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This society was founded by Ralph Schneider (RSStamps) of Illinois to pick up the activities of the Austria Philatelic Society of New York which had "softly and silently vanished away".

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Vol 1 No 1: Choice of name; what should newsletter cover; should they have auction, library, packets etc; proposed mentoring programme; translation (with colour illustrations) of Ferchenbauer-2000 on the 1851 Newspaper stamps; the Vienna-Kiev (or Kyiv) airmail service.

Vol 1 No 2: the Vienna-Kiev airmail service continued; Austrian Post Office in Crete; 1890 issue translated from Ferch.2000; disputed colour variations on ANK844, the 1.9.1947 75gr-on-38gr & 140gr-on-16gr overprints; thimble cancels (all with colour illustrations); an Auction to be begun.

Vol 1 No 3: Austrian Post Office in Crete concluded; Losenstein 'bridge rebuilding' 1945 overprints; Bosnia-Herzegowina 1879/99 issues translated from Ferch.2000; 'Adressezettel' postcard; A. Guttag's Tante Mina.

Vol 1 No 4: Lager Tarp labels; ‘Postal Forgeries’ translated from Ferch.2000; Auction List (some illustrated in colour).

Vol 2 No 1: Q&A; Müller's History of the 1st issues (trans, 7pp); Austrian Post in China 1901-17; forwarding of Telegrams by post (trans. Ferch2K pp863-9); Auction list (colour pics!)

Vol 2 No 2: Q&A; Austrian Perfins; Forms and stationery for money transfer (trans. Ferch2K pp977-985); Calendar of the 1867 issue.

Vol 2 No 3: Q&A; the DDSG and its stamps; the 1867 issue (trans. Ferch2K pp421-430); corrected calendar of the 1867 issue.

Vol 2 No 4: Sigmund and Rudolf Friedl; the DDSG and its stamps (trans. Ferch2K pp1281-1292); Mixed ?/ATS frankings; WIPA 1881 and 1890

Vol 3 No 1: the Ergänzungsmarke; the Spital 'stamp'; Revenue stamps used for Postage and conversely (a translation of Ferch2K pp263-273); Austrian offices in Neum.

Vol 3 No 2: Constantinopel I cancels; Bosnia 1 and 1a; local post via Christkindl; DOAV wrappers; 1899 and 1901/2 definitives (a translation of Ferch2K pp525-540).

Vol 3 No 3: letter on fundamental pointlessness of specialist Society auctions; Fiscal stamps and mixed stampings (a translation of Ferch2K pp263-273); Anschluß era pictorial cards; 'use me' labels on current Austrian postboxes; 'striped lozenge' cancels.

Vol 3 Nr 4: History of the Friedl family (with new discoveries on what happened in 1938, and a most interesting URL link to the Claims Resolution Tribunal); Austrian Postal History, 1840-UPU (Ferchenbauer2000 pp18-23); DOAV precancels

Vol 4 Nr 1: VOePh awards for Richard Kruger; Rupert von Trapp in Graz; B&H 1906 stamps with holes; Proofs and Forgeries (Ferchenbauer2000 pp281-284); Galatz Harbour postmarks; Private Essays (Ferchenbauer2000 pp763-5).

Vol 4 Nr 2: Premium, Registration, 7-cent & Ergänzungsmarken; The 1858 Issue (Ferchenbauer2000 pp301-5,9-15); sale of items from Vienna-Kyiv flights (some were those illustrated in Ferchenbauer) with realisations (some big; the highest was €2100 plus about 20% assorted charges).

Vol 4 Nr 3: Information sources on Revenue stamps; Qs & As; The German Enclave of Southern Moravia (1918-38); Newspaper Tax Stamps (Ferchenbauer2000 pp 1027-34); Neum Post Office; Dealers in Vienna

Vol 4 Nr 4: Members Forum; Types of the First Issue; Newspaper Tax Stamps (Ferchenbauer2000 pp 1030-38); Index of volumes I-IV; "Good News from the Russian Front"

Vol 5 Nr 1: Members Forum; The EGER canceller of 1867; a Plebiscite cards series from 1938; Anatomy of a Postcard (Sal Rizza); Bosnia-Herzegovina (Ferchenbauer2000 pp 1293-1300).

