New canceller styles, and renumbering of Vienna's Post Offices, in 1892

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In 1892, after the incorporation of several suburbs into Bezirke 11-19, all Vienna's Post Offices were renumbered, and new types of cancellers introduced. This was issued as Circular-Verordnung Nr 28 dated 12 December 1891 by the Post- and Telegraph Direktion. Its first appendix gives examples of the new-style cancels; the second lists all Post, Telegraph, Pneumatic and Telephone Offices in Vienna by district, with their old names (eg P. A. Habsburgergasse) and new numbers (eg WIEN 11) and the services provided at each. The identical table was reprinted as an appendix to Post- und Telegraphen-Verordnungsblatt No. 5 of 1892, issued on the 18th of January (H.Minist.Z. 58771 ex 1891, title "Aenderung der bisherigen Bezeichnung der Wiener Post- und Telegraphenaemter").

It is important to note that with a Circular-Verordnung or a Post- und Telegraphen-Verordnungsblatt, the date in the heading is that on which the document was formally issued [here 12 Dec 1891]; and the date at the end is that when it was filed [here 27 Nov 1891]. Neither is the date when it came into effect, which may be earlier or later unless the text is explicit. Where independent confirmation of a date is possible, one usually finds that such documents record what has already taken place. [It is not known how in that case the postal staff were informed!]

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