The Airmail Set of 1925-1930.

The first tranche of a new airmail set appeared on 1 August 1925. There were two designs, produced by Prof. Karl Sterrer, the designer of the 1924 Charity Set. The typographed values show the head of a pilot with part of an aeroplane (a Hansa Brandenburg C-1) in the background; the photogravure values show a crane of indeterminate species flying to the left below an aeroplane (a De Haviland DH-34) heading right. The catalogues all list these stamps by increasing face value. However, the issue is much easier to understand if first grouped by issue date.

The printed sheet was 100 stamps arranged 10x10 except for the 10Sch value where owing to the larger format of the stamp (25mm x 31mm) the sheet was 5x10. All the sheets were issued without sheet edging, although perforated "printing pieces" of all values with sheet edging are known. In addition, imperforate printing pieces exist of all the stamps issued on 7 September 1926. The set was valid until 31 October 1938.

The perforation was 12½ comb; varieties are recorded including horizontal pieces with imperforate gutters of the 5g and 10g values; vertical pieces with imperforate gutters of the 5g, 15g and 23g values, and a coarsely perforated piece of the 25g value.

Trial printings of the crane'n'plane design were produced in various colours in the old currency: 20,000Kr (in l colour); 25,000Kr (in 3 colours and 3 different intensities); 50,000Kr (21 colours). Trials were also produced in the new currency: 5g (15 colours); 3 Sch (9 colours); 5 Sch (9 colours) and 10Sch (9 colours). Unused designs by Karl Offner showing the god Mercury exist in the archives.

The first mails franked with these stamps were flown on the respective days of issue. Mixed frankings with the previous airmail issue on flown covers (valid only during August 1925) are worth significantly more than normal. Several plate errors are catalogued. From 6th May 1926, airmail stamps could be used to pay all the charges on airmail; but were not permitted on surface mail.

PTVOB Nr 50 144 of July 1925 states that "new air mail stamps will be issued on 1 August 1925; the Kronen ones will become invalid on 1 September; during September the public may exchange new stamps for old; as before these stamps may only be used to pay the air surcharge (which may also be paid in cash or with surface mail stamps)".

4682ggrey-brown1.8.1925 Typo 329,400
4695grose-scarlet1.8.1925 Typo 381,600
4706gsteel blue1.8.1925Typo192,100
4718gyellow-green1.8.1925 Typo 194,700
47910gvermilion1.8.1925 Typo 186,500
48130gdeep purple1.8.1925 Photo 190,400
48250gslate1.8.1925 Photo 187,800
4831Schblue1.8.1925 Photo 192,500
4842Schgreen1.8.1925 Photo 190,500

PTVOB Nr 50 131 of 28 August 1926 states that "additional air mail stamps of 3S, 5S & 10S will be issued, in the crane&plane design. The 10g, 15g, 30g & 50g will be changed to the "pilot" design; the existing ones remain valid until used up.  The stamps were issued on 7 September.

47315gmagenta7.9.1926 Typo 238,100
47630gbistre7.9.1926 Typo 189,400
47750ggrey-blue7.9.1926 Typo 188,000
4865Schindigo7.9.1926 Photo 90,000
48710Schdeep brown on grey paper7.9.1926 Photo 95,000

PTVOB Nr 36 89 dated 5 June 1930 announced the final three of the issue; they were in the 'pilot' design and appeared on 18 June. The 2g, 6g & 8g were withdrawn, although existing copies remained valid.

47420gbrown18.6.1930Typo236, 200
47525gviolet18.6.1930 Typo 136,800
47880ggreen18.6.1930 Typo 190,000

A cover with the 1922 Kronen air issue and the 1925 groschen definitives, cancelled 12 June 1925.

A rather dark printed matter cover from Innsbruck to Frankfurt a/M,
correctly franked with a 1922 300Kr = 3gro plus a 1925 2gro making 5gro, the printed matter surcharge;
and a 1 gro defin for the surface component.

A very overfranked cover from Vienna to Holland, cancelled on 31 August 1925,
the last day of validity of the Kronen airmails. (Checking the rate shows that they are purely decorative anyway!)

The 10S genuinely used, in a late mixed franking with the 1936-issue 30g from Vienna to Brazil