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1---(replaced by PKMI nr 12)
2459Festschrift "65 years of PKMI"Histories; Deutsche Dienstpost Alpenvorland; etc68PKMI1994 G
3460JUBA-TelfsEvent-guide; Kinderlandverschickung (KLV); etc70PKMI1996G
4343Festschrift "Philatelistischen Salon Telfs"80PKMI1997G
Contents: 25 years of ARGE ALP; Austrian Bezirk cancellations (the octagonal ones with a number that is not a postcode; an index of these numbers is included); Censorship by the civilian administration in Tirol and Vorarlberg 1914-1916
5--(replaced by PKMI nr 12)
6344Festschrift: 100 Jahre Innsbrucker Philatelistische Vereine80PKMI2001G
Contents: Censorship in Voralberg 1914-1918; Local issues from Meran 1918-1920; Local issue with the Eagle overprint; Occupation in North Tirol at end of WWI
7348Tiroler VerwaltungsmarkenLocal tax stamps40Klieber2002G
8380Festschrift 75 Jahre Philatelistenklub Merkur Innsbruck120PKMI2003G(E)
Formal greetings; history of links between PKMI and (a) Societa Filatelica Trentina (b) Austrian Philatelic Society [articles by Boyer & Taylor]; 75 years of the PKMI (Moser); Censorship in Innsbruck 1914-18 (Schilling); the Illyrian provinces and the post in Osttirol & Oberkärnten (Schöpfer); the Innsbruck Post-Direktion in today's North Tirol (Jungwirth & Klieber); Airmail to & from Austria 1945-6 (Seebald).
9383Tiroler Sonderstempel 1885-2003A tabulation, with valuations and illustrations, of all the special cancellations used in the Tirol. Also has newspaper and decree notices concerning special cancellations up to 1945, and indexes by designer and by place.146Ploner, Moser 2004G
10402Dienstanweisung für PostablagenThe first issue of the regulations for Postablagen.44k.k.Post1900G
11408Dienst-Instruction für die kaiserlich-koniglichen Poststationen (herausgegeben 1863)"How to run a Post Station" (in 1863).141PKMI2006G
12328Tiroler Werbestempel und im Anhang Tiroler Wellen- und StrichstempelAdvertising & slogan cancellations, with points valuations. 161Ploner, Moser2006G
13425Dienstbuch fur den Postillion (1893)The 1883 Instruction Manual for Postillions.75PKMI2007G
14440Dienst-Unterricht für die Briefträger der k. k. Postämter (1880)The duties of a Postman in 188052 k.k.Post1880G

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