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We have an almost-complete run from issue 1 (of 1988). Most have Society news, reviews of books and new issues, numerous 1-page articles, and (in most of issues 6-28) a 'Kleinwalsertal Report'. I have invented abbreviations so I can indicate how articles are continued between issues.

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Issue 1: Porto-overprinted posthorn issue of 1945; printing dates of the Beautiful Austria series [=BAD]; postage dues (miscellaneous articles)

Issue 2: Deutsch-Österreich postage dues marginal markings; BADii; Turkish Siege of Vienna [=SOV]

Issue 3: BADiii; Austrian international reply coupons [=IRC]; Austrian civil & military ships and their mail [=ASM]; plate faults on the Harrison 1S Mariazell [=MPF]; a German Austrian Postal History [=GAPH]

Issue 4: GAPHii; ASMii; MPFii; IRCii; SOVii

Issue 5: the Anschluss; K K FilialBriefAmt; GAPHiii; MPFiii

Issue 6: the development of Austrian cancels since 1918, as exemplified in Bohemia [=ACB]; GAPHiv; ASMiii; MPFiv; IRCiv

Issue 7: some rare DOAV items; the beginnings of field post in July-August 1914; ACBii; MPFv; ASMiv; IRCv

Issue 8: Donauflottille; MPFvi; IRCvi; SOViii; DOAV

Issue 9: MPFvii; ASMv; IRCvii; DOAV

Issue 10: Perfins; problems with rates on money transfers; TPOs from Reutte; ASMvi; IRCviii

Issue 11: Kinderdorf balloon post; Mariazell's missing perfs; IRCix; ASMvii; Reutte-ii

Issue 12: Postmaster cancellations in 1945; DDSG cancellations in Rumania (illustrated table); IRCx; Reutte-iii

Issue 13: an early (1745) Postschein; district cancellations (hexagonal) of the second republic [=HEX]; 'late' cachets; IRCxi

Issue 14: Austrian fieldpost in Italy 1918 [AFPI]; summer post offices in Tirol & Vorarlberg in 1913 [=SPA]; IRCxii; HEXii

Issue 15: IRCxiii; SPAii; AFPIii

Issue 16: the 'Mallepost' in Tirol, 1749; IRCxiv; AFPIiii

Issue 17: Did 'Ostmark' legally exist?[=OST]; Austrian 'Ausfertigungsgebühr' railway stamps [=AARS]; postcards with advertisements (!) 1878-1918 [=PAD]; Austrian post in Turkey 1718 - 1918 [=APT]

Issue 18: OSTii; APTii; AARSii

Issue 19: AARSiii; PADii

Issue 20: copy missing; Austro-Hungarian field post 1914-18 [=AHFP]; APTiii

Issue 21: Serbia - Croatia - Bosnia

Issue 22: Postal rates in Austria 1938-46 [=PRA]; AHFPii; APTv

Issue 23: catalogue of private stationery; Levant oddities; PRAii

Issue 24: San Giovanni di Medua; Verordnungsblatt 25-28 for 27 April 1850 (reprinted!)

Issue 25: copy missing

Issue 26: Aerograms [=AEG]

Issue 27: AEGii

Issue 28: AHFPiv; AEGiii

Issue 29: Post offices of Vienna; AEGiv

Issue 30: AEGv; Postal Stationety 1988-94

Issue 31: Newspaper tax I; DOAV; AEGvi; AHFPv

Issue 32: Change to A5 format; DOAV; newspaper tax II; 18nn entry cachets from Austria to France; 'Prague 8' oval cancel.

