Depeschen-Aufgabsamt Cancels

The first source of information on the K.K. Depeschen-Aufgabsamt cancels (henceforth "KKDA"is Edwin Müller's book "Die Poststempel auf der Freimarken Ausgabe 1867 von Österreich und Ungarn", where he asserts (page 240 item 4786) the existence of the IV and the V cancels.

Klein in his book "The Regular Postmarks of the Permanent Local Post Offices in the Austrian half of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy" under item 7833 on page 733 lists numbers I, II, III, IV, and V.  He gives 120 points each to all but the first for which he gives no price. Presumably he had seen II through V. He describes the cancels as "Telegraphenstempel in Verwendung bei der wiener pneumatischen Post".

The Depeschen-Aufgabsamt number is not in the same series as the one used for pneumatic offices; no complete or authoritative list of Depeschen-Aufgabsamt-Cancels is known. Harris writing in 'Postschrift' suggested they were used on pneumatic items at collecting offices, not offices with pneumatic service. Prof Zimmerl has however suggested they were obsolete telegraph cancels, left lying in a cupboard and used either in error or when the proper cancel was mislaid or unavailable. [Note: as there is no html character for double underlined superscript lower case letter 'o' you'll have to take it as implied!]

Depeschen-Aufgabsamt Cancels: the little that we know

NoKnown information
IListed by Klein
On telegraph receipts, 4/5/1874-31/1/1875 (Harris)
IIKnown to Klein
On telegraph receipt, 30/3/1874 (Harris)
On pneumatic mail, 7/12/1881-11/12/1882 (Harris)
IIIKnown to Klein
On telegraph receipt, 12/9/1874 (Harris)
On pneumatic mail, 31/12/1880 (Harris)-11/12/1882 (us)
Not Zieglergasse (CC)
IVExists on pneumatic mail, says Müller
Known to Klein
On telegraph receipts, 6/8/1873-3/8/1882 (Harris)
On pneumatic mail, 17/12/1879-16/10/1883 (us)
Post & Telegraph Office at Landskrongasse (Harris) [Notes 1, 2]
Not Leopoldstadt (AT)
Not Telegraph Central (AT)
Not Neubau (CC)
Not Kärntnerring (OT)
VExists on pneumatic mail, says Müller
Known to Klein
On pneumatic mail, 14/12/1881-7/10/1882 (Harris)
Not Kärntnerring (AT)
Not Fleischmarkt (CC)
VI(nothing known!)
VIIOn telegraph receipt, 15/7/1874 (Harris)
Station 4 at Wieden (Harris) [Note 2]
VIII(nothing known!)
IX(nothing known!)
XOn telegraph receipt, 3/11/1873 (Harris)
XIOn telegraph receipt, 31/10/1873 (Harris)
Station 7 at Josefstadt (Harris) [Note 2]

Note 1: There is no record of Landskrongasse having ever been a pneumatic office. It is listed as a Telegraph office in the 1886 list at the end of the Telegrams section, and as a Post Office in Klein; he notes it as opening in 1871 and moving to Wipplingerstrasse on 24 April 1887. The 1892 list of Red Post Boxes notes one at Landskrongasse.

Note 2: These KKDA numbers can be linked to a physical location because telegraph receipts exist with (a) the office name handwritten and the imprint cancelled with a KKDA; or (b) both a postal and a KKDA cancel.

Note 3: Dates given are either from Harris or from our examples below. They are earliest- and latest-known; there is not nearly sufficient material now available to say if usage was continuous or spasmodic.

Examples: all we have

Our first card, datable to 1879-80, has a cancel with K K DEPESCHEN-AUFGABSAMT / No IV. It has been routed to Station 9 which is P.A. Leopoldstadt at Taborstrasse 27, which proves that KKDA IV was not at P.A. Leopoldstadt.
The second card has a cancel with K K DEPESCHEN-AUFGABSAMT / No V. It was sent to Friedel & Baum at Kärntnerring 17. The pencil markings are by dealers. The III in blue and 823 in a different blue are not normal pneumatic markings; however the Kärntnerring station was numbered 3 until 1892. The 823 cannot be the transmission number as that is handwritten at the bottom and is 121. This shows that KKDA-V is not Kärntnerring.
The third card, dated 16 October 1883, has a cancel with K K DEPESCHEN-AUFGABSAMT / No IV. The red stroke will be the Instradirungschiffre for Telegraph Central Station, and the address of Neutorgasse 17 is in the next-but-one street. Assuming sensible handling, this proves that KKDA-IV is not the Telegraph Central Station.
The fourth card, dated 20 March 1881, has a cancel with K K DEPESCHEN-AUFGABSAMT / No III. It was sent to Station 12, Zieglergasse which is near to its destination of Millergasse. Hence KKDA-III isn't Zieglergasse.
The fifth card, dated 17 Dec 1880, has a cancel with K K DEPESCHEN-AUFGABSAMT / No IV. It went to Station 6 which is Neubau and the destination of Lindengasse is nearby. So KKDA-IV isn't Neubau.
The sixth card, dated 31 Oct 1882, has a cancel with K K DEPESCHEN-AUFGABSAMT / No V. Destination Fleischmarkt, where Station 2 is, although the Instradirungschiffre is written II not 2. So KKDA-V isn't Fleischmarkt.
The seventh card, from an auction catalogue, has a cancel with K K DEPESCHEN-AUFGABSAMT / No II. It was addressed to nr 9, Kegelgasse in Bez. III (the original is marginally more readable!); number 9 is at the Wien Mitte end of Kegelgasse (which is quite long) and delivery from Landstrasse would be sensible. So KKDA-II is probably not Landstrasse.
The eighth card, from an auction catalogue and dated 11 Dec 1882, has a cancel with K K DEPESCHEN-AUFGABSAMT / No III. It went to Wieden 'Allee' which will be Alleegasse, now called Argentinierstrasse. See the Vienna Street List for Wieden. The Wieden office at Neumangasse is reasonably close. So KKDA-III isn't Wieden.
The nineth card, dated 26 Jan 1883, has a cancel with K K DEPESCHEN-AUFGABSAMT / No IV. It was sent to Station 3, the old number for Kärntnerring; so KKDA-IV is not Kärntnerring. The address of Schwarzenbergstrasse is just round the corner from the Kärntnerring office.
The tenth card, from an auction catalogue, has a circular cancel with K K DEPESCHEN-AUFGABSAMT / II and was sent to Hohenstauffengasse in Bez. I - which runs past the back door of the Telegraph Central Station. This proves that KKDA-II is not the Telegraph Central Station.

Original pneumatic offices and possible Depeschen-Aufgabe attributions

Most of the ‘NO’s are based on assuming the office the item was sent TO (usually judged by the blue number at top left) was NOT the one that applied the D-A cancel – that would have been the sending office.

K.K. Central Telegraph Office, Börseplatz 1 NO NO       
K.K. pneu stat in Laurenz bldg, Fleischmarkt 19    NO      
K.K. telegraph office Kärntnerring, Kärntnerring 3   NONO      
K.K. post office Wieden, Neumanngasse 3  NO   YES    
K.K. pneu stat Gumpendorf, Magdalenengasse 67           
K.K. post office Neubau Siebensterngasse 13   NO       
K.K. post office Josefstadt Mariatreugasse 4          YES
K.K. pneu stat Effectenbörse, Schottenring           
K.K. post office Leopoldstadt, Taborstrasse 27   NO       
K.K. post office Landstrasse, Hauptstrasse 65 NO         
Zieglergasse  NO        
Landskrongasse   YES       

Note: I haven’t numbered the original offices, as there are three incompatible lists!

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