 2 x 2h imperf Dues) canc bilingual NEUHAUS IN BOHMEN cds. 15W
1061901Ppc of Reichenau to Wien marked Hof (personal court mail, exempt from postage). From Archduke Leopold Salvator to the family nanny in Wien. He was Royal Inspector of Artillery and became supreme army commander on the Eastern Front, 1914-15. An interesting item.6W
1071901 Registered envelope to Basel cancelled KIENBERG / b. GAMING cds on 3 x 25h adhesive for second-weight registered foreign letter. Nice clean cover.10W
10819025h psc (ANK 129) uprated 5h + 10h adhesives for 20h concessionary rate to Switzerland. Cancelled barred SALZBURG 1 with AUBERSON arrival cds. Vgc.10W
1091904 Prague Postage Due. Colour ppc (Unter Tarvis) to Prague with 3h adhesive cancelled barred TARVIS postmark. Underfranked and charged twice the deficiency, 4h Due cancelled with scarce red Prague postmark reserved for this usage.40W
11030.8.04 Manoeuvre post. Small envelope to Troppau bearing 3 x 1h adhesives, each tied with fine K und K FELDPOST-EXPOSITUR / No.4 cds (Rai. 500-800 pts). Has a philatelic whiff about it, but rare postmark and attractive piece.15W
1111906 Eger (Bohemia). Three envs from same correspondence with three different frankings: 2 x 5h, 10h (both to Wien) and 25h (to Vittel, France) all canc EGER drs. A nice group.10W
1121906 Postage due. Romantic 'lover's card' unromantically despatched without stamps. Addressee charged 10h, accounted for by 2 x 5h Dues. I think he just blew his chances! Vgc.6W
1131909 Advertising card to Switzerland from an accordion-maker in Borgo Valsugana (Tirol).vgc3W
1141909 Johann Strauss 10th death anniversary. Part-cover bearing four Jubilee stamps + 5 Strauss vignettes in different colours, all tied.6W
115c.1910 Dalmatia. Good ppc of Metkovic with manuscript cancellation Metkovic 14/3 (applied at Metkovic railway station).10W
1161911 Bukovina. Ppc ("Gruss aus Kimpolung" panorama) on foreign mail to Rumania franked 10h Jubilee cancelled very good KIMPOLUNG cds. Vgc.10W
1171911 Illustrated map-postcard showing the route of the new Alpine Railway from Garmisch-Mittenwald to Innsbruck. 5H Jubilee cancelled LERMOOS cds. Would suit a Tirol collector with railway connections. Good condition.6W
11830.1.12 Austria used in Liechtenstein. Attractive philatelic cover from stamp-dealer bearing 5h Austrian Jubilee and new 5h Liechtenstein Johann II stamps cancelled very good VADUZ cds to Berlin. Torn at right on opening.5W
1191912 Used in Liechtenstein. Envelope to Raggall (Vorarlberg) franked 10h Jubilee cancelled very good strike of VADUZ cds. Vgc.8W
1201914 1914 War Charity Issue. Cover to Amsterdam from Wien, franked 10h (x6, incl strip of 5) + 5h Charity adhesives for correct 65h registered, second-weight rate. Vgc.10W
121Jan. 1915 1914 War Charity 5h, 2 x 10h (ANK 178, 179) on envelope from Wien to the Romanian Consulate in Mamor nitzka (Mamoriţna), Romania. The need for a Consul in this tiny village, was that the border between Moldovia and Austrian Bukovina ran through it. The Russians by then occupied Czernowitz, less than ten miles away.12W
1221915 1914 War Charity Issue. Cover to Zurich from the Military Barracks Hospital in Bielitz (Silesia), franked 10h (x2) + 5h Charity adh for correct 25h rate. Censored Bielitz. Attractive and vgc.8W
1231915 1915 War Charity set (ANK 180-84) on registered cover sent within Wien. Vgc.10W
1241915 1915 War Charity Issue (ANK 180-84). Five covers from Karlsbad to different members of the same family, each bearing one value of the set. (The 20h is cat €100 on cover). Nice clean group.15W
1251916 1915 War Charity issue 3h pair + 5h on censored cover from Asch to Gera (Saxony). Vgc.5W
   Levant - Postage stamps (and postmarks)  
1261904Levant 1900 issue 5 piastre red (ANK 36) in block of eight with fine BEIRUTH drs postmarks. Showpiece item ex Les Taylor collection. Vgc. 30W
1271864/671864 3sld, 1867 2, 3 (pair), 5 and 10 soldi all with BURGAS cds postmarks. Stamps cat ANK €220. Sold by Spink in 2010. Ex Les Taylor. (5) 36W
128c.1870 Austrian P.O. in Cyprus. Faint but identifiable LARNACA DI CIPRO cds postmark on postal-stationery cut-out. A difficult postmark to obtain, and missing from most Austrian Levant collections. BPA certificate. Ex Les Taylor collection.40W
1291863/64Small piece bearing 3s + pair 2s 1863 perf 14 issue, canc 2 vg, upright BUCAREST cds (Mü. 9b). Two-coloured franking of this issue on piece cat ANK min €450. Very attractive item.46W
1301863/64Small piece bearing 10s + 15s 1863/64 perf 9.5 issue cancelled fine, upright BUCAREST cds (Mü. 9b). Franking cat ANK minimum €160 on piece.16W
1311903-14 Austrian P.O.s in Crete (French currency). ANK 1-7, 8-13, 14-16, 17-22 and a few spares fine used, neatly mounted on album-leaves. A few of the postmarks look dubious, and the start-price takes account of this. Offered 'as is'. See the scans and decide for yourself. (26)26W
   Levant - Postal stationery  
13218811867 imprint 5 soldi psc with star at lower-right (ANK 3a; €700). Fine BEIRUTH cds (Smith 5) to Milan. Scarce item in vgc.40W
13318831883 imprint 20pa on 5kr psc "AUTRIGHE" (ANK 7a; €16). Fine unused.3 
13418831883 imprint 20pa on 5kr double psc "AUTRICHE/AUTRIGHE" (ANK 8bF; €80). Fine unused.12W
13518861883 imprint 20pa on 5kr psc "AUTRIGHE" (ANK 7b; €35) canc good ADRIANOPEL cds (Smith 6a) to Vienna. CONSTANTINOPEL transit cds and LANDSTRASSE / WIEN arrival. Vertical crease down card; otherwise vgc.10W
13618901890 imprint 20pa on 5kr double psc "AUTRICHE/AUTRIGHE" (ANK 11bF; €40). Fine mint5 
13718901890 imprint 1pi on 10kr blue letter-card (ANK 3; €40) fine unused5 
13818971890 imprint 1pi on 10kr blue letter-card (ANK 3; €200) cancelled good BEIRUT / OST. POST drs (Smith 7). Vgc24W
13919041904 imprint 20pa on 10h psc (ANK 18). Fine unused.3 
1401903 French currency. 1903 imprint 10c on 10h psc (ANK 16) fine unused.5 
1411904 French currency. 1904 imprint 10c on 10h psc (ANK 20) fine unused.5 
1421907 French currency. 1907 imprint 10c on 10h psc (ANK 24; €35) fine unused.5 
1431907 French currency. 1907 imprint 10c on 10h double psc (ANK 25; €60) fine unused.8 
1441910 French currency. 1908 Jubilee imprint on 5c green pse (ANK 16; €150) with light JERUSALEM cancel to Germany. Interesting rabbinical cachet. Somewhat creased but a difficult postal-stationery item to find properly used.24W
   Levant - Postal history  
1451862 Galatz. Pre-stamp complete folded letter pre-paid to Constantinople with paper seal of the Ottoman Bank in Galatz (Moldavia). Postmarked very good blue GALLATZ cds (Mü. 2010e; 30p) + blue FRANCO. (Mü. + 50p). Vgc.20W
146c.1864L&V 163/64 issue 15 soldi perf 9.5 used on envelope to Penzing (Wien) (Ferch €300) cancelled good CONSTANTINOPEL drs. The envelope is trimmed at the top, and is a little grubby, but a scarce Levant franking.28W
1471871 Alexandria. 1867 issue 15 soldi used on complete folded-letter to Trieste (Ferch €60) cancelled weak ALEXANDRIEN cds. Oval TRIEST arrival backstamp. Vgc.8W
1481907 Beirut. 1904 imprint 20pa on 10h psc (ANK 18). Cancelled very good BEIRUT / OST. POST / C drs (Smith 8c) to Rock Ferry, England. Vgc. 8W
1491894 Canea. Commercial env to France franked 1pi on 10kr (ANK 23) canc vg CANEA cds. Vgc.15W
1501895 Canea. 1890 imprint 20pa on 5kr psc "AUTRIGHE" (ANK 10a; €25). Cancelled fine CANEA cds (Smith 4) to Constanz (arrival pmk). Vgc.15W
1511871 Chios. Cover (no contents, somewhat creased) to Syra franked 1867 issue 10s. Also bears 2 x 20 lepta used as postage-dues for the Greek internal charge. (Double-weight letter?). Syra arrival cds on reverse.30W
1521876 Chios. Envelope to Trieste (prominent vertical crease) franked 1867 issue 10 soldi, cancelled very good SCIO-CESME cds (Smith 2).10W
1531905 Constantinople. French currency. Ppc (showing hotel/spa in Constantnople) to Braila franked 10 centimes Austrian Levant adhesive, canc CONSTANTINOPEL / OSTERR. POST. cds (ANK 9; €210 on cover). BRAILA posthorn arrival cds. Vg strikes and condition.24W
1541904 Pera. Pre-addressed commercial envelope to Leeds, stamp franked 1pi Austrian Levant overprint cancelled good CONSTANTINOPEL II cds. Very good LEEDS arrival pmk on back.10W
1551913 Stamboul. Ppc (Bosphorus) to Marseilles franked 5c Jubilee (ANK 17) cancelled fine CONSTANTINOPEL III / OST. POST / b drs (Smith 3). Vgc.16W
1561907 Durazzo. Attractive viewcard of Durazzo franked 20pa on 10h (ANK 44) cancelled good violet DURAZZO / OST. POST / a drs. To Piraeus, Greece. Vgc.20W
1571911 Durazzo. Interesting postcard franked pair 10pa Jubilees (ANK 53) cancelled good DURAZZO / OST. POST / c drs to Hamburg. Vgc.20W
1581907 Gallipoli. 1904 imprint 20pa on 10h psc (ANK 18). Cancelled Vg GALLIPOLI / OST. POST / a drs (Smith 5) to Athens. Two punch-holes filled in. Vgc. Scarce pmk.24W
1591894 Jerusalem. 1890 imprint 20pa on 5kr psc "AUTRICHE" (ANK 10b; €20). Cancelled very good JERUSALEM / GERUSALEMME cds (Smith 4) to England. Scarce pmk. Vgc.18W
1601904 Jerusalem. 1900 imprint 10pa on 5h green newspaper-wrapper (ANK 2; €70) cancelled good JERUSALEM / OST. POST drs (Smith 5). Some damage to wrapper at NE corner.10W
1611908 Mytelino. Greetings pc to France franked 20pa Jubilee cancellede very good violet METELINO / OST. POST drs (Smith 4). Vgc.28W
1621910 Rethymnon. French currency. 1908 Jubilee imprint 10c psc (ANK 28; €24) cancelled good RETTIMO / OST. POST drs (Smith 5a 7). Vgc.6W
1631873 Salonica. Unfranked complete folded letter to Genoa postmarked fine straight-line SALONICH / 4 NOVEMBRE (Mü. 46a). Marked 7 (dicesimi) to pay confirmed by Italian 30c, 40c postage-dues. Vgc.28W
1641906 Samsun. Env to Trieste franked 1pi on 25h (ANK 45) canc fine SAMSUN / OST. POST ). Vgc.18W
1651852 Smyrna. Pre-stamp complete folded-letter to Trieste canc light SMYRNE / 23 AOUT (Mü. 2058c; 50p). M/s Col Vapore and marked 12 kr to pay. Good red TRIEST receiver. Vgc.24W
1661868 Smyrna. Unfranked complete folded-letter to Trieste postmarked SMIRNE cds (Mü. 52a). Marked 20 kr to pay. Very good scarce, small, red oval TRIESTE receiver. Vgc.18W
1671869 Smyrna. Folded commercial cover (no contents) from Smyrna to Wien franked vg 15 soldi adhesive (Ferch €60 on cover) cancelled vg SMIRNE thimble pmk (Smith 3, Mü. 6858b; 16pts). WIEN thimble and WIEDEN IN WIEN arrival postmarks. Attractive.10W
1681892 Smyrna. 1890 imprint 20pa on 5kr psc "AUTRICHE" (ANK 10b; €20). Cancelled perfect SMYRNA / OST. POST cds (Smith 5a) to Rhodes. Vgc.8W
1691895 Smyrna. Envelope to France franked pair 20pa on 5 kr (ANK 22) cancelled very good SMYRNA / OST. POST drs (Smith 6). Arrival backstamp. Vgc.8W
1701895 Smyrna. 1890 imprint 20pa on 5kr psc "AUTRIGHE" (ANK 10a; €25), cancelled weak SMYRNA / OST. POST cds. Transit postmarks of both German and Austrian post-offices in Constantinopel, both vg strikes.18W
1711903 Smyrna. Envelope to Cairo franked 10p on 5h (x4) + 20pa on 10h (x2) + 1pi 0n 25h for 65h rate cancelled very good SMYRNA 1 / OST. POST. Good franking in vgc.20W
1721907 Smyrna. French currency. Ppc (Smyrna) to USA franked (on picture side) 5c on 5h (ANK 12; €210 on cover) cancelled good SMYRNA / OST. POST drs (Smith 6). Good condition.24W