Issue 33: DOAV; newspaper tax III

Issue 34: postage dues in German Austria traffic 1894-1914; DOAV

Issue 35: DOAV; 1858 newspaper with revenue stamps to pay newspaper tax; DeutschÖsterreich

Issue 36: single franking usages of costumes series; DeutschÖsterreich-ii

Issue 37: single franking usages of overprinted Hitler heads & posthorns; French censorship in Tirol 1946-53

Issue 38: single franking usages of Russian Rpf series; Silesia

Issue 39: single franking usages of costumes series; Mauthausen

Issue 40: Wöllersdorf; Mauthausen-ii; Privately-printed Stationery Catalogue (=PSC)

Issue 41: the 60 para of 1908; Wöllersdorf-ii; PSCii

Issue 42: forgeries of Hitler head overprints; PSCiii

Issue 43: Salonica II; PSCiv

Issue 44: registered labels 1945-47; Salonica II

Issue 45: PSCv

Issue 46: Austrian Offices in order of last three characters; Date of issue of Schilling currency; postal history of Vorarlberg (9pp); PSCvi

Issue 47: Newspaper signets (19pp); PSCvii

Issue 48: The Austrian Post Office in Jerusalem: the Bethlehem cancel of 1899; book & stamp reviews; PSCviii

Issue 49: Collecting envelopes; usage dates of Strahlenstempel; 1850 postage dues.

Issue 50: Vienna Strahlenstempel; book reviews; index to issues 1-50; slogan cancels from Tirol; PSCix

Issue 51: How long was the Posthorn series valid?; privately-forwarded letters in 1850; 'OSCAR' sale of Levant material; the OPAL system; book reviews

Issue 52: Validity of Posthornseries; Strahlenstempel; provisional postage dues 1945-47 (many illustrations, some legible); blue cancels from Smirne 1868-69

Issue 53: Arrival (Bestellt) stamps and their valuation.

Issue 54: History of Austrian Post Offices in Egypt (?translated from English?); recent issues; delivery marks - early (1762-1847) and classical (1839-1910, by C Kainz); Levant offices

Issue 55: cancels of the Austrian post offices in Syria; Krakow 1815-46; also book reviews and auction list

Issue 56: More Levantine items; book reviews; forged 1962 booklets (ANK 5 and 6); Austria-Bavaria postal treaty of 1808.

Issue 57: More Levantine items (9pp); book reviews; Samos (esp. Austrian post therein); Space flight and Graz.

Issue 58: Book and new-issue reviews; Dollfuss stamps used in August 1938; etc

Issue 59: new issues; snippets from 'Die Briefmarke'; book reviews; illustrated auction list; etc

Issue 60: reports; new issues; Q&As; assorted modern oddities; lists of Silesian Offices; snippets from 'Die Briefmarke'; etc

Issue 61: literature reports and reviews; CASLAU material; post from the Mühlviertel (15pp); etc

Issue 62: plate faults on the 4Kr of 1922; Rokitzan [Easy to confuse with kitzbühel…Ed]; Botzen; Ergamarks plate and other faults; book reviews; several short articles with black-on-black illustrations.

Issue 63: Early use of the first postcard (sc. 30 Sep 1869; official first day 1st Oct); Q&As; the Salzburg forgeries; 197-item auction list.

Issue 64: AGM reports; supplementary list of west-Silesia post offices (Botenwald, Groß Morau & Karlsberg differ from Votoček and the 1906 Postlexicon, and are at best doubtful. Ed); 2 types of Lloyd Agency cancels from Constantinople; the Salzburg forgeries; Q&A.

Issue 65: Plate faults in overprint of B-H ANK120?; review of "Przemsyl" by G Schenk; list of the Rulers of Austria, 960-1992; personalised stamps; "postal history needn't be expensive"; wants; Qs&As

Issue 66: Packet lost in post… no certificate of postage… member had to pay 3000€; overview of Railway Station Boxes Cancels; Post in Mühlviertel; wants; Qs&As; book reviews

Issue 67: Qs&As; wants; new cancels found on Ebay; Airmails in 1938; Postlager rates; articles from Die Briefmarke; book reviews

Issue 68: Post in the Mühlviertel; book reviews; questionable rates in Michel; the VÖPh expert list; articles from Die Briefmarke

Issue 69: Post in the Mühlviertel (ii); book reviews; Austria’s currency changes 1858 to 2002; Swiss Border rates

Issue 70: A curiously-franked item from August 1938; book reviews; usage of bisects at Stainz in 1920s; rates in 1938; auction list; etc

Issue 71: Ebay experiences; possible errors in Michel's listing of colours of 10-gro picture-postcards (1927-30); Krakau-Wien TPO in 1926?; the first Schilling stamps; the 1940s Landscape issues; the kk Postamt in Jerusalem; Levant Hafenstempel.

