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10 Schilling machinessee Stamp machines
25 years (ASCGB, now APS, Jubilee)25/3, 25/6, 25/36, 112/50
50 years (ASCGB, now APS, Jubilee)123/2, 125
1857 registered letter to UK130/7, 132/4
1867 issue: coarse vs fine whiskers129/43
AAPSee Association of Austrian Philatelists
Abbey, Melk46/34
Abbeys and monasteries113/38
Abbreviations, Hungarian armed forces, WW182/30
ABPS - The Association of British Philatelic Societies120/12
Activity Holiday, 1833124/42
Actors and actresses (1938 unissued designs)51/26
Adalbero, Saint99/47
Adler, Victor51/47
Adria steamship company and Captain Peterdi202/2
Advertisment tax stamps144/71, 145/63
Aegidius, Saint13/39
Aerogram, new discovery39/6
Aeroplanes on stamps47/5
After I've gone142/4, 143/68, 193/1
Aggstein castle51/31
Air letter sheet, new discovery39/6
Airmail 19189/15, 47/12
Airmail Austrian75/28, 183/12
Airmail, Berlin to Vienna via Dresden and Prague, 1927116/18
Airmail, catapulted transatlantic175/28, 176/3
Airmail Digest, by Baldwin115/7
Airmail, Europe to South America "magic carpet"133/67
Airmail ratesSee Postage Rates
Airmail Service, first official115/49; see also Lemberg
Airmail, stars on envelopesSee Stars
Alaska, cover from Vienna to194/8
Albrechtsberger, Johann Georg81/47
Alles für Österreich115/33
Allied Military Currency (post-WWII)136/19, 149/76
Alpine Society, German and Austrian, wrappers73/12
American millionaire, the126/45
American Relief Administration156/83
Amtsbrief, A is for (display)116/9
An Eine, meaning of in addresses177/4
Andor Bela de Dáni von Gyarmata und von Magyar-Cséke: obit139/84
Angeli, Heinrich von35/48
Anich, Peter4/16, 11/15
Anschluss9/5, 35/21, 83/3, 83/26, 89/23, 92/10, 96/22, 98/11, 99/17, 100/9, 101/9, 102/14, 103/25
Anschluss-era Tourist View official cards136/61
Anschluss, transition from Austrian to Reichs-Post139/4
AP and AR cancels128/58, 139/67, 208/37
Apollonia, Saint67/47
Archduke George and Duchess Eilika wedding 18.10.1997126/24
Archduke labels54/25, 58/26, 67/29
Archive, Austrian State120/37
ARGE Feldpost 1914-18See Fieldpost
ARGE Militaria Austriaca Philatelia85/8
Arthur Godden - Obit155/3
Army F.P.O.s - update116/52
Army Signals, fake covers38/39, 82/19
Arthur, King of Britain33/32
Ascher, Leo57/11
Asiago Prize47/4
ASKI marks115/31
Association of Austrian Philatelists (A.A.P.)36/31, 124/56
AsterisksSee Stars
Attems, M.V.33/12
Auction, APS, useful notes109/44, 119/56
Aufgabs-Recepisse form133/61, 134/68
Aus dem Briefkasten cachet40/10, 44/12
Austria (the magazine), a glance back and a look ahead100/18
Austria 125 years ago (written in 1975)34/14
Austria and Lombardy-Venetia Revenue stamps, adhesive144/56, 145/44
Austria before the Habsburgs56/24
Austria in classical times41/12
Austria post-WWI transition183/29
Austria under the Habsburgs97/34, 103/33, 104/30
Austria-Hungary, in WWI47/6
Austria-Tuscany 1839 convention187/13
Austrian currency units76//6, 86/38
Austrian Feldpost 1914-18 et alSee Fieldpost
Austrian Forces in Middle East34/5
Austrian History170/7, 170/39, 172/1
Austrian Letters, old, for friends of154/45
Austrian Lloyd two covers176/14
Austrian Lloyd routes in 1838109/18
Austrian Lloyd/Ionian Government agreement36/39, 37/10
Austrian Motifs on German stamps25/21
Austrian musical heritage147/4
Austrian nobility, House of Liechtenstein43/40
Austrian P.O. in Samos94/42
Austrian philatelic literature, bibliography74/20, 80/39, 120/15
Austrian philatelic terms45/2, 76/25
Austrian Philately, Does it have a future73/7, 73/9
Austrian population statistics167/40
Austrian Post & Post Offices in Dalmatia80/43, 81/38
Austrian Post & Post Offices in Levant59/34, 92/38, 192/3
Austrian Post & Post Offices in Liechtenstein13/6, 43/27, 79/8
Austrian Post & Post Offices in Netherlands71/34, 75/37
Austrian Post & Post Offices in Roman States22/40, 26/9
Austrian Post & Post Offices, The story of1490-1722: 10/27; 1722-1850: 11/16; 1849-50: 12/30, 14/41
Austrian Post Offices Abroad (Tchilingirian, Stephen, Tranmer)See here.
Austrian stamps: introducing them to a Fenland club126/22
Austrian State Treaty 1955127/6
Austrian Telegraph Service203 (all)
Austria-Sardinia post 1854-67140/13, 141/67, 143/49
Austria-UK money order agreement 1905189/7
Austro-Americana shipping company164/28
Austro-Hungarian Empire in Far EastSee Postal History, Austro-Hungarian Empire in Far East
Austro-Hungarian Empire to independent Czechoslovakia200/5
Austro-Hungarian joint issue of 2017207/19
Austro-Hungarian Military postal serviceSee Fieldpost
Austro-Hungarian Naval mail19/37, 47/24, 85/6, 87/12
Austro-Hungarian registered post, legacy of in the future Yugoslavia206/36
Austro-Hungarian-Slavic postal history project50/26, 51/43, 56/10
Austro-Prussian correspondence, about 185084/17
Automatic Machine issues206/6, 207/26
Auxiliary stamps, Meran57/23
Aviation in Austria133/14
Ayling, Harry A. (obit)15/43
BBack to 'alphabet selector' table
Babenberg, House of7/5, 56/35
Bacon, Harold25/15
Bad dream, a123/36
Bad Ischl, 1951 Jamboree72/37
Bad Töplitz1/23
Baedecker, postal information34/6
Balloons and mail carried by them134/10, 137/58, 147/47, 151/59
Bayer, Karl J.91/46
Beach, G.105/6
Beech, John: New Secretary112/10
Beken, Jack13/30, 41/26, 43/6, 43/8, 79/4
Belgian markings1/23, 2/22, 17/18
Belton, Ronald. Obituary109/15
Benatzky, Ralph77/46
Benedict, Saint55/34
Benedictine abbey, Melk46/34
Bestellt handstamps190/44
Bibliographical introduction: Austrian philately120/15
Bibliography: Austria74/20, 80/39, 120/15. See here also
Bibliography: Bosnia and Herzegovina15/38
Bibliography: Liechtenstein79/34
Bills of Exchange137/38
Binders for Austria102/46, 103/40, 106/13, 111/29, 119/21
Bisected stamps128/25, 131/62, 133/50, 136/93, 138/54, 147/57, 151/39
Blecha (Wöllersdorf)107/12
Blinn, Earl F. (obit)66/27
Blossom, exercise57/12
Blue lines on 1863 issue142/45
Bodensee144/47, 170/28
Böhm, Johann81/46
Boer War propaganda41/22
Book club59/13, 60/30, 61/18, 73/7
Book reviewssee separate listing
Boothby, Leslie H.79/30
Bosco, Saint J94/45
Bosnia-Herzegovina 1900 issue Reprints and forgeries91/36
Bosnia-Herzegovina 1900-05 issues18/24, 82/17, 89/5, 91/36
Bosnia-Herzegovina 1906 issue Moser design: description and source14/34, 126/30
Bosnia-Herzegovina 1906 issue perforations1/17, 2/18, 3/26, 5/22, 6/11, 7/22, 8/20, 10/23, 15/31, 30/34
Bosnia-Herzegovina 1906 issue plate numbers8/23
Bosnia-Herzegovina 1906 issue punched holes133/7, 133/55
Bosnia-Herzegovina 1915 War tax overprints69/36
Bosnia-Herzegovina Bibliography15/38
Bosnia-Herzegovina Cancellations20/31, 33/7, 79/6
Bosnia-Herzegovina C.O.D. labels209/30
Bosnia-Herzegovina Compensation paid to Turkey for151/42
Bosnia-Herzegovina Currency change in 1900180/36
Bosnia-Herzegovina Dalmatia, study group80/43, 81/38
Bosnia-Herzegovina List of P.Os.15/29
Bosnia-Herzegovina New from You30/36, 33/7
Bosnia-Herzegovina Occupation15/12
Bosnia-Herzegovina Perfins91/9, 95/16
Bosnia-Herzegovina Philately of84/10, 108/33, 110/43, 126/28
Bosnia-Herzegovina Plate numbers8/23, 15/33
Bosnia-Herzegovina Plate proofs10/25
Bosnia-Herzegovina Post before 187815/7
Bosnia-Herzegovina Postablagen22/37
Bosnia-Herzegovina Postal Rates 1878-1918154/4, 155/32
Bosnia-Herzegovina Red Cross seals136/92
Bosnia-Herzegovina Rubber box cancellations84/21
Bosnia-Herzegovina Sarajevo 1 - 28.VI.17 red cancellation30/37
Bosnia-Herzegovina T.P.O.30/37
Bosnia-Herzegovina Tales88/43, 89/5, 90/7, 91/9
Bosnia-Herzegovina telegraphs203/36
Bosnia-Herzegovina Usage90/7
Botenlohn146/17, 202/14
Boxer rebellion3/6
Boyer, Mrs J127/15, 192/28
Braille stamp, Austria's first122/16
Brants, Clara4/17
Brasso, censor office113/13
Breach of copyright88/42
Bremen, fairy story120/49
Breugel, Pieter17/39
Bridge across the Danube126/8
British Troops in Austria 1945-55149/4
British Troops in Tirol 1918-1919195/2
Brooker, Dennis: Obit141/45
Brumby M.K.H.64/7, 73/27, 111/7
Budapest, Habsburg wedding therein124/14
Buildings set, numbers issued45/29, 62/40
Bukowina, Radantz Police censor cachets124/14
Burgenland Postal History141/34
Burjan, Hildegard68/47
Buying abroad112/63
Buying stamps in Austria68/9, 180/43
CBack to 'alphabet selector' table
Cachet 'Aus dem Briefkasten'40/10, 44/12