1731914 Trapezunt. Env (roughly opened at right) from the American Consulate in Trebizond to the Secretary of State for the Treasury in Washington, originally containing a Sanitary Report. Franked 1pi Jubilee canc good TRAPEZUNT / OST. POST drs (Smith 6). London transit pmk.15W
1741910 Valona. Env to Trieste sealed with 1pi Jubilee canc VALONA / OST. POST drs. Vgc.8W
1751906 Vathy. French currency. 1904 imprint 10c on 10h psc (ANK 20; €60) cancelled fair VATHY / OST. POST drs (Smith 2) to Metelin (Lesbos). Vgc.12W
1761909Ppc (London, poor condition) to Samsun (Black Sea) sent at printed-matter rate, KE VII halfpence grass green cancelled vg SOUTH KENSINGTON, arrival SAMSUN / OSTERR. POST.5W
1771913Austrian Levant 1910 issue Mailing Receipt for a package to Haifa. Hard to find. Vgc.18W
   B&H - Stamps and unused postal stationery  
1781912 Extra values set, 12, 60, 72h imperforate, fine LMM (ANK €180). Missing from many collections. (3)20W
179 10h Landscape (ANK 34) adh in gummed imperf block of nine, invalidated with punch-holes.12W
1801891/93 Postal-stationery envelopes, fine used from Sarajevo to Berlin (ANK 1,2, cat €100, €70). Very good clean covers. (2)18W
1811893/97 Reply-paid double postal-stationery cards fine used; 2+2kr (ANK 5; €70) and 5+5kr (ANK 6; €400). Vgc. (2)40W
1821907/11 Letter-cards fine used; 10h (ANK 9; €55) and 10h (ANK 10; €40). Vgc. (2)9W
1831916 Postauftragskarte. 10h "waterfall" imprint on complete form in finest condition. (ANK 2; €200). Scarce.24W
1841911 Savings-card with 10h "waterfall" imprint and spaces for nine stamps (ANK 1). The cyrillic text has been obliterated from both front and back with black crayon. Scarce thus. Fine mint condition. 30W
1851908 Parcel card. 8h blue imprint on buff paper in German / Croat / Cyrillic. Fine mint8W
1861908 Parcel card. 8h blue imprint on pinkish paper in German / Croat / French for foreign packets. Fine mint10W
   B&H - Postal history  
1871897Ppc (the military barracks at Avtovac). 2h definitive canc vg MILIT POST 15 / AVTOVAC. Vgc. 8W
1881901Ppc (views of Maglaj) franked 5h cancelled vg MILIT POST XI / BANJALUKA cds. Vgc3W
18919155h and 10h 1915 charity stamps on commercial cover cancelled MPA / CAZIN cds to Marburg am Drau. Attractive.18W
1901916ppc (Drvar) franked 6h definitive + 7h on 5h 1916 Charity stamp to Prague. Cancelled MPA / DRVAR. Good unit cachet. Vgc.12W
1911905Rpc (off-duty soldiers playing cards), pair 3h yellow defins canc MPA / NEU-BILEK. Vgc5W
192 Fine col ppc of Turkish cavalry franked 5h Landscape with weak MPA / PRIJEDOR cds. Vgc.3W
1931898 Litho Gruss aus Sarajevo card (local publisher Bernhard Buchwald) franked 2h definitive to Bavaria. Fine condition.15W
1941918Coloured ppc (Sarajevo, animated street scene, vgc) cancelled good MILIT. POST / SARAJEVO + good K.u.k. Mannschaftsdetachement der / Militar Post unde Telegraphen Direktion / in Sarajevo.8W
1951917Double-postcard with marvellous view of Sarajevo. 10h Landscape canc MPA / SARAJEVO-LAGER cds. Card has been strengthened down the fold with clear tape. Display-enhancer.6W
1961914ppc (ethnic musician) to France. 10h B & H defin cancelled small MPA / SARAJEVO 1 / 24.7.14 cds. The lull between the Assassination and the Declaration of War. 10W
1971915ppc (Sarajevo) franked 7h on 5h 1915 Landscape charity stamp (scarce on cover) cancelled light MPA / SARAJEVO b. Good condition.10W
1981912Envelope with philatelic franking of the three supplementary values (12, 60, 72h) cancelled MPA / SARAJEVO b. Attractive and vgc.3W
19928.6.17 Bosnia & Herz. Assasination commemoration set on FDC addressed to Hungary, canc vg SARAJEVO 7 on anniv of the assasination. Scarce Budapest arr cds (parcel-post counter).15W
200WW1 Army life. Rpc of officers enjoying their brandy (in their club?). Used Sarajevo to Wien.4W
201WW1 Army life. Rpc of soldiers in camp with their tents, machine-guns, etc. Sarajevo to Wien.4W
2021885-97 Bosnia & Herz postmarks on 2kr ps cards, selected for very good strikes: Bos Dubica, Bos Krupa, Bos Novi, Jajce, Kljuc , Mostar (2 types, Prjedor, Sarajevo (3 types), Travnik, Trebinje. Cat by Sekelj at c. €285. (13)36W
2031910 Bosnia & Herz postmarks, all on the 10h value from the 1910 birthday issue (ANK 50). Selected strikes and apparently all different. Excellent lot. (74)24W
204  Austro-Hungarian Military Post. Good quality small collection on album leaves with July 1915 General Issues to 90h + 2k; 1917 to 4k; 1917 Rumania issues complete and 1918 Rumania except 2l value. Mainly fu, a few mm. ANK cat c.€200. Good starter lot at low reserve. (75)20W
2051915 Colour proofs/trials of KuK FELDPOST adhesives (ANK 22-48) in different colours; 7 claret, 6 brown, 5 green, 11 violet, 3 black-olive. All different values for each colour. Unusual. (32)40W
2061915-18 Austro-Hungarian Feldpost. Small selection of B & H postal stationery o/p FELDPOST or PORTOFREI for military use. All different, 6 mint, 2 fu. Total ANK cat c.€290. (8)30W
2071900 Army manouevre post. 5h adhesive on small piece cancelled perfect K.UND K.FELDPOST-LEITUNG / No.2 /
2081916/178h imprint Feldpost psc privately printed for a Vienna stamp-dealer's use. Fine mint.4W
20919178h Feldpost psc uprated with 3h adhesive to Switzerland from Belgrade. Cyrillic censor handstamp and faint Feldkirch censor-mark.5W
2101916/178h imprint Feldpost psc + 3kr Feldpost adhesive franked EPA / BELGRAD a cds to poste-restante in Geneva for exiled Serbs. Genuine usage in vgc.10W
2111917 Registered Express cover from Sarajevo 1 to Vacz (Hungary) with mixed franking of 2 x 2K FELDPOST o/p, and 2 x 25h SERBIEN o/p. Blue VACZ arrival cds. The 2K is cat €500 on cover40W
   WORLD WAR 1  
   WW1 - Numbered Field-post offices  
21228.3.15 FPA 33, good strike on Hungarian fpc with very good circular cachet KuK 9 INFANTERIETRUPPENDIVISIONSKOMMANDO3 
2131915 FPA 34 cds, very good strike, on colour ppc (ethnic types in rowing-boat on River Ombla, near Dubrovnik) sent as feldpost to Bohemia. Very good unit-cachet Kuk Infanteriebataillon Freiherr von Schössich Nr.74.12W
2143.1.16 FPA 36 (vg) on fpc to Galicia. Good infantry regiment cachet. (Poland)3 
21517.4.16 FPA 52b, good strike on fpc with vg straight-line cachet KK LIR TROPPAU Nr.523 
2163.8.15 FPA 55, very good strike, on fpc with fine straight-line cachet Kk Landwehrinfanterieregiment Gravosa Nr. 873 
21712.11.15 FPA 65, vg strike, on Hungarian fpc to Graz with fine cachet Kuk Bergschützen-Abteilung.3 
21812.1.17 FPA 131, fine on rpc. (Bukovina) 3 
2193.9.17 EPA 144, good, on fpc. (Galicia) 3 
22031.8.16 FPA 145, very good on ppc. (Poland) 3 
22127.10.15 FPA 148, very good on ppc. (Poland) 4 
22218.11.17 EPA 161 (Rai; 150p, vg) on fpc + very good unit cachet. 6W
22327.2.16 EPA 163, vg on ppc (Kowel) + very good unit cachet. (Polish Legion) 3 
2246.8.17 FPA 167, fine, on fpc + very good unit cachet. (Poland) 3 
22524.12.17 FPA 170, vg on illustrated fpc from a Hughes-Telegraph unit. (Transylvania)5W
22623.10.16 FPA 172, vg on fpc sent from Brasov with very good unit cachet. (Romanial) 3 
22716.2.16 FPA 174, very good on fpc + good unit cachet. (Poland) 3 
22817.9.15 EPA 178, very good on envelope (Tirol) 3 
2291.5.17 EPA 180, good, on ppc + very good Ptzemysl regiment cachet. (Galicia) 4 
23031.10.17 EPA 180a, very good but missing top part, on fpc (Galicia) 3 
23112.9.16 FPA 185, very good on fpc (Polish Legion, based Lemberg) 4 
2321.4.15 FPA 186, fine, on ppc + very good unit cachet. (Galicia) 3 
2335.4.18 FPA 192, very good on fpc (Isonzo) 3 
23417.7.17 EPA 198, very good, on ppc (Isonzo) 3 
2351917 EPA 199, vg, on fpc + good cachet Station Deblin Ostbahnhof / Kuk Heeresbahn-Nord. 6W
2366.3.15 FPA 200, vg on fpc + very good unit cachet - Kuk FELDSPITAL Nr. 8/9. (Isonzo) 3 
23728.8.15 FPA 201, vg on fpc + very good unit cachet. (Galicia) 3 
23829.12.17 FPA 203, good, on ppc + very good censor-cachet3 
2395.6.15 FPA 204, very good, on fpc to Wien. 3 
24014.3.16 FPA 207, fine, on fpc with good artillery-unit cachet. (Tirol) 3 
2411915 FPA 207, fine, on colour ppc to Brünn. (Based Rovereto)5W
2421915 FPA 224, perfect, on col ppc (Garda) to Bohemia with artillery-unit cachet. (Based Trient)5W
2431918 EPA 267 on col ppc (Dalmatia) + fine boxed ZENSURIERT SMS GAA naval censorship mark.7W
2448.6.17 EPA 276 (Rai 150p; fine) on fpc + very good unit cachet. (Poland) 7W
24510.4.17 HPA 366f (Rai 200p; fine) on ppc. (Eastern front) 12W
24627.5.17 FPA 367b (Rai 200p; good) on ppc (Budapest). (Transylvania) 7W
2471917 FPA 368 (Rai; 200p), fine, on ppc to Transylvania + vg Kuk Geb. Telf. Ant. 18.15W
24814.9.18 FPA 369, vg strike, on feldpost letter-sheet closed with patriotic seals with very good circular cachet Kuk Dragonerregiment Nr.113 
249WW1 FPA 375 (Rai 150p; fair) on ppc. (Italy) 3 
2501916 FPA 385b, very good on fpc. (Isonzo front)5W
25117.3.17 FPA 396b (Rai 100p; vg) on fpc. (Bukovina) 6W
25225.4.18 FPA 402b (Rai 100p; fine) on ppc + good unit cachet. (Ukraine) 6W
25325.5.17 FPA 406 (Rai 100p; very good) on ppc + fine Kuk RESERVE-OFFIZIERS - SCHULE / REKRUTENKOMPAGNIE. (Isonzo front) 7W
2547.11.17 FPA 408b (Rai 100p; very good) on fpc + good unit cachet. (Ukraine) 6W
2551917 Albanian ppc canc very good FPA 410 (Rai 100p). 12W
2561917 FPA 412a (Rai 70p, good) on fpc. 5 
2571917 FPA 422 (Rai 100p), good, on ppc + bakery-unit cachet. (based Romania)5W
2581918 Turkey. ppc (Constantinople) cancelled vg FPA 451 (Rai 250p) to Bohemia.12W
2591918 FPA 549 (Pola), good, on ppc + artillery-unit cachet.6W
26011.3.18 FPA 549, good strike on fpc with vg, red straight-line cachet Kuk Gelrieranlage3 
26123.2.16 HPA 630 / IIa (Rai 70p), very good, on ppc (Bischofshofen) + perfect Kuk Bahnhofkommando / Bischofshofen. Very nice item. (Salzburg District)18W
26223.2.18 FPA 632a (Rai 200p; vg) on ppc + very good cachet Kuk Peterwardeiner Inft. Regt. Nr.70 / Stabsabteilung.12W
2638.5.18 FPA 646a (Rai 100p; vg) on registered cover-front. (Venezia) 4 
   WW1 - Named Base-offices - Serbia  
2641916 Serbia. Colour art card (Kosovo) with fine EPA / BELGRAD b (Rai 100p) + good cachet Kuk GENDARMERIESCHULE.7W
2651917 Serbia. Ppc (Belgrade fortress) franked 10h cancelled very good EPA / BELGRAD f (Rai 50p) + fine boxed Belgrade censor cachet.10W
26625.3.17 Serbia. Fpc to Judenburg, Styria cancelled good EPA / CACAK c (Rai; 200p) with perfect cachet Kuk Heeresbahn-Süd / Brückenhebedetachment (bridge-building unit). Vgc.8W
2671916 Serbia. Feldpost envelope cancelled very good EPA / JAGODINA b (Rai 250p) + good Kuk / Personal- u Fuhrenreserve cachet18W
2684.3.17 Serbia. Fpc to Graz canc vg EPA / KRUSEVAC b (Rai; 150p) + fine straight-line cachet Kuk HEERESBAHN-SUD / Werkstätte der Betriebs-Abteilung VII. (worshop unit). Vgc.8W
2691917 Serbia ppc to Banat cancelled very good EPA / KRUSEVAC / b (Rai. 150p). Vgc. 10W
2701917 Serbia. Ppc (Belgrade) with 10h adhesive cancelled fine EPA / KRUSECAC b (Rai 150p)15W
2711917 Serbia. Fpc canc fine EPA LOZNICA in SERBIEN (Rai 400p) + good Kriegsmappierung Lehrabteilung cachet.18W
2721918 Serbia. Ppc (Belgrade) cancelled good EPA / OBRENOVAC b (Rai 250p)14W
2731917 Serbia. Colour ppc (Belgrade) cancelled vg EPA / PALANKA in SERBIEN (Rai 200p)12W
2744.7.18 Serbia. Registered cover franked 2 x 20h Feldpost adh from EPA VALJEVO to Belgrade. Vgc20W
2751918 Serbia. Fpc cancelled very good EPA / VALJEVO b (Rai 100p)7W
