The Richard Krueger Collection

Specialising in "Austria 1945-1955"

Deposited with "Postal History Highlights" in the library of the Ferdinandeum in Innsbruck

Introduction by Dr. Hans Moser

One of the most knowledgeable experts in Austrian postal history in the period 1945-1955 passed away on January 15, 2019 aged 91, in the company of his daughter Karen and his sons Mark and Jay. Through Hans Moser's long-term contact, he managed to get his philatelic estate, consisting of 100 binders + literature, to Tirol as a gift. My special thanks go not only to his daughter Karen Duggleby as administrator of the Richard A. Krueger Trust, but also to 4 Tirolean sponsors, who responded to my call and subsidised the transport costs of almost 5000.

It is the wish of R. Krueger and his descendants that the Richard A. Krueger Collection as a whole is accessible to those interested in philately and for further research.

Sub-collections are presented in the attached PDF file*** to provide an insight into the broad range of Krueger's collection activities. His collection forms one of the foundations for his 13 books (including revisions), the best-known of which are Censorship of the Civil Mails in Occupied Austria 1945-1955 (multiple editions); US Military Postal Facilities (APOs) operating in Austria 1945-1955; The Allied Military Government Stamp Issue for Austria 1945; and POW and DP Facilities in Occupied Austria 1945-1950. Those interested can view the collections during the opening hours of the Ferdinandeum library. It is advantageous to contact the library at least a day in advance so that the folders with the desired collections can be made available immediately.

The collections have been photographed for insurance reasons. If interested parties notice that stamps or vouchers have been removed from the intended place or are missing, they are asked to report this immediately to the library supervisory authority.

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