Austrian Philatelic Society Library Regulations

(as revised on 17 July 2020)

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  1. Books and other items in the Lending Library are available to fully paid-up and Honorary members of the Society, subject to the conditions as laid down in the APS Rules.
  2. The Librarian will be issued with a current Membership List, against which borrowing requests will be checked.
  3. Borrowing is normally restricted to one item at a time, but multiple requests will be considered by the Librarian on an individual basis.
  4. Send details of the item required to the Librarian, whose address is given in 'AUSTRIA'.
  5. If the item is out on loan, members will be advised of the date it is due for return. Material will be forwarded as soon as it becomes available.
  6. In the UK, loan is for a maximum of 30 days (subject to renewal or prior agreement with the Librarian). All overseas borrowings are by special agreement. Extended loans are available by negotiation with the library but the borrower must confirm to the librarian every two months that the book(s) is(are) still needed, e-mail or phone will suffice. All books should be returned once a member has completed their research.
  7. Post and carriage charges in excess of 4.50 for the outward journey and all charges for the return are to be borne by the borrower.
  8. Payments can be made by sterling cheques made payable to the APS, or Paypal, or small amounts by valid mint-with-gum GB stamps.
  9. Items will normally be sent by the cheapest available service, and should be returned by the same service as used for dispatch. Our present insurance policy covers both the outward and return journey but for this to be valid borrowers must ALWAYS obtain a certificate of posting which should be retained by the member unless required by the librarian - see rule 10.
  10. A formal receipt must be obtained when a book is passed on by hand and this should be forwarded to the librarian. When the handover is done by post the certificate of posting should be forwarded to the librarian.
  11. Loss or damage must be borne by members once the material is in their hands. Please take care to ensure that bindings are not damaged.
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