   WW1 - Named Base-offices - Montenegro, Albania and Italy  
2761917 Montenegro. Colour ppc Dulcigno cancelled fine EPA / NJEGUSI b (Rai 200p)12W
2771916 Montenegro. Colour ppc (Scutari) cancelled vg EPA / VIRPAZAR b (Rai 350p) + very good cachet Kraftwagenkolonne No.38. 16W
278WW1 Albania. Lower half of EPA / SCHKODRA cds on very nice colour ppc of Scutari with very good artillery-unit cachet Kuk 8cm. M.5 Positions Kanonen Batterie.3W
27914.10.14 Albania - cable-car unit. Lower half of EPA / SCHKODRA cds on ppc sent as feldpost with vg unit-cachet Kuk SEILBAHN DETACHEMENT Nr.20c / DER EISENBAHN TRUPPE.12W
28025.8.18 Italy. Fpc to Graz cancelled good EPA / GEMONA c (Rai; 600p; faint in parts) with good unit cachet. Scarce office.15W
2811918 Italy. fpc specially printed for Lieutenant at the District Command cancelled fine EPA CODROIPO b (Rai; 600p). Rare. Ridiculously low reserve.10W
2822.10.18 Italy. Censored fpc to Graz cancelled good EPA / TOLMEZZO d (Rai; 500p; faint in parts) with very good unit cachet. Scarce office.15W
   WW1 - Montenegro - Cetinje specialist consignment  
2831.6.16 Montenegro. Fpc cancelled good EPA CETINJE a (Rai; 250p) with fine circ ularcachet Kuk Militar-Generalgouvernement in Montenegro + fine straight-line cachet of their law-court Gericht des Kuk Militar-Generalgouvernement / in Montenegro.10W
28419.7.16 Montenegro. Env to Styria canc fine EPA CETINJE a (Rai; 250p) with very fine, violet, circular cachet Kuk MILITAR-GENERALGOUVERNEMENT in MONTENEGRO. Vgc.10W
28514.5.16 Montenegro. Ppc (home of Damilo, heir to throne) cancelled vg FPA 337 with fine circular cachet Kuk Etappenstationskommando Cetinje. Vgc.5W
28616.6.16 Montenegro. Ppc to Bohemia with perfect, bright-red, circular cachet Kuk KREISKOMMANDO IN CETINJE. Vgc.5W
28713.7.16 Montenegro. rpc (unfranked - posted in an envelope) with perfect cachet Kuk KREISMAGAZIN / CETINJE. (regional armament depot).3W
2881918 Montenegro. Ppc (Cetinje panorama), canc vg EPA / CETINJE / c (Rai. 250p) + vg cachet BAU-ABTEILUNG / des k.u.k Militar-Generalgouvernement / in MONTENEGRO. Vgc. 20W
28917.6.16 Montenegro. Ppc (Cetinje) in unusual wide-format (18 x 6.5cm) canc vg EPA CETINJE a (Rai; 250p), plus fine, red, circular cachet Kuk KREISKOMMANDO IN CETINJE. Very nice item. Vgc.20W
290WW1 Montenegro. Charming drawing of an eagle-owl in the black mountains of Cetinje on pc franked 10h Feldpost adh o/p for Montenegro, canc EPA / CETINJE cds but not mailed.5W
   WW1 - Military medical units (ex Brian Presland)  
2912.5.15 Military medical station. Colour ppc (Kaiser Wilhelm) to Wien canc PARDUBITZ 2 cds with vg red cachet Kuk Verwundeten und Krankenstation Pardubitz plus Militärpflege h/s Vgc.4W
29214.11.16 Military medical station. Privately-printed fpc to Wien cancelled fine EPA 260 (Rai. 100p, Galicia) + light cachet Krankenhaltstation Nr. 1/13. Vgc.4W
2939.10.15 Military medical station. Fpc cancelled very good FPA 95 (Rai. 100p, Serbia) + good cachet Kuk Krankenhaltstation / Feldpost 95. Vgc.5W
29418.10.15 Military medical station. Decorated fpc to Wien. Neustadt cancelled TRIENT 1 cds + vg straight-line cachet Kuk Krankenabschubstation in Trient. Vgc.4W
29526.6.16 Military medical station. Fpc to Lower Austria with very good circular cachet Kommando der Kuk Krankenabschubstation / in TRIENT. Vgc.4W
29621.12.16 Military medical stn. Fpc canc FPA 49 (Galicia) + vg cachet Kk Krankenabschubleitung. Vgc3W
2975.2.18 Red-cross first-aid post. Envelope + letter to Wien with fine handstamp of FELDHILFS- u LABESTATION / der oesterr. Gesellscaft vom Rotes Kreuze. Vgc.4W
298WW1 Triage unit. Fpc with good handstamp Kuk Krankensortierungsstation / in Innsbruck + boxed Von der Armee im Felde. Vgc. 3W
2997.2.16 Mobile medical clinic. Fpc cancelled good EPA 328 (Isonzo front) + good, circular, red cachet Kuk mobile Krankenstation FPA 328. Vgc.3W
30011.1.17 Mobile medical clinic. Fpc cancelled perfect EPA 193 (Rai. 150p, Galicia) + vg cachet Kuk mobile Krankenstation Nr. 1/1.10W
30111.7.16 Mobile medical clinic. Fpc to Budapest canc fair FPA 203 (Galicia) + good cachet Mobile Krankenhaltstation No. 2/I. Vgc.3W
3025.12.16 Mobile medical clinic. Envelope to Graz cancelled fine FPA 381b (Rai. 100p, Isonzo front) + very good cachet Kuk mob. Krankenhaltstation No. 1/16. Vgc.4W
30313.4.16 Field ambulance unit. Fpc cancelled perfect FPA 56a (based Volhynia) + fine cachet Kuk Blessiertenwagenstaffel / Oblt. Schneider. 5W
30415.10.18 Medical convoy. Feldpost lettercard to Innsbruck cancelled very good FPA 2i8 (Tyrol) + fine cachet Kuk Sanitäts-Autokolonne Nr.11. Good condition.4W
305WW1Unused ppc (published Innsbruck) depicting soldier receiving medal in field hospital. Very good display-enhancer.3W
306WW1Unused postcard in aid of war-widows and orphans with cartoon set in field-clinic. Good display-enhancer. (Translation: "Doctor, sir. Can I have a plaster? My 1 florin note is torn")3W
3071916Rpc with fine photo of a Hilfplatz (first-aid station in the field). Useful display-enhancer.3W
3081916?Rpc (one creased corner) showing soldiers on their beds in field hospital. Postmarked. NYMBURG. Display-enhancer.3W
   WW1 - Specialist medical units and hospitals (ex-Brian Presland)  
30915.9.17 Eye-clinic. Fpc cancelled very good EPA 180a (Galicia) with fine cachet Kk Universitäts Augenklinik in Krakau. Vgc.8W
31015.9.17 Malaria hospital. Bosnia & Herz fpc canelledc fine MILIT. POST / ROGATICA with very good cachet Kuk Malariaspital in Rogaticz. Vgc.10W
31117.12.17 Field bacteriological laboratory. Env + contents to Wien canc fine EPA 341 (Rai. 70p, based Transylvania) with perfect cachet Kuk Bakteriologisches Feldlaboratorium Nr.4. Vgc. Scarce.12W
31217.6.14 Knights of Malta surgical unit. Feldpost envelope cancelled fair FPA 188 with fine cachet CHIRURGENGRUPPE DER SOUV. MALTESER RITTERORDENS. Aristocratic addressee. Maltese-order mail is much sought-after.12W
3134.8.18 Mobile field-dentist. Fpc (punch-holes) to Wien cancelled FPA 474 (Italian front) + fine cachet Kuk Zahnambulatorium / der Arag "Nord". Plus a real photograph of a field-dentist at work. Will make a fine display-sheet. (2)10W
31427.4.15 Field bacteriological laboratory.Ppc to Hallein canc good EPA 208, Galicia) with fine straight-line handstamp of Kuk Bakteriologisches Feldlaboratorium Nr.16. Vgc. Scarce.8W
3151917 Lung-ailments sanatorium. Colour ppc cancelled MNISCHEK cds with very good handstamp of Kuk Militärpflegestatte / Sanitorium fur Lungenkranke / am Plesch bei Mnischek + fine Militärpflege. Vgc. 4W
3169.2.18 Grave-diggers unit. Fpc to Wien cancelled good EPA / KOZIENICE cds (Rai.100p; Poland) with good cachet Kriegergräber-Abteilung / Kreiskommando in Kozienice. Vgc. 10W
31718.8.18 Environmental-health unit. Env to Wien cancelled vg FPA 468a cds (Rai.150p; Italian front) with vg cachet Kuk 6 Armeekommando QAbt Salubritätskommission. Good condition.8W
31820.12.15Ppc (Lublin) to Prossnitz canc vg FPA 56a (Volhynia) with good circular cachet Kuk FELDAMT……BADEZUG Nr.2 (steam baths) + vg s/l VON DER ARMEE IM FELDE. Vgc.3W
3191915 Lunatic asylum. Fpc to Galicia cancelled very good TROPPAU 1 cds with fine straight-line cachet Schles. Landesirrenanstalt in Troppau / Militärabteilung + Militarzensur / TROPPAU + Militarpflege. Good condition.8W
   WW1 - Kriegsmarine  
3201908Colour ppc (Constantinople) from there to Otocac (Croatia) cancelled fair KRIEGSMARINE / SMS TAURUS + vg OTOCAC arrival cds. Pre-WW1 naval manouvres.7W
3221916Ppc (Pola) to Hungary with good MFPA / POLA cds + very good boxed ship's censor handstamp Zensuriert / SMS Erzh. Karl. 20W
3231914Colour ppc (Cigale) canc LUSSINPICCOLO cds + faint-but legible KRIEGSMARINE / SMS HELGOLAND cds5W
3241915fpc to Linz with faint pmk of KRIEGSMARINE / SMS HELGOLAND.5W
3251915Ppc (Lussinpiccolo) to Hungary canc vg, KuK Marinefeldpostamt /11 APR 1915 / POLA (Rai; 250p, early usage) with dated KuK KRIEGSMARINE/ SMS LEOPARD. Torpedo-cruiser launched 1885, used mainly as a training ship during the War. Built in UK and returned there after War. Scrapped 1920. 24W
3261914Ppc illustrating small cruiser SMS ZENTA and destroyer SMS ULAN in the naval battle of 16 August 1914 with the French fleet. Zenta sunk on the occasion. Cancel faint-but-legible KuK KRIEGSMARINE / SMS LEOPARD.24W
3271917Ppc to Hungary cancelled weak MFPA POLA cds + fine circular KuK KRIEGSMARINE / SMS / KAISERIN U. KONIGIN / MARIA THERESIA dated cachet, sent during its service as barracks-ship for German U-boat personnel in Pola. Armoured cruiser lauched 1893. Saw service in Crete 1897, Cuba 1898 evacuation, Boxer Rebellion 1900 , Yangtze 1901, First Balkan War. Awarded to UK, scrapped in Italy.20W
3281914Ppc to Trieste cancelled very good violet KUK KRIEGSMARINE / SMS METEOR cds + fine red ZENSURIERT. Small gunboat of 1887, later torpedo ship.24W
3291915Ppc showing steamer Vernac at Castelnuovo (Montenegro). Sent to Hungary by a sailor on SMS Monarch with vg circular cachet SM SCHIFF / MONARCH.18W
3301916Ppc (Fasana) to Banat cancelled MFPA POLA c cds + dated KUK KRIEGSMARINE / SMS RADETZKY. Pre-dreadnought battleship launched 1909, The first duty was in June 1911 when she attended the Coronation Review of King George V. Took part in the First Balkan War action (Montenegro blockade) where she also operated the first sea planes of the KuK Navy. Awarded to Italy, scrapped 1920.18W
3314.7.18Fpc from a matelot on the s/s SALZBURG to the naval-base at Pola. Cancelled partial FIUME cds. Red oval handstamp LLOYD AUSTRIACCO / PIROSCAFO / SALZBURG. Good condition.18W
33220.1.18Ppc to Temesvar with indistinct, red cachet KUK KRIEGSMARINE / SMS SZENT ISTVAN cancelled MFPO POLA / m (introduced just a few days before).18W
333WW1Colour ppc canc gd MFPA / POLA c + good, red, circular cachet of SMS "Szent Istvan".5W
3341915Ppc (Gravosa) to Moravia cancelled very good KuK KRIEGSMARINE / SMS WIEN date cancel + S.M. SCHIFF WIEN circular cachet + BAOSIC cds.24W
3351914/17 Kriegsmarine. Two adhesives with neat KRIEGSMARINE postmarks of S.M.S. DONAU and S.M.S USKOKE. These look of very dubious status to me, but interesting at this price. (2)4W
3361917Photo-card of torpedo ships at sea used as FPC to Hungary with fine violet cachet S.M. Boot "93 F" + good dated cancel KUK KRIEGSMARINE / SMS KAISER FRANZ JOSEF (acting as Travelling Post Office, taking over mail from ships in the formation). Torpedo ship of 250 ton class. "F" group built at Porto Re, based in Fiume. Awarded to Yugoslavia after the War.34W
3371917Ppc cancelled weak MFPA POLA + very good cachet Kuk Ausrustungsdirektion 3 
3381918Ppc to Budapest cancelled vg MFPA POLA / m / 21.02.1918 (introduced early 1918) + weak unit cachet.10W
3391917Fine colour ppc (Miramare Castle painting) cancelled very good MFPA / POLA cds with very good straight-line violet cachet Kuk Kommando LUSSIN.15W
3401916Fpc to Linz with very good postmark MARINE FPA / POLA + good example of small red, circular cachet Kuk SEEFLUGSTATION POLA.8W
3411917Colour ppc from Pola to Bohemia with fine, red, boxed handstamp BRIEFZENSUR / der Kuk Seeflugstation Pola (sea-plane base)16W
   WW1 - K.u.k. Tiroler Kaiser Jäger Regiment - specialist consignment  
3421916 FPA 98b, vg strike, on fpc to St Martin with good cachet Kuk 1.Tiroler Kaiserjäger Regt. Vgc.3W
