The Second Winter Relief set of 1935

Four values of the 1934 Peasants issue were re-issued on 11th November 1935 in changed colours with a black overprint "Winterhilfe" (WINTERHILFE on the 1S value) and the surcharge for winter relief, eg +2g. The high value was printed in smaller quantities (70,000), and only available at selected Post Offices as part of a set; the lower values (300,000 printed) were on sale everywhere. The stamps were valid until 1st November 1936.

12g5gpale blue12300,000

The Austrian catalogues print a warning about forgeries with this issue. This is probably based upon an article by K. Neufeld (Austria Philatelist 1945 (43/44) pp. 3-4) which stated that there had been two separate attempts to forge this issue. A Munich forger produced 3000 sets in 1937 but was caught by the police in Munich and Linz on 14.9.1937 and sent to prison on 5.1.1938. The printing dies were not destroyed. At the beginning of 1942 about 2000 sets were found in Switzerland. A Zurich forger in 1957 had had 16,000 sets printed and the Swiss buyer sent them to the Criminal Technical Institute in Berlin. The latter declared them genuine but this was disputed in Berne so that about 1000 sets were destroyed. All these forgeries may be distinguished from the originals by differences in paper and colouring; they are apparently "sought by specialist collectors" and catalogued at double the price of the genuine!