The Austrian Inventors set of 1936

The Famous Austrians selected for portrayal on the 1936 Christmas Charity Set were all inventors. As with the 1935 set the stamps were designed by Professor Wilhelm Dachauer and engraved by Professor Ferdinand Lorber. The book 100 Jahre Österreichische Briefmarke (p37) illustrates some interesting but unaccepted designs by Professors Junk and Seger. The set was issued on 6th December 1956. Each stamp depicts the relevant invention behind the head of its inventor. The inventors selected were:

The stamps were printed by the recess process at the Austrian State Printing Works in Vienna and were line perforated 12½. The usual imperfs, changed-colours, blackprints on various papers etc are known. An impression of 130,000 sets was printed and the stamps were only sold at selected post offices in complete sets at double face value. The additional surcharge thus raised was devoted to general charitable purposes. The set was valid until 31st March 1937.

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