3431916 FPA 401a, vg strike, on fpc to Wien with very good cachet Kuk 2 Regt d.T. K. Jgr. / 20/V. Feldkomagnie.. Vgc.3W
3441915 FPA 207, perfect strike, on censored fpc to Galicia with fine cachet Kuk 3. Regiment der Tiroler Kaiserjäger. Vgc.4W
3451916 EPA 323, fine strike, on fpc to Enns with fine cachet 4.Rgt der Tiroler Kaiser Jäger plus M.G.Abt. IV. Vgc.4W
3461916 EPA 323, fine strike, on envelope to Wien with fine cachet Kuk 3. Regiment der Tiroler Kaiser Jäger / 7. FELDKOMPAGNIE. Blue manuscript censor mark. Vgc.4W
3471917 FPA 291, partial strike, on fpc to Bruneck with vg cachet Kuk Tiroler Kaiserjägerbataillon "N". Vgc.3W
3481915Rpc (group of off-duty soldiers) to Bohemia franked 5h cancelled INNSBRUCK 2 cds with fine cachet Kk Reitende Tiroler Landesschützendivision / Ersatz-Abteilung. Vgc4W
3491917Special col ppc produced for wounded of the 3rd Tiroler Jäger Regiment in vgc. Used to Dornbirn canc vg FPA 395b. Good cachet Kk 3 Regiment der Tiroler Kaiserjäger. Nice item.8W
3501917 FPA 522b, good strike, on ppc to Dornbirn with good cachet Kuk 3 Regiment der Tiroler Kaiserjäger / 9 Feldkompagnie. Vgc.3W
   World War 1 - Other   
3511915 Herzgovina. Fpc with vg oval cachet KK KUSTEN RAYONS KOMMANDO / IN MOSTAR.10W
3521918 POW working-group. Colour ppc (Lake Maggiore) canc vg EPA 267 (based Albania, Rai; 70p) with fine cachet Kuk Kriegsgefangen-Arbeiter-Kompagnie Nr.215B.12W
3531917 Middle East. Colour ppc (Jerusalem) with perfect bilingual FELDPOST / MIL.MISS / A.O.K.4 cds. Not addressed. 12W
354WW1Three postards (2 from Switzerland) with Trieste censor-strikes.8W
355WW1Ppc (Trieste Montuzza) sent unfranked to Bohemia with fine unit cachet MOB. SCHANZ ZEUGDEPOT 3/11 / OPCINA BEI TRIEST8W
3561917 Coastal Province. Letter sent as feldpost from Albona to Trieste with very good cachet K.K. Küstenschutz Kompanie Albona9W
3571917Ppc (Braila), the Danube Flotilla command, cancelled vg FPA 299 b + very good cachet KuK Etappenstationskommando. 50W
3581918Colour ppc (Luxor, Egypt), cancelled average FPA 562 (Isonzo Front) plus fine cachet Improv Lfa Kanonen Zug No 6.10W
3591916 Air unit. Ppc cancelled fine FPA 93 + vg KuK Luftfahrtruppen / Fliegerkompagnie Nr 17 (located in South Tirol).34W
3601918"Gruss aus Bad Dorna" ppc (not litho) to Brasov, cancelled fair DORNA WATRA cds + vg blue cachet MILITARISCH / GEPRUFT of the Watra Dorna censor office.12W
3611917Ppc from Budapest to Anina (Hungarian Romania) bearing 10f adhesive. Scarce red censor-stamp KuK BRIEFZENSURSTELLE / ANINA (Thielk 200p) + Zensuriert. 20W
3621916Army mail registered envelope to Red Cross in Hungary, cancelled perfect FPA 512 (Rai; 40p) + cachets KuK HEERESGRUPPENKOMMANDO GO. ERZH. EUGEN / Quartiermeisterabteilung plus Rekommandirt plus Portofreie dienstsache.10W
3631918Real photo-card of howitzer unit (one child among them!) cancelled FPA 549 / b (Rai; 150p) + vg Kuk Festungsartillerieregiment Nr. 4 / BELGO HAUBITZ BATTERIE. Documentary photo of scarce unit.10W
3641916Semi-illustrated fpc issued in Brasov . (This actual card is illustrated on page 879 of Tăbăcaru's new catalogue of WW1 fieldpost; 80pts). Plus - war slogan vignette (not tied). FPA 43 cds.15W
3651916Serbian postcard, improvised usage as feldpost from FPA 131 to Lower Austria with two different cachets of Kuk EISENBAHNREGIMENT / BETRIEBSKOMPAGNIE Nr.2. (This actual card is illustrated on page 977of Tăbăcaru's new catalogue of WW1 fieldpost; 50-100pts). Very good strikes and condition.20W
3661915Semi-illustrated litho, multi-coloured, patriotic fpc from FPA 611 to Upper Austria. (Listed on page 792 of Tăbăcaru's new catalogue of WW1 fieldpost; 150pts) + good K. k. Landesschutzenregiment Trient Nr. 11 (Kupanj). Scarce card in vgc. 15W
3671918Ppc usd as feldpost addressed to officer at FPO 649, cancelled good strike of TPO KARANSEBES - HATSZEG / 382 B. Short route c.30-50 miles, one train per day in each direction, crossing mountain pass from Banat into Transylvania.12W
3682.8.16 FELDPOSTKONDUKTEUR / PIOTRKOW-TRZEBINIA cds on colour ppc from EPA 176 to Trieste. Very good strike of rare military TPO (Rayner 800 pts).48W
36914.9.16 PIOTRKOW-TRZEBINIA / 37 cds from EPA 176 to Trieste. Perfect strike of rare military TPO (Rayner 1000 points)60W
3701916 Military railway TPO. col ppc sent as feldpost canc vg Kuk BAHNPOST II / GRAVOSA-SARAJEVO 116. Vg railway-security-unit cachet Eisenbahnsich Abteilung Jablanice. 15W
371 No lot   
37213.7.15 Hospital train. Colour ppc (Przemysl) to Temesvar with fine hand-stamp Kuk Spitalszug Nr.31. Posted from Przemysl. Vgc.7W
3731918 Hospital train. Ppc with vg circular cachet K.u.K. SCHLAFWAGEN SANITATSZUG Nr XIII. Sender gives out his location as Linz.25W
374WW1 Red Cross card, Kriegshilfsburo Nr.208 sent to FPA 400/III at Dobrota, Dalmatia. Vgc.7W
3751918 Red Cross card, Kriegshilfsburo Nr.356 franked 10h cancelled CHRISTOFER. Vgc.7W
3761916 POW Camp special pmk. Ppc showing soldiers & medics enjoying a meal-break, cancelled KRIEGSGEFANGENLAGER / STERNTHAL b. PETTAU b (good strike, Rai; 350p). Fine cachet RESERVESPITAL KUTTENBERG / Sternthal bei Pettau .15W
37718.10.18 POW mail. 8h Karl psc uprated with 2h triangular Express stamp canc St Valentin from a POW to his parents in Udine. Italian POW and Red Cross Poste Italiana handstamps. 5W
37822.9.18Rpc showing artillery-company barracks, cancelled poor FPA 536 with very good unit cachet Kuk Armee Telegraphenschule Nr.6. (Venezia) 4W
37925.5.16Fine illustration of injured soldiers exchanging their war-stories, sent from Dejwitz (Prague) to Budapest with fine circular Barracks-hospital cachet Kuk BARACKENSPITAL / DEJWITZ / MILITÄR PFLEGE6W
380  Austrian Lloyd postmarks on Austrian, Austrian Levant and a few other adhesives. Many full pmks including blue and red. A good lot worth more than the start-price. (20)50W
3811901 Dalmatia. 10h letter-card from Vodice to Zara cancelled vg LETA ARRTA / PER MARE+ SIBENIK transit cds.5W
382c.1906 Dalmatia. 5h pc to Trieste canc on arrival fine VAPORE / DALLA DALMAZIA ED ISTR(IA). Vgc.8W
3831916Small envelope with OESTERR. LLOYD / TRIEST imprint on back-flap. Franked 25h Jubilee cancelled partly-legible TRIEST-ALEXANDRIA ship TPO cds. Vgc.4W
3841914Ppc (Trieste, creased corner) to Gallenkirchen with 5h Jubilee cancelled unusually good strike of the scarce ship TPO TRST-KOTOR / (ship) / TRIESTE-CATTARO / 2.40W
3851914Col ppc (Gravosa harbour) to Barcola, near Trieste, with 5h Jubilee canc vg CATTARO TRIESTE / KOTOR-TRST 3 ship TPO cds. Posted on board the Prinz Hohenlohe with two fine dated handstamps AUF / HOHER SEE / AN BORD / Pr. HOHENLOHE.Vg condition and strikes.18W
3861893Sepia photo of Dampfer Amphitrite on UPU pc franked 20pa on 5kr Austrian Levant cancelled good JAFFA / OST. POST cds. Card rather grubby but a good maritime item.15W
3871908Envelope from an export agent in Jerusalem (roughly-opened at top) to Wien franked (on reverse) Austrian Levant 1pi on 25h (ANK 45) postmarked good Lloyd ship-cancel CARNIOLIA / OE. LLOYD cds. Two different Wien distribution postmarks.15W
3881913Colour ppc (Bombay) posted on board the S.S. Cleopatra. 5h Jubilee cancelled blue CLEOPATRA / ÖSTERR LLOYD cds. On the front, fine dated handstamp AUF HOHER SEE / AN BORD / S/S CLEOPATRA. Vgc and strikes.20W
3891903 S.S. Graf Wurmbrand. Colour ppc (Miramare) to Sibenik with 5h cancelled fair (GRAF WUR)MBRAND cds. Sibenik arrival cds.6W
3901902Ppc with image of S.S. HABSBURG, vgc. Franked 10h cancelled HABSBURG / OE.LLOYD cds. MARBURG arrival pmk.24W
3911910 S.S. Maria Theresa. Colour ppc (train on St Gotthard line) to England with 10h adhesive cancelled poor MARIA THERESA / OE. LLOYD cds6W
3921908 S.S.Sultan. Col ppc (Cattaro) to Leipnik with 5h adh canc poor SULTAN / OE. LLOYD cds.5W
393pre-WW1 S.S. Tirol photo on Austrian Lloyd "flag" ppc. Used but not postmarked (sent in an envelope). Vgc.8W
3941909Colour ppc showing the Austrian Lloyd HQ in Trieste from the water. Franked 10h to London. Good condition.5W
395c.1908-10Ppc of the DDSG ship HABSBURG at Leitmeritz an der Elbe (Bohemia). Fine unused.10W
   Railway TPOs - Kreuzer issues  
3961883 K.K. POSTAMBULANCE No.2 (Klein 80p, vg) on 2kr brown FJ psc from Zauchtal to Gross Kunzendorf16W
3971870 POST AMBULANCE / No.8 boxed (Wien-Trieste, Kl. 6669d; 60p, vg) on 2kr psc to Wien3 
3981874 KK POST AMBULANCE / No.9 boxed (Wien-Trieste, Kl. 6670d; 80p, fair) on 2kr yellow psc NEUNKIRCHEN to WIEN 3 
3991883 KK POSTAMBULANCE No.9 cds (Kl.6670e; 35pts, good) on 2kr brown 1867 psc from Deutsch Landsberg to Wien.4 
4001875 KK POSTAMBULANCE No.9 cds (Kl.6670e; 35pts, good) on 2kr yellow psc to Graz.4 
4011878 KK POST AMBULANCE / No.12 (Wien-Salzburg, Kl. 6673g; 45p, good) on 2kr brown psc cancelled ALTHEIM to Wien3 
4021879 KK POST AMBULANCE / No.13 (Wien-Salzburg, Kl. 6674g; 60p, very good) on 2kr brown psc cancelled FRANKENMARKT to Wien 3 
4031898 FPA / PONTAFEL-WIEN No.17 (Kl. 6678f; 45p, very good) on unfranked Gruss aus Teufenbach litho card (tear) to Graz 3 
4041882 KK POSTAMBULANCE / No.24 cds (Kl.6685e; 90 pts, faint) on 2kr psc (Polish) from Podwoloczyska to Würtemberg, Germany5 
4051878 KK POSTAMBULANCE No.38 cds (Kl.6699d; 60pts, vg) on 2kr psc (Czech) to Michelob7W
4061888 FPA No.38 cds (Kl.6699e; 60 pts, good) on 2kr psc to Selb4 
4071891 KK POSTAMBULANCE No.38 cds (Kl.6699d; 60pts, good) on 2kr psc to Selb (Bavaria)4 
4081895 FPA No.44 cds (Kl.6705a; 30pts, good) on 2kr psc to Prague3 
4091895 F.P.A. No. 65 TPO (Kufstein-Ala; Klein 6725a) on 5kr UPU psc from Innsbruck to England. Good strike.5W
   Railway TPOs - Heller issues  
4101902 WIEN-KREMS 14, very good, on firm's printed postcard from Wien Nussdorf to Haid7W
4111902 NIXDORF-NIMBURG + 43 (Vot. 3199.11; 100p, vg) franked 5h on colour ppc to Pacov 5 
4121901 NIXDORF-NIMBURG + 43 (Vot. 3199.11; 100p, good) on 5h psc from Haida to Germany4 
4131903 NIXDORF-PRAG + 44 (Vot. 3200; 30p, vg) on 5h psc from Schlukenau to Wien3 
4141903 PRERAU-BOHM.TRUBAU + 72 (Vot. 3204; 30p, very good) on 5h psc to Hohenstadt3 
415  (PRA)G-FURTH + 33 (Vot. 3189; 30p, good) 5h psc Königshof to Wien3 
4161908 PRAG-TRAUTENAU + 82 (Vot. 3214; 30p, vg) franked 2 x 5h on colour ppc (Franz-Hoseph jubilee) from Neupaka to Accrington 3 
417  BRAUNAU-CHOTZEN + 85 (Vot. 3217.5; 30p, good) franked 5h on ppc (Nachod) to Olesnice 3 
4181906 FPA CHOTZEN-BRAUNAU No.85, fine strike on 5h psc from Novo Mesto to Nachod. 7W
4191903International TPO BECS-BUDAPEST / 117 cds, good on 5h KFJ psc ANK 129). Vgc. (Becs = Vienna in Hungarian).12W
4201913 BRAUNAU-CHOTZEN 128, good, cancelled 5h Jubilee on ppc.5W
4211915 TANNWALD-REICHENBERG 129, vg, on commercial postcard to Dobruska6W
4221904 REICHENBERG-PRAG + 131 (Vot. 3248: 30p, good) 5h psc to Wien3 
4231908 KOMOTAU-AUSSIG + 137 (Vot. 3254; 30p, vg) on 5h psc from Preschen to Teplitz 3 
4241912 KOMOTAU-AUSSIG + 137 (Vot. 3254; 30p, vg) on 5h psc from Preschen to Teplitz 3 
4251905 KOMOTAU-AUSSIG + 138 (Vot. 3255; 30p, vg) 5h psc Triebschitz to Teplitz3 
4261916 ST.POLTEN-LEOBERSDORF-WIEN + 145 (St.513f, gd) franked 5h on ppc (Kaumberg) to Wien3 
4271917 GREIN-WIEN 148, fine, on fpc to a military nerve-clinic in Krakau.6W
4281910 VILLACH-TRIESTE 156, vg, cancelling 5h Jubilee on colour ppc (Lake Bled) to Trieste6W
