1935's Postage Dues

On 1.6.1935 a new issue of Postage Dues was produced with a double eagle in the design. This was valid until 1.8.1938 when the Austrian currency became Reichmark and Pfennig due to the Anschluss. There are two types of the 20g. From 10.4.1938 German stamps could be used but as Germany didn't use postage dues the Austrian ones were used at a rate of 1½ groschen to 1 pfennig which was the designated exchange rate.

Official "addressee to pay" cover from Potsdam 2 to Wien cancelled 29.6.1938. Taxed at 12rpf, maybe even in Potsdam (the inland rate would be the same) and converted to 18 groschen to show what had to be paid. (We will ignore the complication that the actual payment would have been made in pfennig, the Austrian coinage having been withdrawn!)

Unusual example of postage dues used to account for delivery fees collected by a postman. Note how the 4th column has had the headings overwritten Rm-Rpf. These forms were normally "Skarted" at the end of the year, but this was 1938 and they had greater worries. [Skarting = clipping off the adhesives to sell to dealers; the paper was then recycled.]

Inland letter posted unpaid on 30-6-1936. Rate is 24gro; charged double-deficiency ie 48gro.

Tax demand for 1936; recipient to pay inland letter rate of 24gro.

Agreement to pay 1937's tax in instalments; recipient to pay inland letter rate of 24gro.