The Seipel Charity Stamp of 1932

Mgr. Ignaz Seipel was Chancellor of Austria from May 1922 to November 1924 (when he was shot in the lung by a socialist) and again from October 1926 until April 1929. This remarkable statesman was born in Vienna on 19 July 1876 as the son of Ignaz Karl Seipel (1842-1901) and of the latter's wife Elisabeth Zehentner (d.1879). He died at Pernitz in Lower Austria on 2 August 1932. He had been a pioneer of Christian Socialism after lecturing in theology. It was mainly by his efforts that Austria had been put on to a sound financial basis after the inflation period.

A commemorative charity stamp (ANK544) was issued on 12 October 1932. It was designed by Rudolf Junk to portray Mgr. Seipel looking to the left within the usual highly ornamented frame which contained a cross on each vertical side and the name "Ignaz Seipel" beneath. The stamp was engraved by Professor Ferdinand Lorber and was recess printed in a deep ultramarine colour; line perforated 12. The printing was 100,000 and it was sold at head post offices (could be ordered from others), at double face value in aid of needy or wounded ex-servicemen and their dependants. Plate numbers were placed in the upper margin of the sheet. The stamp is known imperf-on-right and imperf-all-round. It was valid until 30 April 1933.