Stamps Of Hungary

The APS holds a complete run as PDF files. There are very few entries relevant to purely Austrian philately. Selected contents follow.

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Dec 1981: Austro-Hungarian Navy mail 1914-18

Sep 1997: Austro-Hungarian Navy postmarks

Issue 146 (Sep 2001): APS (and others!) visit to Hungary; tax cards

Issue 148 March 2002: Postage dues to/from Hungary, 1879-1940; the Hughes Telegraph; Captain Peterdi; and much of Hungarian and Society interest.

Issue 149 June 2002: a familiar appeal - they have only one issue's worth of articles in hand; article and book review on Poster (Cinderella) stamps; unusual postal stationery items; news of members etc etc.

Issue 150 September 2002: 1922-3 airmail; many articles about later periods.

Issue 151 December 2002: New Editor wanted; many articles on post-WWI periods.

Issue 152 March 2003: Articles desperately wanted; membership has dropped 20% in 17 years; review of new catalogue, concentrating on valuations of mini sheets; souvenirs of 1938; Come To Midpex!

Issue 153 June 2003: 5-member editorial panel set up; June 2004 trip to Hungary?; AGM report; etc

Issue 154 September 2003: review of "additional franking on 1869 & 1971 Postal Stationery cards"; return-to-sender labels

Issue 155 December 2003: 1918-21 issues - local or occupation? (useful what-happened-when list)

Issue 156 March 2004: review of "Rainer II"; collecting through the Internet (the APS site is mentioned); Hohe Rinne local post

Issue 157 June 2004: life membership?; AGM report; a Croatian-Hungarian letter-card; 1871 "stamps" counterfeited from envelopes; 1919 overprints; Q&A incl. return-to-sender labels, 1914 foreign rate.

Issue 158 September 2004: Membership news; Budapest visit report; book reviews; Newspaper Postage Stamps (hungarified from the "Austria" articles); Baranya overprint varities; Varazdin locals; Q&A incl. 1907 foreign letter rate changes.

Issue 159 December 2004: Membership news; DDSG pension-fund adhesive; parcel post (9pp); book reviews; Bánát locals; Qs&As

Issue 160: March 2005: Arad 1919 Overprints; early folded telegram letter cards; Qs&As; Fiume forgeries

Issue 161: June 2005: Results of annual vote for best article on their Journal; visit their excellent website on; AGM report & accounts; civil censorship post-WWI part 1; official adhesive stamps on parcel cards

Issue 162: September 2005: News & views; Midpex; Civil censorship post-WWI part 2; Ziaristi 1920 Ujságirók overprints; Qs&As; David Miles 'Overprints' book reprinted

Issue 163: November 2005: News & views; Official Stamps; Disinfected mail

Issue 164: March 2006: News & views; Salaj/Szilagyi County issues of 1945; More About Official Stamps (JLW); AUT perfins and the 1906 Automatic Registering postbox; Displaced Hungarians after WWII ; etc

Issue 165: June 2006: News & views; AGM Report; regional meetings: worth a try; P.O.Box 506 Lisbon; Postal Stationery cutouts from 1890; Déak Ferenc and the 1933 issue; Website with 1909-ish maps of the Austro-Hungarian Empire; Q&A on postal rates, 1921 official stamps, money orders, telephone-call payment forms, etc etc.
[The map site is and each map is about 22 x 15 inches at 220 DPI and 5Mb as a jpeg. I'm sure they are high-resolution scans of the mostly-pre-WWI series; many are still available in Köhlmarkt in Vienna. They are immensely detailed - a print reduced to A4 is almost entirely black! Ideal for locating Postablagen.]

Issue 166: September 2006: News & views; book reviews; Transylvanian hotel posts (Hohe Rinne, Bistra, Magura) with colour section; a Fiume postcard; the Hungarian Imperial Crown; the continuing saga of Official Stamps between 1921 and 1924; and Answers to several questions.

Issue 167: December 2006: News, views, book reviews; Caveat Emptor Ebayensis; Hungarian telephone tickets; meter marks; Budapest local parcel service 1932-42; assorted interesting covers.

Issue 168: March 2007: News, views, book reviews; forged Hungarian pre-stamp letters; watermarks on stationery; 1919 overprints; Qs'n'As; etc

Issue 169: June 2007: News, views; editorial appeal for articles; book reviews: Fiume and Srem; 1918 Airmail (emphasising the Hungarian aspects; 18pp); how the "1900 & later currency changes" were actually implemented.