Issue 72 AGM saga; Ebay experiences; Krakau-Wien TPO in 1926? (2); Ostmark packet cards; modern postal history of the Mühlviertel (includes a Zustellbasis explanation and list); postal history of Klagenfurt (ex Die Briefmarke); Christkindl-news; Pro Juventute balloon posts resurrected; the Austrian Post in Hungary; etc.

Issue 73: unusual Levant items; review of Stohl Two; Etablissment Venedig & Englischer Garten; the Austrian Post in Hungary; issue date of the 60 Gro. Posthorn & the 1946 UNO stamps; tariff to Prag in 1925/6; German Fieldpost cancel used in Salzburg in 1940; Michel-Öst-Spezial cat review (some prices up; many down; reviewer incensed); etc

Issue 74: New President (entire committee?) still sought; Thimble cancels of Alexandria (10pp); more comments on the Michel-Öst-Spezial-Katalog; on the impossibility of nail-head marks on the Costumes series; review of 'postal use of revenue stamps, L&V 1854-8, by Dr Avi'; Bar Freigemacht markings; and many 1-side articles on diverse subjects.

Issue 75: New President (nay, entire committee?) still sought; unusual mixed-country frankings; late fee; registered and express local letters; many 1-side articles on diverse subjects; on looking for traces of the use of the German currency rather than Austrian in Vorarlberg.

Issue 76: New President (Erich Skarupke) and committee elected; nobody attends local meetings so will change to at-event ones; travels and travails of an 1891 postcard to Persia; the new President introduces himself; a puzzling PC-franking from 1947; the 58-year postcard; supplementary franking on 1867 cards; history of and registration labels from the Central Telegraph Building in Vienna; T-cachets; etc.

Issue 77: More committee members needed; thimble cancellations from Alexandria (6pp colour illustrations); was there a collector's counter at Constantinople?; money transfer and the taxes thereon pre-1900; etc.

Issue 78: (most pictures in colour) Money transfer and the taxes thereon: beware of forged cancels on 25K & 50K stamps; forwarded Postsparkasse mail; Early Austrian Postmark Errors by Brandon K (!); costumes series papers; 1945-59 special tarifs for Czechoslovakia & Hungary; wants lists; auction; etc.

Issue 79: (most pictures in colour) Philately and the Internet; interview with Dr Haas; post between Steiermark and Wien in mid-1945; book reviews; new Wien-61 cancel; embossings where one would expect perfins; rates queries; etc.

Issue 80: (all pictures in colour) TPOs in Austria 1850-67; the 50 Soldi (Levant issue 1867); Postal rates and services to Czechoslovakia, 1945-56 (17 colour pics!!); the Mainz Forgery saga; book reviews (incl. Perfins); etc.

Issue 81: first-issue plate fault; thimble cancels of Vienna; the 5- & 6-Rpf postcards; correct frankings with the 10 Sch costumes; 1938 rates: problems; and many other smaller articles.

Issue 82: double-circle blue cancel from Kraiowa; private posts from Katschberg & Kesselfall-Alpenhaus; Qs&As on Dues; 1938 rates (2); mixed Posthorn-Arms frankings in 1945-6 (11 sides); WIPAs 1881-1933.

Issue 83: franking value of the 3 groschen in 1938; Levant auction at the Dorotheum; Austrian-franked Zepplin mail; and many shorter articles.

Issue 84: AGM report; Changes & additions to the 1946 airmail rates tables; forged dumb cancels; WWII packet cards; Constantinopel single-circle cancel: questions; Dues in Mühlviertel; review of Kainbacher vol II. All articles have many colour illustrations.

Issue 85: many short pieces; Changes & additions to the 1946 airmail rates tables (ii); Lettere Arivate Per Mare markings; Mühlviertel (ii); review of Heinzel vol II.

