Dr Hajek's History of the Viennese Pneumatic Mail

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In May 1933, Dr Hans Hajek wrote "On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the pneumatic mail system in Vienna, I have been asked by the Postal Administration of Vienna to write a History of the Viennese Pneumatic Mail...". We have this in several formats; these are PDF files.

  1. Here is the German text (as images not words) in the original pagination with the appendices. This comes from cleaned-up scans of a photocopy of an A4 original found in Vienna. It's a very large PDF file.

  2. Here is the German text as words with the appendices (bar the map). This was made by OCR'ing the above-mentioned scans then correcting them. Small file :)

  3. This is a translation of the main text (only) into sometimes-strange English; it has some marginal handwritten notes by an unknown hand. It is images, rescanned from a slightly out-of-focus microfilm, and in the version we obtained are preceded by images of the German version. It's a very large PDF file.

  4. This is a translation of the complete German text (ie with the appendices) into English. The authors are extremely grateful to Ada and Chuck Colomb and John Anthony for their assistance. It's a small PDF file.






Vorgeschichte und Inbetriebsetzung der Wiener Rohrpost


Prehistory and the start of the Vienna Pneumatic Mail


18751895 (Zeit der grundlegenden Ausgestaltung der Rohrpostanlage)


18751895 (Period of basic design of the pneumatic tube system)

1)Erweiterung des Rohrpostnetzes11Expansion of the network
2)Benützungsbedingungen und möglichkeiten16Conditions and possibilities of its utilisation
4)Betriebsdienst bei den Rohrpoststellen23Operation of the pneumatic stations
6)Rohrpostzugsverkehr28Operation of the pneumatic trains
7)Rohrpostapparate und Fahrmittel29Apparatus


18961914 (Zeit der Ergänzung der Rohrpostanlage)


18961914 (Period of expansion of the system)

1)Erweiterung des Rohrpostnetzes36Expansion of the network
2)Benützungsbedingungen38Rules for its utilisation
4)Betriebsdienst bei den Rohrpoststellen42Operation of the pneumatic stations
6)Rohrpostzugsverkehr45Operation of the pneumatic trains


19141933 (Kriegs- und Nachkriegszeit)


19141933 (War and postwar periods)

1)Änderungen im Stande der Rohrpoststellen50Changes in the pneumatic stations
2)Benützungsbedingungen51Rules for its utilisation
4)Betriebsdienst bei den Rohrpoststellen, Zustellung59Operation of the pneumatic stations; delivery
5)Rohrpostzugsverkehr62Operation of the pneumatic trains
6)Rohrpostapparate und Fahrmittel64Apparatus




Closing remarks

 Beilage 1 (Plan der Rohrpostanlage)75Appendix 1: Network plan
 Beilage 2 (zeitlich geordnete Übersicht der Änderungen im Stande der Rohrpoststellen, der Länge der Rohre usw)76Appendix 2: Tabulation of the changes in stations, pipe lengths, staff numbers etc
 Beilage 3 (Statistik der beförderten Sendungen)81Appendix 3: Statistics on the mailings

Note: "Pg" is the original page numbers, not those of the PDF files etc. In several of the PDFs they are shown by numbers in square brackets highlighted in green.

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