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Austria Philatelic Society U.S. The U.S.A.-based society with much the same aims and objectives as us. Note that their name begins 'Austria' and ours 'Austrian', although neither Society is based in Austria or restricted to Austrians. Austrian philately is full of obscurities!
Philatelistenklub Merkur Innsbruck The Philatelistenklub Merkur Innsbruck, founded in 1928. They publish a variety of monographs on Austrian Philately.
Briefmarkensammlerverein Favoriten A major philatelic society in Vienna. Meets for stamp-exchange and friendly chat on most Wednesday afternoons and Sunday mornings including summer. Visitors are especially welcomed!
ArGe Österreich Germany-based association for all philatelic things Austrian.
CPSGB Czechoslovak Philatelic Society of Great Britain
HPSGB Hungarian Philatelic Society of Great Britain
Arge Feldpost Arbeitsgemeinschaft Feldpost Österreich-Ungarn.
ANNO On this site you can find many Austrian newspapers (several million page images!) provided by a partnership led by the Oesterreichischen Nationalbibliothek. PDF copies can be downloaded. JPGs are also possible, albeit one at a time. Note that these are images, not words: text searching isn't possible although some pages offer an OCR version.
ALEX The companion site, which includes the contents of the Reichs- Staats- and Bundesgesetzblatt, the book of Austrian laws, from 1849 to 1940. These are images in PDF files, as for ANNO.
Rechtsinformationssystem des Bundes And here the law book continues, from 1945 to date.
Kärntner Philatelistenclubs Their site includes dates of meetings, details of publications etc, and a new innovation: a Tarif calculator for the period 1946 - 1966.
Austrian & Hungarian maps This site offers downloadable images of the 1:200,000-scale maps covering the Empire and its surroundings. Each is about 3.5Mb. Invaluable for locating obscure offices.
More Hungarian maps (and Croatia-Slavonia) listed in county order. Somewhat smaller file sizes.
British Library Philatelic Collections section of the British Library
Wardrop & Co ltd Philatelic (and other) insurance.
U K Philately Featuring the National Philatelic Society; news of philatelic activities in the UK; lists of and links for affiliated societies (including us); and much more.
Austrian Post Office Shop The full range of philatelic products currently available from their on-line shop.
Verband Österreichischer Philatelisten-Vereine VÖPh is the umbrella organisation for philately in Austria. Located in Vienna.
OEBMHV The Austrian Dealers Association - lists of dealers (by location etc) of all the stamp dealers in Austria who are members of the OEBMHV (Austrian stamp dealers' association).
Austria Netto Catalogue Listing of Austrian philatelic catalogues etc sold by ANK.
ABPS The Association of British Philatelic Societies Ltd. The 'exhibitions' tab will show you the dates for Stampex etc.
Stamp collecting tips This page gives helpful advice on stamp collecting, mainly for those starting, whatever your age: 5 to 105 all welcome!
A Beginner's Resource Guide to Philately Mainly aimed at a USA-based collector, but many interesting thoughts for everybody!

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