The APS Library "CD" section.

This section of the site lists the contents of those library which are on CD. Some are copies of the APS's own publications; others are journals or monographs produced by various societies on CD.

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1Eng"APS at the Royal" — Record of the display given at The Royal Philatelic Society London in January 2004.
2Eng"The Postage Rates of the Yugoslav Territories" by G M Barling.
3Eng"The Austro-Hungarian Army 1914-18" by J Dixon-Nuttall (in both HTML and MSWord formats)
4Eng"Pneumatic Post in Vienna" by C Tobitt & A Taylor; second revised edition
5Eng"Fiftieth Anniversary Displays (1953-2003) by the Czech Philatelic Society of GB".
6Ger"The History of Austrian Revenue Stamps" by Dr. Stephan Koczynski. Enhanced and fully text-searchable format, albeit written in impenetrable bureaucratic Austrian!
7Ger"1910 Post Office Index". This is the "Verzeichnis der Post- und Telegraphen-Ämter in Österreich, Ungarn und in Bosnien-Hercegovina sowie der österreichischen Postanstalten im Fürstentum Liechtenstein und in der Levante", published in Vienna in 1910. It lists all the Austrian post offices open anywhere at that date; with symbols indicating the facilities available at each. The CD contains pictures of the original pages, not text.
8Eng"The Early Austrian Post Offices in the Ottoman Empire" - Hans Smith's Presidential Display to the Society of Postal Historians on 10 April 2010. Presented as a web photo-gallery.
9Ger"Maschinen- und Maschinenwerbstempel der Postämter in Südtirol" by Gerhard Bock. This is an addition to the postmark book of the area held in the library as item 452.
10Eng"The History and Fieldpost of the Croat Legions in the German Army in WWII" by Steve Woolnough. Yugoslavia Study Group Monograph 10
11Eng"The Postal History of Independent Montenegro (2nd Edition)" by Keith Robinson et al. Yugoslavia Study Group Monograph 11.
12GerContents listing for "Die Briefmarke", up to 2000. [See here for later issues]

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