The "State Capitals" charity issue of 1923.

This Charity Set, issued on 22nd May 1923 in aid of an "Artists' Charity Fund" at six times face value shows various of the chief cities of the various provinces which together constitute the Federal Republic. The stamps were sold from head and selected other Post Offices, but were useable anywhere for inland and foreign mail. The stamps were valid for the usual month, till 23rd June 1923.

433100KrBregenz, capital of the Vorarlberg. View including the parish church.170,483
434120KrSalzburg, capital of Salzburg. Shows Hohensalzburg Castle as viewed from the Mirabell gardens.169,904
435160KrEisenstadt, the capital of Burgenland, showing the Church of the Franciscan Monastery.169,638
436180KrKlagenfurt, the capital of Carinthia, shows a sixteenth century Landhaus.169,020
437200KrInnsbruck, the capital of Tirol, shows the "Golden Roof" built by Frederick of Tirol about 1430.169,227
438240KrLinz, the capital of Upper Austria, showing the "Place of Twelfth November" with the Trinity Column.168,006
439400KrGraz, the capital of Styria, shows the Clock Tower (1561) on Schlossburg above the town centre.167,442
440600KrMelk, the famous Benedictine Abbey in Lower Austria, founded in 1089 and rebuilt to its present state between 1702 and 1749 (see note).167,170
4411000KrVienna, the Federal Capital but also the capital of Vienna (see note). The view is of the Belvedere Palace with its beautiful gardens.167,206

The set was designed by Dr Rudolf Junk and engraved by Professor Ferdinand Schirnböck. The stamps are recess printed and line perforated 12½. All values occur imperf; the 600Kr is also known imperforate at the right hand side only. The unsold remainders were incinerated. In addition, 250 sets were printed on Japan paper and supplied in a special folder to favoured officials; and blackprints are catalogued (though unpriced). There are two mysteries and one design oddity with this issue: