"Still not in Klein"

by A Taylor and the late H G White

One of the major supporting pillars of that Baroque edifice, Austrian Philately, is of course Klein - formally entitled "The Regular Postmarks of the Permanent Local Post Offices in the Austrian half of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy [Postal Obliterations and Other Cancellations on Austrian Stamps 1867, 1883 and 1890]".

In 'Austria' 135 p6 I reviewed Erwin Rieger's long-heralded second edition of Volume 1, and remarked that there are to my knowledge five supplements to Kleinís original work. The first was issued as pages 481-486 of Volume 1 itself; similarly the second is pages 801-810 of volume 2. The third was printed in Die Briefmarke in March-June 1980, and the fourth also in Die Briefmarke in July 1997. A random check showed that these had all been included in the Rieger edition. However many of the additions printed in 'Austria' numbers 35 and 52 are not present. As these are fairly inaccessible, and fairly unreadable, I have merged them, deleted entries which now appear in Klein's second edition and a further 5 which now appear in Rieger's first supplement, and reproduced the resulting table here. Henry White introduced the original as follows:

The publication of any new major reference book naturally stimulates the readers to look, perhaps for the first time, at their holdings of the material listed mainly, of course, to assess and classify what they have and perhaps discover unsuspected varieties. Inevitably, also, even with such a major work as Wilhelm Klein's two volumes on the postmarks of 1867-1900, some unrecorded items are discovered. Whether the new finds are major eg a postmark type not previously seen from that town, puzzling eg a violet-black or bluish black ink instead of plain black, or perhaps just trivial, resulting from some petty human aberration such as turning some figures in the date upside down, omitting them altogether or putting the slug in wrong end first thus creating a 'block' instead of figures, is largely immaterial. Beauty and perhaps value lie in the eye of the beholder!

In the following tables, we start with the Klein town name and serial number, the descriptive code for the lettering of the postmark, its serial reference letter (invented and preceded by + if a completely new listing) and illustration number, the date used, and the stamp on which the mark has been found, where A = 1867 issue, B = 1883 issue, C1 = 1890 issue, C2 = 1891 (octagonal) issue (ANK 63-68), S = postal stationery, Z = Zeitung. 'invtd' = inverted [shown here by underlining]; 'trpd' = transposed; 'bi' = bilingual.