Cachet 'Ersttag'38/19, 135/14
Calendar tax stamps144/71, 145/64, 177/15
Calendars, alternative177/37
Calligraphy, postal120/18
Camp mail post WW297/19
Campaign in Hungary, 1849, Russian F.P.Os.75/31
Cancellers, issue of new after Justice Palace fire in July 1927181/2
Cancellations 1790-1817 unexpectedly in use168/67
Cancellations 1867 issue8/5
Cancellations 1867-1900 discoveries35/40, 52/15
Cancellations 20th century classification108/17, 110/52, 117/22
cancellations AP and AR128/58, 139/67
cancellations blue (apparent)199/12
Cancellations Bosnia-Herzegovina20/31, 33/7, 79/6
Cancellations Constan/tinopel71/19, 73/29
Cancellations Dalmatia: first supplement to M Brumby's book130/19
Cancellations delivery "Bestellt"190/44
Cancellations Eisenbrod/Eisenrbod81/18
Cancellations errors in early157/48
Cancellations Grochowce1913 50/42
Cancellations Hungarian, thimble74/19
Cancellations Hungary, classical period64/34
cancellations Innsbruck pre-stamp128/53
Cancellations Kittsee21/40
Cancellations Kitzbühel110/38
Cancellations Liechtenstein, on 1850 issue31/14
Cancellations Liechtenstein, on Austrian stamps35/43
Cancellations Liechtenstein, railway13/32, 18/40
Cancellations missing triangles in CDS133/40
Cancellations Neum48/17
Cancellations Newspaper stamps60/48
Cancellations Ötz valley122/8, 128/47, 132/69
Cancellations Polygonal119/ 33
Cancellations Retteg57/44
Cancellations roman number139/69, 177/43
Cancellations roman vs arabic times179/38
Cancellations Rubber box, Bosnia-Herzegovina84/21
Cancellations scout129/20, 130/58
Cancellations Semlin, 1834 and 183684/9
Cancellations Signets on newspaper tax stampsSee 'Signets'
Cancellations Silesia43/38, 45/17
Cancellations Slatin Pasha15/37
Cancellations Slogan 1938-4568/24, 71/28, 72/10, 81/20, 88/37, 91/36
Cancellations slogan91/36
Cancellations Sondertariff7/16
Cancellations special: who produces?105/40
Cancellations Thoughts of a collector63/37
Cancellations Vienna combined town & registration129/27,52
Cancellations Vienna pneumatic post145/4
Cancellations Vienna time zone104/13, 141/6, 123/17, 197/2
CancellationsSee also the issue in INDEX TO STAMP ISSUES
Carinthia, Yugoslav occupation109/20
Carlos, Don Alfonso202/33
Carlsbad to London via German T.P.O.86/41, 87/13
Carpathian flight23/27
Cash deliveries by post149/15
Castles: Aggstein51/31
Castles: Falkenstein39/20
Castles: Feldkirch48/31
Castles: Heidenreichstein42/10
Castles: Liechtenstein, in Austria43/12
Castles: Salzburg53/35
Castles: Schattenburg6/17
Catalogues109/41, 177/33
Censor day-of-month mark, 1953144/35
Censor labels, Peremyshl128/38
Censor marks British Prüfstelle 05nn135/5
Censor marks Bukowina Police135/12
Censor marks Kimpolung135/11
Censor marks Kosow135/10
Censor office, Kolomea133/12
Censor offices in refuge113/12
Censorship: Post WW2 (Vienna)42/6, 32/35, 28/9
Censorship: WW140/10, 44/38, 46/32, 50/41
Centenary: post card11/29, 12/14, 18/42, 20/42
Centenary: registration label72/36
Chancellors, Austrian32/27, 86/39
Charity labels, Empress Elizabeth47/44, 49/40
Charity stamps, pre-WWII, surcharges on148/48
Charity stamps, WWI177/34
China, Boxer rebellion3/6
Chmielowski, A. (obit)38/33
Christkindl, questionable covers132/14
Christkindl31/16, 32/11, 37/5, 54/5, 115/30, 121/32, 124/5, 124/13, 125/56
Christmas, letter posted at, 1829172/33
Christmas stamps39/8, 138/41
Christopher, Archduke38/35
Christopher, Saint17/36
Cinderellas, Austrian92/5, 95/30, 104/15, 176/28
City post, Ofer (Wurth)133/6
City post, Vienna56/6
Civilian post, censorship in WW140/10, 44/38, 46/32, 50/41
Classical times, Austria in41/12
Classification of 20th century cancellations105/36, 108/17, 110/52, 117/22
COD letters and their labels208/16, 209/30
Coleman, Edwin C.28/5, 35/7
Collecting pre-stamp covers75/10
Collection, disposal of an inherited142/4, 143/68
Collection, looking after your154/76
Colours, matching of169/20
Colours pigments16/32
Colours stamp174/13; See also the issue in INDEX TO STAMP ISSUES
Comet overprints134/70, 135/17
Commentary on Austrian P.Os. Abroad32/41, 33/9, 36/11, 42/38
See also Index to Commentary on 'Austrian Post Offices Abroad'
Compound perforations (BandH 1900-05)18/24
Compton, Edward T.50/43
Computers and philately83/39, 84/18, 114/40
Concentration camp, Mauthausen42/29, 76/8
Conditional mail58/8
Condor-Lati135/19, 136/6
Constance, LakeSee Bodensee
Constan/tinopel cancel71/19, 73/29
Constantin, Freiherr von Economo133/38
Constantinople queries89/40
Constantinople, enormous frankings from184/14
Cooking: the books (Meine Marke series of recipe books)193/10
Copyright, breach of88/42
Cossmann, Alfred23/35
Costume series 194845/29, 113/34, 173/38, 190/31, 191/16, 193/30
Court delivery stamps150/84, 152/18
Court document receipts147/58, 152/18
Cover, my favourite (unrelated series)175/10, 176/8, 176/9, 177/2, 178/6
Cover search, 1859 internment of Austrian and Italian soldiers in Switzerland97/45
Cowie, Charles B.E.22/32, 28/6, 35/8, (obit) 80/11
Crete, 1908 Jubilee variety12/29
Crete, Austrian Post123/20
Crimean war, Rimnik46/30, 48/17
Croatia and Srem postal rates123/46
Currency changes76/36, 86/38, 101/44, 102/31, 139/52, 140/30, 140/47, 151/19, 151/42, 172/29, 196/24
Cyprus, Austrian contingent61/7
Czech Lands, parcel post110/24
Czechoslovakia, Underpaid Mail between Austria and, 1920-1921204/28
Czernowitz, censor office113/12
DBack to 'alphabet selector' table
Dachauer, Wilhelm33/13
Dalmat SMS: it survives107/11
Dalmatia Principalities63/16
Dalmatia, Austrian P.Os. study group80/43, 81/38
Danube Steam Navigation Company (DDSG)37/32, 116/33, 160/26
Danube, a bridge across the126/8
Danube, the river132/48, 133/43
Danubian Principalities, Austrian P.Os.63/16
Danzig, Austrian artillery units there in 1915192/10
Darnell, John (obit)194/34
Data Protection Act 198476/12
de Dani, A. Introduction to history and philately of Hungary21/6
de Frank, Philip45/12, 63/35
Denmark, internee mail 194631/48, 38/8
Dennis, Bill: Obit132/42
Designers, stamp, First Republic33/12
Designs, stampSee also the issue in INDEX TO STAMP ISSUES
Deutsch-Österr. Donauflottille cancellation40/10
Dictionary, Liechtenstein place names79/40
Dirnberger, Dr. J.104/8
Disinfected mail31/5, 130/11, 150/60, 151/57, 179/33
Dispenser-Marken204/26, 206/28
Displays Huddersfield107/29
Displays Leeds107/29, 111/30, 118/46
Displays London108/44, 111/30, 112/46, 115/63, 119/46
Displays Manchester107/30, 108/43, 111/30, 112/46, 115/62, 118/47, 119/45
Displays York108/46
Distribuzione cancels102/6, 103/47
Ditters von Dittersdorf, Carl33/39
Division sign marking134/80, 135/16
Dmitriev, Vladomir Globovich, P.O.W.112/13, 113/24
Dobrudja, Austrian P.O.63/16
Domanovic, unrecorded cancel from153/33
Donauflottille, oval cancellation40/10
DonauwellenSee under Vienna W1 dumb strike
Doppler, Andreas Christian119/64
Dornier Wal133/67
Dreikaiserecke bei Myslowitz70/25, 74/35, 83/41
Dubniak, Roman206/19
Dumb cancels, suggested joint study with Czechoslovak PS119/60, 120/28
Dumb cancels139/60
Dumb strike, Vienna 'Wl'See under Vienna W1 dumb strike
Dutton, John31/10
EBack to 'alphabet selector' table
Earthquake reporting cards169/38
Eastern Galicia26/28
Ebner von Eschenbach, Maria3/22
Ecclesiastical mail35/44, 50/20
Economic and political info32/27, 53/16, 76/39, 86/38, 133/34, 136/90, 136/95, 138/41
Economo, Constantin38/43
Editor awarded Verband medal78/17 [JFG]; 191/4 [AT]
Editor of Austria, new [GANH] 105/38; [AT] 127/16
Ehrenfels, Christian von77/47
Eisenbrod/Eisenrbod cancellation81/18
El Cid18/42
Elections, parties53/16, 86/38
Elssler, Franziska78/46
Emich, F103/48
Empress Elizabeth124/62, 125/55
Elizabeth, Kaiserin, SMSSee Postal History of A-H Empire in Far East
Empress Elizabeth labels47/44, 49/40, 96/47
Empress Zita61/3, (obit) 88/7
Engravers, stamp, First Republic33/12
Enlargement of Vienna from 1850142/5, 143/3
Ergänzungsmarkesee Supplementary Franking
Erlagscheine after WWII209/3
Ersttag cachet38/19
Euro definitives colour varieties144/36
Euro definitives microprint security feature144/36
Euro, changes on the introduction of137/4, 196/24
Euro125/27, 178/10
Europa issues52/18, 194/2
Exax, Alexander33/14
Exchanges, Stock and Produce, locations of in Vienna143/69
Exercise 'Blossom'57/12.
