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Here is a selection of articles from issues 1 - 70

These are omitted: independent post-WWI Yugoslavia and its successors; WWII occupations of wherever by whoever; Serbia before Austria invaded it; Serbian government in exile; and the frequent reminders of the need for more members. The code after the items is "# issue (year) page #".

Adaptation of Austro-Hungarian cancellers in Slovenia 1918-20 #16(81)221-24# and #19(82)279-80 #

Austrian consular mail from Mostar 1851 on #37(89)556-8#

Bosna-Serai (=Sarajevo) cancel from 1813, the Napoleonic era #16(81)229#

Bosnia: Serbian and Montenegrin post in, 1913-15 #38(89)570-2#

Bosnia-Herzegovina: feldpostleitung cancels in 1878 #58(96)946-7#

Bosnia-Herzegovina: first-day and special cancels, 1879-1918 #30(86)441-2#

Bosnia-Herzegovina: newspaper post #34(88)509-11#

Bosnia-Herzegovina: the 45 heller 11˝ perf mystery explained #23(83)336-7#

Cancels in Kärnten plebiscite zone #3(76)34#

Cyrillic script forbidden in Bosnia-Herzegovina fieldpost #46(92)722-3#

Graz & Maribor: agreeing the border in 1918-20 #70(00)1294-1305#

Illyria: overview and Post Office list for 1816-49 #20(82)302#

kk or kuk? (by Christine Kainz) #62(98)1065-7#

Montenegran 1913 issue (printed by OSD in Vienna): essays #49(93)775-7#

Montenegrins interned in Austria in WWI: postal arrangements #31(87)471-5#

Neum: mail from #37(89)558-9#

Post offices in Italian-occupied North Dalmatia at end of WWI #26(84)375-7#

Postal rates in Kingdom of SHS 1918-19 #64(98)1144-7 and 67(99)1206-7#

Slovenia (1919-21) index of post offices and cancels, with German-Slovenian placename lists (2nd edition) #59(97)962-84#

Slovenian postal rates 1918-21 #47(93)732-4#

Turkish Postal Stationery: Serbian use by German fieldpost in 1915-16 #45(92)706-7#

And from issue 71 the ongoing-contents list:

(Not every item is mentioned here)

Issue 71/2000: Etappen-post No 1; Turkish post [in Jugoslavia]; the mysterious letter 'K'; publications price-list

Issue 72/2001: classic Montenegro

Issue 73/2001: Post in northern Slovenia 1918-20; Bosnia-Herz. Military postcards; 'Thielk II' reviewed; and much modern material from Kosovo, Montenegro

Issue 74-5/2001: 1866 Serbian newspaper stamps; post in Northern Slovenia 1918-20; and much about later and modern post in the area.

Issue 76/2001: The end of Yugoslavia - it becomes Serbia & Montenegro; postal tariffs 1918-1941; SHS overprints on Hungarian stamps; KuK Seilbahnen (military cable cars!); and much else.

Issue 77/2002: Kingdom-of-Jugoslavia tarifs; much about later dates.

Issue 78/2002: Bosnia's attempt at the world's biggest stamp; philately of Vršac/Versecz/Werschetz; the Hartmann Affair; recent issues

Issue 79/2003: philately of Vršac/Versecz/Werschetz continued

Issue 80/2003: Montenegro 1919-1923; postal and other history of the former Yugoslavia tabulated from 1850

Issue 81-2/2003: tabulated history part 2; packet-cards and their cancels; literature for sale; book reviews

Issue 83/2003: age distribution of membership; two stamp forgers executed; usage of Bosnian newspaper stamps as postage stamps on 29.1.1919; book reviews

Issue 84/2004: Bosnia-Herzegovina Fieldpost card in 1878/79 (reprint was known; original now discovered).

Issue 85-6/2004: Tariffs in occupied Serbia 1941-5; boxed "Medak/Illyrie" prestamp cancel; Postal history of Petrovaradin (Peterwardein) in English; "Manual of Croatia 1941-45", in English, on CD; and much more about modern topics.

