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Years ago Austrian Philately featured in the philatelic press of both UK and USA and at the time many articles were taken from the magazines and collected together in the APS library. These were listed as "Collections of articles" but since the contents were not individually listed nobody knew what was there and the collections were not borrowed. Prompted by the Librarian, the committee held a discussion following which Hans Smith spent many hours preparing an index of the useful ones. It has been decided that if the articles are re-filed in alphabetical order of subject and the index published, members may decide to borrow them. As most articles are only a few pages long you will normally receive a photocopy that may be retained.

There have been very few additions to the Cuttings in recent years, either because there have been no articles in the English speaking philatelic press, or because no one who has seen them sent a copy to the librarian. If you see any articles you think we should keep please send them to the librarian - who would rather have two or three copies than for everyone to assume A N Other will send it.

As for books and other items in the Library, the cuttings are available to fully paid-up members of the Society, subject to the conditions as laid down in the APS regulations.

Subjects contained in the Cuttings Folder

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