Exhibition practices and how-to92/30, 169/12
Exhibitions: Ausipex 198476/14
Exhibitions: being a Commissioner160/16
Exhibitions: Harrogate 2008162/29
Exhibitions: Liechtenstein (1972)25/20
Exhibitions: London 198053/27
Exhibitions: London 199090/8, 92/22
Exhibitions: London 2010170/43
Exhibitions: London 2015190/1, 191/13
Exhibitions: Manchester 197533/7, 34/7
Exhibitions: Melbourne 198476/14
Exhibitions: Phila Graz 197842/40
Exhibitions: Prague 2008164/4
Exhibitions: Stampex, Spring 2008162/32, 162/37
Exhibitions: ViennaSee here
Exner, Wilhelm J.F.53/46
Express delivery145/78, 147/27, 148/81, 205/8
Eysler, Edmund33/37
FBack to 'alphabet selector' table
Fahrendes Post labels of the 1880s182/12
Fake Army Signals covers38/39, 82/19
Fakes and forgeriesSee also the issue in INDEX TO STAMP ISSUES
Falkenstein castle39/20
Fall, Leo35/47
Famine, American post-WWI relief of198/10
Farewell to the Robertson collection68/13
Feast days, patronal62/3
Feldkirch castle48/31
Feldpost 1914-18See Fieldpost
Feldpost in Austria, 194496/11
Fendrich, Rainhard126/47
Ferdinand, Franz - letter from198/38
Fests (weekend meetings)See also Vienna Exhibitions
Fests: 1991 Berghof98/4, 99/13, 104/26;
Fests: 1992 Berghof99/25,101/32, 102/7,30,47,
Fests: 1993 Berghof103/46, 104/28, 105/36, 106/29
Fests: 1994 Berghof109/52, 110/10, 111/48, 115/37, 116/42, 117/42
Fests: 1995 Bath112/64, 113/14, 114/6,20,55
Fests: 1996 Bath115/34, 118/8,15, 119/23
Fests: 1997 Cambridge118/6, 119/10, 120/36, 121/1, 121/18, 122/3
Fests: 1998 Cambridge125/36
Fests: 1999 York128/18
Fests: 2000 York132/65
Fests: 2001 Canterbury136/21, 137/6, 137/37
Fests: 2002 Canterbury134/21
Fests: 2003 Coventry 
Fests: 2004 Honiley148/74
Fests: 2005 Honiley152/7
Fests: 2006 Leeds156/79
Fests: 2007 Leeds160/4
Fests: 2008 Winchester164/72
Fests: 2009 Croydon168/34
Fests: 2010 Harrogate172/18
Fests: 2011 Harrogate176/33
Fests: 2012 Croydon181/4
Fests: 2013 Croydon184/39
Fests: 2014 York188/7
Fests: 2015 Peterborough192/37
Fests: 2016 Peterborough196/38, 197/17
Fests: 2017 Peterborough201/12
Fests: 2018 Derby205/16
Fests: 2019 Derby208/41
Feuerwerker Fnadschek93/25
Fieldpost ARGE Feldpost 1914-1877/10, 85/8
Fieldpost Army Post Offices (APOs) 1914-1816/40, 17/32, 35/6, 36/45
Fieldpost Austro-Hungarian Military Mail 1914-18 by Col J Dixon-Nuttall - an index122/37, 123/56
Fieldpost civil-military exchange system in WWI166/22
Fieldpost Forgeries 1915-1845/6, 87/47
Fieldpost FPO 106784/20, 88/34
Fieldpost historical survey (ex F2000)163/51
Fieldpost in WWI77/10, 85/22, 96/42, 116/52, 117/33, 118/10
Fieldpost oddities94/20, 96/11
Fieldpost offices: updates to Tranmer's work116/52, 117/33
Fieldpost problematic markings59/9
Fieldpost Russian FPOs during 184975/31
Fieldpost suspect items100/33
Figl, Leopold23/32
Finis Austriae: end of the Monarchy11/5
Fink, Jodok53/44
Finstergrün castle, local post37/40
First 15 years of the AAP36/31
First Austrian to sign R.D.P.70/29
First English philatelists to visit Liechtenstein79/26
First issue (1850)See also the issue in INDEX TO STAMP ISSUES
First issue (1850): 75th. anniversary62/39, 66/19
First issue (1850): frankings (all the possible; many illustrated)151/25
First Issue FDC130/10
First Issue Hungarian postcard FDC130/10
First issue of Hungary (1867)53/47, 65/46, 66/17, 67/44, 68/27, 69/20, 70/30 74/34, 90/19
First Republic: designers and engravers33/12
First Republic: historical literature89/17
First Republic: stamps of the12/36, 179/4, 180/2, 181/25, 183/15
See also the issue in INDEX TO STAMP ISSUES
First Rotary stamps, 193124/9, 82/38
First World WarSee World War 1
Fiscals for the Austrian collector (with bibliography)93/42, 94/10
Fiscals used for postage78/11
Fitzhenry, Edward P. (obit)80/13
Florian, Saint69/44
Flotillas, smaller A-H Navy162/50
Flying boats106/14, 133/67
Forces, Austrian in Middle East34/5
Foreign posts in Papal States59/17
Forgeries and fakes:See also the issue in INDEX TO STAMP ISSUES
Forgeries, 1915-18 Fieldpost stampsSee Fieldpost
Forgery prevention, revenue stamps98/7
Forgeries, Regno d'Italia194/26
Forgery, British 10h in WWI197/39
Forgery, 1932 postage due103/11
Forms147/52, 149/15, 159/24
FPO 106784/20, 88/34
Francis, Saint67/46
Frank, Philip F.P. de45/12, 63/35
Franke, Rupert33/14
Franking machines149/15
Franking patriotic (not)200/39
Free postage, pre-stamp58/6
Freud, Sigmund62/43, 146/2
Fried, A.H.100/47
Friedell, Egon48/29
Friedl perforations49/35, 51/20, 54/46, 55/22
Friedl, Sigmund49/28, 61/19
Friedrich III (V)38/34
Fruit salad, 1966 issue14/35
Fux, Johann Joseph81/43
GBack to 'alphabet selector' table
Gabriel, Saint30/39
Galicia 1915 overprint61/18
Galicia Eastern26/28
Gauermann, Friedrich69/41
Gebhartsberg112/34, 113/20,21,25, 114/42
Geldbrief, 1916133/53
Genser, Judge Joseph (obit)24/19
George, Saint70/46
German and Austrian Alpine Society (DOAV), wrappers73/12
German Enclave of Southern Moravia150/66
German language, What's happening to it?120/41
German stamps, Austrian motifs 1938-4525/21
German T.P.O, Carlsbad to London86/41, 87/13
German-Austrian postal union69/22, 105/30, 209/19
German-English philatelic vocabulary78/26
Gerta, (unfortunate) Princess of Sachsen-Weimar-Eisenach194/20
Gessner, Karl33/15
Giblin, John Francis78/17, 85/10, 114/3, 115/30, 140/41
Gindl (obit)14/42
Glückwunch stamps138/41
Glider mail146/31, 149/76
Gluck, C.W., Ritter von92/48
Gmünd refugee camp163/67
Godden, Arthur H5/10
Goodbody, A. Railways of Austria18/6, 19/32
Governments of Austria53/16
Graz labels: Postgebühr Bar Bezahlt120/28
Graz, 1945157/21
Graz, exhibition (1978)42/40
Great debate continues, First issue of Hungary: the90/19
Greek markings on Austrian airmails134/73, 135/18
Grillparzer, Franz37/12, 124/23, 126/35
Grochowce cancellation50/42
Grzelak, Mrs Gertrude, obituary109/14,21
Gum, removal of133/68, 167/53
HBack to 'alphabet selector' table
Habsburgs, Austria before the56/24
Habsburgs, Austria under the97/34, 103/33, 104/30
Habsburgs, House of11/5, 46/9, 54/30, 126/24, 162/3
Hainisch, M99/44
Hamerling, Robert54/35
Hammer-Purgstall, Josef64/43
Hanak, Anton77/45
Handel-Mazzetti, Eric von29/36
Hannes Margreiter133/58, 135/23, 137/2, 153/45, 173/45
Hanrieder, Norbert Fr120/62
Hanusch, Ferdinand29/31
Harty, G A N105/38, 201/2 (obit)
Hasenauer, Carl74/47
Hauer, Josef M68/48
Haydn, Michael92/47
Haydn, M92/47
Heidenreichstein castle42/10
Heinrich II37/44
Heller, Johann F62/47
Helmer, O94/44
Hemma, Saint25/39
Hermes, Saint26/34
Herrmann, Emanuel42/43
HerzegovinaSee Bosnia-Herzegovina
Herzmanovsky-Orlando, Fritz42/42
Hesse, Friedrich87/47
Hesshaimer, Ludwig (1872-1956)39/36, 88/18, 90/10, 91/12, 92/29, 108/16, 109/20, 114/47, 120/3, 120/33, 187/28
Hess, Victor F74/46
Hewgill, James C R75/8, 93/7
Hirschegg, Sondertarif cancel7/16
Historical literature of the First Republic89/17
History, Austrian 170/7, 170/39, 172/1
History of Austrian posts10/27, 11/16, 12/30
Hitler Youth movement56/12
Hitler-head obliterations1/24, 2/25, 3/32, 4/36, 6/27, 7/30 8/28, 9/30, 10/31, 11/35, 17/28
Hochleutner, F: Kittsee cancellations21/40
Hofbauer, Clement Mary, Saint20/49
Hoffmannsthal, Hugo von32/46
Hoffmann, Josef F M3/23
