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The second (1914) edition of the "Wiener Postbuch mit einem Verzeichnisse der Strassen, Gassen, Plätze, Behörden, Ämter und Offentlichen Anstalten Wiens" (which contained indexes for streets and for civil service offices and staff) was published by the k.k. Post- and Telegraph Direktion in Vienna in April 1914. Part of this book tabulates the services provided, and the opening hours, at each office. At the bottom of page 54 is "Wien 25 (Kriegsministerium, I Stubenring 1)" listed as offering "PT" "B" and "R" services (ie acceptance and delivery of postal, telegraph, and pneumatic items). "Annahme von Rohrpostsendungen" (acceptance of pneumatic post) is available from "VII-8:00" (7am to 8pm) on "W" days (work-days, most probably including Saturdays) and "VII-XII" (7am to noon) on "F" (Feiertag ie public holiday) and "S" (Sunday). A Remarks column gives for each office the restrictions applicable; for Wien 25 it says "Nur für das Kriegsministerium und die Marinesektion" (use restricted to the War Ministry and the Naval Section - that is, passers-by couldn’t just pop in and use it!)

The Wiener Postbuch for 1914

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The encircled letters mean:


Stated text

Effective meaning

PPostamt mit Telegramm- und Rohrpostannahme.Post office also accepting telegrams and pneumatic post
PTPostamt mit Telegraphenstation und Rohrpostannahme.Post office which is also a telegraph station accepting & receiving telegrams and which accepts pneumatic post
TTelegraphenamt.Telegraph office
TrTelegraphenamt mit Rekommandationsannahme.Telegraph office also accepting registered items
RRohrpoststelle.Pneumatic post receiving office
TFTelephonsprechstelle.Public Telephone
TATelephonautomat (nur für den Lokalverkehr).Automatic telephone apparatus (only for local calls)
Postamt mit Auf- und Abgabedienst.Post office with mailing and delivery service
APostamt nur mit Aufgabedienst.Post office with mailing service only (no deliveries)
SEntwertungsstelle für Stempelmarken auf Wechseln und kaufmännischen AnweisungOffice which applied (fiscal) cancellations to revenue adhesives on financial and commercial papers

Also stated is that W = Werktage; F = Feiertage; S = Sonntage; and that Roman numbers mean times from 1am to noon, Arabic from 1pm till midnight.

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