Wiener Ganzsachen Frei- und Poststempelsammlerverein

We have most issues from 2/1992 onwards.

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Issue 2/1993: new advertising postcard (1925); temporary cancels used on Erlagschein

Issue 4/1994: money envelopes; Recepisses

Issue 1/1995: Recepisses

Issue 3/1995: the large landscape series

Issue 4/1995: the large landscape series

Issue 1/1996: money orders 1948-50; Jubilee card

Issue 2/1996: meter marks, Bar Bezalt, machine frankings etc [=MM]

Issue 1/1997: post WWII Allied FPOs

Issue 3/1997: MM

Issue 4/1997: 5-ring dumb cancel from Gmunden; MM

Issue 1/1998: MM

Issue 2/1998: Anschluβ period rates and regulations

Issue 3/1998: Austria-USA air mail rates 1946-8

Issue 4/1998: MM

Issue 1/1999: Interned person's mail; MM

Issue 2/1999: Airmail rates to Canada 1946-48.

Issue 3/1999: Venetian packet card forerunner; meter marks (cont).

Issue 4/1999: Airmail postage rates from Austria to Argentina in 1946-48

Issue 1/2000: Laibach cancels; Special rates to France; Galtur.

Issue 2/2000: Air mail to Australia 1946-48; corrections to 'Air mail to Argentina 1946-48' (issue 4/1999)

Issue 3/2000: Postage rates from Austria to Brazil in 1946-1948 (by H O Pollak); obscure 1919 frankings; 'changed phone number' cards no longer free.

Issue 4/2000: Official packet-card for a new canceller; a registered Fieldpost letter to Turkey; 1998 'Oberndorf' envelope reprinted with millennium overprint; cancels from Kaprun.

Issue 1/2001: FDC of Currency Reform 10 Dec 1947 from Wien 69; Swiss Post International special fast service from selected Italian hotels.

Issue 2/2001: Italian P.O.s in Austria; Italian TPO cancels on Austrian items; Austrian Post seeking to privatise small offices, Servicestellen etc.

Issue 3/2001: Air mail to Egypt and Palestine 1946-48; a reply-paid telegramme of 1873.

Issue 4/2001: Telegramme forms; Euronews

Issue 1/2002: 1946-48 Air Mail rates to Sweden; Schneiderbauer 81 variant.

Issue 2/2002: reply-paid telegrams; lottery-coupon-bundle envelopes; AGM report; plan for new special catalogue for Austrian Private Postal Stationery.

Issue 3/2002: Ergänzugsmarken in Kärnten; queries on various items.

Issue 4/2002: Iraq; Airmail rates to China 1946-48 (by Henry Pollak); the Salzburg balloon post forgeries.

Issue 1/2003: Airmail rates to France and to Czechoslovakia 1946-48 (by Henry Pollak).

Issue 2/2003: An interesting 1867 postcard; AGM reports; Postservicestellen and Postpartners in Kärnten (with office and facilities lists); rules for meter canceller machines.

Issue 3/2003: The new 'Stohl' parts B-Z; information-requests; typos; WIEN 157; post-WWII airmails to Sweden.

Issue 4/2003: An express letter sent by pneumatic post on 14.4.1938?; Stohl on meter-marks (& a classification thereof)

Issue 1/2004: A rare pneumatic item [but see 'Austria' 143 p76 for another with the same cancel]; Airmail surcharge to Ecuador, 1946-9 (by H Pollak); on the existence or not of Pneumatic Office Wien 25.

Issue 2/2004: Airmail surcharge to Algeria, 1946-66; AGM report.

Issue 3/2004: Arrival cancels of the Austrian Post: an 18pp introduction and initial classification, by Hans Stohl in the same style as his book.

Issue 4/2004: Imprinted registered envelopes from Jerusalem 1908-14; interesting and unusual letters franked with Costumes series.

Issue 1/2005: [not received]

Issue 2/2005: special rates for Krankenkassen printed items (see Q&A); AGM - which was accompanied by a First Republic air mail exhibition!

Issue 3/2005: Costumes-series frankings continued; more examples of special rates for Krankenkassen printed items.