4291918 GUTENSTEIN-LEOBERSDORF + 224 (St.194.b, vg) canc 10h on col ppc (Hohe Wand) to Wels3 
4301916 GREIN-ST VALENTIN 235 on postcard franked 5h to Dobruska.6W
4311910 MALS-BOZEN 287, very good, on postcard franked 5h to Dusseldorf.6W
4321912 GRADO-MONFALCONE 347, good, on ppc (Grado) franked 5h to Teplitz.16W
4331905 WALLERN-STRAKONITZ + 357 (Vot. 3435; 40p, vg) on 5h psc from Welin to Wien 3 
4341917 HAIDMUHLE-BUDWEIS + 367 (Vot. 3445.4; 45p, good) canc 8h psc from Hallein to Wien3 
4351917 STRAMBERG-STAUDING 431, very good, on ppc franked 10h to Javornik7W
4361913 ROZNAU-KRASNA 445, very good, on 5h psc 5W
4371914 KARLOWITZ-WALL.MESERITSCH 599, good, on charming rpc (little girl on primitive skis) franked 5h.5W
4381905 WOLFRAMS-SCHWARZENAU + 612 perfect, on 5h psc from Dobersberg to Germany 6W
439  Newspaper stamps - reprints, forgeries. Small reference collection: red mercury reprint; brown mercury fake; 1858 type blue 1866 reprint, with most of its gum (Ferch €200); 2 x 1.05 grey-lilac reprints; eight 1858/59 Newspaper Tax stamps, all believed to be forgeries. (13)10W
4401901 - 1918 Newspaper Stamps. Eight-page stockbook containing duplicated common newspaper-stamps part-sorted into paper-types. Postmarks (including many DÖAV) and multiples noted. Requires further detailed study. (c.275)38W
4411853Six 2kr Newspaper Tax stamps (ANK 1) used. Cancels include two Wien dumb, ZEITUNGS EXPED / WIEN POSTAMT, Prag and GAZZ MILANO. (6)10W
4421857French broadsheet newspaper with French tax-handstamp overlaid with Austrian 1853 2kr tax-adhesive Type 1b. Cancelled very good MILAN newspaper-office cds. Clear printing but trimmed into the design on left-hand side. Cat €425 + 10% for Lombardy cancel.36W
4431858/59Three 1kr Newspaper Tax stamps, type IIa (ANK 2) all used. GÖRZ / GORIZIA and two Tax Office cancels + four 2kr brown (ANK 3)used, incl Wien (red), Salzburg, Triest cancels . (7)5W
4441858/59 4kr Newspaper Tax stamp (ANK 4; €1600), trimmed at right, on piece with fine STEMPELAMT PRAG tax-office cancel. Traces of English print on reverse, which suggests correct post-1858 usage on an imported newspaper. A repaired tear across NW corner. Appears to be a genuine stamp, but price reflects repair and trimmed side. A scarce stamp. 36W
4451877 Newspaper Tax stamps 1kr (ANK 5), x 6 + 2kr (ANK 6) x 7. Some good postmarks. (13)5W
4461890 Newspaper Tax stamps 1kr (ANK 7), x 7, including one on large piece with fine, complete, bilingual Znaim tax-office cancel + 2kr (ANK 8) x 8, including a bisect cancelled BOZEN, appears genuine. Some good postmarks. (15)18W
4471890 Newspaper Tax stamps. Three copies 25kr rose, all p.12.5. Two are lmm with tiny dealer's stamp Pinnegar on reverse. Third is used with missing corner-perf and gd Troppau cds. (3)66W
44818981kr 1890 newspaper-tax adhesive on Die Gartenlaube newspaper, TETSCHEN customs-office cancel. Also an 1875 issue of the same newspaper in very ragged condition with 1858 1kr blue tax-adhesive in good condition. (2)6W
44918731873 issue 5kr telegraph receipt, fine unused (ANK 5a; €30).4 
45018831883 issue 5kr telegraph receipt (ANK 15; €20) fine unused.3 
45118831883 issue 5kr telegraph receipt, Germ / Slov (ANK 21; €40) fine unused.4 
45218901890 issue 5kr telegraph receipt (ANK 23; €25) fine unused.3 
45319081908 Jubilee issue 10h telegraph receipt (ANK 51; €16) fine unused3 
45418851885 issue telegram form, 2kr brown on yellowish (ANK 4ba; €120). Mint condition.18 
4551880s1887 issue telephone-card (white, Ferch 2) for the Vienna-Brünn service with 1 gulden Arms imprint, the rate for a five-minute call. Very good used.20W
4561880s1888 issue telephone-card (pink, Ferch 4) with 20kr imprint for five-minute call on the local Wien service. Very good used WIEN VII.24W
4571880s1888 issue telephone-card (blue-green, Ferch 6) with 30kr imprint for five-minute call on the Inter-urban service. Vgu with BADEN / k.k. Post-u.Tel.-Amt handstamp24W
4581880s1888 issue telephone-card (orange, Ferch 7) with 50kr imprint for five-minute call on the inter-urban line. Vgu with Wr. NEUSTADT k.k Post-u. Tel.-Amt handstamp.30W
45918901889 issue telephone-card with (white, violet imprint, Ferch 10) with 3kr imprint for URGENT call on the inter-urban line. Used WIEN. Cachet on back D / 24 OCT 90 and 11,191. 34W
4601894Special illustrated 2kr psc (dark-blue design) for the Vienna International Exhibition. Uprated with 3kr adhesive to Switzerland and cancelled fine AUSSTELLUNG / ROTUNDE WIEN pmk. Some remnants of hinge-marks on front, but card in vgc.10W
4611908 Jubilee Exhibitions. Two large labels with gum, one inscribed KAISERHULDIGUNGS FESTUCHKEITEN / WIEN 1908; the other for the Jubilee Fair in Mährisch Ostrau. Vgc. (2)3W
4621902Special card for the Wohltätigkeits-Fest in Aussee (Styria) to Constantinople). 10h adv canc vg AUSSEE /IN STEIERMARK drs. CONSTANTINOPEL 1 arrival cds. One buckled corner.5W
4631910 1st International Hunting Exhibition, Wien. Specially imprinted postcard with fine painting of Exhibition site. 5h adhesive cancelled WIEN 1 roller-cancel to Belgium.4W
4649.9.11 International Postage Stamp Exhibition, Wien. Specially imprinted pc with fine illustration by Erwin Puchinger, with special Exhibition postmark, but not mailed. Fine condition.5W
4651911 Kalmsteiner-designed art nouveau card for the Deutscher Philatelisten 15 Bundestag, Wien 1911 with 10h imprint cancelled special Exhibition postmark. Mailed to Hermannstadt. Scarce card in fine-used condition.34W
4661913Complete set of 25 vignettes for the ADRIA Exhibition of 1913. Scarce. Fine umm. (25)75W
4671913 Kalmsteiner-designed pc (Lovrana) for the ADRIA Exhibition, with special exhibition postmark in blue/green ink, franked 10h to Switzerland. Card is vgc.20W
468c.1905 "Sissi". Five unused vignettes in different colours of Empress Elisabeth. Attractive.4W
4695.12.18Registered cover posted three weeks after the end of the War from Miechow (Poland) to Wien. "Kuk Etappenpost" has been excised from the military postmark and registration label, but presumably the Military Post stamps were the only ones available to pay the postage. A very nice cover. 36W
4701919 Italian territory regained from Austria. Censored, registered envelope from Arco (Tyrol) to Switzerland franked 10 and 40 centesimi di corona on Italian 10c and 40c stamps cancelled ARCO cds. Austrian registration label. Handstamps VERIFICATO / PER CENSURA and MILANO / POSTA ESTERO. Arrival pmk of BERN. 18W
4711919Fpc overprinted for use in SHS mailed from Zemun (Danube) to Cottbus in Germany. Croatian - SHS 10 filira imprint (Tăbăcaru catalogue page 996; 120 p). Vgc.15W
4721920Fpc overprinted for use in SHS mailed from Zagreb to Dortmund in Germany. Croatian - SHS 60 filira imprint (Tăbăcaru catalogue page 997; 150-200p). Vgc and not easy to find.20W
4731918-22 "Deutschösterrreich" collection of stamps on album-leaves. Includes 1919 Newspaper overprint set fu (ANK 247-51; €56), Flood Relief set mm (ANK 340-59), Frauenkopf set mm & fu (ANK 398-408), Composers mm (ANK 418-24; €40), Provisional Capitals mm & fu (ANK 433-441), T.B. Relief mm (ANK 442-46; €40), 1918 overprinted Dues mm (ANK 64-74; €60) + many other definitives and dues. Very good condition throughout. Bargain. (278)30 
4741918-21 "Deutschösterrreich". Small collection, neatly-mounted on leaves, comprising 1918 overprint set fu (ANK 228-46; €65) and mm (€25), 1919/20 definitives complete mm & fu (ANK 255-74) + grey paper mm complete and fu missing 20h value (ANK 260y-271y) + imperf set complete mm and fu (ANK 275-281), Parliament set perf 12.5 mm & fu complete (ANK 284-292) and 1920/21 Shield set complete mm and fu + an introductory page with map. Ex Les Taylor and fine condition throughout. Complements the above lot well. (148)20 
4751919 Deutschöstereich overprinted 10h psc and 20h letter-card (ANK 235, 56), fine mint (2)4 
47619191919 issue 30h telegraph receipt (ANK 67a; €15) fine unused3 
477  Hochwasser issue 10kr (ANK 358) single-franking on mourning envelope sent within Wien. (ANK €200 on cover). Date not legible, but rate would be correct for inflation-period 6. Vgc.20W
47819202 'Leserkarten' (to Library members) with privately-printed imprints, one with 20h imprint, the other with 10h imprint + 10h adhesive, fine used. Rarely offered. (2)10W
4791919/21 Parliament set perf 11.5 complete eight values mm (ANK 284-292B, cat €440). Missing from many collections. (8)44 
4801923 Provincial Capitals set of ninie fine used (ANK 433-441; €110)12W
4819.5.22 Postage due. Mexican 2c psc with two extra 3c definitives to Vienna where block of six 7½K Nachmarke overprint Dues affixed. I bet you haven't got one of these! Vgc.18W
48225.2.20 Period 2. Rückschein letter sent locally from a court in Wien with postage (paid by addressee) met by 2 x 20h Dues. Vgc.8W
483c.1921 Period 2. Newspaper-wrapper for Die Gebirgsfreunde sent locally within Wien. Franked 6h 1920 Newspaper-stamp (ANK 296) with private perfs top and bottom. Excellent condition.8W
48426.10.20 Period 3. Rückschein letter sent locally from a court in Wien with postage (paid by addressee) met by an 80h Due. Vgc.8W
48510.7.20 Period 3. Rückschein letter sent locally from a court in Wien with postage (paid by addressee) met by 2 x 50h Dues for second weight-step of 100h. Manuscript 80 struck out and replaced with 100. Vgc.18W
48627.9.20 Period 3. 25h psc from Wien to Switzerland uprated with 25h imperf + 2 x 15h perf for foreign postcard rate. Bilingual roller slogan postmark "HELP AUSTRIAN CHILDREN FUND" / WIEN I / BROADWAY/NY. Vgc.10W
4871921 Period 4. 50k psc + additional 50k imprint, converting from the period 3 to period 4 inland postcard rate. Used Wien to Stuttgart. Vgc.8W
48814.2.21 Period 4. Rückschein letter sent locally from a court in Wien with postage (paid by addressee) met by strip of 3 x 50h Dues. Vgc.8W
48917.8.21 Period 5. 1K psc uprated with 80h + 2 x 10h for correct 2K foreign printed-matter rate from Wien to Belgium. Vgc.5W
49023.9.21 Period 5. Rückschein letter sent locally from a court in Wien with postage (paid by addressee) met by a single 3K Due for the discounted local rate. Vgc.10W
49123.8.22 Period 8 Env franked single 25K Frauenkopf sent locally within Wien as printed-matter. 10W
49227.8.22 Period 8 Commercial env franked 10K + 2 x 45K for inland letter-rate, Wien to Salzburg.8W
4939.10.22 Period 9. 5K psc uprated with 45, 50K definitives for correct 100K inland postcard rate from Wien to Gloggnitz. Vgc. 5W
49419.10.22 Period 9. Commercial envelope sent locally within Wien franked 10K + 2 x 75K for correct locally-discounted letter-rate of 160K. Interesting Jugendstil vignette seal on back. A little ragged where opened.10W
   No lot  
49611.4.23 Period 10. Spectacular franking of 31 stamps on both sides of envelope from St. Anton a.d. Arlberge to Zurich. Philatelic franking comprises 1922-1924 issue to 600K (ANK 360-388) plus Frauenkopf 1000K and 2000K for a total of 6395K. Vgc.20W
49718.1.23 Period 10. Rückschein letter sent locally from a court in Wien with postage (paid by addressee) met by pair 150K + pair 10K Dues for the discounted local rate of 320K. Vgc.18W
