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18/2 (Apr 92). Bodensee Post

31/4 (Nov 95). How to read old German handwriting (illustrated)

32/2 (May 96). The Three Emperor Corner

32/4 (Nov 96). German-Austrian Postal Union: stamp colour schemes

35/2&3 (May & Aug 98). Prussia-Great Britain postal treaties & markings (most pre-UPU mail from Austria to GB went via Prussia)

May 2002 vol 38 no 2. Picture postcards - the first 20 years (brief mention of the Vienna printings); reports from 4 regional groups; and of course much of purely German interest including lovely colour illustrations.

August 2002 vol 38 no 3. SMS Danzig; Heligoland; introduction of the Euro stamps (several differences from Austrian practice); reports from six of their regional groups; Q&A; new issues etc.

November 2002 vol 38 no 4. History of Moresnet; Zepplin mail to Hermann Stolz; reports from regional groups; Q&A; new issues etc.

Feb 2003 vol 39 no 1. Increase in quality of Germania (envy! Ed); reports from regional groups; Berlin Strassenpost (horse-drawn TPOs!); new issues etc.

May 2003 vol 39 no 2. Prussian post in Upper Silesia; etc etc

Aug 2003 vol 39 no 3. June 1948 currency reform (Kleinwalsertal relevance?); local group reports; Q&A; letters; Siebenburgen/Transylvania.

Nov 2003 vol 39 no 4: local group reports; beautiful postcards of Lauenburg in Pomerania; Q&A; letters

Feb 2004 vol 40 no 1: the Pinguin; Königsberg/Kaliningrad 1945-49; I'm-alive cards from Dresden; Gydnia; group reports; Q&A; letters

May 2004 vol 40 no 2: Ian Nutley elected as President, Tony Bosworth as Vice-president; 196-frame exhibition at Stampex; German postcodes; Starnbergsee; the German Eagle's various representations; group reports; Q&A; letters

Supplement: "History of the Germany and Colonies Philatelic Society 1964-2004". 28pp + 4-sided-cover, in full colour on glossy A5.

August 2004 vol 40 no 3: SMS Dresden; Stuttgart Private City Post; early Zepplins; Q&A

November 2004 vol 40 no 4: Berlin Strassenpost; bicycling clubs; Stuttgart City Post (ii); regional group reports; Q&A; etc. The Editor’s Report to the AGM observes that the funding for their lavish and enviable use of colour (32pp!!) runs out soon.

February 2005 vol 41 no 1: Labels on stampless or empty mail to Dresden; Stuttgart City Post (iii); 1935 Costume series; regional group reports; Q&A

May 2005 vol 41 no 2: Stobs Camp (at Hawick) 1914-1919; notes on Friedrich von Schiller 1759-1805; Bodensee Schiffspost (lovely pictures!); Stuttgart City Post (iv); regional group reports; AGM Motions; Q&A; etc.

Aug 2005 vol 41 no 3: Saarlouis; a philatelic tour of the changes to Germany's frontiers in 1919-40 (Austria is briefly mentioned); Soldatenbrief 'stamps' (lovely pictures!); Stuttgart City Post (v); regional group reports; Q&A; etc.

Nov 2005 vol 41 no 4: Stamp Days (Tag der Briefmarke) in Germany 1936-45; Forged datestamps of the Polish Post in Danzig 1925-39; Soldatenbrief stamps; regional group reports; Q&A; etc.

Feb 2006 vol 42 no 1: A German POW in England, 1945-48; Stamp Days part 2 (1941-45) [including examples from Vienna]; Graf Zepplin flights 1929, 31; late 19th century official German mail (Dienstsache portopflichtige, D. frei); forced civilian labour in 1916; Auctioneer and Packeteer desperately wanted; Exponet; regional group reports; Q&A; etc.

May 2006 vol 42 no 2: Estonia 1941-43; the Zepplin-Eckener Fund; submarine mail 1916-17 including proposed extension to Austrian mail (Tauchbootbrief), with illustrations and translation of the rules; Q&A; regional group reports; etc.

Aug 2006 vol 42 no 3: World Heritage sites; H v Stephan; Red Cross; labels on mail undeliverable in wartime; regional group reports; Q&A; etc.