Issue 86: many members' letters; Notgeld ('emergency money') used as postage stamp; valuing postal stationery; polemic on CTO vs 'genuine' cancellation; printed matter rates in 1938; 'Austria in 1938' part 1; Mühlviertel (iii); book reviews; etc.

Issue 87: bad effects on the society of German post increases; riposte on CTO vs 'genuine' cancellations; new 'RETOUR' cancel from Hernals III, Vienna; provisional postcards in 1945-47 (7pp); mixed frankings of red landscapes and costumes (9pp); Mühlviertel (iv); New Articles Wanted!!

Issue 88: Answers and questions; "Lettere Arivate Per Mare"; many one-page interesting articles; the 1945 Posthorns; red landscapes; Postage Due markings in Turkish currency (para/piaster) from Austrian post offices in Trieste & Constantinopel (10pp); Austrian Post in Bulgaria.

Issue 89: On seeking the 1837 Post Law; Südtirol-Trentino cancels project; Newspaper Tax Signets; late usage of straight-line Constantinopel; red landscapes (ii); inland airmail rates 1936-38; book reviews; and many one-page interesting articles.

Issue 90: letters from Italy to Austria, 1861-1875 (19pp); postcard (Ascher 74A) with imprinted 5kr brown instead of 2kr brown; 1945 posthorns genuinely used.

Issue 91 (all in colour): more about 1945 posthorns genuinely used; stamps in altered colours: trials or try-ons?; Vienna 1850s starburst cancels; unusual items from 1945 in Austria; the 1914 & 1915 charity issues: unusual uses and unauthorised destinations; letters from Italy to Austria, 1861-1875 (continued).

(Issue 92 is missing)

2011/1 Nr 93: the Xmas "walking postbox" stationery; retour-stempel; Kronen, Schilling and Stüber in 1925; the Salzkammergut Lokalbahn; Gesamtpostkurs; Mühlviertel cancels; 1860-70s letters from Italy to Austria; 50-Schilling covers.

2011/2 Nr 94: Forged cancels on Levant stamps; Express rates in B&H, 1886-1918; on the valuation of reply-paid cards; rare Kleckstempel (obliterations) from Vienna and surrounds in 1945; registered mail 1789-1918.

2011/3 Nr 95: Forged cancels on Levant stamps (2); the Mahler stamp again; Austrian offices in Salonika; registered mail (2).

2011/4 Nr 96: Forged cancels on Levant stamps (3); old cancels from far-away places; the 1947 Air Mail stamps; prephilatelic mail to Luxembourg; registered mail (3); book reviews.

2012/1 Nr 97: Forged cancels on Levant stamps (4); the third Vienna Provisional (1945); registered mail (4); rare postal stationery; etc

2012/2 Nr 98: Forged cancels on Levant stamps (4b, 5); use of ‘wrong country’ imprinted postcards in Levant; inland postcard rates & upratings in 1918; registered mail (5); etc

2012/3 Nr 99: Postage dues on incoming foreign mail; Forged cancels on Levant stamps; red Vienna cancels; subtypes of 1867 Mercury; Swiss border mail in 1938; a voyage to Constantinople in 1839; etc

2012/4 Nr 100: Attractive cancellations on classic stamps; the 1946 never-forget exhibition stamps in use; Forged cancels on Levant stamps; Bosnis-Herzegowina 1900 issue; Austro-Hungarian mail to Italy from the Danube Principalities; etc

2013/1 Nr 101: Levant cancel forgeries (cont); 1897 tax inpayment cards; the curious tale of a Levant block; Innsbruck-Direktion Bezirkstempel; registered mail (cont); etc

2013/2 Nr 102: Baltic to Tuscany via Austria mail in 1847; the inland postcard rate rise from 8 to 10kr in 1918; Levant cancel forgeries (cont); the Bosnia-Herzegowina postal savings card; the single-circle-with-ornament Constantinople cancel; registered mail (cont); etc

2013/3 Nr 103: Levant cancel forgeries (cont); the 1925 numbered stamps (with notes on rates and mixed-franking possibilities); Bosnia-Herzegowina 1900 issue part 2; the inland postcard rate rise from 8 to 10kr in 1918 part 3; Registration by Brandon part the last.

