(Some) Austrian postage rates

This article links to tables of the lowest-weight inland private (ie person-to-person)letter and postcard postage rate, and has a brief list of some books where considerably more details can be found. Note that air mail, registration, express etc services cost more; the extra is given in all the handbooks as a surcharge to be added to the basic surface rate.

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The research for the 'Anschluß article' has made it possible to provide a correct list of Austrian Registered Post Rates, including the Anschluβ period for which some rates given in the major catalogues cannot be justified. Note that these are surcharges, payable as well as the normal postage on the item. The currency abbreviations used are: Kr = Kreuzer; H = Heller; K = Kronen; Gr = Groschen; S = Schilling; Rpf = Reichspfennig; Eu = Euro.

Selected books

All these books are in German; and are long; and apart from Netto are heavy!

AllÖsterreich Spezialkatalog "Netto"Comprehensive illustrated catalogue of Austrian stamps and related material. Tables of many rates.Netto (ANK)
1850-1918Österreich 1850-1918 Handbuch und SpezialkatalogI: Intro; rates; adhesives 1850-1864Prof Dr U Ferchenbauer
1918-1925Belege der Österreichischen Inflationszeit 1918-1925Covers all aspects of the inflation period with current valuations.Peter Kroiss
1925-1938Österreich 1925-1938All aspects, with valuationsKarasek
1945-2007Österreich 2. Republik, Die Gebühren der Briefpost. Schwerpunkt Flugpost Zuschläge.List of inland and overseas postage rates from 2 May 1945 up to and including the increases in 2007. Herbert Kotal

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