Nov 2006 vol 42 no 4: AGM & meeting reports; Martin Luther; Airmails to China (interesting to compare with the routes Austria used); letters; and their Editor's reply to a complaint on coverage - "if nobody writes it I can't print it".

Feb 2007 vol 43 no 1: Control and censorship at Konstanz, 1819-24; Zepplins old & new, and Kinderdorf airmail; a mixed-franked card from Vienna in 1938; meeting reports; new issues; etc.

May 2007 vol 43 no 2: World Heritage Sites; an extensive article on the Hamburg Tram Post; post-WWII mixed frankings in Dresden; etc

August 2007 vol 43 no 3: World Heritage Sites; Leipsig and Dresden local posts; German Post Offices in China; questions & answers; local group reports; etc

November 2007 vol 43 no 4: AGM reports; Dresden advertising postcards; German Post Office forms in Cameroon (similar to Austrian, unsurprisingly); Meter Marks in the Saar; questions & answers; local group reports; etc

February 2008 vol 44 no 1: Catapult mail in the North Atlantic; WWII Punktverrechnungs cards; Liebesgabenpackete (parcels sent by civilians of neutral countries to Austria etc during WWII: perhaps a Gestapo currency-raising scam?)

May 2008 vol 44 no 2: Liebesgabenpackete (2); Study Group & Regional Reports; and many interesting articles.

Aug 2008 vol 44 no 3: Society, Study Group & Regional Reports; storage of stamps in PVC; the Anton Hechler letters; Stadtpost collecting; modern private posts; inflation-period forged cancels; Q&A; book reviews.

Nov 2008 vol 44 no 4: Society, Study Group, AGM & Regional Reports; list of useful websites; and many articles of non-Austrian interest.

Feb 2009 vol 45 no 1: Society Reports; many interesting non-Austrian articles.

May 2009 vol 45 no 2: Society Reports; 'Saxon Blackings' (obliterations made in May 1945 in Saxony of Hitler Head adhesives; loose ones could be confused with loose Vienna obliterations.); a parcel card used in Austria in Oct 1938; book reviews; reports of interesting-sounding regional meetings; etc..

Aug 2009 vol 45 no 3: Group Reports & meetings; Königsberg Exchange Control, 1918-1925 (explains some of the odd markings on Austria-Germany mail); Postleitzahl 7b on cover; Brest Litowsk; book reviews (including one on WWII civil censorship)

Nov 2009 vol 45 no 4: AGM & Convention Reports; Königsberg Exchange Control part 2 (19pp); disappearing eBay listings of material "deemed to glorify the Nazi regime"

Feb 2010 vol 46 no 1: Much of WWII but non-Austria interest; International Mail via Trieste 1840-71 (RPSL display); Q&A

May 2010 vol 46 no 2: local reports, new issues, and much post-1918 of non-Austria interest.

Aug 2010 vol 46 no 3: local reports; new issues; Punktverrechnungslarten; Zepplin mail forgeries; post-WWII registered mail to Austria; and much more post-1918 of non-Austria interest.

Nov 2010 vol 46 no 4: AGM & local reports; many non-Austrian but interesting articles such as "Queen Luise of Prussia" and "The birth of German Stamp Booklets".

Feb 2011 vol 47 no 1: Punktverrechnungskarten and FL-cheques; a Minenwerfer (trench mortar); parcel cards (and the ownership of the attached stamps!); Nothilfe ordering cards; the June 1948 currency reform; exporting samples in and after WWI;

May 2011 vol 47 no 2: Forgeries fakes & frauds; dots ordinally matter; Nordbrief stamps (a modern German private post); WWI artillery observation balloons;

Aug 2011 vol 47 no 3: A variety of shorter articles on interesting topics (including forgeries of Zepplin covers).

Nov 2011 vol 47 no 4: Rintel-Stadthagen railway; Trains to Saar; Karl Friedrich Schinkel; 1934 rocket mail; operation Hannibal; notes, queries .

Feb 2012 vol 48 no 1: lively AGM reported; private mail going abroad; House of Wettin & Dresden; cards to Lodz ghetto; book reviews; meeting reports; notes, queries.

Vol 48 Nr 2: committee member nomination criteria; new Auctioneer’s new rules; German airships in WWI; BAOR tales; German censorship during WWII (1); book reviews, meeting reports etc.