Hofhaymer, Paul91/48
Hohenberg, House of47/18
Holzmeister, Clemens82/46
Homecoming stamps104/15
Hörbiger, Hans81/45
Horvath, Ödön von97/47
Hotel post, Katschberghöhe37/36, 45/14, 72/9
House of Babenberg7/5, 56/35
House of Habsburg11/5, 46/19, 54/30
House of Hohenberg47/18
House of Liechtenstein43/40
House of Stamps: reproductions105/28
Houston, George T (obit)52/44
How and where to buy Austrian stamps in Austria68/9
Howis, Peter F73/6
Hughes Apparatus87/14, 88/17, 203/40
Hulme, Edward30/32, 105/6
Hungary classical period63/34
Hungary first issue53/47, 65/46, 66/17, 67/44, 68/27, 69/20, 70/30, 74/34, 90/19
Hungary Gary Ryan collection109/22
Hungary history and philately21/6, 139/96
Hungary letter, before introduction of stamps62/26, 64/22
Hungary philatelic publications124/49
Hungary R.P.S. display, 198260/29
Hungary separates from Austria, 186753/47, 65/46, 66/17
Hungary Special postage rates 1922-51109/24
Hungary thimble postmarks74/19
Hungary-to-Austria mail 1945-6163/57
Hungerbergbahn, Innsbruck85/7
Huts vs Hütte129/53, 131/65
IBack to 'alphabet selector' table
Illustrating your collection72/18
Impressed Feldpostkorrespondenzkarte85/6, 87/12
Imst, new cancel from141/49
Inflation mail: classification and valuation [Kroiss]165/4
Innsbruck, Hungerbergbahn card85/7
Innsbruck Merkur - APS co-operation185/36
Instradierungsbehelf 1901143/81
Instructions, Regulations, Decrees: sources thereof165/22
Insurance and security109/11
Internee mail, Denmark31/48, 38/8
Internet116/17, 119/18,60
Internment of Austrian and Italian soldiers in Switzerland in 185997/45
Ionian Government, Austrian Lloyd agreement36/39, 37/10
Italy leaves the Triple Alliance: Austrian Response182/16
Italy, official issues 1918-1964/4
Italian front, collapse of at end of WWI200/26
I.F.A. Wien, 19689/20
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Jacquin, Nikolaus J.41/36
Jahn, Gustav (and the China Battery)181/22
Jamboree, Bad Ischl, 195172/37
Japan, Austrian POWs inSee here
Jaray, Franz F. (obit)81/6
Jeger, Dr. Anton, signs R.D.P.70/29
Jettmar, Rudolf33/16
John Paul II, Pope74/48
John, Saint23/34
Jonas, Franz20/47, (obit) 30/31
Josef I23/37
Joseph, Saint69/45
Jugoslavsee Yugoslav
Jungholz, Sondertarif postmark7/16
Jung, Georg33/16
KBack to 'alphabet selector' table
Kainz, Min Rat Dr Christine: Obituary148/2
Kaiserin Elizabeth See Empress Elizabeth
Kaiserin Elizabeth, SMSSee Postal History of A-H Empire in Far East
Kalman, Emmerich68/45
Kaplitz bisect: genuine?205/43
Kaprunerthal, Kesselfall-Alpenhaus, Moserboden37/35, 166/26
Karlsbad, pneumatic post14/18
Katschberghöhe, hotel post37/36, 45/14, 72/9
Kauffmann, Angelica12/39
Kelson, Hans64/42
Kinsky von Wichinitz und Tettau, Josef von69/47
Kirschläger, Rudolph54/32
Kitaibel, Paul119/63
Kitt, Ferdinand33/18
Kittsee cancellations21/40
Kitzbühel 1787 document from146/54
Kitzbühel cancellations110/38
KK or KuK?166/25
Klein catalogue, new discoveries35/40, 52/15
Klein catalogue, thoughts on63/37
Klein PostSee 'City Post'
Klein, green, still not in142/81
Kleinwalsertal131/15, 138/72
Klien, Erica G33/18
Klimt, Gustav180/30, 184/11
Kneipp, Sebastian65/37
Knight, Alan, obituary115/64
Kohlengrube cancellation44/48, 47/48, 50/39
Kokoschka, Oskar81/48
Königgrätz, centenary of3/5
Kolomea censor office133/12
Koschat, Thomas23/33
Kraft, Franz33/18
Krankenkassen rates 1925-38151/52, 152/81, 169/69, 170/41
Kraus, Karl32/47
Kreisky, Bruno114/58
Kronstadt, a card to184/27
Kropf, Hans37/9, 40/4
Krueger, Richard Arthur 1928 - 2019s206/18
Küb Post Office120/4, 125/31
Kubin, Alfred42/41
Kuenring, Azzo von62/44
Kuh, Anton: correspondence146/2
Kuhn, Richard120/61
Kumpf-Mikuli, Anton (obit)12/24
Kunschak, Leopold48/30
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L in a circle137/62
L1 cancel139/74
Labels Archduke54/25, 58/26, 67/29
Labels black, dated 20.IX.190859/48, 67/46
Labels Empress Elizabeth, charity47/44, 49/40
Labels Registration, centenary72/36
Labels Thalia85/45, 87/9
Labels unrecorded (1859)31/44
Labels Wien - Budapest109/21
Lagunenflottille107/47, 108/14
Lake ConstanceSee Bodensee
Landscape series, Bosnia-Herzegovina 1906 issueSee Bosnia-Herzegovina
Landsteiner, Karl12/39
Leeds: joint meeting, Polish society103/45
Legion, Tag der113/26
Lehar, Franz50/23
Leitmeritz, local post67/12
Lemberg9/15, 47/12, 141/64, 162/70, 166/12, 168/9, 179/44
Lemberg, before: development of the mail system thereabouts182/32
Lemberg, exhibit wins USA 'Diamond Award'184/18
Leopold II99/46
Leopold III (V), Saint7/10
Leopold V25/38
Letter boxes64/9, 64/26
Letter card, 1900 private overprint52/17, 54/45, 54/47
Letters carried privately (possibly breaching the Imperial Monopoly)173/14
Letter collectors175/16
Letters in Hungary, before postage stamps62/26, 64/22
Letters, for new friends of old Austrian154/47
Levant, 1867 50s. stamp61/16, 66/14
Levant, 1867 issue8/10
Levant, 1883 issue26/21
Levant, 1886 issue26/25
Levant, Austrian post in,59/34, 92/38, 98/33, 99/36, 100/36, 101/37, 192/3
Levant, Cefalonia blue italic cancel192/33
Levant, early days94/37
Lewy, E.97/21
Library (APS)132/34, 157/18
Library, new booksSee Book Reviews
Licht ins Dunkel123/6
Liechtenstein, Austrian post offices43/27
Liechtenstein, Austrian post13/6, 79/8
Liechtenstein, Austrian stamp, cancellations35/43
Liechtenstein, cancellations on 1850 issue31/14
Liechtenstein, castles in Austria43/12
Liechtenstein, dictionary of place names79/40
Liechtenstein, first English philatelists to visit79/26
Liechtenstein, history of Austrian posts13/6
Liechtenstein, House of43/40
Liechtenstein, Jack Beken79/4
Liechtenstein, LIBA 197225/20
Liechtenstein, negotiations for stamps43/16
Liechtenstein, philatelic literature, bibliography79/34
Liechtenstein, place names79/40
Liechtenstein, railway cancellations13/32, 18/40
Liechtenstein, Study circle13/5
Liechtenstein, Town palace in Vienna85/9
Liliputstadt115/29 & 31, 116/30
Lilliput stamps42/33
Lindenfeld, E.101/19
Linz: Cathedral fundraising stamps171/45, 172/39, 173/43
Linz: Danube bridge126/8
Linz: local strike post18/38, 37/34
Lisbon, WW2 mail via31/4
Liszt, Franz R. von69/38
Literature, Austrian philatelic, bibliography72/40, 80/39 and see here
Literature, First Republic, historical89/17
Literature, Liechtenstein philatelic, bibliography79/34
Literature, philatelic120/19
Lloyd Austriaco XLVII33/9
Lloyd handstamps116/31, 117/37, 118/39
Local issues post-WWII186/32
Local post articles37/32, 183/29. See also Poststellen
Local post Finstergrün castle37/40
Local post Hluboka183/30
Local post Katschberghöhe37/6, 45/14, 72/9
Local post Kesselfall-Alpenhaus37/35
Local post Knittelfeld183/31
Local post Leitmeritz67/12
Local post Linz, 192418/38, 37/34
Local post Meran57/23, 183/29
Local post Moserboden37/35
Local post Radkersburg183/34
Local post Spielfeld183/35
Local post Tirol19/29, 20/40, 37/33, 183/33
Local post Venezia Giulia183/32
Local post Vienna private delivery service37/39
Local post Wiener Lokalbahn37/38
Local post Zweiselalp37/41
Loewi, Otto27/27
London 198053/27
London 1990, Stamp world90/8, 92/22
Lorber, Ferdinand33/19
Lombardy-Venetia and Austria Revenue stamps, adhesive144/56, 145/44
