This is a letter from Brünn 2 via Vienna to Neunkirchen, cancelled on 27.8.1941. It is franked with a Böhmen und Mähren 120K stamp, the correct rate for a letter at that time. It carries a German express label and a handwritten Eilbrief. The then-standard German system was applied, under which it was possible to leave the addressee to pay the express surcharge, which was 40Rpf. This is indicated by the 40 (in blue) and the boxed red cachet Nachgebühr

The red 76 is the destination number for Südbahnhof, to which the letter was expedited from Wien 77 (Staatsbahnhof), as shown by the cancels on the back. Considering that these offices are directly connected by a pipe, and were less than 10 minutes walk apart, it says nothing for their efficiency that the cancellation times are 2 hours 20 minutes apart!