The Definitive Issue of 1920-21

Whilst the previous definitive issue was still valid a further 'Arms' set was designed by Professor Renner and printed by typography on thin white paper; all except the 7½Kr were also printed on thick grey paper. The set contained two distinct yet similar designs with the 80h, 1Kr, 1½Kr, and 3Kr values in one design and the 4Kr, 5Kr, 7½Kr and 10Kr values in the other. The stamps were comb perforated 12½. The principal reason for this issue was to reduce the cost of printing the high values. The set was invalidated on 31 July 1922, but could be used for official uprating of stationery till 30 September.

ANKFaceColour(s) on white paperColour(s) on grey paperIssued (Kroiss)Number**
31280hRoseRoseApr 1920105,775,000
3131KrLight-brown; black-brownBrown; black-brownMay 1920102,100,000
3141½KrGreenGreenFeb 192127,270,000
3152KrLight-blue; dark-blueBlue; deep-blueApr 1920142,280,000
3163KrLight-green & black-green;
Light-green & blue-green
Light-green & black-green;
Dark-green & black-green,
Light-green & blue-green
Aug 192139,955,000
3174KrClaret & redRed & dark-lilac; Dark-red & black-lilacAug 192151,000,000
3185KrClaret & lilacLight-lilac & red-violet; Dark-lilac & red-violetAug 192165,780,000
3197½KrYellow & brown[not issued on grey]Dec 19219,450,000
32010KrViolet & blue; Violet-blue & greenish-blueDark-blue-violet & blueAug 192116,825,000

There are two well-known plate flaws occurring in this issue, which whilst not rarities by any means are well worth watching out for:

On the 1Kr value with both papers, a 'H' form may be seen in the feathers of the left wing inside the sickle blade. This occurs five times in each sheet on alternate rows. On the 7½Kr value, the top stroke of the '7' at the left is shortened

The issues on white paper

The issues on gray paper
(the 7½Kr wasn't issued on grey)