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 4: Sanjak of Novi Pazar 1878-1908

35: Montenegro, postal history of

43: Austro-Hungarian Fieldposts in Yugoslavia

48: Illyria, French occupation 1805-1814

53: Cyrillic Alphabets, identification of

54: Disinfection of mail from Levant by sea to Venice; modern Slovenian postcodes

Vol 83 Sep 2007: the packet will continue; foreign trips cancelled; articles urgently needed; mini-monograph (micrograph? Ed) on Places of official use of bisected Slovenian stamps of the 1919/20 issues; auctioneer's report.

Vol 84 Dec 2007: publications list; the 1905 Montenegro constitution and the commemorative stamps; items in exchange journals; etc.

Vol 85 March 2008: this is the latest in their impressive series of Monographs. It covers in 112 pages The Postal Rates of the Independent State of Croatia 1941-1945. Historical notes and a succinct listing of the stamp issues are followed by tables of internal, preferential foreign, and other foreign rates. The illustrations are extensive, and well reproduced.

Vol 86 June 2008: notes and publications; de-typo’d version of the "five worst examples of inflation" first printed in Jugopošta 66 (worst was Hungary in 1946); the 1937 exhibition in Belgrade; 700th anniversary of Samobor.

Vol 87 September 2008: new web site www.yugosg.org; overview of Trieste, Fiume etc 1945-47

Vol 88 December 2008: Overview of Trieste, Fiume etc 1945-47 (part 2); Yugoslavia-related awards in 2008’s international exhibitions.

Vol 89 March 2009: Overview of Trieste, Fiume etc 1945-47 (part 3); Hungarian telegram cards; Montenegro in 1840; etc.

Vol 90 June 2009: Monograph 7: 'Postal Rates of Bosnia & Herzegovina 1878-1918' by Alfred Kraut & Gerrit Matthijssen (reprinted from AUSTRIA)

Vol 91 Sept 2009: their 25th anniversary; highlights of their history; Trieste etc part 4 (with table of 1945-era post offices and their names in Italian & Croat/Slovene); etc

Vol 92 Dec 2009: "The Serbs in Exile" part 1.

Vol 93 Mar 2010: "The Serbs in Exile" part 2; updates and addenda.

Vol 94 June 2010: Nr 8 in the Annual Monograph Series. "The story of Fiume to 1918" by Tønnes Ore. 110pp A4, illustrated throughout in shades-of-grey. An excellent handbook of philatelic and political history.

Vol 95 Sept 2010: retreat of Serbian army in 1915.

Vol 96 Dec 2010: London2010 – a wondrous showcase or a grievous disappointment?; postmarks of Sremska Mitrovica updated; unknown Laibach official cancel from 1919 on parcel card with Customs marks and labels

Vol 97 Mar 2011: evolution of postage due in proto-Jugoslavia; the counter-sheets of the 1919 Slovenia dues.

Vol 98 June 2011: Monograph nr 9 "The Croatia/SHS Independence Issue of 29 October 1918 (72pp A4). Although this issue was valid for only one day, a vast array of proofs, flaws, essays exist. This monograph presents a systematic study of the available evidence, and appeals for any more information that readers may have."

Vol 99 June Sep: The Sea Post Surcharge 1875-1892 (17pp); Para overprints on Slovenia 1920 newspaper stamps.

Vol 100 Dec 2011: "100 not out!"; welcome to Nick Coverdale their new Editor; their area has had 29+ postal administrations in its various parts; Fahrpost (coach mail service) in Hungary, 1750-1888; occupation of Bosnia up to 1.7.1879

Vol 101 Mar 2012: Bilingual German/Croatian & Hungarian/Croatian postal forms; report from their auctioneer on problems and changes; etc

Vol 102 June 2012: postal history of Bavanište/Homokbálványos; postal history of the Island of Pag; postal use of "Retour".

Nr 104 Dec 2012: British medical missions in Serbia 1914-15; Třnnes Ore, an appreciation; Development of Slovenian Handstamps 1919-21 (mostly by removing parts of Austrian ones).

Nr 105 Mar 2013: Articles needed; 1934 mourning issue; French medical missions in Serbia 1915 (the main problem was typhus brought by the 60,000 Austrian POWs); Independent Croatia 1941-45.

Nr 106 June 2013: Auctioneer needed; mail from Medjimurje (between the Drava and the Mura) at the end of 1918; French medical missions in Serbia 1915 (cont); etc

Nr 107 Sept 2013: Auctioneer still needed; engraver's signs; 'zombie stamps' (counterfeits that will not go away, eg overprints on stamps that were invalid and withdrawn by the overprint's date); Southern Sokol, the Serbian coat-of-arms issue of 1866; etc.

(Nr 108 is missing)

Nr 109 March 2014: Slovenia 1918-19: imprinted revenue stamps on rail freight documents; etc.

Nr 110 June 2014: Fiume: the d'Annunzio legacy and a Croatia-Italy-UPU row; etc.

Nr 111 Sept 2014: The Serbs in France during WWI; etc

Nr 112 Dec 2014: Serbian telegraphic mail during WWI; etc.

Nr 113 March 2015: Complexities of parcel post history; Montenegro wrappers: frequency; etc

Nr 114 June 2015: auction suspended until auctioneer found; more on parcel post history plus the tariffs; Fiume 1918-19 (J Pitts); etc

Nr 115 Sept 2015: auctioneer and secretary needed; more on parcel post history plus the tariffs; etc.

Nr 116 Dec 2015: auctioneer and secretary still needed; more on parcel post history (2); 1920s 'foreign currency found in envelope: tax to pay' form; etc

Nr 117 March 2016: postal history of Macedonia up to 1914; simultaneous Austrian and Bulgarian cancels of Novi Pazar in WWI; parcel post in the SHS; etc.

Nr 118 June 2016: correction: there were TWO Novi Pazars in Europe; aspects of Split; etc.

Nr 120 Dec 2016: meetings reports; Macedonia postal history (II); the Serbian Relief Fund in GB during & after WWI; parcel delivery to Slovenia from Germany in early 1919 (and their cards); etc

Nr 121 March 2017: WWI Serbian POWs and money transfer; the Bosnian 20h newspaper stamp just after WWI; etc

Nr 122 June 2017: Letters with declared value; tarif on money transfers; etc

Nr 123 September 2017: Treasurer & Membership Secretary urgently wanted; long articles on WWII-era topics; Serbia's first postage dues (1895); etc.

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