The 1918 Postage Dues in Kronen currency

645hMar 19192,997,000
6510hMar 19192,496,800
6615hJune 19192,543,320
6720hJune 1919400,000
6825hJune 191970,000
6930hJune 1919885,500
7040hMar 1919900,000
7150hJune 1919300,000
721KrMay 191978,640
735KrMay 191992,720
7410KrMay 1919103,760

11 values were issued: all have "Deutschösterreich" overprints on 1916-issue Imperial stamps. The heller values are square and red, the Kronen rectangular and blue. The heller values were printed in sheets of 100 (10x10), the Kronen in sheets of 80 (8x10); both were perf comb 12½. As usual, specimens can be found imperf-between, with inverted overprint, etc. Bisected stamps on packet cards and money orders can be genuine. This issue was valid till 31 Oct 1920.