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The Austrian Philatelic Society's Library contained an extremely wide range of Austrian philatelic reference material - at its peak 469 books! Unfortunately, when our Librarian retired not even the offer of an APS-supplied bookcase produced a successor. With regret, the committee decided to dispose of the whole collection. Many of the books were bought by members in our auction sales, although several "fundamental and important" works attracted no interest. The unsold books have been offered to the library of the Royal Philatelic Society London, and a box almost too heavy to lift has been despatched. (They are one of the few libraries who accept unsolicited donations and aim to retain them ‘for ever’!) Anybody may visit the Royal’s Library in central London - non-members by appointment - and it is described here. There is a link to the list of holdings; ensure you select 'The Royal Philatelic Society London' and ‘books’ in the dropdown menus, not the default of almost all the philatelic libraries in the world! A keyword of ‘Austria’ produces 435 hits; there are listed 3280 books and 6546 not-books on Austrian philately in the world.

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