The Second F.I.S. Set of 1936

The International Skiing Association's meeting at Innsbruck immediately followed the Winter Olympic Games at Garmisch, and Austria issued four stamps for the occasion. Three of them show glimpses of a ski race while on the fourth is a view of Maria-Theresien-Straße, Innsbruck. It was suggested in the British press that the woman skier shown on the 35g stamp during the course of a slalom race was a Miss Evelyn Pinching who became Woman Ski Champion of the World. German authors, however, claimed it was Christi Cranz, the German Olympic Women's Champion who won this race in 1936. The frame designer Karl Gesaner used photographs by Lothar Rübelt as the basis for his central designs but adapted these artistically to his own ideas. The stamps are:

Maria-Theresien-Straße is the chief street of Innsbruck, noted for its handsome 17th and 18th century houses and its background of the Nordkette mountains. On the left of the stamp is the Landhaus of the Tirol whilst in the centre is the commemorative column known as the "Annasäule" erected in 1706 to commemorate the evacuation of the Tirol by the Bavarians and the French in 1703. The stamps were printed by photogravure, line perforated 12½ and issued on 20th February 1936 at double face value for the benefit of general charitable purposes and also for the Austrian Olympic Fund. They were sold only at selected Post Offices but could be ordered from others. Although the 12g and 24g could be bought separately, the 35g and 60g values were sold only in complete sets. The stamps were valid for postage until 30th April 1936.