Lombardy-Venetia, postal history19/6, 22/6, 29/6, 29/27, 30/10
MBack to 'alphabet selector' table
Mach, E.94/46
Machines, stamp73/32, 75/16, 76/7, 78/15, 82/32, 86/15, 113/54
MacKenzie, John K. (obit)62/16
Madeley, Brian (obit)200/3
Mahler Gustav174/13, 175/42
Mail boxes64/9, 64/26
Majetic, military posts4/12
Manchester exhibition, 197534/7
Map of Austria-Hungary162/4
Margreiter, HannesSee 'Hannes'
Maria Schulz141/37
Maria Theresia137/10, 139/2, 161/20
Mariazell: Cella Magnae Matris Austriae2/17
Maritime mail111/48, 115/37, 116/42, 117/42; see also Naval
Markings, Hungary pre-stamp62/26, 64/22
Mary Magdalen, Saint69/46
Matthew, Saint23/42
Maubertsch, Fanny A.33/34
Mauthausen42/29, 76/8
Maximilian I11/33
Medloc105/8, 114/45, 115/27
Megline, Austria Lloyd agency101/9, 102/29
Meitner, Lise51/46
Miramare, Archduke Maximilian's castle164/52
Melk abbey46/34
Mell, Maximilian68/46
Mendel, Gregor J.77/44
Meter marks, Scouts47/21
Metkovich (Dalmatia)138/73
Mexican Empire: mail to Austria164/44
Mexico in Austria140/35
Michael, Saint33/33
Microfiche, AUSTRIA on73/11
Middle East, Austrian forces34/5
Military History museum, Vienna125/19
Military mail 1914-18 (all aspects)See Fieldpost
Millennia of Austria119/35
Milphila, Wien '93106/46
Missent covers136/13, 136/84, 138/76, 191/6
Missionary cover, Beirut to Leipzig170/2, 172/3
Missing orphan57/8, 58/9, 59/15
Missing serif on ANK996 (5S Schönbrunn of 1946)133/41
Missing triangles in CDS cancels133/40
Mission, Josef F.35/46
Mittelburg, sondertarif postmark7/16
Mixed frankingsee also Currency changes
Modes of Transport (inspired by Hesshaimer's 1933 labels)190/7
Monarchy, end of11/5
Monasteries and abbeys, 1973 - 83113/38
Money letters141/61, 142/43, 173/7
Money orders147/60, 159/24, 173/21
Money order agreement, Austria-UK, 1905189/7
Money sending by telegraph203/38
Money stamps48/28, 50/16
Money, currency units76/36, 86/38
Money, parcels and the German-Austrian postal union105/30
Months, alternative names for181/1
Morley, Sidney A (obit)68/15
Moser, Koloman B&H 1906 designs15/34
Moser, Koloman13/40, 204/32, 206/4
Mothers' Day issues54/7
Motifs, Austrian, on German stamps 1938-4525/21
Mountains' challenge48/9
Mounting stamps: how to and how not to38/4, 39/7, 42/13, 49/6, 177/8
Mozart, W A96/6, 152/15; see also Salzburg
Müller, Edwin41/30
Müller, Franz Josef119/62
Multiple franking vocabulary184/16/TD>
Museum, Münzkabinett, Vienna157/43
Museum, Prague postal80/18, 81/17
Musger, August54/31
Music on stamps6/19, 65/39, 147/4
Musicians, letters by187/21
Musikverein & Royal Hotel, Vienna177/44
Musil, Robert58/47
Myslowitz, Dreikaiserecke70/25, 74/35, 83/41
NBack to 'alphabet selector' table
Napoleonic period, Lombardy Venetia29/6
Navy, A-H in WWI198/17, 199/29, 201/4
Naval mail19/37, 47/24, 85/6, 87/12, 116/42, 117/42, 138/46, 162/50, 170/18
Neilreich, August23/41
Netherlands, Austrian post71/34, 75/37
Neum cancellation48/17
New century card, 190054/47
New discovery: aerogram39/6
New discovery: WW1 prisoner of war mail83/42
New from You30/36, 33/7, 35/40, 40/10, 44/12, 52/15, 54/47, 61/16, 69/36
Newspaper duty of the Imperial and Royal Postal Service109/8
Newspaper label sheets (amtliche Adresszettelbogen)194/35
Newspaper postage stamps136/23, 148/5, 149/80, 174/29, 178/13
Newspaper stamps, cancellation60/48 , See INDEX TO STAMP ISSUES
Newspaper stamps, utilisation in Slovenia in 1918-19181/37
Newspaper tax stamps cancelled by Signets: see 'signet' 
Newspaper Tax114/20
Newspaper wrappers: analysis of usage and sales186/3
Nibelung issue19/44
Nicholas, Saint64/46
Notes on translation, Austrian philatelic terms76/25
Numbers issued/printedSee the issue in INDEX TO STAMP ISSUES
Numeric novelty (1978)48/11
OBack to 'alphabet selector' table
Obliterations:See Hitler-head
Occupation of Bosnia-Herzegovina by Austria15/12
Österreichische Briefmarkenkünstler Schützverein137/2
Ötz valley cancellations122/8
Ofen City Post (Wurth)133/6
Official and semi-official mail172/27, 175/14
Official messengers175/14, /16
Olomouc [= Olmütz] postal history163/5
Oltreticino Novarese, Austrian occupation of in 1849129/34
Ore, Tonnes Obit183/14
Orient Express labels93/29
Ortspostmarken 191857/38, 62/38
Other Half, the: Hungarian philatelic publications124/49
Otto von Habsburg: obit175/27
Ottokar II, King of Bohemia50/25
OTV card: Hesshaimer108/16, 109/20, 114/47, 119/32
Overprints 1945, Vienna provisionalsSee Hitler-head
Overprints on specific issuesSee the issue in INDEX TO STAMP ISSUES
Overrun countries issue (U.S.A.)57/8, 58/9, 59/15
Owls135/30, 136/9, 148/2
PBack to 'alphabet selector' table
Paket Kontrollmarken, Tirol41/23
Palestine, Turkish: A-H army in WW1122/44, 123/48
Papal States, foreign post in59/17
Papal visit to Austria, 1983103/4
Paper: chalky or not?178/33
Paper recess-printed problems12/25
Paper ribbed3/24, 40/34, 50/39
Paper varieties46/8, 48/16, 50/39
Paper:See also the issue in INDEX TO STAMP ISSUES
Parcel cards140/25, 152/9, 152/13, 171/46
Parcel post in the Czech Lands110/24
Parcel post in the Empire and successor states106/39
Parcels, missing during WWI, and the forms for tracing them182/4
Parcels, money and the German-Austrian postal union105/30
Parenzaner - Istria's narrow-gauge railway199/14
Paris-Gutersloh, Albert86/47
Parliament stamps of 1919-21168/48, 179/10, 180/26, 192/21
Partly explained mail (separate examples of)169/22, 170/30, 173/18, 173/39, 174/2, 175/12, 176/2, 178/32, 178/34, 179/31, 182/2, 183/8, 184/9
Patronal feast days62/3
Paul, Saint17/37
Pauli, Wolfgang77/43
Pay-More labels176/44
Pearson, George R. (obit)90/18
Peking, marinedetachment3/8
People on Austrian stampsSee individual biographies. Index of addenda: 121/45
Perforations 19th. century varieties50/28, 52/30, 54/48
Perforations Bosnia-Herzegovina 1900-0518/24, 82/17, 89/5, 91/36
Perforations Bosnia-Herzegovina 19061/17, 2/18, 3/26, 5/22, 6/11, 7/22, 8/20, 10/23, 15/31, 30/34
Perforations Friedl49/35, 51/20, 54/46, 55/22
Perforations some ramblings62/16
Perforations, how to identify harrow, comb, line147/18
Perforations:See also the issue in INDEX TO STAMP ISSUES
Perfotronic, electronic gauge103/30
Periodicals library indexSee "not-books"
Perkonig, J F104/48
Personal mail58/6
Personalised stamps146/48, 150/2, 152/69, 162/30
Peter, Saint17/38
Peterdi, Captain, and the Adria steamship company119/12, 120/27, 202/2
Petzold, Alfons26/35
Philatelic literature, Austrian, bibliography74/20, 80/39
Philatelic mail49/42
Philatelic scene in Vienna83/36
Philatelic terms, notes on translation76/25
Philatelic valuation, collector's view81/9
Philatelic vocabulary, German-English78/26
Pigments, 1863-90 issues16/32
Place names, Liechtenstein dictionary79/40
Plate numbers, Bosnia-Herzegovina 19068/23, 15/33
Plate production:See also the issue in INDEX TO STAMP ISSUES
Plate proofs, Bosnia-Herzegovina10/25
Plating, 1850 issue, statistics20/6, 26/10
Plebiscite Cachets (April 1938)145/41
Plebiscite, Carinthia16/33, 183/36
Plebiscite, Tirol183/38
Plebiscites, post WWI201/18
Pneumatic posts14/6, 58/25
Pneumatic Post in Vienna143/3, 144/11, 144/79, 145/4, 145/43, 145/78, 146/5, 147/27, 147/63, 148/81, 177/48, 188/15