Vol 5 Nr 2: Bosnia’s 1913 Newspaper stamps; the 2 engravings of the first set of Austrian stamps (long article, many colour enlargements); a new watermark on the 1867 issue; review of Berislav Skelj’s "Bosnia-Herzegovina postal history"

Vol 5 Nr 3: Qs&As; results of 'Whadda you want?' survey of the membership; Austrian military stamps (themes and variations); Ferchenbauer2000 pp1301-5 translation: the 1879/98 issue; Personal Stamps; etc etc.

Vol 5 Nr 4: Visit their web site; Qs&As; mysteries of an Italian postcard; proposed Dalai Lama stamp and why Opost may not have wished to issue it; 60th Jubilee Postcards; the 'punched holes in 1906 Bosnia issue' saga revisited; etc.

Vol 6 Nr 1: Mercury variations; a Trieste-Athens cover; Salzburg Festival; Wien-Krakow-etc air mails (Ferchenbauer pp611-19 translated).

Vol 6 Nr 2 Mercury Variations - Pt 2; 'Anmeldstelle'; Precancelled Newspaper Tax Stamps; A-H Military Airmail (Ferchenbauer pp603-610 translated); Censored POW, Civilian and Army Mail 1914-1918

Vol 6 Nr 3: The Imperial-Royal Post Office in Jerusalem; Turkish Mail in 1873 (both from Die Brief 4/2005); 1948 costume series; Scott vs Michel pricing

Vol 6 Nr 4 Postal History 1943 (Rizza); B&H 1906 Definitive Issue (Ferchenbauer2000 pp1335-1344 translated); 1948 Costume Series Pt 2

Vol 7 Nr 1 1910 High Value Issue - Original & Reprints; Deutsch Matrei; Makart Platz, Salzburg - Philatelic Associations (Sal Rizza); Tabbed Stamps; 1948 Costume Series Pt 3

Vol 7 Nr 2 1910 Commem. Issue (Ferchenbauer2000 pp567-574 translated); What Cancels Tell Us; Index to Journal Articles

Vol 7 Nr 3 1948 Costume Series Pt 4

Vol 7 Nr 4 Post-WW2 US Occupation; Feldpost Issues for Italy (Ferchenbauer2000 pp1100-1110 translated)

Vol 8 Nr 1: Of crowns and eagles (coats-of-arms); Austrian Fieldpost (Ferchenbauer2000 pp1o67-1075 translated); Christkindl

Vol 8 Nr. 2 Austrian Rocket Mail; Newspaper Post Stamps (translated from Ferchenbauer2000 pp 1039-49)

Vol 8 Nr 3 Austria-Hungary's Last Offensive; Newspaper Tax Stamps, 1890 Issue (translated from Ferchenbauer2000 pp 1061-66); The Handbook of Austrian Philately - "The Plan" - Notes from a joint APSUS/APS Meeting.

Vol 8 No. 4: Austrian covers on Ebay; Sigmund Friedl; Austro-Americana

Vol 9 Nr 1: Comments on WIPA; Viribus Unitis; The First Postal Cards (translation of Ferch2000 pp813-23); detailed review of Ferchenbauer 2008 (concludes by describing it as "the new gold standard"!).

Vol 9 Nr 2: Christkindl; business envelopes 'By Imperial Appointment' and their post-WWI use; working with the 1 Kr 1850 (the yellow one: scan it, photoshop it into blue and you can see the details and separate the subtypes!); the excellence & the demise of the Austria Philatelic Society [of] New York.

