Vienna to Berlin, 30 May 1938. The sender has specified Express and franked the item 12 Rpf + 30 Groschen which is correct for the period as tabulated above. As is common, each rate was paid by an adhesive of the appropriate value. The item was handled by Rohrpost in Vienna and also in Berlin; in both cases because it was the quickest available method of providing the Express service that the customer had paid for.

The cancels on the back are, in date-time order:
30.V.38 14?? 12/1 WIEN 110
30.V.38 15xx 3/1 WIEN 110
30.V.38 16-- 9 WIEN 68
30.V.38 16-- 9 WIEN 68
30.V.38 1640 15 WIEN 101
31.5.38 --10 BERLIN SW11
31.5.38 1020 BERLIN C

Wien 110 is Währing; Wien 68 is Franz Josef Bahnhof; Wien 101 is Westbahnhof. Where did it travel to?

It entered the postal system at Währing, in outer Vienna, and they sent it to pneumatic office 68, Franz Josef Bahnhof. The staff there decided that the next mail train to Berlin didn't leave from FJB but from Westbahnhof, so crossed out the 68, added 101 (Wbh pneumatic office), cancelled it again on its outward journey, and sent it on. Both Vienna offices should have used blue crayon but didn't. It arrived in Berlin at office SW11; they crossed out the 101 since it was in red crayon, added C2 which was the Berlin central office, and sent it there.