[NB: all this has been superceded by "Rohrpost: Pneumatic Post in Vienna" in the second CD edition]
Podlesak, Walter, obituary119/2
Points systems17/4, 19/33, 166/35
Polish society, Leeds joint meeting103/45
Political dataSee Economics
Political notes: Heimwehr, Schutzbund133/34
Politzer, Adam81/44
Pollak, Henry95/8
Polygonal cancels119/33
Pompadour, La20/46
Pope John Paul II74/48
Porsche, Ferdinand36/44
Portofrei Rohrpost176/22
Post bags, problems with old leather173/8
Post codes117/23
Post codes with 'Two Tiny Triangles'114/51, 115/28, 117/25, 133/40, 180/22
Post WW2 Camp mail97/19
Postablagen See also Poststellen
Postablagen in Ötztal128/47, 132/69
Postablagen, Bosnia-Herzegovina22/37
Postage dues68/12, 103/11, 128/41, 130/18, 138/2, 139/31, 143/67, 152/81, 163/57, 165/39, 173/41, 186/16, 186/35, 196/4
Postage rates32/29, 34/22, 49/19, 53/16 55/44, 56/36, 171/32
Postage rates 1816151/18
Postage rates 1867-73145/30
Postage rates 1918-25130/52
Postage rates 1938139/30
Postage rates 1947-1976: corrections to Michel100/19
Postage rates 199299/8, 100/42
Postage rates 1994109/13
Postage rates 1997120/22
Postage rates 2011 and the self-adhesive definitives174/8
Postage rates 2017197/13
Postage rates airmail to GB 1946-49128/30
Postage rates airmail to USA 1951-89167/58
Postage rates Bavarian Treaty charges169/35
Postage rates Foreign115/30, 116/28, 117/38
Postage rates French 1827 tariff169/28
Postage rates to Hungary109/24
Postage Rates for Kleinwalsertal131/51
Postage Rates Lombardy-Venetia, from 1814171/34
Postage Rates pre-stamp166/4, 167/4
Postage rates Postcard111/15
Postage rates Printed matter111/17, 112/41
Postage rates Registered167/76, 171/31
Postage stamp, A work of art90/10
Postauftrag service173/21
Postal calligraphy120/18
Postal decrees161/30, 161/37, 162/19
Postal developments, 1938 (rates and dual franking)99/17
Postal Firsts, Austrian187/8
Postal FormsSee forms
Postal History, Austro-Hungarian Empire in Far East3/6, 133/49, 138/46, 139/86, 140/52, 145/43, 146/58, 146/79, 147/32, 151/4, 152/30, 153/5, 155/7, 156/5, 159/35, 161/60
Postal history: 1840-UPU156/47
Postal history: 1938-4628/9, 35/44
Postal history: Austro-Hungarian-Slavic50/26, 51/43, 56/10
Postal History: Burgenland141/34
Postal history: hints on collecting57/14, 58/5, 59/23, 61/9
Postal history: Lombardy and Venetia19/6, 22/6, 29/6, 29/27, 30/10
Postal history: more than a hobby113/16
Postal history: Sibiu [=Hermannstadt] & Siebenbürgen164/16
Postal history: random thoughts68/34
Postal history: Republic of Venice22/6
Postal History: Tirol150/72, 151/18, 151/53
Postal markings, pre-stamp62/26, 64/22, 76/11, 77/7, 85/25, 86/21, 87/22, 88/26, 166/4, 167/4
Postal Museum, Prague80/18, 81/17
Postal Museum, Vyssi Brod124/29
Postal routes, 1850 map145/83
Postal routes, Stilfersjoch175/19
Postal savings bank77/36
Postal stationery: Survey and Overview189/12
Postal Stationery cards31/46, 136/68, 137/24, 138/4, 141/60 185/9, 185/38, 186/24, 189/26
Postal stationery, money transfer159/24
Postal stationery, new 1993 issues104/46
Postal stationery, validity of Kronen-imprinted in 1925153/35
Postal taxes56/42
Postal traffic in Styria66/28
Postal union, Germany and Austria69/22, 105/30
Postal wrappers, German and Austrian Alpine Society73/12
Postbus service74/38, 192/21
Postcards 60th Jubilee issue of 1908150/4, 151/54
Postcard centenary11/29, 12/14, 18/42, 20/42
Postcard What is a120/64
Postcards, 2015 Xmas booklet of193/18
Postcards, 5 & 6 Rpf132/37, 133/48
Postcards, bark and wood132/72
Postcards, imprinted, I & II marks135/16
Postcards, Salzburg official Postal Directorate141/52
Postcards, world's first illustrated168/79, 169/64
Postcodes, 50 years of194/28
Postgebühr Bar Bezahlt - Graz labels120/28
Posthorn calls172/37, 180/
Posthorn series & dates133/64, 156/54, 169/26, 189/40, 202/18
Postillions, duties of172/35
Postmarks and postal markings120/16
PostmarksIndexed as Cancellations
Postpartners1195/24, 197/14
Posts Austrian, history of10/27, 11/16, 12/30, 145/83
Poststellen (Posthilfstellen) cancels69/21, 117/26, 127/17
POW camps discovery83/42
POW camps WW1 post offices70/41
Prague pneumatic post14/16
Prague Postal Museum80/18, 81/17
Prague Scout post58/12
Pregl, Fritz31/33
Pre-release of stamps38/19
Presidents of Austria32/27, 86/39
Pre-stamp covers, "Beginners Guide" to158/54, 159/49, 160/51, 161/44, 162/5
Pre-stamp covers, postal markings, etc58/6, 62/26, 64/22, 75/10, 76/11, 77/7, 85/25, 86/21, 87/22, 88/26, 172/31
Presland, Brian: obit178/36, 179/42
Printing error, 1908 issue91/32
Printing of Austrian stamps4/23, 14/36, 19/35, 25/20, 27/6, 40/33, 87/47, 125/32, 163/75
Priority Mail 1997120/13
Prislopbahn (Borsa to Jakobeny)137/18
Prisoner of war camps, discovery83/42
Prisoner of war camps, WW1 post offices70/41
Prisoners of war in Austria-Hungary, Russian112/13, 113/24
Private post:See Local post
Private postal stationery - Costume series, 1948113/34
Problematic field post markings59/9
Production of Austrian stamps27/6
Propoaganda cards, anti-Franz Josef195/9
Proposed book club59/13, 60/30, 61/18, 73/7
Prussia, Austro-, correspondence about 185084/17
Przemsyl (all aspects)23/27, 93/8, 106/18,45 119/22, 128/38, 129/42, 175/31, 176/36
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Queen Zita61/3, (obit) 88/7
Queries, Constantinopel89/40
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Raab, Julius64/44
Radantz, Bukowina: police censor cachets124/14
RailwaysSee also T.P.O.s
Railways Austrian18/6, 19/32
Railway Officials datestamps129/39, 130/57, 131/63
Railways comments and corrections112/39, 116/30, 119/27, 120/30,59
Railways Liechtenstein, cancellations13/32, 18/40
Railways of Austria and its stamps133/58, 138/58
Raisin cancels (Smyrna)172/22
Raitenau, Wolf D von88/48
Ranzoni d.j., Hans33/20
Rates, postagesee Postage Rates
RDP, first Austrian to sign70/29
Rebellion, BoxerSee A-H E in Far East
Recepissesee Postal Forms
Recess printed stamps and varieties14/36, 40/8
Red Cross cards WWI138/78
Red Sea unit, 1917, F.P.O. 20588/33
Registered post139/38, 170/8, 171/31
Registration labels72/36, 131/48, 132/13, 132/16, 149/77, 149/79, 150/62, 174/21, 197/24
Registration, T.P.O.86/41, 87/13, 134/66, 135/21
Regno d'Italia forgeries194/26
Regulations, instructions, decrees: sources thereof165/22
Reinhardt, Max29/29
Rembrandt (the painter)18/48
Renner, Dr Karl: Obit132/44, 189/34
Renner, Franz33/21
Reprints Bosnia 190082/17
Reprints, the five official of Austria97/20, 99/16, 135/33
ReprintsSee also the issue in INDEX TO STAMP ISSUES
Republic of Venice, postal history22/6
Research, philatelic66/7, 103/41, 176/10
Restrictions on post-WWII Austria-Germany mail172/24
Retteg cancellation57/44
Return to Sender labels182/21
Retzl, Franz33/21
Revenue adhesives on mail receipts147/58
Revenue paper etc137/37, 192/4
Revenue stamps and adhesives33/5, 78/11, 92/5, 118/61, 128/26, 144/56, 145/44, 149/81, 177/15
Revenue stamps, Forgery prevention98/7
Revenue stamps, recognition of191/3
Ribbed paper3/24, 40/34, 50/39
Richardson, John, obituary109/14
Rieger, Sebastian. Fr.120/63
Riezlern, Sondertarif postrnark7/16
Rilke, Rainer M.40/36