2013/4 Nr 104: Wrongly-dued postcards from Hamburg; the 1925 numbered stamps (2); on the franking of Austrian and German postal stationery cards sent via the Vienna pneu-post in 1938-45; 2 sizes of '10 PARA 10' Levant overprint.

2014/1 Nr 105: Inland postcard upratings from 1.9.1918; the Costumes Series of the First Republic (mostly high & multi-frankings); Telegram forms; Austrian and German postal stationery cards sent via the Vienna pneu-post in 1938-45 (part 2); etc.

2014/2 Nr 106: 125 years of the Steyertalbahn; Levant stationery forgeries; an unknown cancel form Smyrna; Vienna W1 in blue; Vienna III; types of the 3fl telephone card; Rückscheine; Geheimnisvolle Gelblinige; Austria in 1945: Überroller mail; restoration of services; etc.

2014/3 Nr 107: Krankenkassenporto; the 1918 rates rise (ii); the 'Austria' cancels of Tuscany; Austria in 1945: Überroller mail (ii); etc.

2014/4 Nr 108: The 'Austria' cancels of Tuscany (ii); new Schraffenstempel from Niebylec [it's in the Proof Book]; AustriaHungary-Germany registered mail, 1861-1916; WWII mail from Mauthausen, some with Bohemia-Moravia stamps; etc.

2015/1 Nr 109: highly-franked Bosnia-Herzgowina parcel cards; new information about the Lloyd Post Offoce in Constantinople; WWII mail from Mauthausen, Dachau etc (ii); a Prague pneumatic card posted in Vienna to Siegmund Freud; early dates for official postcards in the inflation periods; etc.

2015/2 Nr 110: ZIG envelopes; money order forms; a Prag pneumatic postcard (2); the first Austrian postcard classified by imprint-position; Swiss border mail in 1938; etc etc.

2015/3 Nr 111: express letters and cards in Vienna, 1945-6; ditto in Kärnten; misdirected mail of the Austrian empire (original by Keith Brandon); express delivery and pneumatic mail in Vienna, 1941-1945.

2015/4 Nr 112: Modern philately (ie since 1945); Austrian levant post in Albania; 1900 postage-due items in Bosnia; 'Our salesman will call' printed postcards; etc etc

2016/1 Nr 113: philatelic aspects of the Schleicherlaufen in Telfs (by Hans Moser); Austrian Levant post in Albania (ii); express rates at 1.9.1918; etc.

2016/1 Nr 114: the square Arms issue imprints on postal stationery; forged cancels on Bosnia-Herzegowina first issue; messenger-fee on express mail in 1970s; courier and 'smuggled' mail at the end of WWII; business postcards; etc.

2016/2 Nr 115: Steyrtalbahn Bahnpoststempels (and the problems of double-barrelled placenames); the square Arms issue imprints (ii); thimble cancels (by Brandon K); Austrian Heimatscheine; etc.

2016/4 Nr 116: 1945-series landscape issue used as postage dues; Krankenkassenporto; official postal stationery of the 2nd Republic: costumes series; 10h lettercards in Bos&Herz from 1907; 1st Republic stampless picture cards; 'POSTAMT' & 'POSTSTELLE' cancels from Tirol (Dr Moser); etc.

2017/1 Nr 117: Austria's 'because they can'issues (39 are mentioned!); the collector's 'ordering mint stamps' form; costumes-series cards (II); Vienna time-band cancels; etc.

2017/2 Nr 118: Packet service in the Ostmark; the Abbeys and Monasteries series; Qs, As and snippets; USA occupation of North Tirol in 1945; remarks on Opost's issuing policy; etc.

2017/3: The Paranzaner Railway; U.S. occupation of North Tirol in 1945 (2); early First Republic airmail items.

2017/4: "Die aktuelle Situation ist nicht hoffnungslos aber doch kritisch…"; From Austro-Hungarian Empire to independent Czechoslovakia; Levant forgeries on Ebay; etc.

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