49810.7.23 Period 10. Underpaid letter sent locally from a lawyer in Wien under-franked 2 x 100K vs correct local-rate of 320K. Postage due was twice the deficiency, 240K, but addressee was charged the minimum rate of 320K. Vgc.18W
49919.11.23 Period 11. Railway official letter sent locally within Wien, with postage (paid by addressee) met with single 600k Due on reverse. Vgc.8W
5008.8.23 Period 11. Commercial envelope sent locally within Wien franked 400K + 2 x 100K for correct inland letter-rate. Roller cancel for 1923 WIENER MESSE.vgc. 5W
5018.3.24 Period 12. Official letter sent locally within Wien with entitlement to free postage obliterated and replaced with need for addressee to pay, met with single 1000k Due on reverse. Vgc.8W
50221.10.24 Period 12. Reply letter from the Finance Ministry carrying purple cachet (partly obscured by stamps) Einschreibgebühr mit Nachmarken verrechnen und beim Empfänger einheben. (Postage & revenue charges to be accounted for with postage-due stamps and collected from recipient). Postage-due stamps of 1000K and 2000K met the charges for postage and registration respectively. 20W
50327.4.25 Period 14a. Savings-bank letter sent locally within Wien with printed Postgebühr beim Empfänger einheben (= Postage to be collected from recipient). Postage of 15g met by 1500K Due, Vgc.10W
50415.5.25 Period 14a. Court letter-card sent locally within Wien with postage (paid by addressee) met with 100, 600 and pair 800K Dues. Good condition.8W
5051920sSmall collection of nine postcards from the Inflation period charged Austrian postage-due for a variety of reasons. Written up on album-pages. Useful additions to a Postage Due or Inflation collection and good value at this price. (9)30W
   First Republic - Postage stamps and stationery  
5061933 WIPA white paper single lightly-mounted mint (ANK 555; €200). Fine condition.20W
507192518g black imprint on complete double psc (ANK 270. €60) canc BADEN-WIEN TPO. Vgc.6W
5081925-35 First Republic postal stationery, most uprated with adhesives, fine used. Gd selection (9)9W
509  First Republic letter-cards. 20g, 24g and 24g green values, all fine used with extra stamps for higher rate. Good selection, cat €115 without any premium for up-rating. (5) 12W
510193635gr red imprint postal-stationery viewcard with image of Kitzbuhel, to England, good condition.5W
   First Republic - Postal history  
5111928 1925/27 Definitive issue. 1S green (ANK €40) on registered cover from Wien to Sarawak. Rarely-seen destination. Minor damage on left-hand side. 8W
5121931 1925/27 Definitive issue. Novelty postcard attributing romantic meanings to the new issue of stamps! Fine used. Vgc.4W
5131931 Express inland letter from Parsch to Wien correctly franked 50gr. Vgc5W
5141936 Advertising cover for Wella haircare sent express from Wien to Saxony, franked 55gr. 4W
5151929 Registered env bearing the set of six Nieblungen (all high format) from Wien to Lomnice.8W
51614.4.34 1925/30 Air Issue. 5, 10, 50g values on reg'd env from Salzburg 2 to Ortrand, Germany. Vgc.9W
5171936 F.I.S. II 12gr and 24gr values fu on unaddressed postcard (ANK 623-624) cancelled special boxed FIS-WELT KAMPFE / INNSBRUCK 23 Febr. 1936.8W
5187.12.36 Inventors set of six on unaddressed envelope with printed photo of SALZBURG cancelled with special postmark for TAG DER BRIEFMARKE / WIEN, 7 DEZEMBER 1936. (ANK 632-37; €80 on cover). Good condition.8W
5191932 Ignaz Seipel issue (ANK 544; €100 on cover) to Czechoslovakia. The envelope has been torn in places, but a scarce franking. 5W
5201936 Mother's Day. Pc bearing 24g Mothers Day adhesive with special cancel. Vgc.3W
5219.5.37 Mother's Day. Small souvenir-sheet with the 1937 adhesive (ANK 638) cancelled with special pmk. Attractive addition to Mother's Day collection.5W
5225.5.37 Mother's Day pc and adhesive with special cancel. Not mailed. Vgc.3W
52328.4.67 Mother's Day. FDC to Innsbruck with Mother's Day adhesive and special Salzburg Mother's Day postmark. Vgc.3W
5241936 Mother's Day. Walter Honeker designed TYROL card (Google him!) with 1936 Mother's Day adhesive and special postmark. Not mailed. 5W
5251938 Vienna Fair 1938. Fair postcard franked four values from 1935 Air issue cancelled special WIENER MESSE / ROTUNDE / 8.SEPT.1937 plus Hesshaimer "train" vignette overprinted WIENER MESSE. Attractive and vgc.9W
5261937 Volkstrauertag. Ppc (Stephansdom) franked 24gr Dollfuss + 2 definitives for 35gr rate to Scotland. Cancelled special pmk WIEN / ÖSTERREICHISCHER VOLKSTRAUERTAG / 25.VII.37 + regular Wien cds the next day.4W
5271935Postcard to USA franked 12gr (ANK 573) + 24gr Dollfuss, cancelled special VOLKSTRAUERTAG pmk. Good condition.3 
5281933 Winterhilfe 5, 12 and 24gr values + 40gr definitive on registered express postcard sent locally within Wien and cancelled with special pmk AUSSTELLUNG / FÜR JUGENDPHILATELIE / 26 DEZ 1933 / WIEN. Vgc.8W
5291935 Winterhilfe set of four on unaddressed envelope with printed photo of ST. SIGMUND BEI KÜHTAI, TIROL, cancelled with special pmk for TAG DER BRIEFMARKE / 3 DEZEMBER 1935. (ANK 613-16; €130 on cover). An attractive item.16W
53026.11.36 Winterhilfe set (+ additional 24gr value) on registered cover from Wien to New York (arrived 3 December). (ANK 626-631). Vgc. 6W
5311937 Winterhilfe set of four on reg'd FDC sent locally within Wien with special pmk for 1 JAHRE ÖSTERREICHISCHE JUNGVOLK / WIEN / 18.X.1937. (ANK 642-45). Attractive item. Vgc.8W
5321928 MAUTERNDORF-UNZMARKT / 316 railway TPO on 10gr psc to Graz, fine strike.4 
5331930 WIEN - Wr. NEUSTADT / 203 good TPO canc 10gr Landscape on ppc to Wien.6W
5341932 SILLIAN / LIENZ / KLAGENFURT / 28 railway TPO pmk cancelling attractive franking on commercial envelope from Pörtschach to Verona.5W
5351928 - 1938Small collection of seven covers & cards from the First Republic charged Austrian postage-due for a variety of reasons. Written up on album-pages. Good basis to build upon. (7)15W
5361931-34Seven commercial covers from a firm in Vienna to another in Edinburgh, England (sic!), showing the rate progression through this period on the 1930, 32 and 34 tariffs, including first, second and third weight-steps. Genuine commercial mail worthy of study. (7) 28W
5373.8.25 Registered foreign airmail letter from Wien to Prague. Small envelope attractively franked 400k, 3000k, 4800k key values from 1922 Airs (ANK 426, 431, 432; €450 on cover). Last month of validity of the stamps. Slight damage to NE corner; otherwise a fine item.24W
   First Republic - Airmail  
53810.9.29 1925/30 Air Issue. Selection of values including 3S (€120 on cover) totalling 6S29 on registered airmail envelope from Wien to Estonia (arrival cds). Handstamped Nach Abgang des Fluges eingelangt. Small tear on opening, bottom-right.10W
5392.5.30 Zeppelin flight from Lausanne to Wien, marked "by Zeppelin from Friedrichshafen" with red, oval cachet MIT LUFTSCHIFF / GRAF ZEPPELIN / BEFÖRDERT. (Kohl 600p). Franked 50g, 30g, 6 x 15g Airs. Vgc.40W
54024.9.31 1925/30 Air Issue. 10g x 3 and 5g Airs + 3 x 1g defins totalling 38gr on postcard sent airmail from a stamp dealer in Wien to Prague. Vgc.8W
54116.8.35 1935 Air issue. FDC with the 11 values to 1 Sch sent by airmail to Liverpool. Vgc.10W
5421935 Airmail cover from Wien to Prague franked 85gr in values from 1935 Air issue. Addressed to a Count in the distinguished Schönborn family. Vgc.8W
54323.11.37 Railway Centenary set of three (ANK 646-48) + 25gr Air stamp cancelled special postmark EISENBAHNJUBILAUM / WIEN-FLORISDORF on registered Flugpost env to Dresden (arrival cds). Attractive and vgc.4W
54411.3.383gr on envelope sent locally cancelled 5 WIEN 55 cds with handstamp Mit Schuschnigg / für ein freies Österreich? / Ja! Vgc. 8W
5457.4.38 Airmail cover to Switzerland with 12gr, 25gr adhesive cancelled LINZ cds of 7 April + WIEN FLUGPOST cds next day + The Führer speaks in Linz cachet. On reverse, 6pf x 4 sheetlet WER EIN VOLK RETTEN, etc. Vgc.12W
5461.X.38Nibelungensage 3+2 gr, 6gr, definitive and German 6 Rpf = correct 12Rpf on envelope from Wien to Germany4W
5473.X.38Nibelungensage 8+2 gr, 1gr, defin and German 6 Rpf = correct 12Rpf on env to Germany.4W
5481938German 6 + 19pf perforated sheetlet used with Wien 9. Day of Greater Germany + 10 April Ein Volk, ein Reich, etc special postmarks.8W
5491942Registered envelope from WIEN 15 franked 6+4 Rpf Mozart, pair 12+38 Heldengedenktag, pair 12+38 Hitler Birthday (ANK 810, 812, 813). Attractive and vgc. 14W
5501943Super ppc of St Wolfgang v d Zirbitzkogel sent to Graz, franked 6Rpf Hitler canc partial German oval railway TPO BRUCK (MUR)-SALZBURG 3W
551  Ostmark. Twenty-nine covers and cards used commercially with no philatelic or propaganda element. Variety of frankings and usages. Mainly vg condition. Bargain. (29)28W
552  Anschluss / Ostmark. 25 covers and cards with a variety of frankings (including registered express usage), special cancels, some unused postal stationery and a propoganda card. Would cost at least £3 each if I had the space. Mainly vgc. A bargain for someone. (25)24W
5531946 Occupation "Posthorn" values on two covers genuine usage plus a philatelic cover bearing the set to1 Sch. (3)9W
5541945/46 Occupation "Shield" values on 4 postcards, including 3 with special-event cancels. (4)9W
5551945/46 Occupation "Shield" set of 23 on two unaddressed covers cancelled special postmark commemorating the liberation of the concentration camp at Bruck a.d. Leitha. (2) 8W
5561945 Occupation 5pf and 6pf postal-stationery cards privately-overprinted for the USA Exhibition in Vienna, unused, + 6pf with special cancel, plus 6pf psc with special illustration, up-rated with 5pf and 5gr definitives with special cancel, all in vgc. (4)12W
5571946Illustrated ppc commemorating 1st anniversary of Russian Zone bearing 8gr definitive with special cancel.5W
5581945Allied Occupation Local Issues. Lösenstein local issue, Type II (Steindruck) set of nine fu (cancelled by favour).36W
5591945Vienna "cork" black obliteration on 8pf Hitler, canc 3 WIEN 41 cds on local env to Wien 1.8W
5601945Vienna "cork" black obliteration on 8pf Hitler, canc (12a) WIEN 65 cds on local env to Wien.12W
5611945Vienna "cork" black obliteration on 12pf Hitler, canc 7 WIEN 62 cds on local env to Mariazell.8W
5621945Vienna "cork" black obliteration on Hitler heads. Selection on piece, most with cds. (11)6W
5631946 Postage due. Picture postcard sent unfranked from Graz to Leoben and charged double-deficiency with 12g Allied Occupation Due. Card then forwarded to Wien franked 4g, a further underpayment, and charged with a 5g Due. Unusual and attractive in vgc.8W
   Stamps and postal stationery  
5641945/47 First Second Republic set of 29 values (ANK 738-766) vfu and mm + high values, flat-plate and rotary (ANK 767-774) mm + rotary set vfu. Total cat €100+. (61)10 
5651946 St Stephen's Cathedral Reconstruction set of ten (ANK 799-808) in fine unmounted corner blocks of six on Prestige album leaves. Cat €90.9 
5661946 Paris in Wien art exhibition. 3 different large promotional sheets featuring Austria landscape stamps and exhibition postmark (235 x 295mm). Beautiful display pieces. (3)10W
5671998 Empress Elizabeth 100th Anniversary of Death. Set of 6 col ppc (views of Vienna) with 7 Sch PRIORITY imprint featuring the Empress, and special commemorative cancel. Fine used. (6)10W