Vol 48 Nr 3: An Anschluss-era poste restante card with Austrian postage due; German censorship during WWII (2); book reviews, meeting reports etc.

Vol 48 Nr 4: Hans Ranzoni the younger (the engraver); many Germany-specific articles.

Vol 49 Nr 1: Germany-specific articles.

Vol 49 Nr 2: German international return-to-sender labels (Cf Austria 182 p21); Bodensee frogs; postage due on incoming foreign mail in late 1919; Tildes ogees and swung-dashes; etc.

Vol 49 Nr 3: The International status of Open Philately; names used for parts of today's Germany since 1945; and much of considerable but exclusively German relevance.

Vol 49 Nr 4: AGM and meeting reports; WWII ribbed censor sealing tapes & their cachets; personalised issues of DPAG (which is the fully-privatised Bundespost) [cf Austria's Personalised Stamps]; West Germany 'political awareness' postmarks; more on BAOR; letters; etc

Vol 50 Nr 1: "The Heroes of the Emden"; The Inflation Period: Ranking the definitives; Censorship and chemical swipes; Treaty of Versailles; Expropriation of Jewish businesses and property in Nazi Germany; etc.

Vol 50 Nr 2: Much of purely German interest, lavishly illustrated; mail for London detained in France during WWII; chemical washes (for detecting invisible ink); regional meeting reports; new issues; etc.

Vol 50 Nr 3: 1914 the first war year (many colour pics of Austrian activities); effect of WWI on mail; postal history of early WWI; etc etc. This is their 50th anniversary issue; their first-ever was in February 1964.

Vol 50 Nr 4: The 1929 Deutsche Nothilfe stamp booklets; Saar plebiscite of 13 Jan 1935; Postal stationery wrappers: supply & demand analysis; Kindertransport to the UK; etc.

Vol 51 Nr 1: 50% German postage rates increase from August 1916; an "old-fashioned billion" mark cover; etc.

Vol 51 Nr 2: gothic-alias-fraktur vs latin-alias-antiqua type and handwriting (useful tables); Auktionshaus Christoph Gärtner expansion; etc.

Vol 51 Nr 3: insufficiently franked international mail (the 'green slip' system, also used in Austria); the war in 1915, illustrated by coloured postcards; gothic/fraktur part 2; etc.

Vol 51 Nr 4: gothic/fraktur part 3; etc.

Vol 52 Nr 1: gothic/fraktur part 4; etc.

Vol 52 Nr 2: organisation and committee changes; Cyrillic alphabets (Russian, Belorussian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbian, Croatian) with tables of printed and handwritten forms; late-returning WWII POWs; today's booklets and flat-sheets extensively described and explained; fake handstamps on sale; group reports; new issues; etc.

Vol 52 Nr 3: membership news; auctioneer urgently wanted; 1916 - the third war year; concession foreign rates Dec 1923 to May 1945; postal stationery cards with large holes; Thurn & Taxis Post; update on Cyrillic alphabets; group reports; new issues; eetc.

Vol 52 Nr 4: Postage Due on under- and un-paid letters (part 1 of an in-depth review of the German practices from 1870s to date; interestingly different from the Austrian); concentration camps for youth; etc.

Vol 53 Nr 1: Markings on the margins of German stamp sheets; obviously backdated special cancels; carrier covers for Zepplin flights; Postage Due on under- and un-paid letters part 2 (useful list of UPU rules); G-E specialised dictionary of words used on Imperial paper seals; Qs & As; eetc.

Vol 53 Nr 2: Germania Booklet 5; German settlements in the Americas; Rhein-Ruhr-Hilfe; scarlet fever in a KLV camp; Postage Due on under- and un-paid letters (3); etc.

Vol 53 Nr 3: Postage Due on under- and un-paid letters (4); special surcharge stamp for mail sent in tubes from 2002; the fourth war year (1917); the end in 1868 of the German-Austrian Postal Union; meeting reports; etc.

Vol 53 Nr 4: AGM & Group reports; Postage Due on under- and un-paid letters (5); Supply-demand analysis of Bavarian wrappers; questions and illustrated answers; etc etc.

Vol 54 Nr 1: Postage Due on under- and un-paid letters (6); questions and illustrated answers; etc etc.

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