Type X - Miscellaneous

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In this section we have collected various cancels that don't fit elsewhere! Note that our types X12 - X20 were used in the earliest times alongside our Type I.

X-2: TELEGRAPHENAMT WIEN 1 R/a, R/b, R/c and R/d
Segment cancel. Stohl R0002f, g, h, i respectively

[X4 turned out to be a ring cancel, so has been moved to there]

Segment cancel (made, according to Schatz, on 10.6.1920). Known on outgoing airmails in the late 1940s, but they show no signs of pneumatic transportation (no red or blue marks, no folds) and probably received expedited handling only.

X-8: T.Z.ST WIEN Segment cancel; no year; known in black, also in red. Stohl R0004e. Also with stars before & after the date, as illustrated above: Stohl R0004f. 10 groschen Inland imprinted postcard (this rate came into effect on 1.12.26) with additional 30gr adhesives for express rate. Card of 1927 used on 1.1.31 from district 9 to district 1. Address crossed through in red crayon indicating that it is Pneumatic. Telegraphen Zentral STation cds in red.

X-10: This is the cancel of Office 71 after it moved to Office 73. It says:

R/a 25.VIII.32.13-

Also found with R/b. The canceller was made on 26.10.1931. Stohl R0038a,b,c
See also "Wien 71 and 73".


X-12: Pneumatic Station No. I (Telegraphen Centrale) used a manuscript 'X' cancellation during the later part of 1880 until about June 1881; sometimes used with a rectangular boxed telegraph canceller with the wording "K.K. Telegraphen / Central Station". See X-20 for this latter used by itself.

X-14: Pneumatic Station No. I (Telegrafen Centrale) used a blue numeral handstamp as a canceller from March 1881 to January 1883. These markings sequentially numbered the letters posted each month (ie the first letter on the first day of every month was numbered 1). Examples are here.

X-16: In July 1878, the oval No. 8 canceller used by the Wien Börse (the Stock Exchange) was damaged and taken out of service. Various "Wien Börse" handstamps were used to replace it, the first being a rectangular boxed handstamp measuring 15x47mm with the wording "K.K. Tel. Station Wien Börse". [We donít have an example to illustrate!]

X-18: The second Wien Börse handstamp was a straight line canceller with the legend "Wien Börse". This latter type can be found in two formats, Type I measuring 5x32mm and Type II measuring 4.5x38mm. [See illustration above; the cancel was rather faint & has been enhanced.]

X-20: Rectangular boxed telegraph canceller "K. K. TELEGRAPHEN / CENTRALSTATION".

X-22: Circular K K DEPESCHEN-AUFGABSAMT surrounding No nn - see Depeschen-Aufgabsamt-Cancellations.

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