The Wilhelm Miklas Charity Stamp, 1930

On 4 October 1930 a set of six values was issued depicting Wilhelm Miklas (1872-1956), the Second President of the First Austrian Republic. Dr Miklas had succeeded Dr Michael Hainisch on 5 December 1928. His term of office was extended indefinitely in October 1931 when Dr Dollfuss abrogated the Constitution and he only resigned on 13 March 1938 after the Anschluss.

The stamps were designed by Rudolf Junk, engraved by Ferdinand Schirnböck, and recess printed at the Austrian State Printing Works. 100,000 of each value were printed, although only 85,000 sets were sold. The stamps are 10g brown; 20g scarlet; 30g slate-purple; 40g deep blue; 50g deep green; 1s sepia; line perforated 12½. The stamps were only sold at selected Post Offices and only in complete sets at double face value to raise funds for the building of a Tuberculosis Sanatorium in Carinthia. The stamps were valid until 30 April 1931.