The Austrian Post Offices in the Levant

Tchilinghirian and Stephen Revisited

Front Cover

Tchilinghirian and Stephen began to publish their seminal work "Austrian Post Offices Abroad" in 1963, describing, amongst other things, the over 120 Austrian post offices and postal agencies operating in the Levant, as the Turkish Empire was widely known in those days. A byword and essential tool for collectors of the "Austrian Levant", "Tchilinghirian" is still the only publication on the full subject in English.

However, after 50 years, Tchilinghirian and Stephen's splendid work is now long due for a thorough overhaul, much further knowledge of the subject having been gained in the intervening years. The history and postmarks of the Austrian consular offices, including the postal agencies of the Austrian Lloyd Steam Navigation Company, have now been extensively revised by Hans Smith, a lifetime collector of the area, and has been published in hardback form under the aegis of the Austrian Philatelic Society in Great Britain. The book is written in English and in full colour throughout, with over 200 A4 pages of text and illustrations and a comprehensive listing of all known postmarks of the consular offices.

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