The Third Mothers Day Stamp of 1937

This stamp was issued as usual on 5th May 1937 for the annual Mothers Day and was valid until 31st December 1937. Although there was no surcharge some of the proceeds were supposedly to be used for Mothers or maybe Winter Relief. Sales until 10 May were via the Patriotic Front and seem to have been conditional on also purchasing one of their propaganda cards.

The 24g brown-red stamp was printed by the photogravure process on chalky paper and line perforated 12½. An impression of two million was produced, and a special cancellation (Wurth 1967 p.19) was used in Vienna I, V, XIII and XVII from 5th to 9th May to show its relevance to the Fatherland Front.

Cards (9.5 x 10.5 cm) bearing this stamp and the special cancellation, inside a border of green leaves and with the inscription "MUTTERTAG 1937 DES MUTTERSCHUTZWERKES DER V. F.", were sold by the Patriotic Front to raise further funds. This was the only way to get a FDC.

The book 100 Jahre Osterreichische Briefmarke (p.38) shows the unaccepted designs by Professors Andri, Dachauer, Zerritsch and Junk. The design finally accepted, showing a child presenting its mother with flowers on Mothers Day, was produced by Franz Kraft. This artist was born on 14th September 1892 in Vienna and from 1914 to 1932 was Clerk to the Vienna Magistracy (= Town Clerk in UK); at the same time drawing caricatures and illustrations for books. This rather uninspiring design was the only one that he produced for an Austrian postage stamp.