The Austrian Philatelic Society Journal 'AUSTRIA'

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The Austrian Philatelic Society's Journal 'AUSTRIA' has achieved international recognition as the foremost English language publication on the subject [eg awarded 80 points and a Vermeil at London2015]. Over the years it has changed format from quarto to A5 to A4, covers from black-on-tinted-card to full colour on glossy, and production method from manual typing with glued-in pictures to wordprocessed PDF with embedded illustrations. For several years now, the illustrations have been inserted in colour although the Journal is printed in black/white - they come out better! Occasionally one sheet (ie 4 pages) will be in colour, if the subject matter justifies the extra cost. The most recent issues have the Society's Newsletter in the middle, printed on yellow paper.

There are five cumulative indexes currently covering issues 1 to 194: an Index to stamp issues; an Index by subject; an Index of book reviews; an Index to 'APOs Abroad'; and an Index to Biographies of People on Austrian Stamps. A contents list is provided for later issues including those awaiting indexing. In these indexes the number of the issue of AUSTRIA is followed by the pagination after an oblique stroke [eg 123/45 would be issue 123 page 45]. 'IBC' means 'inside back cover'.

Occasionally fewer than the normal four issues appeared in a year, and this list provides the data to resolve difficulties.

Finally, here is a specimen copy as a 5Mb PDF file. As explained above it is in full colour - and is copyright © to the APS.

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