Vol 9 Nr 3: dearth of articles; Austrian mails from the 2nd Mexican Empire; translation of Ferch2000 pp 1321-28 (B&H 1878-9 issue); revealing a forgery by colour-processing; auction list.

Vol 9 Nr 4: DDSG stamps (10pp color); first postal cards of 2nd Republic.

Vol 10 Nr 1: "Austria in Albania" (ex Die Briefmarke 5/2008); "Austria-Hungary Military Air Mail (Ferch2000 pp 603-610); Two cards from March 1938. Plus 305-item Auction list.

Vol 10 Nr 2: "Supplemental Franking" (Ferch 2008 vol II pp. 387-98); Mail in Austria after 1945: censorship hassles (Die Briefmarke 6/2008); Reading those old postcards (discussion on Frakturschrift!)

Vol 10 Nr 3 (July 2010): Sanjak of Nove Pazar; translation of Ferch.2000 pp 1050-1059 "Nppr Post & Tax Stamps"; The 21 April 1921 Plebiscite stamps; Ship Mail on the Bodensee; auction lists.

Vol 10 Nr 4 (Oct 2010): Wanted: auctioneer, article-authors (the cupboard is bare), and translators; Mail from Sigmundsherberg POW Camp; "Forwarded letters with supplementary franking adhesives" (Ferch2008 II 387-398); 100 years of Austrian Stamp Dealer Association.

Vol 11 nr 1 (Jan 2011): Still wanted: auctioneer, article-authors, and translators; Late-arrival Mail & the fees; Austrian Post in Liechtenstein (Ferch2000); does stamp collecting have a future?; all-issues Index.

Vol 11 nr 2 April 2011: Judaic Philately in Austria (including notes on ‘marginal tabs printing’);

Vol 11 nr 3 July 2011: "Official or semi-Official" and "Christmas Post" as translated by Jean Toghill; Austrian mail service in the Turkish Empire (from Ferchenbauer2009); Cancellations (an overview, by Edwin Mueller).

Vol 11 nr 4 Oct 2011: Austrian mail service in the Turkish Empire (from Ferchenbauer2008) part 2; Back door delivery of interrupted field post from Bosnia to Austria in 1888; Court Delivery Stamps; Official letters & messengers.

Vol 12 Nr 1 Jan 2012: Society Matters; Court Delivery Stamps (2); Letters conveyed privately; Leather postbags; pricing pre-philately letters

Vol 12 Nr 2 April 2012: Official Fieldpost cancels of WWI; Austrian Mail service in the Turkish Empire; Kinderdorf balloon mail.

Vol 12 Nr 3 July 2012: Telegraph Stamps; Cancellations (by E Müller (!), from Mercury Stamp Journal 1948); Three classic covers; Austrian Legion in 1938; 1842 Bavarian Treaty charges; ‘Growing like Topsy’ (musings on the plethora of personalised stamps, and why Scott do not list them).

Vol 12 Nr 4 Oct 2012: Newspaper tax stamps; why Austria supported the Anschluss; Personal stamps, booklets and folders; musings on the market, especially catalogue versus auction prices; etc.

Vol 13 Nr 1 Jan 2013: "Austrian Post in Liechtenstein" (translation of Ferchenbauer2000 pp1137-1145); stamps depicting lesser-known Austrians; Postage dues and postcards; etc.

Vol 13 Nr 2 April 2013: Innsbruck postal history 1938-1945; "Fakes on Ebay and elsewhere" (translation of Die Briefmarke 2007 issue 10 p 54; original by Fritz Sturzeis); successful use of 'printers waste' 2Kr postcards; missing-dot error on 2Kr 1867 issue.

Vol 13 Nr 3 July 2013: "Postal duty offences" (eg reusing stamps, unjustified use of free-post); The Mail Coach; Innsbruck postal history part 2.

Vol 13 Nr 4 Oct 2013: Stephansdom; Innsbruck postal history part 3; Market Trends; beware of fake cancels on high-value 1967 series [fakes with cancels plus original gum are easier to spot!]

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