Issue 4/2005: Leit(ungs)stempel on telegrams; rural letter carriers in today's Greece; pre-cancelling of commercially-used imprinted inflation-period postcards; the Schneekoppe seasonal post office.

Issue 1/2006: the Taxquadrat system; Austria-Australia Airmail rates in 1946.

Issue 2/2006: the End of the Schilling (by H Karasek).

Issue 3/2006: airmail to Czechoslovakia in 1946

Issue 4/2006: an invalid postcard from Burgenland in 1872; new-from-2006 Landbriefträger (rural postmen) cancels and reg. labels; more on "the end of the Schilling"; extracts from the latest rules on payment-by-cash.

Issue 1/2007: UPU-1964 hand-roller-cancel; Adieu to the Werbestempel; book reviews; another "special rate for Krankenkassa card" specimen; Czech censorship on incoming Austrian mail in 1947; etc.

Issue 2/2007: AGM report; "Gesamtpostkurs" (mail sent in sealed bags; distinctive cancels)

Issue 3/2007: 1946-1946 air mail surcharge to Denmark: an empirical study

Issue 4/2007: A pneumatic mail imprinted envelope with a perfin; German postal stationery cards with foreign scenes eg Bregenz; inadequately-addressed 1930s letters with "Anfrage" marking.

Issue 1/2008: Post-WWII censorship in the French Zone, especially items with a boxed 78.

Issue 2/2008: Vienna pneumatic mail including the 55Rpf card; airmail to Bolivia, 1946-48.

Issue 3/2008: International Reply coupons; view-cards of Seefeld (issues 90/11 and 91/13) with mirror-imaged picture; list of Zustellbasis cancels.

Issue 4/2008: The End of the Schilling (useful diagram of what happened, or was valid, when).

Issue 1/2009: The post-WWII small (10mm) ringed 'D' censor mark of Vienna; more on Krankenkassenporto.

Issue 3/2009: previously-unknown American censor numbers from 1946; more on the "small D".

Issue 4/2009: 1945-issue coloured landscapes used as provisional postage dues; cancellations of the Post-Omnibus on mail, tickets, forms, .

Issue 1/2010: early Postauftragskarten (request-for-a-payment) of the 2nd Republic.

Issue 2/2010 (July 2010): 1947 Airmail stamps used alone and correctly; Fieldpost in the 1912 Balkan War.

Issue 3/2010 (Oct 2010): Review of Prof Dr M Bockisch’s book on Bildpostkarten; extracts from the 1907 regulations for handling registered mail in Lemberg; closure on 31 Aug 2010 of the Vienna Airport Post Office

Issue 4/2010 (Nov 2010): costumes-series reply-paid postcards; private messenger posts.

Issue 1/2011 (Feb 2011): a letter from Mayerling; recent unusually-shaped machine cancels.

Issue 2/2011 (June 2011): The 30 groschen reply-paid postcard; does it exist genuinely used?; AGM minutes; Ostrumelia.

Issue 3/2011 Oct: a telegram with the first news about Crown Prince Rudolph "His Highness has had a stroke" (the later version said ‘a hunting accident’); the 30 groschen reply-paid card – was it ever validly used or not?; faults in rectangular ‘Bar Freigemacht’ cancels.

Issue 1/2012 Feb: review of Kotal’s new book; ‘Hauspostamt’ cancels.

Issue 2/2012 Sep: New discovery: 35g + 35g foreign reply-paid postcard (35g rate was 25.7.1946 to 30.8.1947); Henry Pollak awarded Honorary Membership in recognition of his many excellently-researched articles; etc

Issue 3/2012 Dec: new discoveries on the 45+45gro Costumes reply-paid postcard

Issue 1/2013 Mar: the 30gro foreign reply-paid postcard and more on the 45+45gro Costumes.

Dec 2013: Trials and a full sheet of 1936 picture stationery; more on the 25gro postcard rate; AGM notes; forgeries of 1945-6 emergency cancels (they look perfect except that the straight-line placename cancels are of places that didn't have a Post Office).

March 2014: Several unusual cancels old & new; Austrian and German postal stationery cards sent via the Vienna pneumatic post in 1938-45 (from ArGe Öst.); etc.

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