The "Nachmarke" of 1921

In December 1921, the 15h stamp on grey paper (ANK262) was overprinted in bluish black with "Nachmarke / 7 K . 9,120,000 were printed in sheets of 120 (10x12) and line perfed 12. This was the first use of the term instead of Portomarke. It is catalogued as a Postage Due numbered ANK102. Inverted overprints can be found; some are forged. The stamp was valid till 31 July 1923. It was produced to meet the need for a stamp when the recipient was required to pay the flat-rate postage of 7k on official mail sent at the local letter rate.

Letter from the Police at Vienna, Recipient to pay local letter rate of 7½Kr

July 1922: postcard rate 12k but 5k imprinted card used. Deficiency 7k; charged double; 2 x 7k Nachmarke applied