Closes for bidding midnight 24 June 2016

Dear Members,
Welcome to Auction 124. I'm starting my fifth year as your Honorary Auctioneer; time flies! Seventeen Members have contributed material for this Auction, and I think you will all find something of interest. I have broken down a few special collections which I particularly recommend for your attention.

The lots have been scanned IN THEIR PROTECTORS. This means that you will often see wavy white lines across the image. These are reflections of creases in the protector, not in the contents. Our scanner does not provide good contrast, and the images should not be used as an accurate guide to strength of colour. Each illustrated lot has the lot number on a label.

Good luck with your bidding,


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Lots 1 - 61 Lots 62 - 97 Lots 98 - 157 Lots 158 - 210 Lots 211 - 266
Lots 267 - 320 Lots 321 - 359 Lots 360 - 395 Lots 396 - 429 Lots 430 - 450

Abbreviations used in the list:

envenvelopeppcpicture postcardELentire letter (with contents)
pcpostcardfpcfield-post cardpsepostal-stationery envelope
gdgood(v)gu(very) good usedfpsefield-post stationery envelope
vgvery good(v)fu(very) fine usedTPOtravelling post-office
colcolourb&wblack and whitevgcvery good condition
arrarrivalmmmounted mintlmmlightly-mounted mint
ptspointsppoints, perforatedummunmounted mint (postfrisch)
pmkpostmarkcdscircular date-stamp  Catalogues used
canccancelleddrsdouble-ring cdsMüller - postmarks
vverycondconditionKlKlein - postmarks
circcirculars/lstraight-lineRaiRainer - Feldpost-marks, 2003
wmkwatermarkm/smanuscriptANKNetto, Austria
aveaverageo/poverprint(ed)Kühnel - Ablagen
stbsaid to beh/shandstampFerchFerchenbauer Handbook, 2008
rlwyrailwayFDCfirst-day coverStStohl - postmarks
stnstationadhadhesive(s)SchSchneiderbauer - postal stationery
catcataloguePOWprisoner of warVotVotocek - Czech postmarks
defindefinitiveh/phand-paperSGStanley Gibbons
POpost officem/pmachine paperVollVollmeier
reg’dregisteredrpcreal-photo cardWurthSpecial Post Offices
reg’nregistrationpscpostal-stationery cardSmithAustrian POs in the Levant
T&STchilinghirian & Stephen

Webmaster's remarks: The size of the image window is controlled by the settings on your computer, not by this web site. The pictures have been provided by a 'quick and easy' scanning process which does not give completely accurate colour reproduction, and also usually produces a heavy black shadow at the top of each image. Do not rely on the pictures to judge shades. In particular, the buff colour of monarchy-period postcards tends to come out much whiter than the actual colour; and sometimes the stamps appear to glow luridly! The images have not been retouched (ie, all the markings added over the years by dealers and vendors have been left). If you need to know precise dimensions of any item ask the Auctioneer. To ensure you are looking at the latest version of this page, use your browser's "Refresh" feature. The buttons above may open a new browser tab or a new window: the choice is controlled by which version of what browser you have plus how you have set it, not by this web site. The programs we use cannot easily cope with varying page sizes, so you'll find everything is A4 portrait or landscape, and some of the portrait pages have the bottom half blank. The alternative was to have lots split over page breaks, or in non-numerical order; we think our choice is the lesser evil.

One description has been corrected from the printed version; the changes are in red..