The 1921/22 "Dachauer" newspaper post stamps

The Treaty of St Germain prohibited the use of "Deutschösterreich", so all stamp designs had to be changed. Professor Dachauer produced a unified design for everything; the newspaper stamps were announced and described in a decree of 22 Dec 1921. [Beware! Some catalogues call this the 1921 issue.] The Dachauer newspaper postage series are catalogued as ANK 409-416. The series was announced on 22/12/1921; for newspaper stamps, the values were 45h, 75h, 150h, 180h, 225h, 300h, 600h and 750h. They were "to be issued from the warehouse when old issues run out; all current values remaining valid - so there are no exact First Days.". Imprints of 45h & 75h were available, in grey & red, the same colours as the adhesives.

The postal decree of 18 February 1922 withdrew the separate newspaper stamps from 1 March 1922. Since the Dachauer issue was distributed for use only after the previous issue had run out, and the use of newspaper stamps ceased on 1 March 1922, it had an extremely short life. It is thus unremarkable that genuinely used pieces are expensive: especially the imprinted items and the high values. Note Kroiss' assertion that only the 45h, 75h, 2Kr25 and 7Kr50 ever reached the post offices, and hence all cancelled specimens of 1Kr50, 1Kr80, 3Kr and 6Kr stamps were done by favour.

Cancelled 2/3/1922; the same date pencilled at the top.
Could this be a "last day of newspaper postage stamps" item?
The franking of 45h (= a single lightweight flat) could have been valid when the item was posted!

The 75h was normally NOT cancelled.