Issue 87/2004: Private ship post of the Anglo-Montenegrin Trading Company on the Sea of Skutari, 1895-1902 (6pp); 125 years of post & postage stamps in Bulgaria (7pp); book reviews; "Manual of Croatia 1941-45" on CD now cheaper

Issue 88/2004: Partisan-post in Foča; the Alpe-Adriaphila event, September, Zagreb; book reviews; auction list

Issue 89/2005: many WWII-era items; NATO operations; various forgeries and swindles; St Veit im Jauenthale post WWI

Issue 90/2005: more forgeries and swindles; German occupation of Serbia, 1941-1944: introduction of German reg labels, imprinted postcards; usage of SHS; Kosovo 5-digit postcodes; reviews

Issue 91/2005: Inland tariff to Czechoslovakia to 1.6.1920??; Montenegro picture postcards 1898-1905; much post-1930.

Issue 92/2005: Much post 1930. Supplement: Volume 1 of the 'New handbook of Slovenian issues, 1919-20' dealing with Zähnungs-Kontrollstempel of Zagreb.

Issue 93-4/2006: the use of Austrian 1916/17 dues in post-war SHS; overview of stamps and Postal History of Trieste, Fiume, Istria & Slovene Littoral, 1945-47, 18pp in English; Montenegran matters

Issue 95-6/2006: Jugoslavian Goodies (in memory of Horst Grosse); the 'Constitution USTAV Nikoljdan 1905' Montenegro overprint; Kroatia/SHS 1918 issue plate faults; overview of stamps of Trieste etc continued.

Issue 97-98/2006: fiscal franking of post office forms in SHS, 1819-21; Overview of Trieste etc Part 3 (in English). Supplement in colour: registration labels of Croatia, 1941-45.

Issue 99-100/2007: 2 plate faults on the 6 & 30 heller B&H landscapes issue; a Domanovivi cancel; Croatia/SHS essays eyc in 1918; parcel-card problems

Issue 101-102/2007: a Napoleonic-era letter to Sarajevo; registered mail and the Montenegran Post; Austrian and provisional postcards in SHS from 1919; fiscal adhesives on foreign packet cards, 1938-43; the cancellations of Triest B; and much else.

Issue 103/2007: illustrated questions; Skofije / Albaro Vescová and Trieste Zone A; and much else.

Issue 104-5/2008: Mur Island stamps: history or speculation?; using-up of Austrian stationery in Slovenia, 1918-21; 1919 occupied-territory overprints on Hungarian stamps

Issue 106-7/2008: using-up of Austrian stationery in Slovenia, 1918-21; overview of the collecting-area "Yugoslavia" (ideal for organising a display); obituaries of Dr Alfred Kraut.

Issue 108/2008: The Montenegran Post in Bordeaux, 1916; discussion of certain Yugoslavian & Serbian issues since 1937; on the politically-driven changing of placenames; ArGe Bulgaria and its publications (7 so far!).

Special issue (not numbered in the sequence; ISSN 1861-8804): Jugoslavian POWs of WWII in German camps. History; organisational details; items posted. 44pp A4.

Issue 109/2009: 1918 forgeries; 1989 ditto; continued discussion of certain Yugoslavian & Serbian issues since 1937; etc etc

Issue 110/2009: Queen Milena of Montenegro; new finds; German occupation of Laibach 1943-45; scanning reveals security underprint variations. Supplement: the processing of registered mail by the larger post offices in Croatia, 1941-45.

Issue 111/2009: Major changes in their Society…

Issue 112 (March 2010): Much of interest, much in colour, but none specifically Austrian.

Issue 113 (Summer 2010): Much of interest, much in colour, but none specifically Austrian.

Issue 114 (Winter 2010): Much of post-1938 interest, much in colour. The usefulness of Ferchenbauer2008 to Balkan philatelists, especially Vol 4. Useful table of "who-is-what in Balkan Philately", covering five societies.

Issue 115 May 2011: A brief history of Serbia: member of the German-Austrian Postal Union 1841-1869?; AGM reports; many articles of post-WWI relevance.

Issue 116 Oct 2011: many articles of post-WWII relevance.

Issue 117 Winter 2011: many articles of post-WWI relevance.

Issue 118: WWII Croatian tobacco etc revenue stamps; History of Serbia & its stamps; the Mirditisch Republic; and many similar articles mostly in German.

Issue 119: many articles on recent philatelic happenings

Issue 120: many articles on recent philatelic happenings in their area.

Issue 121: The Serbian Army in Corfu 1916-18 (includes much Austrian material) - 42 pages!

Issue 122 Aug 2013: Postal History of Macedonia; the 'Postal War' between Macedonia & Greece; "What does your Society do with your money?"; etc

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