The first "Winter Relief" Set of 1933

"Winterhilfe", issued 15.12.1933, valid until 30.4.1934 (high value), 10.11.1934 (lower values). ANK 563-566. 1925-30 issues in changed colours and overprinted with a surcharge for winter relief (5+2, 12+3, 24+6, 1S+50). Oddly, the high value was printed in smaller quantities, and only available at selected Post Offices as part of a set; the lower values were on sale everywhere.

Although most of the charity stamps to date had either been provided with surcharges or had been sold at a multiple of the face value, this was the first set of Austrian stamps where specific reference had been made to "WINTERHILFE" or "Winter Relief". Presumably, as in Germany, the "Winterhilfe" in Austria had as its motto "no-one shall go hungry and cold" since anyone could ask for help and be given clothing, food or fuel or small amounts of money. The "Winter Relief" fund was thus a means of dispensing personal charity. Four stamps were selected from previous definitive sets, printed in new colours, and given surcharges:

The first three stamps were each issued in an impression of 1,000,000 stamps but only 60,000 pieces were printed of the top value which was only sold in complete sets of all the stamps. This first Winterhilfe set was issued on 15th December 1933; the low values being valid until 10th November 1935 but the top value only until 30th April 1934.