Rimnik, Crimean war46/30, 48/17
Ringed roman number cancels139/69
Riva Vapore and All That111/44
Robert Stolz trophy88/8
Robertson, Charles5/26, 68/13, (obit) 65/26
Röhrn, Ernst71/47
Rohrpostsee Pneumatic post
Roman States, Austrian post in22/40, 26/8
Rotary stamps, 193124/9, 82/38
Rovigno, strangely-franked letters from170/37
RPSL, APS display at, 19677/20, 8/8
RPSL, APS display at, 2004145/74, 146/81
RPSL, Hungarian display, 198260/29
RSb, RSc Rückschein covers148/82
Rubber box cancellations, Bosnia-Herzegovina84/21
Rubens, Nicolaes18/46
Rückscheine from the inter-war inflation period206/20
Rudolf I, King of the Germans51/45
Rudolf, Archduke88/3
Russian FPOs, 1849 campaign in Hungary75/31
Russian FPOs101/19
Russian POW in Austria-Hungary112/13, 113/24
Ryan, Gary87/16, 109/22, 123/39
Ryan, Gary and Hungary's first issue (1867)65/46, 66/17, 67/44, 68/27, 69/20, 70/30, 74/34, 90/19
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Saiko, George126/48
SAINT XSee under 'X'
Salzburg, Austrian for 200 years195/16
Salzburg, Bavarian occupation of194/16
Salzburg castle53/35
Salzburg festival and music65/39, 152/15, 153/48
Salzburg, French occupation of194/12
Salzburg Makartplatz157/30
Salzburg official Postal Directorate cards141/57
Salzburg postal history112/37
Salzkammergut Bummel150/38
Samos, Austrian P.O. in [Tr]94/42
Sample stamps88/24
Sarajevo red 28.VI.17 cancellation30/37
Sardinia-Austria post 1854-67140/13, 141/67, 143/49
Saunders, Rose (Titford)4/17, 27/21, 28/4, 84/17
Savings bank, postal77/36
Savings stamps:see Cinderellas
Scadden, Leslie25/11
Schafbergbahn150/38, 172/12
Schanzer, F S (obit)89/8
Schattenburg castle6/17
Scheuer, H E (obit)5/21
Schiele, Edith20/46
Schiele, Egon108/51
Schilling, demise of in 1938139/52
Schilling, issue dates of stamps after WII173/4, 174/5
Schilling, transition to Euro205/24
Schirach family56/21
Schirnböck, Ferdinand33/22
Schlesinger, Gustav26/4
Schmidt, Franz34/37
Schneeberg and its railway167/42
Schnitzler, Arthur88/47
Schöfferl, Josef20/48
Schönbauer, L97/48
Schönberg, Arnold34/36
Schönherr, Karl7/10
Schöpfer, Klaus151/2
Schrödinger, Erwin91/47
Schrom, E (obit)14/43
Schuricht, Arthur33/23
Schwidernoch Gruss Aus cards156/35
Scouting in Austria and Liechtenstein35/3, 35/10, 45/28, 47/21
Scouting Jamboree, Bad Ischl 195172/37
Scouts of the world, Who is he?66/48
Scouts Prague post58/12
Seals have a value also98/25, 107/32
Sebastian, Saint17/37
Second Republic, Presidents, Chancellors and parties32/27, 53/15, 86/39
Second Republic, stamps32/11, then see also the issue in INDEX TO STAMP ISSUES
Second World Warsee WWII
Security and insurance109/11
Security measures, State printing works40/33
Security printing and self-destructing stamps179/41
Seebezirkskommando cachet115/64, 117/4
Seitz, A 6/5, 6/10
Sell my collection? Where does my research go?123/34
Semlin, postmark 18341836 84/9
Semmelweiss, Ignaz P.71/46
"Service suspended"168/46
Severin, Saint64/47
Sexton, Walter George: Obit132/43
Ship Mail on Lake ConstanceSee Bodensee
Showell-Anderson, T J L25/16, 67/9
Siege of Vienna185/20
Signet on newspapers etc59/14, 62/6, 146/77, 183/27
Silent Night the first 200 years208/26
Silesia, cancellations43/38, 45/17
Sitte, Camillo11/34
Slatin, Pasha15/37
Slezak, Leo29/30
Slogan cancellations, 1938-4568/24, 71/28, 72/10, 81/20, 88/37, 91/36.
See also ASCGB Booklet issued with AUSTRIA 85: library item 161.
Slot machinessee Stamp machines
Smyrna late cancel usage133/45
Something for the record83/12
Sondertarif7/16, 131/15
Spital stamp and cover91/34
STAMPSSee also by-issue listing
Stamp Day issues44/21, 46/5
Stamp machines, 10 Schilling73/32, 75/16, 76/7, 78/15, 82/32, 86/15, 90/6, 96/9, 98/5, 100/42, 103/29, 105/37, 113/54
Stamps, available denominations vs rates, 1867-1918172/5, 173/16
Stamps, self-adhesive definitives of 2011167/53, 174/8, 177/46
St. Peter's abbey Melk46/34
Stamp production27/6
Stamped paper 1803-1817192/4
Stampex, finds and forgeries at97/39
Stamps or covers?97/30
Stamps, high wide tall & small12/25, 12/29, 19/44, 179/6, 179/19
Stamps, unreleased156/29, 183/25
Stanley Gibbons: delisting od 'subscriber gift' stamps193/2
Starostwos (in Poland)138/74
Stars (especially on airmails)167/56, 176/27, 192/12
State Archive, Austrian120/37
State printing worksSee Vienna State printing works
Stationery, postalSee Postal Stationery
Statistics, 1850 plating20/6, 26/10
Stefan, Josef79/48
Stelzhammer, Franz33/36
Stephen, W S E (obit)34/4
Stephen, W S E, Austrian post abroad: commentary10/6, 11/9, 12/15, 13/36, 14/38, 15/40, 16/36, 17/18, 18/12, 19/24, 20/24, 21/33
Sternwarte, the great mystery of the155/77
Sterrer, Karl33/23
Stifter, Adalbert, Vienna city post56/6
Stirbey, the 'town that never was'181/36
Stoessl, Otto83/47
Stolz, Robert55/26, 58/45, 88/8, 184/28
Strada, Jacobo de23/40, (obit) 34/4
Stranitzky, Joseph A37/42
Strauss family55/10
Strauss, R99/48
Streetcarsee Trams
Strike post, Linz18/38, 37/34
Strike post, Tirol19/29, 20/40, 37/33
Strimbuly, a Transylvanian tour198/7
Stritzl, Dr. P. von82/4, 83/41, (obit) 92/9
Study circle, Dalmatia80/43, 81/38
Study circle, disinfection31/5
Study circle, Liechtenstein13/5
Styria, postal traffic66/28
Submarine service to USA, 1916-1786/18, 87/8
Suess, E100/46
Suicide, Friedrich Hesse87/47
Sulzer, S101/48
Supplementary Franking139/82
Supply and demand87/33
Surcharged German Stamps, 1938-1945150/28
Surcharges for pneumatic delivery147/27, 148/81
Surcharges on pre-WWII Charity stamps148/48
Suspect and forged field post items96/11, 100/33
Suttner, Bertha von70/47
Syddall, J W66/5, (obit) 83/4
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Tabori posta, 1914-1882/28
Taborsky, Franz205/5
Tag der Legion113/26
Tandler, Julius83/46
Tariff concession7/16
Tariff, postalsee Postage Rates
Tarnow, letter to141/60
Tarnstempel, Galizien153/55, 191/12
Tarp labels31/48, 38/8, 181/10
Taxes, import-export via Semlin170/38, 173/19
Taxes, postal56/42
Taylor, Andy94/4, 127/16, 191/4, 192/35
Tchilinghirian, S D8/7, 100/40
Teall, C T, (obit)66/26
Telegraph (& its stamps)158/7, 177/24, 183/2, 203 (all)
Telephone cards178/30
Telephone service177/24
Terms, philatelic76/25
Terzaghi, Karl A von77/42
Thalia labels85/45, 87/9
That's Life107/46
Theatre in Austria137/48
Thematic collecting151/43
Theimer, Dr Ernst, obituary109/15
Thimble postmarks6/5, 74/19, 153/36, 195/26
Thoughts of a postmark collector63/37
Thurn and Taxis145/83
Tie, ASCGB club71/8
Time zone cancellers, Vienna104/13, 123/17, 126/63
Tirol, 1923 local strike issue19/29, 20/40, 37/33
Tirol, 2003 Salon at Innsbruck144/4
Tirol, British troops 1918-1919195/2
Tirol, foreign control of post, 1804-18169/31
Tirol, Paket Kontrollmarken41/23
Tirol, thematic177/10
T N in circle151/60
TPO3/14, 4/29, 5/26, 6/22, 7/12, 8/13, 9/23, 11/21, 18/40, 31/44
TPO Bosnia-Herzegovina30/37
TPO faked(?) cancels136/11, 137/61
TPO German77/7, 86/41, 87/13
TPO Liechtenstein13/32, 18/40
TPO registration labels134/66, 135/21
TPO registration86/41, 87/13
TPOs trans-Tirol137/44
TPOs Austria into Hungary128/14
TPOs in Vorarlberg before 1918208/2
Traditional Philately in Klagenfurt150/81
TrainsSee Railways
Trakl, G100/48
