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Most of these displays belong to members of the Austrian Philatelic Society; the rest to our Partner society in Innsbruck, Austria. Each member "collects what they want and displays it as they choose" – this was not a competition and no uniformity of style was enforced! The frames from Innsbruck (apart from Kitzbühel) are "Austrian standard" which is 12 sheets of A4 per frame. They are written up in German; a synopsis is provided.

Setting the scene


APS the society & its books

Austria the magazine (articles, awards..)

Austria the country

Austrian "Philatelic Firsts and innovations" eg the Postcard; adhesive revenues; stamps with holograms, crystals, woven-fringes, self-adhesives.

Personal stamps – what they are; books and booklets etc.

Thematic: Thoroughly Modern Mozart

"Pollak’s Points" - how the APS can answer your (Austrian philatelic) problems and why you should therefore join it.

Genesis of a stamp design / "There isn’t room to show you this"

Adhesives 1850-2001

1st Issue 1850 - 1858

2nd Issue 1858 - 1860

3rd - 5th Issues 1860 - 1868

6th Issue 1868 – 1883

1890; 1899; 1900-1918 issues


1st Republic Charity issues

1st Republic Inflation issues

1st Republic schilling issues

Hitler Head overprints (1945)

2nd Republic Buildings series (1957-70)

2nd Republic Costumes series

2nd Republic Landscapes series

Other 2nd Republic issues

Euro issues

Postage Dues

Postage dues – inflation period

Postage dues – post-WWII overprints

Postage dues – some of their other uses

Thematic displays

Austrian musical heritage

Christkindl (including its balloons)

Engines & Trains – special cancels

Salzburg festivals

Scouting in Austria

Tag der Briefmarke (Day of the Stamp)

The Empire by Moonlight

Trams and their cancels


Airmail: an overview

Airmail: Vienna-Budapest

Austrian Telephone Service

Balloon mail

Fahrpost – what it was

Local issues

Newspaper post stamps

Newspaper tax stamps

Parcels & packets

Pneumatic mail

Postablagen (the rural collection system)

Railway Station Cancellations

Registered mail

Revenues – the adhesives

Revenues mainly on documents

Travelling Post Office system

Travelling Post Office: the Postconducteur

United Nations, Vienna Centre

PKM Innsbruck

Animals of the Alps (youth display)

Kitzbühel: Heimatsammlung

Legends & fairy tales (youth display)

Maximum Cards

Official Post system in the Ostmark (ie Austria during WWII)

Our garden (youth display)

Papal visit to Austria

Picture Postcards from Tirol during WWII

Postal history of South Tirol 1918-1920

Robert Dautz collection (a satiric look at Austrian affairs)

Saved from the Rubbish

US occupation of North Tirol after WWII

Wipptal: Heimatsammlung

Postal History

Austrian Lloyd

Austrian Mails in the Age of Napoleon

Bosnia & Herzgowina


Danube Steam Navigation Company

French Occupation of Illyria



Levant Postal History

Lombardy & Venetia

Military Border District

Trieste - the story of the former principal port of the Austro-Hungarian Empire told through its postal history, postcards, cinderellas and ephemera.

Vienna combined Town & Registration marks

Vienna Timezones

Military and Censorship

Military mail before 1914

Military Post 1915-18

Military Cachets

The Submarine Service of the Imperial and Royal Austro-Hungarian Navy 1914-18

WWI civil censorship

WWI medical units

WWI Navy: "small flotillas"

The Anschluss: propaganda

The Anschluss: postal rates

Military Post Organisation WWI

Post-WWII Censorship

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