The Index of Austro-Hungarian Post and Telegraph Offices in 1910

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The Austrian Philatelic Society are proud to announce their republication of the official "Verzeichnis der Post- und Telegraphen-Ämter in Österreich, Ungarn und in Bosnien-Hercegovina sowie der österreichischen Postanstalten im Fürstentum Liechtenstein und in der Levante" originally published in Vienna in 1910.

This work is an invaluable aid to philatelists and postal historians studying Imperial Austro-Hungary. The listing is in three main sections, covering respectively the Austrian-administered half of the empire (including the postal administration for Liechtenstein and the Austrian post offices in the Levant); the Hungarian-administered half of the Empire; and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Within each section, all the post offices open at the time are listed in alphabetical order. For each office, the information provided includes the province and district in which it is located, the services provided by the office, and whether it is connected to a railway or steamer service. A separate list of rail and steamer services is found at the end of each section. An appendix includes a useful list of alternative-language place names.

The original book runs to almost 550 pages of detailed information. It has been republished only in CD form. (Please note that the CD contains cleaned-up scans of each whole original page: hence it cannot be text-searched. However, the entries are in alphabetical order and are therefore easy to navigate). The ISBN number is 978-0-900118-08-1

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