1893 Undeliverable Mail: Addressed to: Hans Mayer, District VI, Amerlingstrasse 15, Parterre. A much-travelled message, with two redirection slips.

Front of 1st redirection slip. (Loose translation – the writing is difficult): "According to information from the janitor, the party has moved to the Kaserngasse. The tenant is also unknown to the janitor." Back of 1st redirection slip. "A Johanne Mayer without indication of nationality or character is here unreachable. (signed) Mayer"

Front of 2nd redirection slip. In pen: "Addressee District VI Kaserngasse without No undeliverable.". In pencil: "Please ask the police."

Front: In pencil: "Pol" (Police)
In purple ink: "Unknown to the police return to sender."

Rear: In pencil: "Herrengasse 17" (address of the Oesterreichisch–Ungarische Bank) – the return address.

From:CR - Telegrafen Centrale July 12 1893 at 7:00 pm
Arrival:57 - Gumpendorf 7:20 pm
Rerouted:CR - Telegrafen Centrale sent to 59 with new addr.No cancel
Arrival59 - Mittelgasse (closer to Amerlinstrasse) 9:00 pm
Arrival:CR - Telegrafen Centrale & returned to sender 9:40 pm