Rates and Operations

The pneumatic system in Vienna spanned immense changes in the postal system and in the country. It will be divided here into four periods: 1875 to 30.9.1916; 1.10.1916 to 3.4.1938; 4.4.1938 to 1945; and 1945 till the end. Jump to here for technical details of how it all worked, or at times didn't.

A source of confusion is that when the pneumatic system was introduced in 1875 it - being intended for the speedier delivery of telegrams - was run by the Telegraph Service. However in 1883 the Post Office took over the Telegraph Service. And in 1919 one of the first decisions of the post-WWI government was to split them up again!

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Period 1: 1875 to 30.9.1916

Period 2: 1.10.1916 to 3.4.1938

Period 3: 4.4.1938 to 1945

Period 4: 1945 onwards

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