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A difficulty faced by many members of the APS is that much of the literature dealing with their hobby is in German, Italian or one of the Central European languages. About two thirds of the material in the APS library is not in English. To help meet this problem, the Lending Library incorporates the English language material published over many years in the journals of the former Austria Philatelic Society of New York. As with our own journal, AUSTRIA, each U.S. issue generally covers a wide variety of subjects so that ready access is best obtained by means of the Subject Index. Attention is drawn to the notes below which explain the contents further. Over the years, several items in the library have been given by members, and the APS is always grateful for those who make such donations.

Routine for borrowing

Books and other items in the Lending Library are available to fully paid-up members of the Society, subject to the conditions as laid down in the APS regulations.



A sequential list of titles in the order that they were acquired. In the listing, 'Text' indicates the language in which items are printed, as follows:



This is a key to the contents of the books shown in the Library List. Many of them deal with a variety of subjects and those considered likely to be of interest are shown. Figures in brackets provide a rough indication of the number of pages involved.


Three components make up each reference in the Subject Index, as follows:

  1. '6' - the above Bulletin.
  2. A Roman numeral: the volume number.
  3. The issue number. Volumes have contained between 3 and 12 issues a year.


Published in Graz by Österreichische Forschungsgesellschaft für Philatelie und Postgeschichte. A 20-volume publication (we lack issues 5 and 6) of 100-200 (usually un-numbered) pages, with specialised studies especially on earlier issues; particularly strong on Bosnia and Herzegovina. Issued from 1967 to 1980; in German; many issues have excellent illustrations. For the first 7 issues, J F Giblin has provided translations of the text. Here is a comprehensive list of the contents.


An annual production, averaging around 150 pages. Excellent on detail. Dr C Kainz contributed to issues 1-20. Dr Wurth's list of titles and subjects is here


Although many of the earlier items are missing from our archives, the official notes in English, which were issued with the full release data by the Austrian Post Office, are available for most Austrian stamps from late 1949.



The library contains copies of the following Society Journals; the runs are not always complete. Apart from the "Austria Philatelic Society of New York", they are not covered by the subject listings; however each is now indexed separately. Our own Journal is also indexed elsewhere.

1000Blackprints - from 3.12.1949 on. Most have some text in English.
1001Austria - there is a separate index for this.
1002ASCGB Bulletin, first and second series.
1003Bulletin of the (former) Austrian Philatelic Society of New York. This is filed (for historical reasons) as Library Item 6. Do not confuse it with item 1015!
1004Stamps of Hungary - Journal of the Hungarian Philatelic Society of Great Britain
1005Germania - Journal of the Germany & Colonies Philatelic Society
1006Die Briefmarke - Verband Österreichischer Philatelisten-Vereine We have a complete run; the early issues are in bound volumes. While there is no published index, the Editor can assist in locating articles.
1007Yugopost - Journal of the Yugoslav Study Group
1008Südost-Philatelie - the magazine of Arbeitsgemeinschaft Jugoslawien und Nachfolgestaaten.
1009Rundbrief of the ARGE Österr. Feld- und Zensurpost 1914-1918
1010Rundbrief of the ARGE Österreich e.V.
1012Wiener Ganzsachen Frei- und Poststempelsammlerverein bulletin
1013Interessengemeinschaft Bosnien-Herzegowina bulletin
1014Czechout - Journal of the Czechoslovak Philatelic Society of Great Britain
1015Austria Philatelic Society (US) bulletin. Do not confuse it with item 1003!
1016Rundbrief of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Militaria Austriaca Philatelia.
1017Bollettino - Journal of the Associazione per lo Studio della Storia Postale.
1018The Ukranian Philatelist
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