Issue 170: September 2007: News, views; Semmelweiss; the Adria line & Capt. Peterdi; WWI submarine mail; the vessels of the Danube Flotilla after 1918; Qs'n'As; etc.

Issue 171: December 2007: Views, reviews; Bill Hedley's 12pp translation of the introduction to "Fahrpost in Hungary 1750-1888" which would have been similar in Austria.

Issue 172: March 2008: Obits for Gary Ryan; Paying for a newspaper subscription in 1890; etc.

Issue 173: June 2008: Presidential Notes; sale of the Nagy collection; post-WWII mail ‘detained in France’; Q&A.

Issue 174: September 2008: book review of "Revenue Philately"; the typographed 1874 adhesives (useful info on the production processes).

Issue 175: December 2008: Meeting reports; book reviews including "Hungarian Perfins (1877-1964)"; etc. One article makes a good general point: if people a century ago hadn’t kept cards & envelopes there would be no Postal History today! We should do the same for our descendants. A Commemoration of Gary Ryan is included as a supplement.

Issue 176: March 2009: The occupation of Bosnia up to the issue of military post stamps on 1 July 1879; the Sea Post Surcharge 1875-1892; etc.

Issue 177: June 2009: AGM; circled-number postage due markings; forged Debrecen issue; where was/is Brood; Fieldpost cards with a numeric cachet; etc.

Issue 178: Sept 2009: Society room booked at London2010 on 10 May; reviews of books in Hungarian; the fate of Hungarian postmarks after WWI in countries no longer Hungarian; etc. Plus the Address by their President, Bill Hedley, given to MAFITT.

Issue 179: Dec 2009: Review: Postmarks of Fiume 1924-43; auctions report; the fate of Hungarian postmarks after WWI in countries no longer Hungarian (ii); discussion on how to spell ‘Habsburg’; Ös-Budavár.

Issue 180: Mar 2010: The Szigethvár Provisional (most probably made by perforating imprints from overordered or printers-waste 1867 postal stationery) and its likely perpetrator; Ös-Budavár (ii).

Issue 181: June 2010: London2010 report featuring Bill Hedley; AGM notes; Fiume cancels; Szigethvár Provisional (ii); Poster Stamps.

Issue 182: Sept 2010: inland parcel post rates 1927-1944; new Máramaros cancel; ; import duty on incoming goods; Ungvár cholera station 11/1914; censorship during 1919-20 Romanian occupation

Issue 183: Dec 2010: review of Furfie’s International Postage Rates; Zepplin Mail forgeries; those corner dots on Austrian PS cards; battles in the Carpathians, 1914-15; WWII Hungarian mail censored in Vienna; postage due oddities

Issue 184: Mar 2011: Flood charity stamps; battles in the Carpathians, 1914-15 part 2; modern illustrated stationery postcards; forged pre-stamp postmarks; parcel post rates 1927-1944; Ukrainian matters

Issue 185: June 2011: Postal forms in Croat and either German or Hungarian

Issue 186: Sept 2011: Censorship of civilian mail in WWI, Part 1: Introduction and the Budapest Office; obits of John Whiteside; QandA; the 1907-1918 postage due problem

Issue 187: Dec 2011: A few remarks on Bavanište/Homokbálványos; More on 'Libellus' and other 'stamps'; Censorship of civilian mail in WWI, Part 2; Ferenc Bokros; Ferenc Erkel

Issue 188: Mar 2012: Hungarian ‘Return to Sender’ labels; Censorship of civilian mail in WWI, Part 3; Q&A; Austrian express delivery stamps.

Issue 189 June 2012: The Hungarian Bills of Exchange in Pengo currency (1927-1945) [by Martin Brumby]; Some Recent Acquisitions; 'How I Began Collecting Stamps'; Some Interesting Labels; Q&A; etc

Issue 190 Sep 2012: 'In Russian Captivity 1914-1922': POW Correspondence WWI; Mail between Hungary and Australia, 1920-1925; The 'Dutch' Postage Due Scheme and its use in Hungary; Q&A; etc

Issue 191 Dec 2012: On the trail of the 1919 overprints: Part 10 - Szeged; The fascination of railway posts; First period inflation - A 'Black Book' error - The John Whiteside hypothesis; Letters, Questions and Answers.