568 Picture Stationery Cards - Inland use. 1.00 to 4.00 ÖS, various issues. 7 mint 1 used.5W
569 Picture Stationery Cards - External use. 1.45 to 4.00 ÖS, various issues. 7 mint 6 used.10W
570 Change of Address Cards. All different, scarce. Two have 8 ÖS imprints. Mint. (5)10W
571 Schöne Österreich Picture Stationery cards external, complete mint set of 14 (issue 68). 4.00 ÖS. Cat €285W
572 Schöne Österreich Picture Stationery cards Inland, complete mint set of 14 (issue 138). 2.40 ÖS. Cat €285W
573194975th UPU Anniversary set as imprints on special aerogram. Fine mint.8W
5741950Special aerogramme with imprint of 1 Sch 1950 Anniversary of First Austrian Postage Stamp + imprint of 40g UPU Anniv to make up the airmail rate. Inscription noting the Stamp Anniversary + fifth birthday of Austrian journal Philatelist. Fine mint.6W
5751950Special aerogramme with imprint of 1 Sch 1950 Anniversary of First Austrian Postage Stamp + imprint of 40g UPU Anniv to make up the airmail rate. Inscription noting the Stamp Anniversary + fifth birthday of Austrian journal Philatelist. Fine used to USA.8W
5761977-95Aerogrammes - the last ten issued. Fine mint examples of ANK 18-27. (10)12 
   Second Republic - Postal history  
5771947 Vienna Fair. Set of eight (ANK 811-818) on front and back of censored, registered cover from Baden bei Wien to USA. The cover opens for display. Vgc.8W
57820.6.47 Art Exhibition Fund. Set of 10 (ANK 827-36) on censored, airmail cover to New York with first-day postmark.8W
57926.1.48 Ziehrer/Amerling fdc. Censored, reg'd, airmail fdc from Vienna to England bearing 20gr Ziehrer (ANK 864) + 2 x 60gr Amerling (ANK 866) + 2 x 1Sch+50gr Olympics (ANK863). Vgc.8W
58015.6.1948 Creative Artists Association set (ANK 924-930) on registered FDC (cat €300) with special KUNSTLERHAUS postmark. Attractive cover in vgc.30W
58113.4.49 Childhood set (ANK 941-944) on registered FDC (ANK €280) from Wien, airmail to Netherlands. Vgc.28W
5823.9.49 Bruckner. 3 x 40gr on cover to USA with first-day cancel.4W
5831949 Esperanto. Five x 20g Esperanto adhesive (ANK 947), including block of four, on envelope to Denmark, cancelled special Esperanto Congress postmark.8W
5841949 Esperanto. Privately-produced psc with 20g imprint of 1949 Esperanto issue. Fine unused.3W
5851951 Esperanto. The 1949 Esperanto adhesive (ANK 947) on special card with special postmark for Esperanto Congress in Vienna, 1 June 1951. Vgc.4W
5863.11.54 1948 Reconstruction Fund - late use. Set of ten (ANK 867-876) on registered cover from US APO 541 in Salzburg to Israel. Vgc.10W
5871961 Vienna Artists Centenary (ANK 1129-32). Each of the four values in a block of four on a matching official registered FDC sent airmail to USA. Special postmark and registration label. Very attractive group. (4)10W
5881964 Innsbruck Winter Olympics. Eight special covers franked 30gr definitive, each with a different Olympic cancel. (8)10W
5899.2.64 Innsbruck Winter Olympics. Cover to Berlin bearing the seven Olympic stamps (ANK 1166-72) cancelled special INNSBRUCK 2 Winter Olympic postmark. Vgc.5W
5904.3.64 Innsbruck Winter Olympics / AUA. Winter Olympics adhesives on cover to New York with fancy postmark of the Interpex flight from Wien to New York. NY arrival backstamp. Vgc.4W
59128/29.1.64 Innsbruck Winter Olympics.Seven special covers, each franked a different value from the 1963 Olympics set, each with a different cancel of an Innsbruck Olympic location. (6)10W
5921950 Postage due. Part-cover from GB with 1948 Olympics 3d adhesive and charged Sch.8.20 to pay. Refused by addressee, Dues cancelled UNGULTIG, letter returned to England. Nice display piece.3W
5931951 Postage due. Picture postcard sent unfranked from Hollywood, California to Gmunden, with handstamp T / 18 CENTIMES and unusual tax-label Postamt Wien 1/5 / T 2s 04g / einheben! Clearly official, but I have not seen one before. Vgc.12W
5941951Four Rückschein envelopes (all with contents) from courts in Wien and Wels to Karinthia. Postage paid by recipient and accounted for with Postage-Dues. Two type A (to be signed for only by addressee) and two Type B. In good condition, rarely offered from this period.10W
5951952 Rayon Limitrophe. Envelope from Linz to Czechoslovakia franked Sch 1.70+1.40 Rebuilding value (ANK 980; €90 on cover) + block of four x 3gr Costumes (ANK887; €25 x 4 on cover) for the concessionary RL rate to Czechoslovakia. Clean cover with good strikes. Scarce.20W
5961966 Postage Due stamp used to pay 30g Poste Restante charge on envelope from Gallspach to Wien with commemorative postmark. Vgc.4W
5971975 Postage Due. Intriguing selection of identical envelopes sent to an organisation in Salzburg and clearly marked "postage to be paid by addressee". Only one is charged the correct single-rate of 2.00s. The others are charged 2.30, 3.00, 4.60 and 6.00! A useful group. (5)16W
598  Postage due. Small collection of thirteen covers and cards from the Second Republic charged Austrian postage-due for a variety of reasons. Written up on album-pages. Good basis to build upon. (13)30W
5991946 Advertising card for ball-bearings franked 6gr adhesive cancelled Vienna special postmark.4W
6001960'sFour envelopes franked with German stamps taken aboard DDSG ships by German collector and bearing ship cachets and Captain autographs. Not mailed but interesting. Ships: Johann Strauss, Hebe, Schonbrunn, Stadt Passau. (4)12W
6011969 100 JAHRE / CORRESPONDENZ-KARTE overprinted on 1 Sch green p .s. viewcard with special commemorative cancel. Vgc.5W
6021947 Air stamps. Set of7 (ANK820-26) on five registered, censored, airmail covers from Baden bei Wien to Portland, Oregon. First cover has first three values (2 Sch value cat €200 on cover). Second has 3 Sch value. Third has 4 Sch + two defins. Fourth has single 5 Sch franking (cat €100) and fifth has single 10 Sch franking (cat €350 on cover). A useful group. (5)36W
6031957/58Three different Underberg advertising cards carried on the Underberg balloon from Wien to Linz 1957 and 58, and on a round-trip from the 1958 Vienna Fair. All addressed to Berlin and in vgc. (3)9W
6041954Air mail envelope to USA franked 1954 Health set of six (ANK 1008-13). Attractive and vgc.8W
6051962Sch 20.00 "Birds" Airmail adhesive on ppc of Tarvis, sent express and airmail to Berlin. ANK 973, cat €50 on mail.5W
6061962 Austrian Airlines First-flight cover to Geneva franked 3.50 Sch Stag cancelled WIEN 101 with special red WIEN-GENF-WIEN / 1 Nov 1962 first-flight cachet.8W
6071948-58 Provincial costumes. Small collection of postal history featuring Costumes adhesives and imprints. Mainly overseas mail, with airmail, mixed frankings, censorship, registration, slogan cancels and good postal stationery. Several values uncommon on covers noted. A good lot with scope for expansion. (28 covers and cards).65W
   WIPA Exhibitions - 1933-2000  
6081933Hotel "Sächsischer Hof", Wien envelope (with Kingdom of Romania coat of arms) to Bucharest, franked 40g (ANK 507) cancelled boxed WIPA 1933 / KONGRESSHAUS 2/29.6 / WIEN. Arrival pmk on back. Mailed from the Exhibition post office.15W
6091933 Hessheimer-designed "Postal Transport" Publicity Labels for WIPA 1933 - eight blocks of ten designs in different colours, fine umm. Plus 20 loose labels, two of each colour.40W
6101933 WIPA 1933 Hesshaimer card (bus-motif vignette), locally addressed with, block of 4 x 3g definitives cancelled special exhibition pennant-cancel WIPA 1933 / 4 JULI / KUNSTLERHAUS / a - WIEN * + boxed WIPA 1933 / KONGRESSHAUS 4/7 WIEN and circular, sunburst WIPA 1933 / 5 JULI / WIEN / SEZESSION. All fine strikes.15W
6111933Hessheimer-designed publicity-envelope used on second day of WIPA Exhibition on a "Mystery Tour" flight to Schloss Laxenburg (one of the main Habsburg palaces, just south of Wien). 48gr adhesive cancelled special flight postmark. Backstamped for one of the Exhibition standholders and addressed to a relative in Poland. Vgc. 5W
6121933 Special WIPA flight to Budapest. Postcard posted at the Exhibition the day before the flight. Adhesives cancelled special WIPA 1933 / KONGRESSHAUS / 6* / 23.6. WIEN. Blue, triangular flight cachet + WIPA WIEN / FLUGPOST cds + BUDAPEST arrival cds, all dated 24.6. Budapest delivery cds of 25 June. Vgc and fine strikes.8W
6131964 WIPA Advance Publicity set (ANK 1194-1201), four on each of two matching illustrated FDCs, cancelled special pmk WIEN LÄDT ZUR WIPA 1965 / WIEN 101 / 20 Juli 1964. Vgc.5W
6141965 WIPA I965 souvenir sheet + admission ticket (complete). Fine condition. 10W
6151965WIPA non-postal souvenir sheet with new printing of the 1933 WIPA design in red plus 1965 WIPA Sch 1.50+0.40 adh (ANK 1214) cancelled fancy WIPA pmk. Attractive and vgc.6W
6164.6.65WIPA Exhibition set (ANK 1214-19), three on each of two matching illustrated FDCs, with two different special Exhibition pmks. Special reg'n label Wien 101 / WIPA 1965. Vgc.4W
6171965 WIPA special 3.40 Sch aerogramm (ANK 9) with special 3 .6.65 WIPA postmark.5W
6181975 Wien '75. Entrance ticket for the International. Stamp Exhibition. Fine3W
6191978 WIPA. Cover with über Christkindl sticker cancelled with the advance publicity WIEN-WIPA 1981 cds. 1968 Xmas adhesive cancelled special Christkindl 22.12.78 pmk. Contains a WIPA 1981 Organisation Committee New Year Greetings Card signed by one of their officers. Attractive addition to a WIPA collection.10W
62030.11.79Registered, illustrated WIPA FDC with Hofburg first-phase adhesive (ANK 1660) tied special First-phase postmark. Registration-label of 1150 Wien / Sonderpostamt. 5W
6211.4.81Official window-envelope sent by a member of the WIPA 1981 organising committee, bearing 1980 Europa adhesive (ANK 1684) tied WIPA slogan cancel. Vgc.5W
6221981 WIPA 1981. One-day entrance ticket (40Sch.). Fine condition.3W
6231981Six self-adhesive WIPA 1981 promotional stickers on backing-sheet. Vgc. 3W
6241981 United Nations Vienna. Illustrated postcard produced for the U.N. Postal Administration in Wien, with special WIPA 1981 cachet on front. Sch 10 U.N. adhesive with WIEN - VEREINTE NATIONEN cds. Vgc.3W
6252000 WIPA 2000. Six-day entrance ticket (80Sch.). Fine condition.3W
6261929ppc of Innsbruck and the Nordketten-Seilschwebebahn franked 24g cancelled very good dated postablagen SEEGRUBE / NORDKETTENBAHN / P.INNSBRUCK 2 + two Nordkettenbahn cachets. Nice item.5W
6271930Ppc (Innsbruck cable car view) with 10 gr adhesive canc vg boxed postal-agency SEEGRUBE / NORDKETTEBAHN / *19.VII.30* / INNSBRUCK. Faint tourist-cachet of the upper station.8W
6281937 Ablage to ablage. Ppc (Seegrube cable-car station) cancelled part SEEGRUBE / NORDKETTENBAHN collecting station (Kü. 1430a) + KUFSTEIN 1 cds. Very good postmark of the receiving collecting station **HINTERSTEIN, p. Kufstein** (Kü. 536e; 6p). Tragically the stamp has been removed, with half the first pmk. 3W
6291931Collection agency. Ppc (Raxbahn Station) cancelled dated ablage handstamp RAXSEILBAHN-BERGSTATION / P. HIRSCHWANG (Kü. 1181a)3W
6301931Fine boxed, dated agency pmk RAXALPE OTTO HAUS / P. HIRSCHWANG on ppc (photo of the mountain refuge). Vgc.4W
6311932Fine postal agency postmark *SEEKARHAUS / P. Obertauern b. Radstadt* on ppc of the building itself. Franked 24gr Landscape to England cancelled Obertauern cds. Vgc.5W