Trams, possibility of cancellations showing carriage by or posting boxes on90/7, 93/9, 94/27, 134/64
Tranmer, Keith25/10, 109/40, 110/4, 112/44, 113/57, 114/46, 118/37, 121/17, 122/26, 204/2
Translation German-English philatelic vocabulary78/26
Translation Notes on Austrian philatelic terms45/27, 48/15, 76/25
Transport, modes of (inspired by Hesshaimer's 1933 labels)190/7
Treasurer looks back30/33
Treaty of St Germain en Laye184/21
Triangles (two tiny)See Postcodes
Trieste117/6, 184/31
Trieste postal museum and the Rastrello179/33
Trieste's railway stations204/12
Tristan da Cunha3/13
Turkish Palestine, A-H army in WW1122/44, 123/48
Tuscany-Austria 1839 convention187/13
Two Bites of the Cherry (Austrian Millennary)119/35
TyrolSee Tirol
T.Z.ST. cancellation104/9, 105/8 & 27; see also Pneumatic
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U-boat U4: return of its dive bell to Austria194/21
Ujanovice, tarnstempel of191/12
Ukraine158/33, 160/7, 160/53
Umpostung explained140/34
Underpaid Mail between Austria and Czechoslovakia 1920-1921204/28
UNDOF34/5, 49/8, 52/29, 54/48
UNFICYP postal services61/7, 95/31
UNO issues48/12
Unreleased stamps156/29
Untergurgl cancellation93/30
USA overrun countries issue57/8, 58/9, 59/15
USA submarine mail, 1916-1786/18, 87/8
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Verband research medal awarded to J.F. Giblin78/17
Varieties, recess printed stamps14/37, 40/8
Valuation, philatelic81/9, 166/35, 173/11
Varnish bars12/6, 40/34, 77/20, 78/16, 79/24, 80/23
Venice postal history of Republic22/6
Venetia, postal history19/6, 22/6, 29/6, 30/10
Verschleisser (ie stamp retailer)168/27
Vienna"City of dreams"
Vienna W1 dumb strike and 'Donauwellen'67/20, 94/22, 96/10, 97/32, 99/21, 100/41, 139/60
Vienna 1834 local letter142/48, 143/67
Vienna 1901 street index143/81
Vienna 1925 75th. anniversary exhibition62/39, 66/18
Vienna 1945 overprints:See Hitler-head
Vienna City post56/6, 173/5
Vienna City Railway: value-imprinted stamps for monthly season tickets209/6
Vienna combined town & registration cancels129/27,52
Vienna Cracow-Lemberg air service9/15, 47/11
Vienna, Danube Canal bridges167/38
Vienna enlargement of, from 1850142/5, 143/3, 167/34
"Vienna Exhibitions": these are the philatelic ones. 
Vienna Exhibitions: 188161/19, 130/43
Vienna Exhibitions: 1890130/47
Vienna Exhibitions: 1898134/91
Vienna Exhibitions: 1923193/3
Vienna Exhibitions: 192562/39, 66/18
Vienna Exhibitions: 1933 WIPA24/13, 84/41, 90/18, 91/18, 181/25, 186/22
Vienna Exhibitions: 1968 I.F.A. Wien9/20
Vienna Exhibitions: 1975 WIPA33/30, 36/9
Vienna Exhibitions: 1981 WIPA57/19, 60/40
Vienna Exhibitions: 2000 WIPA119/3, 124/58, 128/16, 129/5, 130/3, 131/2, 131/11, 132/5, 133/58, 134/3
Vienna Exhibitions: 2008 WIPA164/4, 164/68
Vienna express delivery in 1887145/78
Vienna Frühjahrsmesse stamps193/14
Vienna Grand Prix issue, 1944101/12, 102/28
Vienna, Imperial Treasures of176/34
Vienna in 181731/11
Vienna in 1946159/44
Vienna Liechtenstein town palace85/9
Vienna Lokalbahn37/38
Vienna Opera House206/30
Vienna philatelic scene, 198883/36
Vienna Philharmonic orchestra6/17
Vienna pneumatic mailSee Pneumatic
Vienna Post office 1938-4568/24, 69/6, 71/28
Vienna post offices renumbering in 1892143/55
Vienna postal markings, Time zone cancellers104/13, 123/17, 123/63
Vienna post-WW2 censorship42/6, 46/32
Vienna private delivery service (1945)37/39
Vienna private telegraph company203/46
Vienna, the Ring167/17, 167/34
Vienna, siege of185/20
Vienna State printing works4/23, 19/35, 25/20, 27/6, 40/33, 87/47, 192/8
Vienna Stock and Produce Exchanges, locations of143/69
Vienna time zone cancellations104/13, 141/6, 123/17
Vienna, Tram #1 around the Ring167/17
Virgil, Saint33/35
Vito Andrian138/78, 142/44
Vitus, Saint62/46
Vocabulary, German-English, philatelic78/26
VoePH award to Andy Taylor191/4
VoePH award to Joyce Boyer192/28
Vogelsang, Karl Freiherr von114/57
Vyssi Brod Postal Museum124/29
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W1 dumb strikeSee under Vienna W1 dumb strike
Wagner, Otto196/43, 209/17
Wagner, Wilhelm R.82/47
Waitzen, 1786 cancel from141/52
Waldheim, Kurt124/57
Waldohreule135/30, 136/9
WalserchanzSee Kleinwalsertal
Wanneck flight, 191423/27
War issues of 1914-1795/25, 97/41, 207/31
WatermarkSee also the issue in INDEX TO STAMP ISSUES
Wearing two hats88/32
Weekend meetingsSee "Fests"
Wegener, Alfred58/46
Weinig correspondence146/2
Weiss, Kamillo78/13, 104/7
Werfel, Franz108/52
Wesseley, G.103/19
Where are they now? Lloyd handstamps116/31, 117/37, 118/39
Where to buy Austrian stamps in Austria68/9
Where to buy..99/9
White Henry G.22/34, 46/11, (obit) 192/2
Whiteside, John: obit175/2
Who would an expert be?104/26
WienSee under Vienna
Wittgenstein, L.99/45
Wilcox, Thomas H.63/9, 65/12
Wien 25188/15
Williams, Maurice38/7
WIPA exhibitionsSee under Vienna
Wöllersdorf107/12, 108/16,50, 109/48, 111/23,32, 112/33, 114/37, 118/34
Wolf, Dr. P.96/34
Wolfgang, Saint38/42
Wolkenstein, Oswald von41/35
Wollersdorf, camp and inmates97/29, 98/6, 99/22 and 24, 100/43, 102/28
Woolcot, Douglas78/10
Work of art, postage stamp90/10
World Heritage sites in Austria167/68
World scout jamboree, 195172/37
World war 2See WWII
World war 1See WWI
Woyty-Wimmer, H4/21, 24/5
Wrappers, Alpine society73/12
WWI Army P.Os.16/40, 17/32, 35/6, 36/45
WWI Austria-Hungary in WWI47/6
WWI Austro-Hungarian army in Turkish Palestine122/44, 123/48
WWI Austro-Hungarian Military Mail 1914-18 by Col J Dixon-Nuttall: an index122/37, 123/56
WWI Austro-Hungarian uniforms, badges etc135/17
WWI Charity issues169/48
WWI Civil post censorship40/10, 44/38, 46/32, 50/41
WWI FieldpostSee Fieldpost
WWI FPO 106784/20, 88/34
WWI Hungarian forces, abbreviations82/30
WWI Impressed feldpostkorrespondenzkarte85/6, 87/12
WWI Italy, 1918-19 official issues64/4
WWI Ortspostmarken 191857/38, 62/38
WWI Post offices on P.O.W. camps70/41
WWI POW mail, new discovery83/42
WWI Tabori posta 1914-1882/28
WWI Turkish Palestine, A-H army in122/44, 123/48
WWI Austria-Hungary: at the end of the war. Introduction to series of articles.193/6
WWI Austria-Hungary: collapse and disintegration.193/7
WWI Austria-Hungary: 'whatever happened to..' (fate of Austria-Hungary's component parts).193/8
WWII Concentration camp, Mauthausen42/29, 76/8
WWII Postal history of Austria 1938-4528/9, 35/44
WWII Post-war censorship in Vienna42/6, 3 2/35
WWII Slogan cancellations68/24, 71/28, 72/10,81/20,88/37,91/36
WWII Vienna post offices68/24, 69/6, 71/28
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Yugoslav occupation of Carinthia109/20
Yugoslavia 1943121/9
Yugoslavia, legacy of Austro-Hungarian registered post206/36
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Zdarsky, M104/47
Zeiler, O stamp designer93/21
Zenziger, Rudolf33/24
Zepplin133/67, 134/76, 147/47
Zepplin cards141/49
Zepplin mail at WIPA 1933142/71, 143/3
Zerritsch, Fritz33/24
Zita, Empress and Queen61/3, 88/7
Zither & the Third Man207/42
Zsigmondy, Richard53/45
Zurück an den Absender label139/81
Zweig, Stefan64/45, 72/37
Zweiselalp, local post37/41
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