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Express delivery

[Adapted from a memorandum by the late J L Whiteside frpsl] Ever since its introduction to Austria, or at least since well before 1875, the Express Fee is a fee for Express Delivery only.

Normally an Express Fee would only be acted upon when an item reached the destination post office. In "surface mail", items upon which an Express Fee had been paid would be enclosed in a separate, distinctive "mailbag" and thus detected and acted upon immediately. Readers may better understand what is involved in the payment of an Express Fee, if the word DELIVERY is always mentally inserted when considering it!

In the later 1800s, Inland Express items were supposed to be marked "durch Expressen zu bestellen" ie "to be delivered by Express". This was almost always simplified to "Express", "Expressbrief", "per Express", or the equivalent in another language. The expression "Eilbote" means Express messenger. At the time being considered, the service might be described as "a boy on a bike", although today it would be "a man in a van".

Normally, an Express Fee does not involve any element whatsoever of Express, or faster, carriage; indeed one suspects that the postal authorities might feel rather insulted if such a thing did apply to the Letter Post - as this was already supposed to be "as fast as possible", offering a "faster than possible" service would reflect badly on the letter post! However, a pneumatic system does offer a unique opportunity for quick transit and it was utilised by the postal authorities for Express Fee items. But this was done as the post office saw fit, it was not mandatory and it was not charged for. For a variety of reasons (eg size, destination) it could not always be used.

Table of Rates: 1875 to 30.9.1916

These are the total charge for sending an eligible item (ie it meets the size & weight limits; and is posted in Vienna for delivery there within the prescribed area) by Pneumatic Post. 'Letter' includes letter-sheets and envelopes. These rates included delivery to the destination address.
16.1.190745H35H25H25H<<<The 1907 rate rise is laid down in the 1906 Postordnung, section 3 (on page 2)

Receipts for pneumatic items

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Effect of WWI

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