Issue 192 March 2013: The Romantic Life of Count Richard Guyon-Debaufre; Zombie stamps (mainly on Ebay); 'Austria - Hungary - 3, 6, 12, 24.??' by Martin Brumby; Hungary's Famous Men, Part 6 : Bolyai Farkas; The Military Aircraft Exhibition, Budapest, 1917; Questions and Answers; etc

Issue 193 June 2013: Hungary's telegraph development during the KuK period 1847-1918, with particular regard to philatelic viewpoint with coverage of formula use; The Second Issue of the 'Kurhaus Auf Der Hohe Rinne'; What's in your philatelic library?; Recent issues from Hungary; Questions and Answers; etc

Issue 194 Sept 2013: Obit: Karl Endrödi; Forgery alert: the strange story of the hand-stamp "K.K. BILKER QRNT AMT"; Questions and Answers; Hungary's telegraph development part 2.

Issue 195 Dec 2013: On the 1919 overprint trail, Part 11: Baranya postal stationery; Hungary's telegraph development during the K.u.K. period - Telegram cards; Admiral Horthy's daughter-in-law.

Issue 196 March 2014: The Post Office Postal Stationery Wrappers of Hungary: An Analysis of Supply and Demand; Field Post in World War 2: Part 1: Plain cards; Censorship Of Civilian Mail In WW1 Part 4: Northeast Hungary; etc.

Issue 197 June 2014: Special commemorative edition for their 50th anniversary exhibition at the RPSL. Introductions are followed by 39 pages, each corresponding to a section of the display and featuring a highly-desirable item shown therein. In full colour of course, and rather impressive!

Issue 198 Sept 2014: A Hungarian Field Post card of WW2; Field Post of World War 2 - Part II; Two more Hungarian Field Post cards of WW2; etc

Issue 199 December 2014: The Orient Express, 1883-1900; Przemysl - The Tragedy of the beleaguered fort, Part I; Mail received before it was posted; "Curiouser and curiouser!"; plus meeting reports etc.

Issue 200 March 2015: Przemysl - The tragedy of the beleaguered fort, Part II, by Gábor Nagy; The telegram sheets of Hungary - St Stephen's crown imprint types - Part 1.

No 201 June 2015: The telegram sheets of Hungary (ii); Hungary to Australia pre-1900; Carpatho-Ukraine in 1939; Baranya postal stationery ; etc.

No 202 Sept 2015: The postal history of Fiume, 17/11/1918 -15/4/1919, by John Pitts; A new classification of the tax notice forms of Hungary, Part I; etc etc.

No 203 Dec 2015: A story told with post cards: Ada-Kaleh, an island in the Danube river; Letter post between the kingdoms of Hungary and Bavaria (01.01.1868 - 31.12.1875); A new classification of the tax notice forms of Hungary (ii); Unusual use of Hungarian stamps in Brazil; József's Sanatorium, Gyula - 100 years ago; Centenary of the second War Charity stamp issue.

No 204 March 2016: Aspects of the postal history of the occupation of Backa by Hungary in World War II; Censorship of civilian mail in WWI, Part 5: Transylvania; More on József's Sanatorium, Gyula.

No 205 June 2016: On the 1919 overprint trail, Part 13: Fiume postal stationery; Cranes of the plains; A postcard sent airmail express to London in 1937; Yet more on the József Sanatórium; Questions and Answers

No 206 Sept 2016: HPSGB members survey; New currency issues of Hungary 1926-33; The now not-so-mysterious 'R.'-in-a-circle cachet; Old Hungarian mills; Q&A; and much else of interest.

No 207 Dec 2016: Hungarian WWI submarine letters to the Americas; The International Woman Suffrage Alliance; Italian soldiers in Hungary during WWII; Horse-driven or dry mills in Hungary; A profane crane; The 'D-LEVEL'; New Issues; etc

No 208 Mar 2017: On the trail of the 1919 overprints, Part 14 - Croatia/S.H.S; etc

No 209 June 2017: On the trail of the 1919 overprints, Part 15: overprinted Hungarian stamped postal stationery; Coats of arms, emblems and badges; 'Black Book' up-date: first inflation period rates; Cranes of the Plains (II); Baranya stationery etc

No 210 Sept 2017: Collecting Hungary's world war 1 post; on the trail of the 1919 overprints: part 16 - overprinted Hungarian fieldpost cards for the SHS; the cranes of the plains, part 3: pains of cranes; on SHS overprints on Hungarian postal stationery; etc

No 211 Dec 2017: The use of the Porto provisionals of 1918 part 1; Hungarian wine; destination mail - Hong Kong, 1937; a complicated first inflation card; etc

No 212 Mar 2017: The use of the Porto provisionals of 1918 part 2; where post and railways cross; the industrial revolution in Hungarian philatelic farming; etc

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