Not listed in Klein

27 AICHBERG-STEYRERMÜHLEgfj+ b 4361.5.84B 5knew
175 AUSSEE / IN STEIERMARKgEjf 245 AZ 1kin blue
332 BISTRITZ A/D KFJBgEj+ c 114 B 5knew type
379 BÖHM: KAMNITZgEjc 24523.10.74A 5kColon
380 BOHM:LEIPAgEjefa 37012.2.82A 5ksmall colon
542 BRZUCHOWICEgEja 24510.4.94C2 20kin blue
716 CLOgSj+ c 647a4.7.96C1 5k4 bars
990 EDLITZgfjb 4363.2.86B 10kin blue
994 EGER STADTafjb 4402.5.63A 50kinvtd 3
1184 FRIDAUWERKgEja 2459.1.78A 5kyear invtd
1725 HÖFLEIN / bei BRUCK A/D LEITHAgEj+ b 24521.1.91C1 5kbei not BEI
1730 HÖRSCHINGgEjb 245 C1 5kin violet
1782 HORODENKAgfjbb 43628.4.-A 5kbar for year
1873 ISCHLaEje**+ fa 42312.8.72A 5kMORG trpd
1873 ISCHLaEej+ ea 4075.4.?A 5kABDS trpd
1953 JESSENITZgEj+ da 24518.?.81A 10kbi; no month
1970 JOHANNESTHAL IN SCHLESIENgOj+ c 62429.10.91C1 1goval
1979 JOSEFSTADT FESTUNGgDjeb+ c 126a?.?.95C2 30kvery late date
2190 KLEINZELLgEja 24531.1.08A 5kyear invtd
2276 KOMENgEj+ ca 245 C2 30kCOMIN
2493 LAIBACH STADTaEe+ s 23718. 2.(74)AS 2kall capitals
2578 LEIPNIKgEj d 24515. 9.94CS 2kbilingual
2589 LEMBERGgaEjeg 4142-.9.75A 15kyear invtd
2966 MERANgEje c 37011.9.94CS 2kin blue
3462 OBERMOSCHTIENITZgDj**b 117 18.5.79A 5kdate invtd
3880 PRAG 2gEjef 37024.9.93C2 50kbar for exp.
3881 PRAG 3gE(j)e+ f 37618.10.?C1 15kno year
4048 RADYMNOgE + f 1458. 7.(78)AS 2k 
4184 RÖMERBADgEjb 24520.7.83A 5kyear invtd
4229 ROSENAU (am S.)gE(j) ba 24526. 8. C1 2kno year
4252 ROTH JANOWITZaE+ e 15311.10.?A 5knew
4279 RUDELZAUgf(j)aa 43613.1.?A 5kno year
4350 SALZBURG 2gEjeb 3709.10.98B 5kyear invtd
4628 SCHLUCKENAUgL+ e 54123.2.74A 5k 
4771 SENFTENBERGgEje**+ j 419 C1 5kwith stars
4877 SÖLDENgEjb 245 26.7.97C2 20kday invtd
5047 STRENGENgEj**b 3388.7.83A 25kin violet
5324 TRZCINICAgEja 245?.?.99C2 30kviolet
5412 UNTER-BAUTZENgEj**+ g 3304.2.78A 5knew
5737 WIEN 1a2Ejca 296 A 5kno month
5737 WIEN 1gfjza 43616.7.91C1 30k20 mm
5745 WIEN 11gEjee 3704.6.08A 5kyear invtd
5768 WIEDEN IN WIENaEe + z 2393.11.(75)AS 2kall one height
5768 WIEN 50gOje+ h 6424.12.07A 5koval
5771 WIEN 54gEjebha 39919.2.19C1 3kyear invtd
5773 WIEN 56gEjema 37011.8.58B 3kyear invtd
5774 WIEN 59gEjeaa 37015.10.60B 3kyear invtd
5777 WIEN 62gEje + q 39318. 8.?CZ 2knewspaper
5778 WIEN 63gEje+ h 39328.11.96C1S 2K 
5779 WIEN 64gEjen 37816.8.77A 3k 
5779 WIEN 64gEje + n 39326.7.?CZ 2knewspaper
5820 WIEN 110gEje+ p 3933.10.98CZ 1knewspaper
5918 WITKOWITZ IN MÄHRENgEjed 3708.12.91C1 10kexp. invtd
+7869a SAAZaOo+ a 1138 C2 50kTelegraph office cancel

Listed in Klein but not seen by him:

& value
207a153B 5K
221c114C1 10K
373c245B 5K
382b245C1 15k
398a245C1 10k
544a153C1 5k
668c245B 5K
687f95C1 5K
733a245B 5k
1026b245C1 15K
1104a436C1 5k
1106b282B 5k
1183f250aA 5K
1379b245C1 5k
1488c245C1 12k
1488c245C1 15K
1560b245C1 5k
2205a153C1 5K
2237c245B 10K
2297b245B 10k
2338d245C2 50k
2339g126C1 3K
2371e370B 10k
2471c114C1 5k
2474a153C1 2k
2489b245B 5K
2630b114C2 50k
2662b245C1 15K
2772c647C1 15k
3069b245B 3K
3524a436BS 2K
3854b245C1 1K
3885d370C1 5k
3892g109C2 30K
3952da396C1 15k
4172a436C2 20k
4184ba279A 5k
4404a315C1 10K
4404b245C2 20K
4504a171B 5k
4949a95C1 2K
5024b245BS 5K
5061a245C1 5K
5262b460C1 5k
5292fa245AS 2K
5424a436C1 5K
5519b245B 5k
5679b245A 5k
5703ba295B 5k
5739aa395aB 2K
5748ca395aB 10K
5748g370A 3k
5779i387A 15K
5779i387A 25K
5793ha395aB 2k
5816cb396B 5k
5826c406B 5K
6388b888B 20K
6441b889B 10K
6669f953BS 2K
6675i952BS 2K
6680c942BS 2K
6784b966C1 5K
7523a973C1 5K
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