The APS Library

This library contains many books and Journals, covering the entire field of philately of the Austrian Empire and its successors. It operates by post, and is available to paid-up Austrian Philatelic Society members only. This list gives the contents of the library in various ways. Note that the library's contents are numbered in the order of acquisition; thus a many-part work may not have consecutive numbers.

  1. Introduction and guide

  2. Subjects (in alphabetical order)

  3. Contents (in numeric order)

  4. Author list

  5. The Wurth annual handbooks

  6. Contents of the Graz Forschungsblätter

  7. List of the Philatelistenklub Merkur Innsbruck's Schriftenreihe (extracted from the main listing)

The following are not part of the "Books" library, and are listed elsewhere:

  1. Journals of other societies

  2. Our own Journal 'Austria'

  3. Works on CD, produced both by the APS and by other societies

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