The Second "Mothers Day" Stamp of 1936

This stamp was issued on 5th May 1936 for the annual "Mothers Day" and was valid until 31st October 1936. The frame was designed by Professor Franz Retzl but the central design reproduced a famous painting by Albrecht Dürer. This painting is usually known as "Mary with the Child"(or sometimes as "The Madonna with the slice of pear", a reference to the infant holding a piece of pear in his left hand); in the top right hand corner may be seen the artist's monogram together with the date 1512. The painting (inventory no. GG_848) hangs in the Picture Gallery of the Art History Museum in Vienna and is painted on wood (49cm x 37cm).

Two million of this 24g deep blue stamp were issued, line perforated 12½. and printed by photogravure on ordinary chalky paper. The usual range of imperf sides, unissued colours, unissued-colour-proofs etc receive surprisingly high catalogue prices. Allegedly, although there was no surcharge some of the proceeds were to be used for Mothers' Relief.

A special cancellation (Wurth p.l7) inscribed MUTTERTAGSFEIER DES MUTTERSCHUTZWERKES DER VATERLÄNDISCHEN FRONT was in use between 5th and 7th May 1936 at ten towns (the 8 provincial capitals plus Sankt Pölten and Wiener Neustadt).