6321987/93Two cards with fine postal-agency postmarks of GMUNDEN / PSt RADDAMPFER GISELLA / 4810 (lake paddle-steamer TPO) and GUSSING / PSt REHGRABEN / 7540 (2)6W
633  Liechtenstein. Small collection of lightly-duplicated mint & used adhesives on stock cards. All periods. Good starter lot. Vgc. (250+)10W
634WW1 German occupation of Belgium. Cut out sections from money-orders and parcel cards franked with German adhesives overprinted Belgien / French currency. Good variety of values and clear postmarks (7 pieces).4W
6351880s - 1940s Italian postal-stationery cards, all fine used and virtually all different. Also Italy Posta Militaire; three ps cards (different designs) and one pse. I don't know what these are worth, but it's a lot more than this! (46)40W
636  Italy postal history. Interesting batch of late 19th to mid 20th century covers and cards, including registered, postage due, mourning, etc. Low start price to clear. (36)5W
6371924 Egypt. Ship-letter to Trieste with pair 10m adhesives cancelled very good straight-line VAPORE / D'ALESSANDRIA with vg TRIESTE CENTRO arrival cds. Low start price because I know nothing about these!5W
6381913 Romania. Commercial cover from Bucharest to Leipzig franked 5 x 5 bani adhesives. Envelope cancelled BUCHAREST / 14 SEP 13 cds, but adhesives escaped cancellation and received LEIPZIG cds postmarks on arrival on 16 Sep. Attractive and unusual4W
6391859 Levant shipmail. Cover to Genova cancelled SALONIQUE / TURQ. D'EUROPE cds of French office, with red handstamp PIROSCAFI / POSTALI / FRANCESI, and marked 20 (decimes) to pay. Genova arrival cds on reverse. Disinfection slits. A good cover for display.16W
6401919 Moravia. Ppc with fine boxed, collecting-station PADOCHOV (Kü. 3609bx 5p, with German excised). 15h Hradcany adhesive cancelled POZSONY.11W
6411920 Czech Field Post. Colour ppc to Bohemia cancelled vg POLNI POSTA 14 / C.S.P cds.9W
642 1855-64 Lombardy & Venetia collection, neatly-mounted on album leaves, comprising 1858 issue type I vgu complete, type II vgu complete + 2 reprints and a forgery; 1861 issue vgu; 1863 perf 14 complete vgu; 1864 perf 9.5 vgu complete + reprints; 1864 set to 10 soldi mm + perf 13 reprints, 3 values. (ANK LV6-23 vgu + 19-22 mm). Total cat c.€2800 + the reprints, etc. Good lot at a low start-price. (44)280W
6431850-63 Classic Austrian stamps used in Hungary from the first three issues, neatly mounted on three album leaves. The stamps themselves are cat ANK €660 (taken as cheapest paper, type and shade), and include good copies of the 1850 1kr and 2kr values. All have identifiable Hungarian postmarks, increasing their value. These include a wide range of Pest cancels, as well as smaller offices. (48)90W
6441854 1858 issue - reprints, forgeries. Small reference collection: 3kr black, 1884 reprint, type II, perf c.12.75, fine condition (Ferch €145); 2kr yellow and orange, both reprints; 3kr green reprint, perf c.11.8 (Ferch €30); 1860/61 issue 2kr reprint. Plus five St Andrews Crosses in various colours, all forgeries. (9)20W
645  Vienna postmarks. Thirteen 1867 imprint 2kr yellow psc with very good strikes of postmarks from different Wien post-offices. Good basis for expansion. Vgc. (13)18W
6461880s Wien postmarks, all different on seven vgu 1883 letter-cards (7)10W
   "Gruss aus" postcards  
6471895Colour litho Gruss aus Innsbruck ppc (published Czichna locally). Some scuff-marks. Early date for these.8W
6481897Colour litho Gruss aus Innsbruck ppc (published Hayd) fine used.10W
6491897Colour litho Gruss aus Eger ppc (Bohemia, published Regell & Krug) vgu with barred EGER BAHNHOF postmark.10W
6501897B&w litho Gruss aus Salzburg ppc (published Regell & Krug) fine used.10W
6511898Colour litho Czech-language Pozdrav z Milevska ppc (publ Schwidernoch, Wien) fu.12W
6521898Colour litho "moonlight" Gruss aus Temesvar ppc (published locally). The card is delaminating; otherwise vgc. fine used.5W
6531898Colour litho Gruss aus Prag ppc (published Winkler & Voight) fine used.6W
6541898Colour litho Gruss aus Wien ppc (Mozart Monument, publishedMieser)vg used.5W
6551899Colour litho Gruss aus Franzensbad ppc (published Regell & Krug) fine used.10W
6561899Colour litho Gruss aus Gabel ppc (North Bohemia, publ Schwidernoch, Wien) vg used.10W
6571899Colour litho Gruss aus Mähr. Weisskirchen ppc (publ J Kubin, M. Weisskirchen) fine used.12W
6581899Colour litho Gruss aus Grossen Priel ppc (Upper Austria, published by an Alpine association). Vgu to England.10W
   Franz Joseph and Jubilee postcards  
6591898Unused ppc Gruss aus der Jubiläums-Ausstellung, Wien 1898 (published Schmiederer) to publicise the exhibit of a Vienna manufacturer of platform-scales. Vgc.6W
66019.10.97Ppc to mark Franz Josef's fifty-year reign featuring images of F.J. and the Vienna Town Hall. Barred WIEN 53 pmk. Vgc.5W
66129.4.99Ppc to mark Franz Josef's fifty-year reign featuring images of F.J. at various ages. Vgu.5W
66218.7.08Czech-language col ppc depicting the 1908 Prague Jubille Exhibition. 5h Jubilee adh cancelled with the special Exhibition pmk (Wurth 110p). Vgc.6W
6635.2.98Envelope to USA franked 25h cancelled OBER-THOMASDORF cds with 1908 Prague Jubilee Exhibition vignette on reverse. Vgc.3W
6642.10.08Publicity pc for Jubilee Exhibition in Graz (19 Sept - 4 Oct). 5h adhesive and publicity-label both tied by Graz cds. Vgc.5W
6651908Vienna and Prague versions of the Koloman Moser designed official psc produced for the Diamond Jubilee. Fine unused. (2)4W
6661908Col ppc (publ Zieher) depicting the Jubilee issue of adhesives. Fine used (stamp removed).8W
6671908Colour ppc (published Wix) depicting the Jubilee issue of adhesives. Fine used.5W
6681908Colour ppc (published Lederer & Popper, Prague) depicting F.J. on horseback at the entrance to Prater Park + some of the 1908 Jubileepostage stamps. Fine used.6W
6691908Colour ppc (published Lederer & Popper, Prague) depicting F.J. on horseback at the entrance to Prater Park + some of the 1908 Jubilee postage stamps. Fine unused.5W
6701908Colourppc (pubished Zieher, Munich) depicting portrait of F.J. + the 1908 Jubilee postage stamps. Used, vgc.4W
6711866Cover (no contents) franked 5kr perf 9.5 canc WIEN cds with BURGAU (Styria) arrival cds.2W
6721881Small envelope from GB to Vienna with red AACHEN transit stamp and rate-stamp 3½ GROSCHEN.3W
673 Eclectic remainder collection of old Hungary. Four pages of Newspaper stamps (including 3 blocks of 8, one with Marburg-Franzensfeste TPO, worth the start-price on its own); three pages of Habsburg era with a number of good cancels; a small stockcard of 30 first 'envelope' issue stamps, a few covers.10W
674 Austrian Revenues on double sided stockcard, 1879-1925. Much duplication but unchecked for perforation and other varieties. (c.365)10W
675  Jaffa. Stockcard with Austrian POs in Levant issues all bearing Jaffa postmarks. (11)10W
676  Caifa. Stockcard with Austrian POs in Levant issues all bearing Caifa postmarks. (6)5W
677  Jerusalem. Stockcard with Austrian POs in Levant issues bearing Jerusalem pmks. (17)12W
678  POs in Levant. Stockcard with Austrian POs in Levant issues bearing postmarks of Beirut (2), Janina (2), Salonica, Smyrna (2) and Rhodes (3). (10)20W
679WW1 Balance lot of material from the APS special WW1 Auction no.109. Includes Feldpost adhesives on covers and a Hungarian feldpost parcel-card, censored mail, Czech fpc's, instructional handstamps, express and registered mail. Bargain price to clear. (26)10W
6801918-19Four fpcs (one damaged) with bisected 20h adhesives (2 diagonal, 1 vertical, 1 horizontal). Two mailed, two cancelled but not sent. (4)8W
68128.4.19Registered ppc from Wien 33 to Switzerland with philatelic franking of 3, 5, 6, 10, 12, 15, 20 and 25h Deutschösterreich overprinted adhesive. 4W
6821920sBalance lot of six unsold inflation covers and cards. Good, clean lot that will not disappoint at this price. (6)10W
683 Batch of 1920s Inflation unsolds, period 2 to pd 13, all correctly franked. Good lot. (9)9W
6841917-36Covers, cards and postal stationery cancelled by TPO pmks with train-number in box at bottom. Numbers between 203 and 2958. Some useful postal-stationery and inflation items. I don't have space to list these separately; a bargain at less than £1 each. (31)24W
6851924-37Covers, cards and postal stationery with double-ring TPO pmks - wavy-line type with train-number at bottom. Numbers between 12 and 147. I don't have space to list these separately; a bargain at £1 each. (11)10W
6861937Five Dolfuss special mourning-cancels on pieces with postmarks of EISENSTADT (3), SALZBURG and BREGENZ. (5)3W
6871938Two envelopes with mixed franking of Austrian definitivess + German Hindenbergs, one from Kainach via Wien to Buffalo, USA, and one from Wien to Warsaw. Vgc.5W
6881940sSix stampless official envelope fronts from various local authorities marked as "Gebühr Bezahlt" etc. Good selection. (6)3W
6891949-513 Italian postcards to Austria with Austrian censor handstamps.3W
690195030g Costumes psc with printed advertising (Inserat 0008), mint.3W
6911951Advertising card, 30g Costume imprint (Sch. 46c) fine unused.18W
6921951 Airmail envelopes with 2.40 and two different 3.00 imprints, unused. One has pen-markings, others vgc. (3)3W
6931954 Aerogramme 3.60S fu to USA (ANK 3; €50) + same aerogramme with additional 60g adh, unused.4W
6941954-63 Aerogrammes, vg unused; 1954 2.80S, 3.60S, 1963, 4.20S (ANK 3,4,8; €100)8W
6951955+Covers, cards and postal stationery with TPO pmks with train-number in bottom frame. Numbers between 12 and 955. I don't have space to list these separately; a bargain at 50p each. (51)24W
6961960s Wimmer Essays. 3 essay-cards in different colours for proposed but unissued J F Kennedy issue by G Wimmer (Austrian stamp designer and artist). (3)15W
6971965 International Postage Stamp Exhibition Wien 1965. Souvenir labels of the "Townscapes" series produced for the Exhibition including complete sheets (of 25) for Vienna, Linz and Melk views, part-sheets of the other towns. Also black-print of mini-sheet featuring all 9 views (quantity).18W
6981967 5 Sch aerogramme (ANK 13) fine unused + fine unused with special cancel of 23rd International Astronautical Congress 1972 + fine used to USA. (3)3W
699  No lot W
700  Souvenir-sheets (Gedankblätter) for various philatelic anniversaries and exhibitions, many unlisted in the main catalogues + sheetlet of ten souvenir stamps sold for Overbria '97 in Salzburg. Unsold in previous Auctions, and re-offered at less than half price. (11)18W
7011971 50 years of the Association of Austrian Philatelic Societies special cancel on franked but unaddressed cover.2W
7021971 GB strike mail envelope from England to Vienna bearing label and cachet of EXPORT LETTER SERVICE / BRIGHTON. Charged Sch.3 in Dues on arrival.2W
703 Three 2nd Republic pcs to England, underfranked and bearing GB Dues. Nice group. (3)3W
7041987Envelope sent within England franked 2 x 10h 1919 Austrian adhesives, not surprisingly disallowed! Handstamp 3d to pay. Curiosity.2W
7051987Env from Wörgl to Linz with 20gr Buildings in control-strip of five (plate 17) + 3S Fink adhesive (ANK 1645) canc fine postal-agency WORGL / PSt ITTER / 6300. Attractive and vgc.4W